Will is the title of the one-hundred-and-fourth and final chapter of Jun Mochizuki's Pandora Hearts.


"Someone once said that that place was consumed in darkness, but that doesn’t mean… that there was never any light."

As the trees sway in the wind a sleeping Oz is awakened by the sounds of his friends calling his name. As he looks up he sees Alice and Gilbert rushing to his side, with Alice scolding him for wandering off without telling her first and Gilbert noting that no matter how warm it may be, Oz will catch a cold if he falls asleep outside. Apologizing, Oz admits that he must have been so comfortable that he dozed off - prompting Gilbert to wonder if they should just call it a day if Oz is so worn out, though Oz assures him that he's fine to carry on. For a moment, Oz becomes transfixed on the world around him, mentioning how happy he is that it's a bright sunny day.

Just then, Alice notices something and points out that there's a cat (Cheshire) sitting in the tree above them, confusing Oz and frightening Gilbert. Thinking it over, Oz suggests that one of the guests at the tea party must have brought it with them, while also noting that Cheshire is making a somewhat arrogant face at them. Alice states that Cheshire looks tasty, but when Gilbert advises her not to eat Cheshire, Cheshire jumps down from the tree and scurries away. Although Oz is surprised and unnerved by Cheshire's disappearance, he's interrupted when Elliot and Leo come along.

Overjoyed to see Elliot and Leo after so long, Oz goes to embrace the two of them as Leo thanks him for the lovely invitations he'd sent them. With Oz attempting to cling to them both, Elliot tries to push Oz off of them and shut him up, with Leo mentioning that Oz doesn't have to make such a big deal about their arrival because soon Oz will be attending Lutwidge Academy just like them, and so whether or not it's what he wants, Oz will be most likely seeing them all the time. Oz relishes in the thought of seeing so much of Elliot and Leo, prompting Leo to ask if Oz had already completed all the proper paperwork necessary for his enrollment. Confirming this, Oz reveals that Gilbert had originally insisted on lying about his age so that he could enroll alongside him - for which Elliot states that Gilbert should be ashamed. Agreeing, Oz mentions how he'd managed to persuade Gilbert to allow him to attend Lutwidge Academy on his own, though it had been eventually decided that Gilbert and Alice would live with Turner during the school year so that they could still be in close contact with Oz.

Just as Leo praises the idea of having them all so close together, Elliot pushes forward and mockingly states that he'll show Oz some true skill when it comes to the achievement tests - only for Oz to retort that he doesn't want to lose to someone who's all brawn and no brains. For this, Elliot asks if Oz is looking for a fight, which Oz encourages as he boasts that he'll show Elliot his fencing skills as taught by Break - for which Elliot is very envious. Laughing, Leo can't help but wonder what everyone would think if they saw Elliot and Oz together, a Nightray and a Vessalius acting so friendly toward one another. With this, Gilbert suggests that they should go, prompting Elliot's agreement as he remembers that they had been looking for Oz given that he was the one who organized the tea party in the first place.

Returning to the party, the group is greeted by Vincent and Ada - happy to see that their brothers have finally returned. When Vincent asks Gilbert where he'd gone, Ada giggles and points out that Vincent has some cream by his mouth. Although Vincent denies that what Ada says is true, his denial only makes Ada laugh more and more as the two continue to eat. Stunned, Oz asks if it's okay, knowing that Ada will be swept away by Vincent at the rate their going. A shaken Gilbert questions what Oz means, initially stating that he doesn't care, before admitting that so long as Oz is okay with Ada and Vincent's relationship, then he is too. With this Oz cries out because he doesn't like it himself and so he doesn't know what to think.

Just then, Phillipe waves to Oz, as do Lottie, Fang, Dug and Lily - who thank him for inviting them to the tea party. Turning his attention elsewhere, Oz is ecstatic to see Break, Sharon and Reim. As Break bids Oz a good morning, Sharon advises him not to eat an entire cake himself, which merely makes Break laugh as he teasingly tells Sharon not to pout. Both Sharon and Reim are happy to see Oz and rejoice after having not seen him for so long, however before Oz can envelop himself in the warmth of his friend, he sees Echo in the distance. Sharon giggles as Oz excitedly greets Echo - asking what he thinks and if he'd noticed how stunning Echo looks. Anxious, Echo admits that she'd begged Vincent to allow her to wear her regular clothes to the tea party, but Vincent wouldn't have it - granted the dress she was forced to wear was rather simple anyway. Oz voices how Echo does look so lovely - admitting that although Echo's usual clothes are nice as well, she looks to be the absolute cutest now. Embarrassed, Echo smacks Oz with Jyanta and quickly runs off, leaving a confused Oz and Sharon and Break to tease him. Oz states that he was only telling the truth and that he doesn't understand why Echo had acted like that.

