Vince runs away with Gil

Vincent and Gil begin their journey toward a new life

Vincent was born around 114 years ago as the younger brother of Gilbert. Unfortunately for Vincent, he was born with a sole red eye as a result of the distortion of power around Gilbert's soul, making Vincent an aberration to the Abyss: a Child of Ill Omen. As Vincent's existence as a Child of Ill Omen was said to attracted misfortune, Vincent's mother sold both him and Gilbert to a freak show; where they were beaten often by their masters and forced to live out their lives in a cage. Vincent developed an unyielding sense of guilt as he felt that Gil didn't deserve such hardships; always questioning why their mother would sell Gilbert to the freak show too.[1] While staying with the freak show, Vincent and Gilbert were approached by the Droplets of Light, which merged with their bodies and provided them with a new sense of purpose. From deep within Vincent felt drawn toward something, and though he agreed to go with Gil when he used this drive to escape their confines, Vincent was more reluctant to leave their masters, as he knew that the resulting scolding would be fierce if they were caught. Gil told Vincent that they couldn't deny that the Droplets of Lights had become one with their souls, and that ever since then, he'd felt as though someone had been calling to him. Vincent started to object, but Gilbert urged him to continue, assuring Vincent that he wouldn't let anyone hurt him.[2]

Over the course of the next two months, Vincent followed Gil from town to town, where they faced ridicule and hoards of violence from the towns' residents because of Vincent's red eye. In order to ensure their survival, Vincent and Gilbert would often allow wealthy people to take them in, acting as their "pets" because of their fascination with Children of Ill Omen. Even so, it would never last, as Vincent and Gil would steal from their masters and carry on their way, knowing that they weren't where they belonged yet. Occasionally, Gil would consider leaving without Vincent while he slept, knowing that he wouldn't have to live such a hard life if Vincent wasn't around. However, Gil's insecurity made him crave the affection and need of others, and he assumed that without Vincent, he wouldn't be needed by anyone else, prompting him to stay by his brother's side. Soon, Vincent and Gil found themselves in Sablier, where they lived on the streets and Vincent was constantly abused by the especially malicious residents of the city and Gilbert would always defend his little brother, even if it resulted in a beating not meant for him. One day, Vincent had been beaten savagely and laid unconscious behind Gil, who was barely able to hang on much longer. Fortunately, a man with long blonde hair broke his way through the crowd in order to save Vincent and his brother from a potential death by the hands of the citizens of Sablier.[3][4]

Vince and Gil go with Baskervilles

Vincent and Gil leave with the Baskervilles

The man who had saved Vincent and Gil was none other than Jack Vessalius, who brought the two to the Vessalius estate to be tended to. While Gil rested, Jack personally cut back Vincent's long messy hair in order to help him see better. Vincent was distressed over not being able to hide his red eye with his hair anymore; though Jack assured Vincent that he loved Vincent's eye and that there was no need for him to hide it anymore or care about what other people said about it. Suddenly, Vincent called Jack "master", deciding that he had to call Jack "master", just as Gil had when Jack saved them. Jack told Vincent that if he was going to call him anything it should be "big brother", but Vincent insisted that it had to be "master".[5] When Gil awoke, Jack had him and Vincent explain what had happened to them over the past little while, and upon hearing their story, Jack noted the silmilarities it had to Oswald and Lacie's own story. Jack immediately contacted Oswald and told him about Vincent and Gil, and so Oswald sent two of his valets to retrieve Gilbert and Vincent the next morning. Afterwards, both Gilbert and Vincent were accepted as Oswald's valets and members of the Baskerville Clan.[6]

As Jack often visited the Baskerville estate, Jack took Gilbert and Vincent to meet Alice soon after their induction to the Baskerville Clan. Vincent was not overly pleased with Alice before he met her, because she was all Jack ever talked about, making Vincent jealous himself. When Vincent and Gilbert entered Alice's tower, she immediately identified Vincent as a Child of Ill Omen. This stunned Vincent as Alice began asking if his eye really did herald misery, wondering if he could cast magic with his eye, urging Vincent to try something for her. Finally, Alice told Vincent to tell her what kinds of disasters he had caused with his red eye. This was the last straw for Gilbert, who ran up to Alice and angrily pulled on her hair for what she had said to Vincent. Alice ran crying into Jack's arms, which made Vincent's hate for Alice grow, not only because she had told him that he was a Child of Ill Omen, but because she'd made Jack disappointed in them, and made Gilbert upset. Vincent saw a rabbit doll sitting nearby, also eying a pair of scissors, and so Vincent tore the doll apart with the scissors, bringing to life a new coping mechanism for Vincent. [7]

