This article is about The Human Doctor Specializing in Vampires. You may be looking for The Child of Ill-Omen, Vanitas of the Blue Moon.
Whether or not you want me to... I will save you, without fail. That... That will be... My revenge on Vanitas!

—Vanitas, spoken to the vampires at the Bal Masqué.

Name Vanitas
Race Human
Age 18[1]
Gender Male
Height 176 cm (5'9")[1]
Eyes Blue
Hair Black
Professional Status
Occupation Doctor
Partner Noé Archiviste
Personal Status
Status Alive
First Appearance
Manga Debut Memoire 1: Vanitas

Vanitas is the main protagonist in Jun Mochizuki's The Case Study of Vanitas. After Vanitas of the Blue Moon rescued him and Number 71 from Doctor Moreau's lab, Vanitas chose to accompany Blue Moon Vanitas and eventually ended up as a source for them to drink from. Vanitas seemed to despise the Blue Moon Vanitas and planned to steal the Book of Vanitas and use it to kill vampires. However for currently unknown reasons, Vanitas instead opts to do the exact opposite by curing Curse-Bearers with the Book as revenge on Blue Moon Vanitas.

Vanitas has since partnered himself with Noé Archiviste, who had been seeking The Book of Vanitas for The Master. In the events that followed, Vanitas was tasked by Count Parks Orlok to capture and cure Thomas Berneux in order to prove the validity of The Book of Vanitas and save Amelia Ruth from execution as a Curse-Bearer. While Vanitas and Noé were successful in their mission, the emergence of Charlatan raised concern, prompting further investigation on the matter. Vanitas then attended a Bal Masqué in Altus alongside Noé and Dominique de Sade with the intention of questioning Lord Ruthven about Curse-Bearers. During the ball, Charlatan appeared along with an unknown person wearing a spider-like mask. They caused an outbreak of Curse-Bearers to appear. Vanitas eventually cured all of them except one Curse-Bearer who was too far gone before Lord Ruthven appeared. Shortly after the ball, Vanitas, Noé, Luca and Jeanne were invited to meet Lord Ruthven to talk. After being kicked out by Lord Ruthven for insulting the Vampire Queen, Vanitas and Noé eventually infiltrated the Chasseur's catacombs to find Doctor Moreau's lab and question him about the recent vampire kidnappings.



Vanitas is a young man with bluish dark wavy hair and light blue eyes. One side of his hair is cut shorter than the other in an asymmetrical fashion, with one level on the left side, and two levels on the right. His left ear is embedded with two ear piercings and a dangling hourglass earring that seems to have previously been owned by Blue Moon Vanitas.

Vanitas wears a baggy coat with hanging sleeves and a tail that bells out and floats. One side of the coat often slips off his shoulder. Underneath, he wears a striped vest and a belt. Attached to this belt are a pair of knives whose hilts are rigged with wires, a book holster containing The Book of Vanitas, and tool cases. In his pockets are a pocket watch, a pallet, and single wires. He wears spats and short boots on his feet and pointed gloves on his hands. A large light blue bow is wrapped around his waist and his shirt collar. [2]


Vanitas seems to often take nothing seriously and almost always has a broad grin on his face. He acts more on emotions then thought most of the time since his plans are normally reckless. Also carries a mischievous air around him. He finds utmost amusement in Noé's abnormal reactions to things. However, he appears so be able to show seriousness at times, as well as anger. It also seems he is unable to talk about his sorrow as in several panels in the earlier chapters Noé has pointed out how Vanitas wears a look of distance when he can't save a curse bearer. He is also very open to affection as he constantly flirts with Jeanne as well as kissing her claiming that he loves her.


When he was just a child, his parents were killed by a vampire. He was saved by the chasseurs and taken in. They trained him to become a chasseur but somewhere along the line, Vanitas caught Doctor Moreau's eye and became his research subject. According to Moreau, Vanitas went through multiple experiments that nearly killed him, and yet he never cried nor complained. The experiments continued until he and "no. 71" were rescued from Moreau's lab by Vanitas of the Blue Moon. Unlike no. 71, Vanitas hated Vanitas of the Blue Moon. The events that occurred afterwards are unknown, but Vanitas acquired the Book of Vanitas at some point. Since receiving the Book of Vanitas, Vanitas has dedicated his life to curing Curse-Bearing Vampires and considers himself a doctor of sorts as a result; using the power of the Book of Vanitas to restore a Curse-Bearer's true name.

After an unknown period of time, Vanitas eventually came into contact with a vampire named Amelia, who had voiced her concern about various symptoms generally associated with Curse-Bearers. As such, Vanitas had Amelia board La Baleine in order to meet him in Paris to help her with her ailment. Realizing that they did not have as much time as he'd initially thought, Vanitas sought out his partner for hire, Dante and hurried to intercept La Baleine.


Parisian Excursion Arc

Vanitas and Dante manage to sneak onto the roof of La Baleine, where Dante asks if Vanitas truly intends on going in. Confirming this, Vanitas explains that since they already know that Amelia is inside, he's not going to let her get away.