Oscar then sneaks in behind them, praising Oz for the face he'd made Echo make. With Oz and Gilbert's surprise, Oscar says that he's glad that the weather is perfect for a tea party, mussing up Oz and Gilbert's hair in the process. Thanking Oscar for helping with the tea party, Oz admits that he couldn't do much else other than making the preparations, so he's really grateful, only for Oscar to brush it off and tell Oz not to worry about it. Carrying on, Oscar tells Oz that working towards things is important and so you need to build up what you can do little-by-little. Laughing, Oscar then tells Oz and Gilbert not to be surprised, but "he" had come with him to the tea party as well. As Alice struggles in Gilbert's arms, Oscar flags down his brother Xai through the crowd - shocking Oz to his very core. Oscar claims that Xai had run out of work to do and so he'd invited Oz to join him at the tea party - only for Xai to intercede and insist that Oscar not lie. Playfully, Xai pokes Oscar with his cane and makes a point of saying that Oscar had not only barged in on his work space but also his private quarters until he agreed to come along. While Oscar and Xai continue playful banter, Oz thanks Xai for taking the time out of his busy schedule to attend his tea party. Xai then advises Oz to keep in mind that he needs to make sure not to be rude towards the guests and behave in a way that's suitable for when he can become the head of the Vessalius Dukedom, to which Oz agrees as Xai walks away.

Before Xai can leave however, Oscar grabs a hold of him and asks that everyone come together so that they can do "that". As Break, Sharon and Reim draw in as well, Break understands that by "that" Oscar means what they did at their last tea party. All together, the group lifts their tea cups and Oscar makes a toast, praising the miracle that they could all spend the day together, proclaiming "Happy Unbirthday!" As the entertainment of the tea party continues to unfold, Alice finds a river nearby and urges Oz to come look at it with her - justifying that if he takes a swim in it he'll feel nice and refreshed. Gilbert is clearly against the idea, telling Alice that Oz will catch a cold if he does what she suggests, though Elliot himself is intrigued. Elliot reveals that every once in a while he feels like just relaxing and lazing in a boat or the like - for which Leo agrees, despite outright denying that he's going to be the one rowing. When Elliot calls for a valet, Alice tells Oz that she likes the idea of getting in a boat as well - however Oz argues that it's getting too dark and that they should wait until next time. Unexpectedly, Alice links arms with Oz and agrees, telling him that "next time" is right now as she urges him towards the boats.

Just then, Oz's "fantasy" is interrupted by someone calling his name, with Alice and The Intention reaching out for him through a portal of light. Reluctantly, Oz takes their hands and is pulled back into The Intention's subconscious, where he is greeted by the Alices - who admit that they were worried that Oz's soul was consumed by the Contract he'd made with The Intention. Tears flow down Oz's cheeks, making Alice wonder why Oz is crying, and The Intention wonder if Oz is hurt somewhere. Through his tears Oz admits that he's not hurt or even sad, he'd just had the most wonderful dream. Outside The Intention's subconscious her body goes limp and passive in Jack's arm - making Gilbert, Lottie, Dug and Vincent question what's going on.

Upon hearing that Oz had a dream, Alice questions what kind of dream he'd had, with Oz elaborating that it was very warm and had everyone together happily enjoying themselves. Oz explains that it was for that reason that his chest tightened up, only to have The Intention intercede by mentioning that what Oz saw may not have been a dream - but rather a glimpse of another dimension through the power of The Core of the Abyss. A dimension that seems similar and different to their dimension at the same time, a world that could have been for them if they'd chosen different paths. All in all, The Intention sees it as there being endless amounts of possibilities continuing on for eternity in dimensions they're unfamiliar with. With this in mind, Oz states through his tears that, if what The Intention says is true, he's happy. The Intention makes a point of telling Oz that they're out of time, which Oz is aware of - motioning to summon his scythe as he recalls his conversation with Alice and Gilbert prior to leaving for Sablier.

