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Where am I? is the 6th episode of the Pandora Hearts anime. It first aired on May 7, 2009.


Break looks at the seal on Oz’s left shoulder; since it hasn’t started to move, Break says he should be all right. Oz decides that they should continue the search for Alice’s memories. Since the pocket watch contained a memory, he decides the mansion where he had the coming of age ceremony is a good place to start. He remembers something from when he was younger. He wondered why his father hated him. Gil says that they should ask him, but Oz replies that he is afraid of finding out why.

When they arrive at the mansion, it appears deserted and worn down, unlike the rich, glorious mansion as Oz remembers. Since there is a little trouble, Raven says he’s going in alone, and Oz and Alice should wait outside. As
Ep05 - alice menawarkan makan siang

Alice offers Oz a lunch.

they both talk, Oz tells Alice about how important Gil is to him. He remembers the day Oscar brought Gil to the mansion, and told Oz that he would be his new servant. Gil, just like Alice, had no memories of his past other than his name. He trips and knocks a vase off the table. Oz immediately rushes to protect him, and the vase breaks on him. Gil is upset, saying it’s his job to protect the master. Oz replies that since he’s the Master, it’s his job to protect his servant.  Alice and Oz suddenly sense an evil presence. They both rush toward the mansion to help Raven. Inside, Zwei has taken control of Pandora’s
Ep06 - zwei defends herself

Zwei defends herself from Gil's gun with her strings.

staff. Raven shoots them down one by one. Zwei comments that he’s grown into a very cruel adult. Raven retorts that he doesn’t have any interest in her puppet show. She taunts him, asking if he’s still angry that she used his body to hurt Oz ten years ago. He shouts back that he will never forgive her and keeps firing.  Having heard everything, Oz enters the room. Zwei says she and her chain
Ep06 - zwei introduces doldum

Zwei plants Duldum within Gil's mind.

Doldum want to celebrate his return. She states that even if one does escape from the Abyss, it’s impossible to return to the same time. Oz slowly realizes that Raven is Gil. Gil, once again controlled by Zwei, attacks Oz; Zwei says Oz is the key for obtaining the Will of the Abyss. As they fight, Oz sees the scar on Gil’s chest from the wound he gave him ten years ago. He gives up and states it’s better for him to die. Gil is shocked as Oz smiles and pulls the trigger.


Chapter 6: Where am I? (Chapter 6)


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