Soon, Vincent kidnapped Alice's pet cat, Cheshire, who had been given to her by her uncle Oswald. Vincent later returned to Alice's tower, seeing her happiness brought on by Jack. Vincent told Alice that she was a simpleton for not being able to see that Jack was only pitying her. Vincent then threw Cheshire's body before Alice, having cut out his eyes and killed him before hand, explaining to Alice that if she continued to look past the reality, she too would be unable to see just like Cheshire. [8]

One day, Vincent saw that Jack was on the Baskerville estate again, standing by the Baskervilles' rose gardens. Vincent ran up to Jack and wrapped his arms around him, and Gil asked Vincent where his manners were. Gilbert and Vincent stood by and waited for Jack to address them, stating that it had been a long time since they had seen eachother last. Vincent tugged on Vincent's coat as Oswald followed closely behind the two boys. Jack picked Vincent up and played with him, contemplating his strategy, which involved using Vincent. [9]

Vincent 89 1

Vincent smiling down at Noise.

At some point, Vincent found a barred window and saw a girl locked inside the room. He asked her what she is doing there, if she is a Baskerville too and that if she was being kept a prisoner. She responded by calling herself an aberration and began to explain about how she can't control her Chain for she ends up getting possessed by it, causing her to go on rampages which she has no memory of; making it so she wasn't a human or a Baskerville anymore. Vincent responded that the girl was just like him, and since they were both aberrations, they can be normal in each other's eyes. Vicnent introduced himself to the girl before asking if he could visit her some other time since he needed to go back before the Baskervilles found out that he was gone. The girl tried to introduce herself, but for some reason failed to do so, earning herself a look of curiosity from Vincent. [10]
Vincent 89

Vincent gives Noise the flowers after giving her a name.

Three days later, Vincent returned to visit the barred window to see if the girl is still there. The girl started laughing, asking him who he was and that she'd never seen him before. He tried to remind her that he came there only three days ago, asking her if she had already forgotten. The girl insists that she had not forgotten anything and that day was the first time they met. In confusion, Vincent just accepted the girl's claims and reintroduced himself. The girl introduced herself as Duldum, making Vincent realize that the girl was possessed by her Chain. Vincent told Duldum that she isn't supposed to possess her Contractor like that, but she denied that she was doing anything wrong. Instead, Duldum, justified that she's only doing what Duldee told her to do and that she's only helping her Contractor since she can't control their power. Vincent said that the girl had in fact confessed to having heard a lot of voices and that she had dreams of turning into a monster.

Duldum then revealed a lot about the true nature of her and Duldee's power, but claimed that some people aren't affected by their powers, like Vincent. Duldum wondered what could be the reason he's unaffected by herself and Duldee, until she came to the conclusion that it's probably because of his red eye. This made Vincent angry, ordering Duldum to shut up and that he hadn't come to see her, demanding that Duldum switched places  with her Contractor. Doing as directed, Duldum switched places with her Contractor, leaving her confused. Upon her realization of what just happened, the Contractor broke down in tears; with Vincent noting how terrible her crying sounds. Vincent decided to call the Contractor "Noise", raining the flowers he'd intended on giving Gil down on her as he told the Contractor that Noise would be a good name for her since she can't remember her own name anyway. Noise asked Vincent if he found her disgusting, which Vincent confirmed, though it wasn't a problem because he believed that if they're both weird, so they're normal in each other's eyes. [11]

Later, while playing in the woods outside of Alice's tower, Alice told Vincent that she had heard that Gilbert was going to be taken by Oswald as his next vessel. She explained to Vincent that the being known as Glen Baskerville was not human, and so in order to maitain his rule over the Baskerville, Oswald would take Gilbert's body as his own after transfering his Chains, Raven, Owl, Dodo, Gryphon and Jabberwock, devouring his soul and thus killing Gilbert. This horrified Vincent who asked why Gilbert had to be chosen as Oswald's next body, but Alice explains that she didn't know for sure because she lacked all the details, relishing in Vincent's dismay. Alice finished with Vincent by telling him that there was nothing he cold do to save Gilbert, because even Jack couldn't change Oswald's mind. Vincent then went and cried alone elsewhere on the Baskerville estate, without knowing that Jack had told Alice this information, and that much of the information was falsified in order for Jack to be able to manipulate Vincent. [12]

Vincent meets Miranda

Miranda Barma approaches Vincent

Jack then had his friend, Miranda Barma, approach Vincent in his desperation, asking him if he wanted to save his brother. Miranda told Vincent that saving his brother was easy, as all he had to do was interrupt the Succession Ceremony, in which Oswald would transfer Raven into Gilbert's body, thus making the body belong to him. Miranda explained that as long as Vincent interrupted the Succession Ceremony before the transfer could be completed, Oswald could do no more to Gil's body, and would have to wait another 100 years for another vessel to emerge. Miranda offered to teach Vincent a spell that he could use in order to open the Door to the Abyss, thereby interrupting the Succession Ceremony, but before she did, she warned Vincent that he couldn't tell anyone of what he was about to do, otherwise the spell would turn into a curse and no one would be around to save Gilbert anymore, implying that Vincent would die. [13]

