This article is about the 15th chapter of the manga. You may be looking for the 12th episode of the anime.

Welcome to labyrinth is the 15th chapter of Jun Mochizuki's Pandora Hearts.


Alice and break

Break carries Alice.

Alice had just woken up after seeing one of her lost memories. Not knowing where she was she realized she was no longer with Oz but with Break in Cheshire's Dimension, a place that is neither in the Abyss nor on the surface world but a sealed dimension that does not belong to any one place. After a short discussion between the two they are suddenly attacked by many objects that resemble toys though they are shortly taken out by Break. He gives Alice the scarf he recently knit calling it an "amulet" before they both run down the hall ending up at the bottom of a staircase towards a path leading to some sort of building.

Alice asks Break how she and Cheshire are special Chains to which Break replies, 'You're an Illegal Contractor's chain yet you don't eat humans, do you? You also retain a human-like personality'. He also metions that her and Cheshire's reason of existence is different from other Chains.

While talking they eventually arrive at another one of Alice's memories, this one brings the feeling of horror to Alice instead of boundless love. As she thinks about the difference between this and her other memories a past Alice, holding a white rabbit doll, appears to her and asks her 'Why? Why do I want to seek for past memories?' Alice responds with she needs to know why she was born and the manifestation of the past Alice cracks and disappears smiling says 'Is that so - ?'.

Ch15 Alice

Alice and the illusions of the dimension.

Alice is then surrounded by 'fake' Alices and hands rising from the darkness reaching for her while they ask her why is she looking for her memories when she chose to forget them. Alice runs off and Break is about to follow her only to be pulled into the mirror by his former self, Kevin Legnard.
Ch15 Sharon

Sharon using Equus' powers.

Back on the surface world Sharon tells Oz and Gilbert about Alice and Break's disappearence, she then leads them to a back curtain which reveal's a portal created by Equus' ability to follow peoples shadows. She tells them Equus' is currently in Break's shadow and that the portal would take them to him. Oz and Gilbert follow through and fall down into Cheshire's Dimension while Sharon waves them off. Vincent is about to send Echo out to the Rainsworth estate, probably to capture Sharon as Break isn't there to stop them.

Back in Cheshire's Domain, Cheshire wakes up and hears a voice say 'Someone is here.. He is here.. To snatch away the thing you love most'. Alice finally stops running once the voices stop and the 'fake' Alices disappear. Shortly afterwards she sees a black cat with a ribbon around its neck recognizing the cat as one she once knew.

Characters in order of appearance

(*) - Denotes that the character did not appear physically, but as a part of another character's memories.




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