Remembering how he was able to use the power of B-Rabbit to damage Jack's consciousness, Oz told Gilbert and Alice his intent on forming a Contract with The Intention of the Abyss and using that connection in order to destroy her - justifying that if they were "over there" then he'd likely be able to only destroy the other Alice without harming The Core of the Abyss. With this Gilbert voiced his concern, wondering what would happen to a Chain that used its own power to destroy their Contractor, however Oz didn't answer him.

Just then, The Core of the Abyss arrives in a panic and motions to attack Oz - however she's stopped when Alice steps in front of Oz to protect him. The Intention then embraces The Core as she cries, telling her that it's all right. Seeing that this is what The Intention wants, The Core settles, and The Intention explains to Oz and Alice that even though The Core is afraid of being alone, she cares more for The Intention after viewing all the pain she's had to endure. The Intention releases The Core and assures her that everything is okay, as this is her wish - justifying that she doesn't want to hurt anyone or lose anything anymore as she asks her oldest friend to understand. The Core begins calling out The Intention's name, crying for her, for which The Intention sympathizes, sending The Core off and apologizing to her - a being who is as of yet unnamed - for no longer being able to stay by her side. As The Intention says this, Oz approaches and rears his scythe, plunging his blade into The Intention as tears well up in her eyes and she accepts the fulfillment of her wish. Outside of her subconscious The Intention's body glows with extreme radiance as the effect of what Oz has done begins to take effect.

Inside the subconscious, The Intention's body deteriorates in a flurry of petals as she anticipates her final moments. Just then, Cheshire arrives in the lowest level of the Abyss and sees The Intention's body deteriorating. From within her subconscious, The Intention calls to Cheshire - who runs toward her and abandons his human form to join The Intention in her subconscious in his original form. Ecstatic to see his Alice again, Cheshire jumps into The Intention's arms and nuzzles into her embrace. The Intention notes how battered Cheshire had gotten, apologizing for being unable to acknowledge him sooner - asking if he'd been protecting her all this time. Professing her love for Cheshire, The Intention asks him to come with her to the next world, where they may even meet each other once again. After Cheshire agrees, Oz motions toward them both and concentrates his powers, transforming both of their bodies into a complete mass of petals as he sends them on to their next journey outside of the world of the living. With the other Alice's death, her physical body does the same and bursts into a flurry of petals - permanently separating her and The Core and removing the existence of the being known as The Intention of the Abyss.

In the present, the sky erupts into golden light as the fragmented Chains of the World solidify once more as golden Chains. As the Chains appear around Reim, Sharon, Lily, Ada and Equus, Reim questions if this means that the Chains are mending themselves. Confirming Reim's assumption, Sharon states that it must mean that Oz, Alice, Gilbert and the others must have been successful in their mission. Just then, the sky over The Dark City shatters, its shards raining down over the group as the true sky over Sablier reveals itself once again.

Elsewhere, a Pandora member directs Sheryl's attention to the sky, noting that all of the portals to The Path are closing as a result of the restoration of the Chains. Realizing what must have happened, Sheryl directs the Pandora members serving under her to make haste in destroying the Chains now trapped in the 1st Dimension, as Oz and the others have worked hard to make it happen. As the Pandora members proceed forward, a rose-like Chain breaks through the wall behind Sheryl. As the Chain goes in for the kill and the Pandora members realize the danger too late, a rock is thrown at the rose-like Chain in order to set it off of its target. While a Pandora member uses Mock Turtle to destroy the Chain while its distracted, Rufus comes forward and states that he can't seem to take his eyes off of the Chains even for a second - ordering them not to touch his woman, which shocks both Sheryl and the masses of Pandora members. As the Pandora members rush to Rufus, he collapses, prompting their action as they search for a stretcher while Sheryl makes her way over to her old friend.

Sheryl asks if it really is Rufus lying before her, to which Rufus asks who else he would be, prompting Sheryl to admit that she'd honestly thought he'd already died somewhere. Rufus asks how Sheryl could just write him off as dead so quickly, mentioning that her lack of faith in him is enough to make him cry. Apologizing, Sheryl reminds Rufus that he'd also hurt her as well, scolding him for creating such a grand scene without telling her about it and pressing how much it hurt when he stabbed her with his knife. While Rufus mulls over his scolding, Sheryl carries on about how Rufus always does everything he pleases and how in the state he's in right now Rufus has no dignity - a low blow for a Duke. However, as Sheryl pinches Rufus' cheeks she says that those are the qualities she likes most about Rufus. Hearing this, Rufus freezes, prompting Sheryl to ask if something's wrong, but instead Rufus begins to cry and announces that the two of them will get married as soon as they return to Reveil. Confused, Sheryl outright denies that she's going to marry Rufus - wondering what he's even talking about - only for Rufus to tell her that there's no need to be bashful. In response, Sheryl tells Rufus to be silent or else she'll "bury him", which Rufus accepts as Sheryl brings him back to the matter at hand and all that must be done as a result of the entire fiasco, which makes Rufus smile as he says that he's looking forward to that.