Vince opens the Door

Vincent opens the Door to the Abyss

Vincent accepted this and allowed Miranda to teach him the spell. Miranda then sent Vincent off to the Door to the Abyss, where he ran up to it and preformed the spell.The Door opened in an explosion, sending Vincent flying back and knocking him unconscious.[14] Jack then arrived and greeted Oz the B-Rabbit, the Chain that the Intention of the Abyss had created for him to destroy the Chains of the world, and who needed the Door of the Abyss to be opened in order to reach Earth. Jack formed an Illegal Contract with Oz the B-Rabbit, destroying Sablier's Chains before he had his Chain fade back into his body, picking up Vincent and heading elsewhere in the mansion. [15]

Jack stumbled across a hallway filled with corpses and all of Oswald's Black Winged Chains in the sky, mending the Chains of the Earth. Jack realized that Oswald was reversing what he had done, and so he left Vincent in the hallway, storming off to face off against Oswald and demand to know why he had done such a thing. [16]

Vincent awoke in the hallway of corpses, he went mad with grief upon seeing the destruction around him. Vincent stated that he wasn't a bad boy and that none of this could've been his fault because he hadn't done anything wrong, attempting to justify what he had done because he had done it for Gilbert. Vincent's mind snapped under the pressure, and he stated that he hadn't done anything wrong because what was around him wasn't piles of corpses, but dolls instead. Vincent went on, saying that it really was terrible, asking the corpse who had done this to it while he played in the loose body parts. Vincent laughed maniacally, asking if he should tell the corpses the truth, that it was all him, he was the reason that the sky, earth and himself were all stained red. Vincent grabbed his pair of scissors and stabbed them into the empty eye socket of a nearby corpse before standing up and running off. [17]

Vincent made his way across the Baskervilles' estate, looking for Jack, coming across Oswald at one point. He came to Alice's tower finally, where a large explosion of light erupted from Alice's room and the entire tower began to crumble. Vincent went into Alice's room to find Jack on the ground with a black Abyssal power drifting off of his body. Vincent noticed that Jack was covered in blood, and asked if Oswald was the one that had done that to him, before seeing Alice laying on the floor not far from him. Vincent saw the blood surrounding Alice's body, realizing that something was wrong, and asking Jack frantically if she was all right. When Jack didn't respond right away, Vincent begged him to answer him as Jack slumped to the ground, breathing heavily. [18] [19]

Sometime after his encounter with Jack, Vincent ran off to find Gilbert [20], who was unconscious because he was still recovering from an injury inflicted to him by none other than Jack himself [21]. Vincent supported Gilbert on his shoulder and carried him through Sablier, when the city fell into the Abyss in an explosion of black light. Vincent continued walking with Gilbert however, and because of his existence as a Child of Ill Omen, he approached the Intention of the Abyss rather than being aimlessly thrown into the Abyss. [22]

Ep22 - vince and unconcious gil visits the intention

Vincent with Gil visiting the Intention of the Abyss.

Vincent spoke to himself, lamenting on how he had done exactly what he had been told, opening the Door to the Abyss all by himself, but then everyone had fallen into the Abyss. As Vincent came through an archway, he saw the Intention of the Abyss, greeting her as Alice.[23] Vincent remarked on how odd Alice looked because her hair was white, before correcting himself by saying that she shouldn't even be there. Vincent fell to the ground and repeated that Alice couldn't have been there because he remembered seeing Alice, dead, not long before. Vincent continued to ponder what was going on, when the Intention of the Abyss angrily demanded to know what Vincent was doing there. Vincent then received an attack from a man with cat-like features, being thrown across the room by one of his large clawed hands. The Intention went on to say that they were in her room, and that it wasn't some place that Vincent could just walk into of his own
Ep22 - cheshire attacks vincent

Cheshire attacks Vincent

accord. The Intention's dolls emerge themselves, recognizing Vincent because he often cut them into pieces, calling him a bully. The Intention began to cry as she went over how she had never done anything to Vincent, and yet he was still mean to her, going on about how she hated Vincent with every fiber of her being. The dolls continued to explain how Vincent was the one whole stole Cheshire's eyes, cutting them out with his scissors. The man who'd thrown Vincent hissed at Vincent, making Vincent come to the realization that the dolls were suggesting that the cat he'd killed and the man before him were one in the same, something which Vincent found hard to believe. [24]

