Your sin is... your very being!

—Xai casts Oz into the Abyss

Xai Vessalius (ザイ=ベザリウス,  Zai Bezariusu) was the heir apparent to the Vessalius Dukedom, being the elder brother to Oscar Vessalius. For reasons unknown, Xai declined the opportunity to act as Duke Vessalius, though he still formed a Legal Contract with the Vessalius Dukedom's Black Winged Chain, Gryphon, because Oscar lacked the proper qualities to do so himself. Xai was the sole person to know the truth of Jack Vessalius' "return" to the Vessalius Dukedom and his malicious intent - though he didn't learn the latter until it was too late. Since then, Xai had devoted his life to exacting revenge on Jack for everything he put Xai through in order to satisfy himself; going so far as siding with the Baskervilles in an attempt to destroy Jack once and for all. However, Xai's vendetta appeared to have been in vain, dying in the end by abandoning his cause in order to save his daughter, Ada Vessalius, the only one left in Xai's life who he truly loved.



Xai and his younger brother bared a great resemblance to one another through their facial structure and composition. Like many Vessaliuses before him, Xai had emerald green eyes and golden blonde hair that was kept cut rather short and slicked back out of his face. Xai's individuality was maintained through his short goatee and large facial scar of obscure origins; which reached from his forehead and across the bridge of his nose, to his cheek. Xai's wardrobe always consisted of a black overcoat, shoes and pants and a white dress shirt, ascot and gloves; also wearing a black top hat and cape on certain occasions. In addition, Xai had a black cane with a silver head on his person at all time, which appeared to be more for presentation purposes rather than support when Xai walked.


Though Xai was shown to be rather spiteful, he acted as such because of his dark past. When Xai initially met Jack prior to his son's birth, Xai's interests lied only with himself and putting the Vessalius Dukedom ahead of the other Dukedoms. However, 15 years of Tragedy that lead to the deaths of Xai's son, wife, sister-in-law and nephew made Xai vindictive, egotistical and vengeful rather than simply selfish. Though Xai could confirm that Jack caused his son's death, he simply assumed that the rest of his family's deaths were also caused by Jack's hand rather than by happenstance; prompting Xai to target all his hate toward Jack and the Chain he'd taken in as his adoptive son. Consumed with rage, Xai sought out the Baskervilles in order to condemn Jack and Oz in order to destroy them both for what he believed was the greater good, not realizing that he'd been tricked by Jack into doing so to reunite Oz with his powers. Xai stuck true to his vendetta in the end, never straying from his stubborn beliefs even after 25 years, yet still coming up short for the satisfaction of the revenge he craved so desperately.

Even with all his faults, Xai was shown to have light inside him no matter how small it may have been. Truthfully the only reason Xai accepted Jack's offer in the first place was because he wanted to spare Rachel Cecile the pain of their son's death. Though he was reluctant and displeased with the results that followed, Xai was still happy to see that his wife wasn't stricken with the grief of their lost child. Similarly, Xai acted in every way possible to ensure Ada's safety when Jack set the world on its destructive path, kidnapping her not just as leverage to force Oscar to do his bidding, but to also keep her safe in the Baskervilles' custody while chaos spread throughout Pandora. Furthermore, Xai threw away his own safety when he saw Ada's life was in danger because of Noise, eventually going so far as to sacrifice himself in order to save Ada from death via a merciless Chain; a reaction of Noise's reckless decisions.

Apart from his rather harsh demeanor, Xai enjoyed reading, tea and music - as he was known to have quite the talent for it himself - while also having a difficulty dealing with noisy places and his younger brother.


Xai was born as the eldest child of the Vessalius Dukedom, thereby making him its rightful heir. A few years later, Xai received a younger brother from Oscar, who would later grow up to succeed his father as Duke of the Vessalius Dukedom, rather than Xai. The Four Great Dukes were meant to have Legal Contracts with their Dukedom's respective Black Winged Chain in order to allow the Dukedom to access the Abyss through their Door to the Abyss, however Oscar lacked the proper qualities to form a Contract with any Chain, and so Xai stepped up and claimed Gryphon as his Chain instead.

78 - 6

Jack meets Xai Vessalius.

Xai found and married a woman named Rachel Cecile, and together they were anticipating the birth of their first-born child. As winter approached, Xai was approached by a child with blonde hair and green eyes, who claimed that he was Jack Vessalius. Jack told his descendant that it was a pleasure to meet him and for Xai not to be afraid - instead urging Xai to listen to what he had to say. Xai complied, allowing Jack to explain how within his body slept the soul of B-Rabbit, a Chain that had nearly destroyed the entire world more than one-hundred years before. Jack explained in detail how his body had been rejected by the power of the Abyss, having instead forced his body to rewind its physical age and then begin aging once more in a continuous repetitive cycle, because he'd come into contact with The Core of the Abyss. Jack added that the cycle was gradually destroying his soul with each progression, and so his soul was destined to vanish from existence once-and-for-all.