As Sharon looks on and cries, Reim finally manages to get her attention after numerous attempts. Apologizing, Sharon explains that she couldn't help but get lost in her thoughts. Drawing in closer to Sharon, Reim suggests that they go home, which Sharon is happy to agree to. Lily then points out to Reim how beautiful the visual of the mending Chains is - something which Ada can't deny as she gazes upon the horizon and relates the scene to snow glittering gold in the sunlight.

Gilbert lies unconscious in the lowest level of the Abyss, regaining consciousness at a gradual pace thanks to Vincent's urging. Looking up, Gilbert sees that the harmony of the Abyss has been restored alongside The Chains of the World, presenting a world of golden wonder that has transfixed Jack and the rest of the group - none of whom ever got the chance to see the harmony of the Abyss before. Jack is unable to pull his eyes away from the Abyss as it stands before him, finally realizing that this was the world that Lacie loved, thanking Oz for making him see that as it's so much more beautiful that the starry night sky Lacie had shown him. Realizing his mistake, Jack states that Lacie loved not only the 1st Dimension, but also the other world she'd come into contact with, a world with a star filled sky that she would never have wanted to be polluted. Oz then asks if that means it's over, and that Jack will no longer attempt to plunge the world into the Abyss. Confirming this, Jack adds that all that remains of his soul are mere ashes that will fade away very soon - so there is no reason for Oz to worry any longer. Oz tells Jack that he hates everything about him - to which Jack laughs as he's heard that many times before. However this time is different, as Oz mentions that he can't help but wonder if there was another path that could have been followed, one which Jack just decided not to take. Though Jack begins to agree with Oz, he contemplates where this other path would've lead him specifically, and instead changes his mind - suggesting that such a path could not exist as he was too mesmerized by the image of Lacie dancing in blood.

Calling out for Oz, Gilbert runs toward his friends and embraces them, asking both Oz and Alice if they're both really okay. Politely, Oz asks Gilbert to calm down as he pushes him away, revealing The Core of the Abyss to be hovering beside them. With Gilbert's shock at the sight of The Core of the Abyss, Oz explains that since his soul was connected to the other Alice's and Alice's soul latches on to his existence, both of them were meant to disappear with the other Alice - but The Core is allowing them to have some extra time in order to say their goodbyes. Additionally, there is no need to worry, as The Core has accepted the other Alice's wish and no longer holds any malice toward them. Addressing the group as a whole, Oz reveals that the Chains of the World have been mended and Jack now understands what he was meant to - which is all because of them. Oz thanks the group, but specifically Leo for mending the Chains, to which Leo understands and assures Oz that he can take it from there.

Unable to contain his emotion, Gilbert runs up to and hugs Oz and Alice tightly - explaining that he doesn't like the thought of Oz and Alice disappearing, claiming that he won't believe it until he sees it and that he wants to with the both of them forever. Alice insists that Gilbert shouldn't be so selfish, while Oz states that it's his fault because he'd promised everyone that they would all have another tea party together, and yet he's never practiced with a camera before. Through his tears, Oz tells Gilbert that the mere fact that he's able to think about such things makes him happy, because he wouldn't have been able to do it before, and that despite there being so much tragedy - he's happy to have had the opportunity to interact with everyone because it made their time together so precious to him. Finally, Oz admits his belief that being able to cry in such a way is happiness, with Oz, Alice and Gilbert holding each other tightly as they cry together.

Then, a bright light shines and separates Oz and Alice from Gilbert, their time is spent. A pained Gilbert reminds Oz that he's a Baskerville, so he'll live a lot longer than regular humans - meaning that he intends on waiting until the day that Oz and Alice return to the world. Oz tells Gilbert not to be so absurd, but Gilbert denies that he is in fact being absurd - justifying that their world is like a miracle, so everything from there on out wouldn't be nonsensical. Despite Vincent's concern Gilbert even reinforces the idea by reminding Oz that he's already waited 10 years for him to return, so what's another 100. Knowing that there's no way to change Gilbert's mind, Oz and Alice smile and say that they won't say goodbye then - instead promising to see Gilbert later as they fade into light.

