This article is about the 20th chapter of the manga. You may be looking for the 15th episode of the anime.

Who killed poor Alice? is the 20th chapter of Jun Mochizuki's Pandora Hearts.


Ch20 Jack Gil

Jack sends Gilbert to stop Oz.

This chapter relives that Alice was a human 100 years ago during the Tragedy of Sablier and that she was killed by someone during the Tragedy with scissors. When Oz witness the scene he loses control over himself and B-Rabbit's power starts to destroy Cheshire's dimension. Gilbert feels a pain through his hand, the one that seals B-Rabbit's powers and is sent to Oz by Jack sensing this change saying: "Go and protect your beloved master."

Meanwhile Cheshire fights with Break and tries to escape saying that this dimension will be destroyed but Break keeps fighting regardless. Gilbert arrives to Oz who says " I will destroy everything for you. So smile, my most precious Alice." He asks Gilbert if he can hear Alice's sad voice whom says him that she is afraid of herself the most then he says that if that is her wish he will erase her. Gilbert slaps him and he tells him that they are here for Alice.Then he runs on staircase and finds Alice chained to the wall then he wakes her up by telling her, "Alice is fine just the way she is".

Ch20 Break

Break obtain's Cheshire's bell.

Break summons Mad Hatter and destroys Cheshire after obtaining the ribboned bells, Alice's memories. After all that Oz wakes up to find Break standing on the window. He tells Break all that Cheshire told him and Break tells him to be careful around Vincent Nightray. The end shows the Baskervilles and Vincent meeting with them.

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