Jack then posed a proposition to Xai - asking Xai to take his body as 'Oz' once it'd reverted to the form of a baby, introducing it back into the Vessalius Dukedom in place of Xai's own child, which Jack knew was going to be stillborn. Although curious, Xai was skeptic of everything that Jack had told him. Jack left the offer on the table - letting Xai go to Rachel's side as she went into labor. It turned out that Jack's prediction was true, with Xai's child being born in death's embrace. Furious over the loss of his son and not wanting to see Rachel distraught over her son's death, Xai angrily stole the body of his dead son from Rachel's arms while she slept, storming off into the night to seek out his ancestor.

Xai found Jack, his body having been reverted back to the form of an infant and his soul having been vanquished almost completely, fulfilling Jack's wish by switching his dead son with the young body of Jack Vessalius. Xai returned to the hospital, facing extensive questioning because of his actions. Xai had thought of this however, telling anyone who asked that he wanted to celebrate the christening of his son on his own. Although Xai was angered by his son's death, Xai also saw opportunity from switching his son with Jack - thinking that he could obtain information from Jack as he grew. Later, when Rachel awoke, Xai submitted to Jack's wish completely by insisting that they name the child Oz; acting as though nothing had changed in order to spare his wife from heartache.

Despite believing that he could benefit from his decision to take Jack into the Vessalius Dukedom, Xai soon realized his mistake. Although Rachel became pregnant with a second child of Xai's after a few years, whom was named Ada Vessalius, mere days after Ada's birth, Rachel died in a carriage accident. Despite rumors from the public that the Nightray Dukedom was responsible for Rachel's death, Xai became suspicious of Jack. Xai's suspicions lead him to looking into the truth of the Tragedy of Sablier and becoming one of the first to know of Jack's misdeeds. From here, Xai realized that he made a mistake, not only hating Jack because of his sins against humanity, but because he blamed Jack for Rachel's death as well. From here on, Xai launched his vendetta against the instigator of the Tragedy, searching for ways to rid the world of Jack once and for all.

Soon another death struck the family, with Oscar's wife, Sara Vessalius. Sara died when she went into labor, with her and Oscar's son losing his life alongside her. Although Xai wasn't fond of Sara because she was born a commoner, he was still enraged and blamed Jack for the deaths of Sara and her son. This lead to the start of a dehumanizing process with Oz, treating him poorly in order to hurt both Oz the B-Rabbit and Jack himself, all in the pursuit of revenge.

It had been about ten years since Xai switched his son out for Jack, and Oz had been suffering emotionally because he thought that Xai hated him. Oz's personal valet, Gilbert insisted that Oz was wrong; grabbing a nearby bouquet of flowers and running off to find Xai in order to prove Oz wrong. Oz attempted to stop Gilbert, but he was too late, reaching him as Gilbert presented the bouquet to Xai in Oz's name, suggesting that Xai go and visit Oz in his room in order to make him feel more secure about his relationship with Xai. Xai told Gilbert that he had spoken out of turn, leading Gilbert to question why it had to be that way, asking if Oz wasn't his 'beloved precious son'. Xai smiled when he heard this, knowing well that Oz was not his son and that his son was dead. Xai instead clutched the bouquet in his hand and threw it to the ground, stating that a child like Oz should never have been born.

Gilbert found Xai's statement to be outrageous, going off on a tangent, grabbing Xai's coat and asking what he meant when he said that Oz should never have been born, attempting to explain all the things that Oz had done in order to meet Xai's approval. Xai stopped Gilbert mid-sentence, smacking Gilbert off of him and to the
Zai ozzz

"Don't touch me."

ground, asking Gilbert who he though he was and if he really intended to disobey his master. Gilbert angrily objected and insisted that Xai wasn't his master, as his master was Oz. Xai had heard enough and order his valets to take Gilbert and lock him in the mansion's basement. Oz ran to Xai, begging him not to fire Gil - reaching out in order to grab Xai. Before he could make contact with Xai however, Xai smacked Oz's hand away, ordering Oz not to touch him and telling Oz that he's a vile creature.

At an unknown point, whilst searching for a way to rid himself of Jack, Jack "let it slip" to Xai that the only way to get rid of Oz was to cast him into the Abyss using one of the Black Winged Chains. Xai had no way of knowing that this was actually a false piece of information, and so he made contact with Duke Bernard Nightray, whom Xai knew was an ally of the Baskerville Clan. Bernard put Xai in contact with the Baskervilles, formulating a fake prophecy that would force the Baskervilles to take action with him, all while keeping the fact that the power of B-Rabbit resided within the child claimed to be "Oz Vessalius".

By the time Jack was physically fifteen years old (as a part of the cycle where Jack's body grew older and younger, all while destroying his soul, as a result of his soul being rejected by the Abyss), Jack's soul was completely destroyed and no longer present in his body. This would allow Xai to cast Oz into the Abyss without realizing that this was all part of Jack's plot to rejoin Oz with his powers that were stolen by Alice during the Tragedy of Sablier and remained dormant in the Abyss.