As he witnesses Amelia collapse and her eyes turn red as she bears her fangs, Vanitas hurls himself through a nearby window - glad to have finally found Amelia. As Vanitas lands in front of Amelia and her companion, Noé, Noé cradles Amelia in his arms. Intrigued, Vanitas claims that he'd thought it'd be easy to catch Amelia, but asks what part Noé has to play in all of this. Turning the question around, Noé adds that the same can be said for Vanitas – who reveals that he’d only come for Amelia and that it’d be within Noé’s best interest to just put her down, suggesting that he’ll get hurt if he doesn’t. However, Noé refuses, only to have Vanitas immediately retaliate with his knife.Though Noé is able to dodge enough of Vanitas’ attack, he falters soon enough, as Vanitas notes that he can’t move effectively while carrying Amelia. Vanitas then clicks a button on his knife, transforming it into a whip. As Vanitas continues to pursue Noé and Amelia, Dante comes in through the broken window and questions what’s going on with Vanitas’ weapon.

Not long after, Vanitas manages to knock Noé off balance as he struggles to deal with Amelia - sending Amelia flying into the air. While Vanitas and Dante believe they've won, Amelia stops mid-air and remains floating above them, confusing Vanitas long enough for Noé to retaliate by throwing Vanitas into a nearby wall and catching Amelia upon her descent. While Noé makes off with Amelia, Dante rushes to Vanitas’ side, asking if he’s still alive. Standing, Vanitas laughs at his own carelessness – as he should’ve known that Noé was also a Vampire by his red eyes. Vanitas asks Dante to hurry, stating that based on what they’d just seen, they don’t have much time.

Vanitas and Dante arrive just in time, as Amelia is about to kill Noé. Fortunately, Vanitas intervenes - casting Amelia away and standing in from of Noé to keep him protected. Quickly reminding Noé that he'd warned him about getting hurt, Vanitas announces that, just as he'd thought, Amelia's symptoms had started to show. Dante sneers, as he's helping the civilians, that Vantas had already known that. Admitting this, Vanitas points out that Amelia had been so cold that she could hardly stand, black tears fell from her eyes and chest and with the shadowed thorns it meant that Amelia’s ill omen name was Eglantine. Confused, a shaky Noé questions what Vanitas means by an “ill omen name”, with Vanitas explaining that because of her disease Amelia received an ill omen name, which acts as the shadow of her distorted true name. It had been because of this distortion of her true name that Amelia lost her very self, and thus was succumbed to her thirst for blood more easily. Dante urges him to just carry on with curing Amelia already – for which Vanitas calls him an impatient baldy; much to his chagrin, as he’s not bald. Concerned, Noé asks if Vanitas intends to kill Amelia, and whether or not he’s a Chasseur from the church or one of The Bourreau sent to dispose of her. This makes Vanitas laugh, denying that he is either, Vanitas takes out The Book of Vanitas and claims that he is a doctor and that Vampires are his specialty; surprising Noé.

Vanitas proceeds to open The Book of Vanitas, which shines forth a bright light as Vanitas suggests that they return Amelia’s true name to her. As Amelia is engulfed in the light her shadowed thorns disintegrate, and the light touches her soul – where she is shown to be encased in a forest of thorns. Recognizing the warmth as spring sunlight, Amelia follows it to the edge of the thorns, where Vanitas corrects her by saying that the warmth was hers and hers alone, reaching through the darkness and pulling Amelia back into the warm field where flowers dance through the air. Outside her consciousness, Vanitas speaks Amelia’s true name: Florifel, she who guides spring – believing it to be very fitting for Amelia. Amelia, shown to have regained complete control of herself is crying as she’s shocked to hear her true name, subsequently thanking Vanitas for returning it to her. Amelia then slumps in Vanitas’ arms – prompting Dante to ask if she’d died – but Vanitas assures both Dante and Noé that Amelia is simply unconscious.

Suddenly, two officers make their presences known as they approach from behind and aim their guns at Vanitas and Dante. Looking around, they see the damage Amelia had done and question what had happened there and ask if they aren’t the two trespassers that had crashed through the observation room. Vanitas admits this much and stands, advising the officers that they don’t want to have anything to do with them, or else they are going to get hurt. Unexpectedly, a piece of debris falls from the ceiling and hits Vanitas on the head – catching him off balance so that he falls back and out of La Baleine through a hole in the wall. Noé rushes to catch Vanitas, grabbing his ankle as the two of them plummet into the streets of Paris.