Gilbert then goes into a detached narration, explaining how he'd thought about how he'd tell Oz what happened after they'd parted ways for a long time. The Core's power began functioning as it should once again, the Chains of the World were mended, and under Sheryl's leadership all the Chains trapped in Sablier following the closing of The Path were destroyed by Pandora. Gilbert explains how the clean up necessary for all that unfolded continued on for about two months, with everything slowly going back to normal shortly after that. From then on, Gilbert would reveal what ended up happening to the people that Oz knew. By using power from The Core, the group was able to return to Sablier - only to discover that Rufus was surprisingly still alive. Together, Rufus and Sheryl handled the report to The Barma Homeland based on the near destruction of the world their neighbors had caused. The Four Great Dukedoms were called on to take responsibility for the entire event, and were stripped of their court rank as a result. Soon after Pandora was disassembled under order by Sheryl, who stood firm on her beliefs that no one should be allowed to access so much power, justifying that she was of a good age and would have liked to take advantage of the time she had left to live. Despite Rufus' continued urging to marry Sheryl, he was constantly denied up to his death 3 years after the ordeal in Sablier - dying quietly of natural causes. Despite his rejections, Gilbert assumed

Mangafinal - sheryl di makam rufus

Sheryl at Rufus' grave.

that Rufus actually enjoyed the distance he had with Sheryl up and into his final moments, and Sheryl would continue her bond with Rufus even after his death - visiting his grave to enjoy tea alongside him.

Mangafinal - pernikahan sharon reim

Sharon and Reim's wedding.

Moving forward, Gilbert explains that Sharon experienced some surprising changes after her return, as she began to notice that her body was starting to age again. Lamenting on how he'd used the word miracle when Oz departed, the true miracle had already happened, allowing Sharon to marry Reim four years later. Although the scars from Break's death ran deep, Gilbert believes that the time Sharon spent with Reim was very peaceful as a result of the memories they shared. At the wedding, Gilbert couldn't help but notice Ada - who happy cheered for Sharon in the audience. Gilbert then states that Ada had waited for Vincent for a long time, and upon Vincent's request Gilbert told Ada that his brother had died - though because he's such

Mangafinal - momen terakhir ada dan vince

Vincent watching Ada's new life with another man from afar.

a bad liar, Gilbert was sure that Ada could see through him easily. Despite that though, Ada just stood there without saying a single word. Vincent reasoned that as a Baskerville he couldn't walk along the same path of time as her, so to take any other action would be selfish of him - though Vincent hoped that Ada would find happiness someday with someone else. Vincent is then shown watching Ada from afar as she enjoys her life with another man, smiling before taking his leave just as Ada looked up in his direction.

Next, Gilbert reveals that he and Vincent devoted themselves to serving Leo, as was their duty as Baskervilles. We are then shown the instant prior to the group's return to Sablier, where Leo told Lottie, Dug, Gilbert and Vincent that he wanted to change the relationship between The core and The Baskervilles. Leo mentioned that if they kept The Core without a vessel isolated within the lowest level of the Abyss, then the eventual result would be the same - since The Core now knows loneliness and happiness. When Lottie asked what they could do, Leo declared that they would come and visit The Core as friends, telling Vincent that it would be up to him to make that a reality. Vincent was shocked by this, only to have Leo explain to him that Children of Ill Omen weren't symbols of bad luck, as they could build a bridge between the Baskervilles and The Core, Leo asking if it wasn't a good thing, as Vincent was finally getting a purpose in life. Stepping forward, Jack advises Leo to use his body as The Core's vessel - stating that if she didn't get another vessel, then she couldn't talk, so he wants Leo to use his body when his soul had completely faded. To further his suggestion, Jack reminded Leo that he'd been left out of The Rule of 100 Cycles, and due to the effect of Oz's power his body had

Mangafinal - kepergian jack

Jack's gone.

become somewhat solid. Perturbed, Gilbert asked Jack what he was thinking by offering up his body, and so Jack explained that it was likely due to how The Core was cherished by the Alices. All-in-all though Jack left the decision up to Leo, before smiling one final time and collapsing as the last fragments of his soul left his body. Following Jack's advice, Leo states that first they should give The Core her very own name.