Coming of Age Ceremony Arc

Xai makes an effort to not attend the preparations for Oz's Coming of Age Ceremony, instead having Oscar fill his place as the father figure in the Ceremony, greeting Noise and two other Baskervilles when they arrive to help Xai take care of the child mentioned in the prophecy.

Ep02 - nah mari kita mulai menghitung mundur

"So, let's count down..!"

When the Coming of Age Ceremony begins, Xai watches from outside the church it's taking place in with Noise and her companions. Xai asks Noise if she truly has complete control of Gilbert, but Noise simply shrugs it off casually and tells Xai that she's using Duldum to manipulate Gilbert's mind and body and that they need to open a path to the Abyss. Xai orders Noise to make sure that Duldum doesn't go berserk during the ceremony, with Noise just reiterating that she has everything under control, waiting in delight as Oz takes his place before the clock tower that had stopped ticking close to one-hundred years ago.

After Oz says his vows before the clock tower, causing it to progress for the first time in one-hundred years, Noise recites part of the prophecy and ensures Xai and her comrades that there's no mistaking that Oz is the one. At this moment, Xai descends on the scene within the church as time seemingly stops for everyone except for Oz and Gilbert.

Ep02 - duldum oz in gryphon seal

Gryphon's seal on the floor.

Duldum uses Gilbert to grab Oz from behind and stab a knife into his chest to draw blood that's necessary for the ceremony, Xai using the blood alongside the power of Gryphon to form a seal on the floor and open a path to the Abyss.

Xai suggests that they move right along into the judgement, but the process is interrupted when Noise loses control of Duldum and Duldum nearly kills Oz in pursuit of more blood. Luckily for Xai, a force from the Abyss comes and forces Duldum out of Gilbert's body, casting Gilbert away from Oz in the process. Xai questions what's going on, when suddenly Alice the B-Rabbit appears. Xai draws his rapier and asks if B-Rabbit really intends on interfering in the Baskervilles' plans again. Alice explains that she'll do whatever it takes to stop the Baskervilles if they intend on killing what she claims to be her property; however Alice realizes that the Baskervilles intend on casting Oz into the Abyss rather than killing him, Xai only smiling as Alice unravels his plans. Unexpectedly, Alice sends out B-Rabbit's Chains in a chaotic manner, attacking the Xai and the Baskervilles. Xai manages to save Noise from being impaled by one of B-Rabbit's bladed Chains, but this brings him closer to Gilbert.

Ep02 - gil sangat terejut

Gil very surprises with Xai.

Gilbert, having recently regained consciousness, crawls over to Xai, grabbing his robes and asking what he's accusing Oz of doing - claiming that there's no reason whatsoever for him to cast Oz into the Abyss. Oz tells Gil to stop and get away from Xai, when a flash of lightning strikes. Oz covers his eyes because of the brightness, but the light manages to expose Xai's previously shrouded face to Gilbert. Gilbert is stunned to see that Oz's own father is trying to cast him into the Abyss, but without knowing this Oz takes the opportunity to draw the sword used in his Coming of Age Ceremony and charge at Xai. Gilbert jumps in front of Xai to defend him, not wanting Oz to hurt his father and thus leading Oz to slash the sword through Gilbert's chest.

Oz, realizing what he's done, drops the sword and falls to his knees in emotional agony, whilst Alice floats toward Xai to enjoy the turmoil of the situation. Xai quickly draws his rapier and turns to slash through Alice, banishing her back to the Abyss with Gryphon's power.

Xai then sheaths his rapier, approaching Oz and removing one of his gloves. Xai presses his hand against Oz's forehead while a Baskerville holds Oz back for Xai, Xai summoning Gryphon in-full form and telling Oz that he's sin is his very
Ep02 - gryphon dan xai

Xai casts Oz into the Abyss

existence. Gryphon summons the Chains of Condemnation using the path it had opened, with Oz being found guilty of his crime against the Abyss and thereby being dragged into the Abyss by the Chains of Condemnation. Xai, Noise and the two other Baskervilles then proceed to exit the area, as time resumes and the guests of Oz's Coming of Age Ceremony are left in confusion.

Later, Gilbert grew up, joined Pandora and formed a Legal Contract with Raven in order to use Raven's powers to get Oz back from the Abyss. One day, Gilbert confronts Xai about what he'd witnessed at the Coming of Age Ceremony. Gilbert pointing his gun at Xai and telling him never to show his face to Oz ever again, accusing Xai of dropping Oz into the Abyss because he remembers seeing Gryphon on the night of Oz's Coming of Age Ceremony. Despite how filled with hate Gilbert may be, and how determined he is to avenge his master by killing Xai, Gil isn't able to follow through with killing Xai, because he doesn't want the world that Oz finds when he returns to be one without his father.