The Intention broke down, crying and asking why Vincent had to be so mean to her all the time. The Intention's dolls told Alice not to cry, while Cheshire's eyes were gone, that was the reason that she had Kevin Legnard there, and so, the dolls urged her to take Kevin's second eye to put into Cheshire. The Intention looked to Kevin and questioned who he was, not remembering their encounter mere minutes before. Suddenly the clocks of the room went wild as the Intention realized that it was time for tea. While the Intention, Cheshire and the dolls set up tea, Vincent watched and remarked on how mad everything was, stating that the Alice before him was not the Alice he knew, making him wonder if that was his fault too, because of his red eye of misfortune. Vincent corrected himself, remembering how everyone had gone mad because of Alice, even Gilbert. Vincent then heard the Intention ask about Jack and how her dolls were telling her that he would soon arrive. Alice continued to talk about how Jack had promised to take her to the Vessalius estate to see the rose gardens, where they'd pick some flowers together. A smile broke across Vincent's face before he bursted into laughter. Vincent got up and told Alice that she was a simpleton as always, telling her that he'd let her in on a secret, that Jack wouldn't ever be coming to see her because he was already dead. [25]

Vincent explained that he had seen it himself in Sablier, Jack had been seriously wounded after his fight with Oswald, and it looked
Ep22 - a mad vincent

A mad Vincent to the Intention

as though roses had bloomed across Jack's body. The Intention wrote this off as lies, but Vincent enforced it, telling Alice that Jack would never be coming as Jack had died because Alice existed. Jack had tried to save Alice, but her existance ended up killing him in the end, Vincent also blamed Sablier's destruction
Ep22 - crazy vincent

Vincent before he swept away from Abyss

on Alice, as well as his and Gil's own suffering, reenforcing that she had killed Jack at the end of his statement. The Intention broke down, shattering that part of the dimension, because of what Vincent had said to her. Vincent laughed at the turmoil, stating that if all the people and everything in the world broke, then he could finally be normal, like everyone else. Vincent laughed hysterically as he and his brother were finally lifted into the air to a seperate part of the Abyss. [26]

A New Life

Vincent was eventually released from the Abyss seprate from Gil. Vincent lied before the Nightray family's Door to the Abyss, barely alive, and so he was brought before Duke Bernard Nightray when he was found [27] . He told Bernard how he had lived 100 years before the current time, and how he would allow Bernard to use him in order to uncover the mysteries behind the Tragedy of Sablier. Bernard, seeking to clear the Nightray family's name after being labelled as traitors for the actions of Raymond Nightray during the Tragedy, could not pass up such an opportunity, and so he immediately adopted Vincent into the Nightray family for his own personal gain. [28]

One snowy day, Vincent roamed Reveil after wandering off from his escort from the Nightray family. He came across a man, someone who he had run into before, Kevin Legnard, now known under the pseudonym 'Xerxes Break' because he too had been released from the Abyss and brought in to one of the Four Great Dukedoms. Vincent saw that Break was crying, and so he asked why, before noticing that Break had a red eye, and so Vincent asked Break if he was a Child of Ill Omen. Break was confused by this, and so Vincent explained that around 100 years ago, those born with red eyes were labelled as Children of Ill Omen, apparently being the cause of disasters, and so they were treated horribly, shunned for just being close by and existing. Vincent smiled and said that they were lucky to have been born in this time rather than back then. Vincent's escort caught up with him, and so Vincent told Break that he was Vincent Nightray and that he was looking for his missing brother, giving a description of Gilbert to Break and telling him that if he ever came across someone who matched this description, that he should notify the Nightray Dukedom at once. Vincent then bid farewell to his 'Ill-Omened Big Brother' before leaving with his escort. [29]

After some time, the Vessalius family faced a tragedy of its own, having had one of the heirs to the family name be cast into the Abyss by Baskervilles, who had also been escaping the Abyss just like Vincent and Break. Break learned however, that the boy whom Vincent was looking for, Gilbert, was the valet of the boy who'd been cast into the Abyss, and so when Break found Gilbert attempting to run away from the Vessalius estate, not able to stay after failing his mast[[Fred Nightray|
Vince - dalam kebangsawanan Nightray

Vincent after he entered Nightray Dukedom as he want

]]er, Break took advantage of the opportunity, manipulating Gilbert into agreeing to be adopted into the Nightray family[30] . At first, Bernard was not overly thrilled with the idea, but Vincent had known how Bernard, as well as his sons Fred, Claude and Ernest, had all failed to form a contract with the Chain guarding the Nightrays' Door to the Abyss, and so Vincent approached Bernard one day and told him that this was because Gilbert had been conencted to Raven for the last 100 years. Bernard then agreed to the adoption [31], and so the Rainsworths oversaw the adoption process in order to ensure smooth progression. [32]
Vin&Gil reunite

Young Vincent and Gilbert reunite.