Manga - sharon reim ada akhirnya pergi

Reim, Sharon and Ada finally said goodbye one by one to Gil; as the time passess.

Gilbert poses the question of what would happen if The Core obtained another vessel, answering that Leo stated that due to the change future tragedies will happen - but even so the only thing they could do was to keep moving forward so that the hopes and dreams of the friends they'd lost wouldn't be for nothing. During his monologue, Gilbert mentions that the seasons continued to change as time went by, and they'd have to say goodbye to their dear friends - but their souls would enter the Abyss until it was time for them to return once again.

More than 100 years after Oz's departure, Gilbert visits Lacie's Tomb, only to be greeted by Vincent - who claims that Lacie's Tomb seems to be the only place that doesn't change with time. With his brother's surprise, Vincent states that it's been a while since they last saw each other - to which Gilbert agrees, as it's been 4 years without so much as a letter. Gilbert jokingly tells Vincent that the next time he disappears, he won't bother to worry about him, messing up Vincent's hair in the process. As the two embrace, Vincent calls Gilbert cruel, revealing that he'd traveled the world for his brother's sake. However, Vincent soon corrects himself by saying that he'd done it all for himself. Solemnly, Vincent apologizes to Gilbert as his hands begin to crumble, revealing that it seems as though that his body has finally reached its limit. Accepting this, Gilbert tells his brother to go ahead, admitting that he'd likely be following soon after. Hearing this piques Vincent's interest as he notes how troubling that would be after everything he'd done. As Vincent lay dying in his arms, Gilbert admits that he's happy his brother was there for him, a sentiment which Vincent returns. With his last breath, Vincent tells Gilbert that he was happy that he'd decided to stay, his body then breaking apart into dust and dispersing into the breeze.

As Gilbert clenches his jaw and mourns the loss of his brother, he suddenly hears the melody, "Lacie", being sung as Oz and Alice barrel down the stairs to Lacie's Tomb in search of Vincent. Upon seeing Gilbert, Oz and Alice freeze - Oz revealing through his tears that they don't have their full memories back yet and that Vincent had told them that it was common. Even so, Oz looks to his old friend and says "Long time no see... Gilbert"


The story is closing.

Gilbert then runs to embrace Oz and Alice after a long 100 years, his thoughts overlapping as he does so - thinking of how someone had once said that "that place" was completely consumed by darkness, yet even if that were true there's no doubt that there's light there. With all the colors that have embraced the world, the story starts spinning once again, in the golden afternoon. As Oz and Alice are greeted with a warm welcome, it is shown that Gilbert had returned Jack's pocket watch to where he and Oz found it more than 100 years before.


The story surrounding Oz, Gil, and Alice has been lead by the cogwheel of destiny to it’s end – with this the curtain falls. Please look forward to it——.


(*) - Denotes that the character did not appear physically, but as a part of another character's memories.


(To Be Concluded!)



  • Alternate title: – In the Golden Afternoon –
  • The title is a direct reference to the poem entitled “All in the Golden Afternoon", from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.
  • Retrace CIV: Will provides us with a glimpse of a parallel dimension, "The 2nd Dimension", where the death and tragedy experienced by The 1st Dimension appears to have never happened, allowing the people of that dimension to live in peace and tranquility at the time Oz viewed it.
  • Oz uses his power to destroy both The Intention and Cheshire together after The Core accepts what has to happen in order to satisfy The Intention's wish.
  • The Abyss is restored to its original form following The Intention's death.
  • Found guilty of charges against the state, the Four Great Dukedoms are stripped of their power, and Sheryl sees to the dismantling of Pandora, believing that no one should come so close to the powers of the Abyss.
  • Sharon marries Reim in Retrace CIV: Will's "epilogue" section, while Rufus dies naturally - never marrying Sheryl following the chaos in Sablier. Ada and Vincent never marry, as Vincent knows that as a Baskerville he can't stand by her side through time - instead devoting himself to Leo alongside Gilbert.
  • Leo vows to make the relationship between The Core and The Baskervilles better, and to further this movement Jack offers his body to The Core as a vessel right before his soul dissipates entirely.
  • After travelling for four years Vincent reunites with Gilbert, dying in his arms. Shortly afterward it's revealed that Vincent had brought Oz and Alice to Gilbert - having been resurrected with only partial recollection of their memories.
  • This chapter includes the most main character deaths of the series, with the deaths of Alice, Oz, The Intention, Cheshire, Jack, Rufus and Vincent.
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