Sablier Arc


Xai holds out his hand to Elliot.

After Elliot, Leo, Oz and Gil had all met up in The Hole, Xai appeared to retrieve Elliot, as Bernard couldn't do it himself. Elliot declined, saying that he would never accept help from a Vessalius and that Xai should be offering to help his son. Xai simply smirked and said that he didn't care what happened to "that thing". Elliot, enraged, began yelling at him, only to be stopped by Leo, who apologized to Xai. Xai remarks on how smart a servant Elliot had before leaving.

Gil ran after Xai and held him at gunpoint, because of how he'd hurt Oz. Xai expected this and recalled how Gilbert had held him at gunpoint before shortly after joining Pandora, threatening to kill Xai if he ever came anywhere near Oz again. Gilbert then went over the events that happened after Oz was cast into the Abyss. Gilbert was the only one who remembered what had happened. He told Oscar that Oz had been cast into the Abyss and that it was his own father who'd done it, but when Oscar looked into the matter, Bernard Nightray provided an alibi for Xai, saying that he was with him at the time of the Coming of Age Ceremony. Oscar accepted this but he didn't realize that Bernard was also secretly involved with the Baskervilles. Xai summoned Gryphon and confirmed again to Gilbert that it was he who cast Oz into the Abyss 10 years ago. Gil attempts to shoot Xai, and Gryphon prepares to defend it's contractor but Mad Hatter appeared between the two and stopped them from fighting. Break then appeared behind Gil and pulled him away while Xai proceeds out of the Inner Hole. Gil later admits that he wouldn't have been able to kill Xai because it would've hurt Oz too much.


Xai chats with Lottie

Xai later found Lottie and Noise, who was unconscious and severely injured. Xai carried Noise as he and Lottie traveled to the Baskervilles' Door to the Abyss, though Xai dropped Noise on floor as soon as they reached the door. Xai and Lottie had arrived just in time to greet Lily as she's released from the Abyss. Lottie then explained to her how the Baskervilles' main purpose now was to search for and destroy the Sealing Stones which prevented Glen from returning.

Re-Emergence of the Head Hunter Arc

During a conversation with Sheryl Rainsworth, Break revealed that he'd talked to Oscar Vessalius recently, and was told how after Oz was born, Xai stole him away from his sleeping wife and ran off in the rain without saying where he was going or for what reason. When he came back, Xai said that he merely wanted to celebrate the christening of his child alone. Break told Sheryl that it was possible that Xai had switched the child with another, and that the current Oz might not have been the real Oz Vessalius.

In one of Vincent's flashbacks, Ada Vessalius took him to a townhouse in Reveil and explained how Oscar had set this up for her as a secondary residence. She explained that she wasn't allowed to bring friends to the main house by order of her father.

Jack's Intention Arc

Xai and the Baskervilles surround Oscar and Ada

Xai confronts Oscar to tell him of Jack's corruption

Xai and several Baskervilles arrive outside of the Vessalius mansion just as Oscar tries to head to Pandora. Xai questions where Oscar thought he was going, having the Baskervilles surround Oscar and Ada so that they could all have a nice long family talk. Oscar blocks Ada from Xai and glares at his brother as he stands before him.

Xai has the Baskervilles take Oscar and Ada inside of the Vessalius mansion, where Xai proceeded to explain to the two of them how Oz was a Chain and not actually Xai's son. Oscar and Ada initially had difficulty grasping such a thing as a possibility, but Xai explained his intentions to them and how Jack had approached him before his son was born, correctly predicting his son being stillborn. Xai explains that to ease Rachel's pain, he agreed to allow Jack's infant body (having aged in reverse from the body of about a nine year old since their last conversation) to replace his own son. To add to his younger brother's pain and confusion, Xai informs Oscar that Jack is not only responsible for the deaths of Rachel and his son, but also the deaths of Duchess Vessalius and Oscar's own son. Finally, Xai has the Baskervilles take Ada as their hostage, using her as blackmail in order to force Oscar to track down Oz and kill him, Oscar having agreed to do so to buy some time to figure out his confusing emotions; rage over the deaths Jack had brought to his family, and reluctance to do harm to one of the children he'd treated as his own son for 25 years.

After Oscar's departure, Xai himself departed; leaving Ada in the care of the Baskervilles while he was gone. Xai arrives in Pandora shortly after Gilbert had helped Oz escape his execution by Oswald's hand using Raven. Xai witnesses Oswald's order to his valets to find and execute both Oz and Gilbert (for being a traitor to the Baskerville Clan). With the majority of Oswald's valets tracking Oz and Gilbert throughout the catacombs of Pandora, Oswald, Lottie, Xai and Rufus discuss with one another the progress that they're making, with Xai telling Oswald that Oscar had likely joined forces with Oz and Gilbert and that the three of them would likely be heading towards St. Luca's Gate; which is an emergency exit out of Pandora, meant for the use of the Four Great Dukes should it be needed. However, because St. Luca's Gate is used so rarely, a Key to the Abyss is necessary for the Gate to be opened.