When Gilbert was brought to the Nightray estate, he found his brother dismembering dolls with a pair of scissors. Upon seeing Gilbert, Vincent got up and ran to him, wanting a hug as he explained that he had missed Gil and how he had been looking for Gil all this time. As Vincent approached, Gil dropped his suitcase to the floor and slapped Vincent's hands away, much to Vincent's shock. Vincent understood and asked if Gil remembered who he was. Vincent nervously stated that he remembered part of Vincent, however he did not want to remember anything else as the thought of Vincent brought images of a bloody sword to Gil's mind. Vincent was pleased and told Gil that it was all right that he had no memory of him, because Vincent had his brother back, and that was all that was enough for him. Vincent said this as he put his arms around Gil, Gil was hesitant at first, however he soon returned to motion and joined Vincent in his embrace. Gil then asked Vincent about Raven. [33]

Vincent lead Gil down into the basement of the Nightray mansion, telling Gil that he was surprised that he had known about Raven in the the first place. Gil explained that he had heard rumors that each of the Four Great Dukedoms possessed a horrible monster guarding their respective Door to the Abyss. Gil asked if Vincent knew of the birth of the Four Great Dukedoms, adding that it was because they were the heroes of the Tragedy of Sablier. Vincent told Gil that he knew of their origin, however Gil was only half-right, as the Four Great Dukedoms rose in power because each of them had obtained a Door to the Abyss, which kept monsterous weapons known as Chains locked away in the Abyss. As Gil went to touch the Nightrays' Door to the Abyss, Vincent continued to explain that the Four Great Dukedoms could bring these Chains out of the Abyss at will, and that they had together created an organization called 'Pandora ' to investigate the Abyss and manage Illegal Contractors. Gil came into contact with Raven, mesmorized by his appearance, until Raven opened an eye and stared directly at Gil menacingly. Raven had recognized Gil and began to unfurl himself, when Vincent pulled Gil back from the Door, telling Gil that he mustn't be taken in by Raven's powers. Vincent explained that there was a rumor that stated that the Black Winged Chains were able to create paths to the Abyss, so that way, Gil could form a contract with Raven one day and rescue his friend who had been cast into the Abyss. [34]

Vince, Gil, Elli

Vincent and Gil playfully tease Elliot

Not long after Gil was brought into the Nightray family, the eldest sons, Fred, Claude and Ernest, and their uncle began beating both Vincent and Gilbert when no one was around around, for daring to call themselves members of the Nightray family, feeling that such a thing was outrageous. Vincent and Gil's younger adoptive brother, Elliot, was different than Fred, Claude and Ernest, spying on Vincent and Gil, trying to figure out why so many members of his family hated the two of them. Elliot was playful with Vincent and Gil, and so he grew to be the only of his siblings whom Vincent actually liked. [35] [36]

Gil had eventually formed a Legal Contract with Raven close to 10 years after joining the Nightray family, which most members of the Nightray Family found completely unacceptable, and so Claude and Ernest went to see Bernard, who was with Vincent, about the matter. Claude demanded to know why Bernard would have allowed Gilbert to form a contract with Raven when he wasn't even of Nightray blood. Bernard simply shrugged this off and told Claude that he didn't understand his son's outrage, as Raven's contractor had been found at long last. Claude told Bernard that while it was true that he had failed to form a contract with Raven himself, as did Fred and Ernest, they had not given Elliot the chance to attempt forming a Legal Contract with Raven. Vincent chimed in finally, telling Claude that it was pointless. This stopped Claude dead in his tracks, allowing Vincent to explain that while contracts did require aptitude, with Raven it was more of a case of qualification, and that Gil had been qualified to form a contract with Raven for a long time now. [37]

After the meeting, Vincent followed Fred into Reveil. Vincent had contracted with a menacing Chain at an unknown point before this, known by the name 'Demios'. Vincent had felt that Fred, his brothers and his uncle may have intended to hurt Gil for making the contract with Raven, and so when Fred was alone in an alleyway of Reveil, Vincent summoned Demios and used her power to decapitate Fred. However, Vincent was not as alone as he thought, as a woman had witnessed the ordeal, however only seeing Demios' shadow. Using what she had seen of Demios' shadow, the woman told authorities that the assailant was the Queen of Hearts . Pandora developped another name for the assailant however, the Head Hunter. Soon after, Vincent also used Demios to decapitate his adoptive uncle, marking his second victim as the Head Hunter. [38]

Vincent's attack also lead him to share the title of the Head Hunter. Ernest was going to take advantage of the existance of the Head Hunter, by having Claude poison Gilbert. However, because of Gil's existance as a Baskerville, he survived, and so Claude and Ernest failed their attempt to assassinate Gilbert and Vincent [39]. Another individual attacked the family again, as Claude and Ernest were found decapitated among numerous corpses of guests in the burning Nightray mansion, having been massacred by a different Head Hunter. [40]

At an unknown point, Vincent contacted the Baskervilles once again, becoming an ally of theirs and accepting a girl named Echo as his valet. Echo had a split personality, however, who was a Baskerville (Noise), and so Vincent worked with the Baskervilles in partnership, tasked with obtaining the Keys to the Abyss from the Four Great Dukes, from there on out. Around the same time, Vincent had joined Pandora, contracting with a second Chain, Dormouse, in order to divert suspicion of his contract with Demios.


