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Whisperer is the 7th episode of the Pandora Hearts anime. It first aired on May 14, 2009.


Oz pulls the trigger, and Gil shoots Zwei in the shoulder, breaking Doldum’s threads. She retreats, stating she looks forward to the next stage.

Gil is shocked that Oz really wanted to die. Oz replies that he knew he wouldn’t since he knew that Gil would never hurt him. Gil announces that he’s now Gilbert Nightray and leaves. Oz follows him to get more of an explanation. Someone can be heard laughing. 

Oz finds Gil at the unknown grave and wraps Gil’s wounds. He remembers the day they found this place. Gil says he didn’t want Oz to see how much he’s changed. Oz replies that since ten years have passes that’s natural, but his main characteristics are the same. He doesn’t care if he’s betrayed the Bezarius family; Gil shocked and relieved, renews his vow to be Oz’s servant once again. 

Meanwhile, Alice is talking with the Will of the Abyss. She says that Alice nothing but the blood stained Black Rabbit. Oz returns and tells her he’s sorted out some things with Gil. Alice kicks him down the stairs, sa
Equipment - intention rabbit doll

The White Rabbit (The Intention's replica)

ying she’s surprised that he dared to leave his master. Oz remarks that he’s sorry he left her alone.  As they walk through the garden, one of Alice’s memories appears. A little girl holding a white rabbit is seen running towards a young man in a green coat with braided long blond hair. Although his face is unclear, he warns them that they should be careful since they’re being watched by the Will of the Abyss. The memory space starts to collapse. Gil protects Oz, but Alice is captured. Oz insists that Alice should be released, but the Will of the Abyss (in the shape of a stuffed rabbit) says that Alice is just a chain. She knows nothing about herself and would be better off dead. Oz replies that they do have something in common. He doesn’t know why he wants to save her; he’s just following his heart’s instincts. Gil and Oz defeat her; Oz tells her he doesn’t like playing with puppets and prefers treasure hunting. S

Break's observing the trio

he leaves, saying they will regret choosing Alice over her. The three of them return to the garden unconscious. Break can’t believe that the Will of the Abyss interfered, but Sharon replies that everything was within their
Ep07 - closing

The episode is closed

calculations. A young white haired girl (The Intention of the Abyss) wearing a white dress is sitting alone in a room. She wants someone to hurry.  


  • In the Episode Gilbert shoots the White Rabbit, while in the Manga Oz shoots it.
    Ep07 - the intention playroom new design

    The Intention sitting in her room

  • In this episode, The Intention's white dress looks a bit more lavender (see the image)
  • This episode also shows another Break's equipment as Pandora member : a spyglasses to observe the object from distance. 


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