81 - 11

Xai explaining St. Luca's Gate

While Lottie questions Rufus as to why he didn't disclose information about St. Luca's Gate, Oswald questions what benefit Xai would have from informing him about St. Luca's Gate and thereby betraying his own family. Xai's reasoning for his actions against the Vessalius Dukedom, as he identifies it, is that he has always wanted to destroy Jack and everything that he's striving for, and thus the container for what remains of Jack's soul (Oz) is a medium for his hatred toward Jack.

Suddenly, eight members of Pandora come out of hiding and attempt to condemn Oswald, believing that Jack's word is absolute and that Oswald's words of the impending destruction of the world is nothing more than his attempt at manipulating the populace. The Pandora members hold Xai, Rufus, Lottie and Oswald in their places with their guns, explaining that they believe that Oswald intends to use these lies in order to plunge the world into the Abyss, so that he may obtain the Intention of the Abyss and monopolize her power. This causes Oswald to laugh hysterically, stepping forward to attempt to explain what kind of person Jack really is, but the Pandora members silence him and summon Rocking-Horse-Fly and an unknown lizard-like Chain in retaliation. Oswald simply summons Jabberwock and kills all the Chains and their Contractors except one. This Pandora member calls out for guidance from Jack, Oswald approaching him and stabbing Elliot's black-bladed rapier through the mouth of the Pandora member.

Following this confrontation, Oswald orders Xai to lead Oswald's valets to St. Luca's Gate in order to stop Oz, Oscar and Gilbert from escaping with their lives. Meanwhile, Oswald takes his leave for Sablier with Rufus, Vincent, Lottie, Lily and Dug. With Oswald no longer around, Xai leads Noise, two Pandora members and two other Baskervilles through the catacombs of Pandora, intending to allow Oscar to open St. Luca's Gate so that he'd reveal the Vessalius Key to the Abyss, yet still allow Xai to go after Oz.

82 - 6

Xai prepares to kill his younger brother

Xai arrives in the chamber after Noise had mortally wounded Oscar. Oscar uses his Key to close St. Luca's Gate, thus preventing Xai from going after Oz, Gil and Alice after they'd gone through St. Luca's Gate. Xai calls the Pandora members annoying because they were worrying about Oscar's safety, as he proceeds through the chamber, noticing Oscar's necklace and telling him that it was just like Oscar to have made Sara's wedding ring the Vessalius Key, stating that Oscar's sentimentality was always something he couldn't stand. Oscar realizes that Xai had only forced Oscar to go after Oz so that he'd reveal the Vessalius Key, explaining that because St. Luca's Gate can't be opened immediately after being shut, Xai wouldn't be able to go after Oz. Xai draws his gun and aims at Oscar, asking if Oscar regrets his decision. Oscar denies having any regrets because he was able to tell Oz and Gilbert everything he wanted to and because Oz was now safely in Gilbert's care as he'd wanted. Xai stated that Oscar's sentimentality was always something that he couldn't stand about Oscar, which Oscar had always known. Oscar tells Xai that despite this, he'd always hoped that one day the two of them could grow to understand one another. Xai doesn't respond to Oscar, simply pulling the trigger as Oscar closes his eyes and accepts his death. Xai then takes the Vessalius Key from Oscar's corpse and leaves with the rest of the Baskervilles.

Xai, forced to summon Gryphon to take Noise to Sablier

Xai later attends the execution ceremony of Sheryl, Break and Sharon Rainsworth, witnessing it go awry when Break regains use of Mad Hatter and massacres numerous Baskervilles with the help of Equus and Owl.Following the main battle, Noise reveals herself, laughing hysterically and calling Break deplorable because of his apparent overconfidence of his strength. Lottie is stunned to see Noise, with Sharon mistaking her for Echo. Break moves toward Noise, but Noise instead happily waves her hand and tells Break not to come near her, otherwise she'll kill her hostage. Noise lifts an unconscious Ada up by her hair from beneath her robes, prompting Xai to come out from where he had taken shelter, to show concern as he calls out for his daughter. Noise had known that using Ada would draw Xai out, having Duldum ensnare Xai with her threads in order to take control of Xai's body. Noise implies that she wasn't sure if using Ada would draw Xai out, asking what's wrong with Xai as he apparently cares for Ada.

Noise then uses Duldee and Duldum to bind Xai and take control of his body, telling Xai to summon Gryphon for her. Together, Duldee and Duldum force Xai to do as directed, with Noise loading Ada and Xai onto Gryphon's back. Lottie and Dug (carrying Lily) stand and move towards Noise, calling out for her. Noise tells her comrades that she's going to Sablier, because she wants to see Vincent as soon as possible, having Xai send Gryphon to pick up Lottie, Dug and Lily before they soar out a nearby window toward Sablier.