Working With Pandora Arc

Vincent shot William West

Vincent after shooting William West.

Vincent released William West from his imprisonment in Pandora, as William was a friend of The Head Hunter's and he wanted information on her. He let William and his Illegal Chain, Grim, wreak havoc until the Incuse of the Illegal Contractor was almost at full rotation, Vincent let Echo attack Grim until she was thrown out of the way, which lead to Vincent and Echo watching the situation take care of itself. When Oz, who had recently been released from The Abyss, was able to get through to William, Vincent shot him through the head, sending both William and Grim back into The Abyss. Vincent's true intentions are suspected by Break because of this. [41]

Cheshire's Dimension Arc

Vincent had known that Cheshire had returned with the return of Alice, and that Cheshire has a bell that was the form of Alice's
Ep17 - vince standing

Vincent explains about Cheshire's Bell to Break

memories, and that Break wanted to obtain it and would succeed. [42] So when Alice, Break, Gilbert and Oz were all in Cheshire's Demension, Vincent sent Echo to kidnap Sharon Rainsworth and then had Noise control Sharon to use Equus[43]. Equus was bound to Oz's shadow at the time and Vincent could now follow along with the events. When Cheshire was on the verge of death and his dimension was getting destroyed, Vincent had Equus bring Alice and Oz back to Pandora's Headquarters, knowing that Gil would have to use Raven to g
Ep17 - echo's reflect

Echo caught Vincent's antidote

et himself and Break back home. This broke the seal Raven had on Alice's power and she transformed into B-Rabbit before the four dukes. This caused enough chaos for Vincent to not be noticed. [44] He poisoned Sharon and Echo as Break arrived to save Sharon. Vincent showed Break that the cure for the poison worked by curing Echo, but to get it, Break had to use Mad Hatter to destroy the bell. Break does so, but Vincent prepares to drop the cure over a balcony, though Echo saves it and gives it to Break for Sharon, much to Vincent's displeasure. [45]

Sablier Arc

Following this, Vincent sends Noise and Lottie to Sablier to deal with The First Seal of Glen Baskerville, as Fang, Xai, Dug and Duke Nightray are already there searching for it, and Lottie notes that Vincent never goes to Sablier as he has memories he fears to regain. [46] [47]

Re-Emergence of the Head Hunter Arc

Vincent, having learned of the Second Sealing Stone of Glen Baskerville, traveled to Toll and found Master Rytas' estate. Vincent waited for Oz, Gil, Sharon and Alice to leave before he went into the mansion and summoned Demios to decapitate Master Rytas, Marie and Gruner. Vincent then proceeded into the basement of the mansion where he destroyed the Second Seal. [48]

Vincent met with The Baskervilles shortly afterwards to discuss current events as the Baskervilles are curious as to who broke the Second Seal, as they did it without being aligned to the Baskervilles, though Vincent pretends that The Head Hunter did it and not him, and that he despises "her", he didn't inform the Baskervilles on how it was he who destroyed the Seal. [49]


Vincent with Ada.

Vincent does reveal though that he is deep undercover to retrieve each of the Four Dukedom's Keys to the Abyss, in order for the Baskervilles to open the doors to The Abyss. He is currently pretending to date Ada Vessalius as Duke Oscar Vessalius would give anything to save her, but he is currently unsure of how to retrieve the Keys from The Barmas and Rainsworths. Even Duke Nightray refuses to give up his Key and he allies with The Baskervilles as well. [50]

The Feast Arc

Vincent Nightray is invited to Oz's Second Coming of Age Ceremony, most likely through Ada, as he knows that Yura has The Third Seal of Glen Baskerville, as it is what the true goal of Pandora is behind the facade of The Coming of Age Ceremony. [51]

When Isla Yura's Cult start killing, Vincent has a flashback of The Tragedy of Sablier and goes into a form of shock. When Ada tried to help him, he accidentally beat her as he saw her as Miranda Barma, whom he now despises. Ada was determined to protect Vincent while he was is this state, but in doing so she almost got killed by a member of Yura's Cult. Vincent calls for Echo, who saves Ada and takes her somewhere safe while Vincent tortures the Cult member into finding out Yura's true intentions. [52]