Though during their journey to Sablier, Xai is kept under Duldee and Duldum's control while Noise toys with Ada. However, Gryphon is thrown off his path suddenly with the appearance of the black city in the center of The Hole in Sablier. Although Noise and Xai manage to clutch onto Gryphon safely, Ada, Lottie, Dug and Lily are all thrown off of Gryphon into the streets of Sablier below. Noise has Xai land Gryphon in the black city, taking off on her own to find and kill Ada shortly thereafter. Now free from Duldee and Duldum's control, Xai sets off on his own journey, intent of finding and protecting his daughter from Noise.

Xai finds Ada with Oz and Noise, seeing that Noise intends on torturing Ada with Oz's death and then killing Ada herself. Xai draws his gun and shoots Noise from behind before she can accomplish her sadistic goal. While Oz attempts to absorb Xai's presence, Xai shoots at him - missing only slightly. Meanwhile, Noise is crying out in agony on the ground, using Duldee and Duldum to send Ada to kill Xai for shooting her. Xai manages to stop Ada from stabbing him with a shard of class, trying to get Ada to break free of Duldee and Duldum's control by reminding her of who he is.

Suddenly, a Chain jumps down between them, sending both Xai and Ada flying backwards. Ada is knocked unconscious as Duldee's strings are severed thanks to the Chain, freeing her from Noise's control. The Chain then charges after the dazed Ada, and although Oz attempts to save Ada himself, Noise impedes his attempt with an attack of her own. Xai stands and runs to Ada instead, putting himself between her and the Chain; resulting in Xai taking the Chain's clever in his back for his daughter. Having witnessed Xai's compassion, Oz is stunned by Xai's compassion, managing to escape Noise and kill the Chain once and for all with the power of B-Rabbit soon after.

92 Xai 2

The result of Xai's sacrifice

With the Chain's existence crumbling and Noise having fled, the threats have gone and so Xai can rest, propping himself up against a nearby wall. Xai notices that Oz is crying, wondering if Oz pities him. Oz quickly denies it, instead claiming that he's sorry that he never truly got to know Xai, and how there were so many things he would've liked to speak with him about. Xai just lashes out that they could never understand one another because he'll never forgive Jack for what he did to the Vessalius Dukedom. Furthermore, he'll never accept a Chain like Oz intending on cursing both Oz and Jack until the moment he draws his last breath. Falling to his knees, Oz declares that Xai's hatred doesn't matter, presenting himself to Xai as someone who's finally able to understand that it's okay for him to be there, which is why he has to go. Oz bids farewell to Xai, carrying Ada on his back through the streets of Sablier's black city, leaving Xai to be alone. Once alone, Xai slides down the wall he was using for support, with blood dripping onto the ground below as well as plastering the wall behind him, saying goodbye back to Oz and Ada as Oz left him alone to die.

Powers and Abilities

  • Skilled marksman with considerable swordsmanship ability.
  • Xai's strengths include horseback riding, as well as musical ability - as he is considered to be talented both the piano
    • Xai with his rapier
    • Xai and his Chain, Gryphon
    and violin.
  • Chain: Gryphon
    • Flight
    • Just as the other Black Winged Chains can, Gryphon is able to undergo a Ceremony of Judgement against someone accused of a sin against the harmony of the Abyss. To do this, Gryphon uses blood from the accused that was drawn by a witness in order to summon forth his seal and pass judgement. If the accused is found guilty of their sin, then Gryphon can summon the Chains of Condemnation through his seal in order to ensnare the accused and drag them into the depths of the Abyss to be destroyed.
    • Though rarely used, Gryphon has a fail safe ability for instances when the Chains of the World are severed. Gryphon can mend the Chains and prevent them from breaking further, only he's unable to recreate the Chains which have already been destroyed.
    • Gryphon is capable of traversing the Dimensional Plane, though the process is taxing and exhausts his Contractor as a result.


Ada Vessalius

Ada hasn't interacted with Xai in the series as of yet because he is often away from the Vessalius Mansion. Although Xai is often absent in Ada's life, his strict rule as her father is abundantly clear, as Ada often mentions how she is not allowed to bring friends to the Vessalius mansion because of her father's rules. Vincent theorizes that this was because if Ada was going to bring a boyfriend home, the Vessaliuses would rather that she did it where they couldn't see.

Later, when Xai and the Baskervilles cross-examined Oscar and Ada, telling them the truth of Oz's existence, Ada found it hard to believe her father, dropping her teacup to the floor in shock. Xai would later take Ada hostage in order to prompt Oscar to do as Xai commanded, and so Xai ordered Oscar to kill Oz with his own hands. While Xai is willing to use Ada as encouragement for Oscar in the pursuit of revenge, and harsh with her while she yells at him for killing Oscar, he is later shown as shocked when Zwei takes Ada as a hostage, before being manipulated by Zwei's Chain. Oz observes how Xai must have loved his daughter when he attempted to protect her from Noise and the chain similar to the Cook.

Bernard Nightray

Despite the fact that Bernard allegedly hated all the Vessaliuses with every fiber of his being, having taught Fred, Claude, Ernest, Vanessa and Elliot to hate them as well for forcing the Nightrays 'into the dark', he seemed to have a rather close relationship with Xai for reasons that have never been disclosed. Both Xai and Bernard aligned themselves with the Baskervilles around the same time (and possibly together). As well, following Oz's Coming of Age Ceremony, Gilbert had seen Xai's face before he cast Oz into the Abyss using Gryphon, because of this Gilbert told Oscar about it as soon as possible. Oscar looked into the matter, however Bernard provided Xai with a fake alibi, explaining that Xai had been with his during the entire duration of the Coming of Age Ceremony, forcing Oscar to give up his investigation. Some 10 years later, Bernard and Xai had both traveled to Sablier for the Baskervilles in order to look for the first Sealing Stone alongside Lottie, Fang, Dug and Noise. When Bernard had gotten wind of Elliot's travel into The Hole, he sent Xai in to retrieve Elliot because his legs were no longer fit to make the journey, showing that Bernard trusted Xai with his youngest son. Whether or not their relationship will receive an explanation or justification is unknown.

Elliot Nightray

As Bernard had successfully warped Elliot into thinking that the Vessaliuses were the reason that the Nightrays were forced to work 'in the background' because they were labeled traitors during the Tragedy of Sablier while the Vessaliuses got to move freely 'in the light' for being labeled the heroes of the Tragedy (which later turned out to be true because of Jack spreading rumors about Raymond Nightray in order to keep the Nightrays where he wanted them), Elliot had it in his mind that Xai Vessalius was scum. Elliot openly disliked Xai, refusing his escort after Bernard had sent Xai to retrieve Elliot. Elliot instead told Xai to redirect his offer to Oz, but Xai refused and stated that something like Oz should never have even been born. This made Elliot furious, causing him to lash out at Xai for his dehumanization of Oz.

Jack Vessalius

When Jack had first approached Xai, Xai was rather skeptical that Jack was exactly who he claimed to be. It wasn't until Xai's first born died after birth, just as Jack had predicted, that Xai believed that Jack was whom he claimed to be. Xai planned on using Jack in order to obtain information, as well as a means to spare Rachel too much heartache over the loss of her child, but he did so in a bitter and hateful way, taking the dead child from Rachel and storming off angrily into the night.

As the years went on, nothing but tragedy followed the Vessalius family after Xai had taken Jack's body into the Vessalius family as 'Oz Vessalius'. Not only had Oscar's own child died, but his wife as well, Rachel's own death was followed sometime after Ada's death, all of this Xai blamed Jack for. Xai planned on exacting his revenge on Jack and Oz through a process of dehumanization, with Xai deteriorating Oz's sense of hopefulness through his harsh treatment in hopes that Jack would feel the repercussions. To fuel his hunger for revenge, Xai aligned himself with the Baskervilles, hell-bent on sending the being known as Oz Vessalius into the Abyss, where its existence couldn't be of harm to anyone. Xai would've much rather destroyed Jack's body and Oz along with it, but had he done so, the Intention of the Abyss would have surely intervened.



Xai chats with Lottie

Despite the fact that Xai is a Vessalius rather than a true Nightray, Lottie seems to be on fairly good terms with him, the two of them being able to make conversation as equals. Lottie had only ever once spoken of Xai on a higher basis than herself, and that was when she explained to Break what Xai had told her about Oz and the actions that the Baskervilles needed to take against him. On their way to the Baskervilles' Door to the Abyss, Lottie and Xai casually talked to one another, discussing how Oz had wandered into that region despite the fact that he shouldn't have been able to.

Oscar Vessalius

Despite the fact that Xai is Oscar's older brother, the two do not have a good relationship with one another. Despite this poor relationship, Oscar still asked Xai to form a contract with Gryphon because Oscar himself lacked the right qualities to do so successfully. Some 10 years later, Oscar glared at Xai furiously and stood in front of Ada when Xai confronted them alongside the Baskervilles when they were trying to escape Reveil following the severing of the Chains, however a part of this could have been drawn from Oscar's ignorance to Xai's reasoning for treating Oz so poorly.

Xai doesn't seem to enjoy his younger brother's company, often talking down to Oscar and calling him a lowlife, but Xai does note the importance of Oscar and Ada knowing the truth about Oz. However, because Xai has become so consumed with rage in his pursuit of revenge on Jack after blaming Jack for Rachel's, Xai's first born's, Duchess Vessalius' and Oscar's child's deaths, he is shown to not be above using his family in their time of vulnerability in order to force them to help him exact his revenge. Xai did this by keeping Ada as a hostage within the Vessalius mansion, ordering Oscar to go and kill Oz with his own hands, something which Oscar regrettable complied to.