Vincent sees that Break has Elliot and that he and Gilbert are arguing about Elliot being the Head Hunter, Vincent then summons Demios and decapitates some nearby guests, letting one escape and run to Break, Elliot and Gilbert. Vincent then has Demios decapitate the guest so Break and Gilbert are aware that Elliot was not the Head Hunter, and so Vincent lead Break to Fang and Lily who had beaten Liam to near death [53]. Break then fought the Baskervilles [54], something that Vincent hoped would have killed him to get the threat of his existence out of the way [55]. Vincent and Echo then double checked before coming back to Gil and Elliot, just in time to save them from two brainwashed Orphans from Yura's Cult and their Humpty Dumpties. Vincent uses Dormouse to simply knock them out rather than kill them, and he explains to Gil of Yura's plan. Vincent uses his new knowledge of Yura's estate that he obtained after torturing a member of Yura's Cult, to find Oz. Echo, Gil and Elliot fight to save Oz while Vincent ponders how Break must know by now that he is a Baskerville. [56]


Vincent with Echo, Oz and Eliot.

Oz gives Gilbert 10 minutes to save Break [57], while they save Alice and Leo, and Gil gives Vincent the job of protecting Oz while he's gone [58]. Vincent reveals that he can't possibly pass up an opportunity like this and when the fighting ensues, Vincent says that even though he can't allow Yura to break The Third Seal as a part of his ceremony, in all the chaos Vincent and Echo will subtly break it instead [59]. When Jack takes over Oz's body after Alice stops Oz's psychotic rampage, Vincent is shocked as this is the first time in 100 years that he had a run-in with Jack, who attacks Yura with B-Rabbit's power. [60]

After Oz killed Yura, the Baskervilles came to break the seal. Vincent was going to destroy the seal himself. He was upset about doing it due to Jack being the one who was used as the seal. As he was about to do it, Gil stopped it and ask what he was doing. The Baskervilles destroyed the seal releasing more power from the Abyss out. Making the chains all crazy and out of control except for Alice. [61]

Vincent then met up with Elliot who told him that he will not let the chain destroy everything and be in charge of his life. He then told Elliot that rejecting the chain will make the chain be unstable in the human world making it die, however that also means that the contractor die with it. Vincent told him that he could either die by his hands or of Oz's hand as he was destorying all the copies making the needle move forward. Elliot said no and he proceed to kill himself. [62]

Jack's Intention Arc

Vincent meets Leo

Vincent meets Leo


Vincent with Leo, after the Ceremony.

After the disaster, it appeared that both him and Echo disappeared making Gil worried about him. [63] Vincent found Bernard Nightray in his private quarters deep within Reveil where they discussed the Duke's actions, imprisoning Leo in Fianna to keep Glen's soul safe from the Baskervilles and Pandora, allowing Elliot and the Orphan's their contracts that evidentally killed them, all the things that Duke Bernard Nightray did to make Vincent hate him, which is why Vincent summoned Demios and decapitated Bernard's guards and then Bernard himself. He then reappeared to Leo with Noise, who was manipulating Pandora members nearby with Doldum, and the three of them departed, which lead to Vincent revealing his true colours to Leo, who now is Leo Baskerville. He then states to Leo that he wishes for Leo to go back in time and make Vincent's first breath his last, or to just kill him, in the hopes that by eliminating himself Gilbert will be able to live a happier life, and thinking if Gilbert is better off without him, he shouldn't exist. Leo then requests for him to cut his hair, to which he complies. [38]

In an omake, it is revealed after cutting Leo's hair Leo tests Vincent's loyalty to him by ordering him to lick his shoes. Vincent in return laughs in shock stating that he'd never expect him to say something like that. However he proceeds to lick Leo's shoes but Leo feeling quite shocked and shamed tell him to stop (but Vincent tries to do it anyways) only to kick Vincent in the face and says " Don't you dare touch me, it's disgusting!". Vincent then states that he came to a realization that torturing is fun but being tortured is satisfying as well and that they're going to have a great 'Master Servant' relationship, much to Leo's dismay.

While Oz and the others were on vacation, he was shown along side with Echo by Leo's side as Leo was talking to Oz. [64] Leo then asks Oz to have a walk with Oz with just the two of them, leaving Vincent, Echo, Gilbert and Alice to watch from the distance. Vincent asks Gilbert if he is worried about them, and he confirms this, but Vincent reassures him that Leo, his master, wouldn't attack Oz out of the blue, and that despite his mild-mannered appearance he can be pretty brutal. This shocks Gilbert, but Vincent continues, predicting that Rufus must have figured out by that time that Leo carries the soul of Glen Baskerville. [65]

After some flashbacks, Leo reveals his intentions to Oz, which is to erase the existence of the Intention of the Abyss, stating that it his and the Baskervilles goal. [66] Leo further explains on why would the Baskervilles want to destroy the Intention of the Abyss and how he inherited the soul of Glen Baskerville. Vincent then confirms this to Gil, and Leo asks Oz to join him, but Oz declines his proposal, stating that he doesn't want another Tragedy to happen and witness its horror. [67]

Vincent Demios 64

Vincent summons Demios.