Oz the B-Rabbit

Oz had grown to believe that he should love his father, however unbeknownst to Oz, Xai was not his real father. Oz was a Chain existing in Jack's de-aged body, and Xai had despised Oz his entire life in part because of his sinful existence, but mostly because he had hoped to hurt Jack through his dehumanization of Oz, where Xai had often called Oz a filthy and vile creature, or would state that Oz should never have been born. After spending fifteen years successfully hurting Oz, Xai joined forces with the Baskervilles so that they could confirm that Oz was the child mentioned in the prophecy, and subsequently cast Oz into the Abyss as a result. Although Xai would've much rather have had Oz killed, he knew that something like that would have been impossible without the Intention of the Abyss intervening because of her connection to Jack, and so Xai would've had to settle for Oz being trapped in the Abyss.


Xai's relationship with Noise is mostly built off of annoyance and a lack of respect which Xai hold for Noise. While the two worked together during Oz's Coming of Age Ceremony, Xai felt it was necessary to check to make sure that Noise had complete control of Gilbert with Duldum on more than one occasion, Noise showing clear annoyance with the question and answering that she had it abruptly in order to end the conversation. In the Anime Xai seemed rather annoyed after Noise had lost control of Duldum whilst she was in Gilbert's body, prompting Duldum to attempt to kill Oz, while in the manga, Xai didn't seem to notice that Noise had lost control. Ten years later, while in Sablier with Bernard, Lottie, Fang, Dug and Noise, Xai was forced to carry Noise because Noise had fallen unconscious after being attacked by Break, needing time to heal her wounds. When Lottie and Xai had finally reached the Baskervilles Door to the Abyss, Xai saw no need to carry Noise any further, dropping her at his first opportunity and leaving her on the ground, so that he could focus on his conversation with Lottie and Lily's release from the Abyss.


To Oz

  • "A child like that should never have been born."
  • "Don't touch me, you vile creature."

To Elliot Nightray

  • (About Oz) "Whatever becomes of it... is none of my concern."
  • (About Leo) "You have a good valet. He... rightfully knows his place."

To Gilbert Nightray

  • "I see I was right. I had a feeling you would come after me."
  • "Yes... you did. When was that again? You suddenly pointed a gun at me and impudently dared to say this. You went on spouting tales about how the Chain that dropped it into the Abyss was our Vessalius House's Gryphon. How about it? Would you like to make sure once more?"
  • "Is the Chain you claim to have seen... still... smiling with the same face as this one?"

To Oscar Vessalius

  • "Where are you hurrying off to? How long has it been since we spent some time together, as a family? Or rather, how many times have we ever had the chance to? This is the perfect opportunity... for a nice long family talk. "
  • "About twenty-five years ago, a boy showed up before me... he said that... he had been forsaken by the Abyss. He said that... he had been alive... for over a hundred years."
  • "Oscar, you knew it, didn't you? You knew that Oz was not my son?"
  • "Just as that boy had foretold... my son was still born. I replaced my son's cold body... with Jack Vessalius'... who had regressed into an infant."
  • "Of course, I was reluctant at first. But that boy- that man- gave me solid evidence that he was really Jack Vessalius... by telling me lots of things that only Jack could know. I thought that if what he said were true... his final wishes should be inherited by a member of the Vessalius Dukedom. And in doing that... I could also spare my wife from the grief of losing her child. However. I came to discover the truth... Although, that was probably a part of his plan as well. Up until now I've been a mere puppet in his hands."
  • "My son! Jack Vessalius killed him!! Not only him, but my wife as well!! And the same goes for your son, Oscar!! They were all murdered in order to fulfill that man's plans!!"
  • "Oscar, kill that thing (Oz) with your own hands. That will make him suffer most. That is... my revenge against that man."
  • "Oscar, how long are you going to play 'happy family' for? Why are you hesitating when that thing has caused you nothing but suffering?"

To Oswald

  • "They're probably heading towards the St. Luca's Gate."
  • "It's a corridor leading to an emergency passageway reserved for the use of the Four Great Dukes. Normally, it's entrance is sealed and only the head of the family can come and go using their Key to their Door to the Abyss."
  • "My only purpose is preventing Jack from reaching his goal. That thing that carries Jack's soul within him is just another target for my grudge." (In response to Oswald asking why Xai would betray his own family).



(*) - Denotes that the character did not appear physically, but as a part of another character's memories.


  • Xai's name means 'River'.
  • Xai appears to be ambidextrous.
  • Why Oscar became Duke of the Vessalius Dukedom rather than Xai is unknown, making it possible that Xai either chose not to take on the position himself or that his father believed Oscar was more mature for the position than Xai; something which would explain Xai's apparent envy and hatred toward Oscar.
  • Xai's arrogant personality mirrors the Gryphon's lack of care for what others think in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, as the Gryphon shows his disdain for both the Queen and the Mock Turtle, saying one doesn't realize no heads ever fell despite her orders, and the other's despair is ridiculous.

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