Leo then summons his newly contracted black-winged chain, Jabberwock, in an attempt to pass judgment on Oz, but Gilbert saves him on time. Pandora members arrived on the scene to aid Oz and the others, and just as when Jabberwock is about to attack them, Gilbert summons his own black-winged chain, Raven, to counter Jabberwock's attack. Echo appears before Alice to be her opponent, as Raven and Jabberwock continue to battle. Soon Leo's body began to suffer from the strain Jabberwock is putting on his body, so Vincent summons Demios and had her separate Oz and Gilbert before taking over the battle with Raven. He points his gun at Gilbert, telling him that he better focus his attention on him and that they should have a good brotherly fight. [68]

Vincent's 'love' towards Gil

Vincent states that he is doing everything for Gilbert.

In the middle of their fight, Gilbert asks Vincent why is he the headhunter, and why is he working with the Baskervilles, to which Vincent replies that he is doing it all for him. He even confesses to Gilbert that for him there's no one more important than him, and that he likes and loves him, that's why he'd do anything to make him happy. When Gilbert said that he doesn't understand what Vincent is talking about, he replies by saying that there's no need for him to understand, and this makes Gilbert lose his patience as he charged at Vincent and pinned him on the ground. He scolds him, asking him who is he to know what will make him happy and that if Vincent really wants to make him happy, he should get his personal life in order, quit hacking up dolls, stop staying out all night and most importantly to stop messing around the Baskervilles and their kind. Oz then arrives with Equus in order to retrieve Alice and Gil before returning to the Pandora Headquarters. [69]

Gilbert protects Vincent

Gilbert shields Vincent.

Vincent encounters Gilbert once again while the latter is trying to protect the Sealing Stone located at Pandora. Vincent asks his older brother to step aside, before asking him if he is already happy, for Gilbert had always been afraid that his memories would resurface, that if he remembered things couldn't stay the way they are that time, that he would be forced to confront everything he were and it would also include remembering his master. Gilbert then notices that one of the Pandora members is aiming his gun at Vincent, so he rushes to shield his brother from the bullet. Gilbert falls to the ground and starts to have flashbacks of what happened to him in the Tragedy of Sablier 100 years ago, while Vincent rushed to his side to check his wound. Lottie manages to destroy the Sealing Stone, revealing the head of Oswald inside, surprising everyone on the scene. [70]

Vincent 73

Vincent refuses to believe what Rufus had revealed.

Gilbert gets up, and Vincent tries to stop him, reasoning that even if he's finally aware who he really is, he's still hurt. Break arrives, asking Gilbert about the whereabouts of Oz, before Rufus used Dodo to pin him down. [71] Rufus then reveals the truth of the Tragedy to everyone present on the scene, [72] [73] and after hearing all this Vincent calls him a liar, reasoning that Jack would never have asked him to do something like just as he said. Rufus elaborates his explanation, which leaves Vincent in a state of shock and disbelief. [74]

Later on, Vincent visits Gilbert's room only to find him missing. He rushes outside where he finds Gilbert, before asking him what is he doing outside and demanding to go back at his room. Gilbert laughs and breaks down, and Vincent remorsefully watched him, all the while thinking to himself that he didn't want Gilbert to remember because he is kind and weak that's why he knew that once he remembers he would break down like that. Gilbert then summons Raven and asks for judgment, and Vincent was unable to stop his older brother from allowing Raven to destroy his arm. [75]

Vincent Gilbert 79

Gilbert explains to Vincent that he's glad that he finally regained his memories.

Vincent asks Gilbert why he had Raven destroy his arm, but instead of answering his question Gilbert apologizes to him for always shying away from him because he was always afraid of remembering his past. Vincent slaps him, stating that Gilbert makes him sick to his stomach and that he never wanted Gilbert to remember and he didn't want to see him suffer. Gilbert grabs Vincent in the arm, saying that he's glad that he finally remembered, otherwise he wouldn't be able to face him like that, so it doesn't matter how much he suffered. He also said that he feels sick at the mere thought that they went through an awful lot of horrible things that he even ended up resenting him, and that he felt so bad about it that he wanted to die. Finally, he says that he is glad that Vincent is always by his side and that he would not let anyone condemn his own brother. Vincent is then left alone in the rain, crying to himself. [76]

Vincent visits Break at his prison cell and uses Demios to destroy the bars. When Breaks asks him what brings him to the dungeon, he asks himself the same question before beating up Break all of a sudden, taking out all his recent frustrations on him. Break still finds an opportunity to taunt him, calling him poor Vincent before asking him if Gilbert ditched him by any chance. This only fueled Vincent's frustration as he told him to shut up, but before he could beat him harder Dug arrives, telling Vincent that Glen has summoned him. [77] It is then revealed that both Duke Barma and Vincent is coming with Glen to Sablier. [78]


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