After falling through the roof of a church, Vanitas laughs as he remains upside down with his face in the pews – questioning how they survived the fall and laughing at their pathetic landing attempt. Noé then lifts Vanitas out of the pews and asks what he did to Amelia on La Baleine. As Vanitas gets on his feet, he explains that it was simply an inverse operation; having used the power of The Book of Vanitas to make contact with her true name and remove the unnecessary part. Clenching his fists – Noé asks how Vanitas can take it all so lightly when what he’d done was so amazing, asking if he’s right to assume that The Book of Vanitas isn’t a cursed grimoire like the legend says. Laughing, Vanitas admits that it’s a first to see someone so starry-eyed over The Book of Vanitas – prompting Noé to ask if what he’d said was really so funny. Vanitas says that he finds Noé interesting, asking Noé to introduce himself. After Noé does so, Vanitas remarks that his name means child of the ark and that it’s a nice name. Vanitas introduces himself to Noé, elaborating that while he’d inherited The Book of Vanitas and his name from the Vampire of the Blue Moon, he’s simply a human. Continuing, Vanitas asks Noé to lend him his strength, as Noé is strong, sturdy and a substantial fighter – there’s not a doubt in his mind that Noé would make a great shield. Confused, Noé immediately turns Vanitas down – which doesn’t come as a shock to Vanitas at all. Vanitas asks if Noé had noticed earlier that there’s a surge in situations where a Vampire’s true name is afflicted by a disease and the Vampire goes out of control. If this continues to happen without searching for any cause to it, then eventually Vampires would be wiped out completely - and he intends on preventing that from happening, despite their intention he’ll save them all.

As Noé leads Vanitas through the streets of Paris, intent on running an errand before they do anything else, Vanitas persistently asks Noé to lend him his strength; only to be shot down immediately afterward. Vanitas argues that Noé couldn't possibly have a reason why they couldn't join forces, as Noé's yet to listen to what he has to say yet - suggesting that if Noé were to talk it out with him he'd better understand the situation; while also questioning where Noé was going and announcing that he's hungry. Noé simply tells Vanitas that he's quite annoying, admitting that his head feels heavy and that there's somewhere they must go first  - which Vanitas accepts, suggesting that they run Noé's errand first and then talk afterwards. Noé leads them back to La Baleine, prompting Vanitas' concern, where he states that he needs to retrieve Murr and his luggage. Soon after, Vanitas and Noé are spotted by the guards from La Baleine, who identify Vanitas as the intruder. Vanitas, having forgotten that Noé had been stricken with Amelia's poison, had failed to realize that Noé's mind likely wouldn't be functioning properly. Additionally, if Noé had pushed himself in battle he would likely collapse - and so Vanitas relented and allowed both he and Noé to be taken into custody.

In a Paris prison cell, Noé slept like a rock for nearly half a day in order to get the poison out of his system. When Noé does wake up, he sits patiently, telling Vanitas that there's something he'd like to ask him. Vanitas encourages Noé to come out with it, and so Noé asks why they're in prison - which Vanitas admits is a good question, and proceeds to explain how Noé had gotten them captured. Afterwards, Vanitas asks if Noé understands the situation now - but he still claims not to, because even though it was true that Vanitas had infiltrated La Baleine, he just happened to be on the scene, so why he was arrested as well was beyond him; but Vanitas reveals that he'd told the guards that Noé was his accomplice.

Noé then realizes that his wallet is missing, and so Vanitas explains that the guards had taken all of their possessions upon their arrest - which brings Noé to the frightening realization that they'd also taken The Book of Vanitas. Noé asks how Vanitas can be so calm about all this - prompting Vanitas to ask if Noé wanted The Book of Vanitas for himself - which Noé denies, explaining the true purpose of his mission: to find The Book of Vanitas and see the true nature of Vanitas of the Blue Moon for himself. Thinking it over, Vanitas states that Noé's teacher had been awfully vague about what he meant. This brings Noé to the realization that Vanitas is right, as his teacher had not told him to steal The Book of Vanitas, or even to destroy it, making Noé question what his teacher's motives could be.

Remembering when Vanitas announced that he would save Noé, Noé decides that before they move any further, he needs to ask Vanitas just what he is exactly. Vanitas wonders what Noé means by that, and so Noé elaborates that he wants to know how Vanitas inherited The Book of Vanitas and how exactly he's connected to Vanitas of the Blue Moon. Stopping Noé, Vanitas brings forth questions of his own, stating that if Noé really is after The Book of Vanitas, then why not come along with him - why does Noé insist on being so stubborn and continue refusing help? Realizing that Vanitas is right, as he needs to discern The Book of Vanitas so it'd be beneficial to remain close to its owner - Noé attempts to discern why he was so against accepting Vanitas' help in the first place - suspecting that the reason is because he doesn't like Vanitas very much. While a deflated Vanitas remains silent, Noé explains that, while remaining at Vanitas' side would be beneficial for the mission his teacher had sent him out on, he doesn't believe he can obediently listen to someone he dislikes - as it's not good for his mental health and seems psychologically impossible.

While Noé attempts to decide what to do - a guard comes in and hands him a piece of paper and orders the two of them out - admitting that they're unable to hold them any longer. Stretching, Vanitas claims that they'd held them for longer than he'd thought as he and Noé leave their prison cell. Vanitas takes the paper Noé had received, which states that as far as humans are concerned, Vampires are "forgotten beings", and so any Vampire-related incidents that occur on the side have to be completely erased. Noé asks if that means that the humans are covering up what happened on The Baleine - which Vanitas confirms, stating that the Vampires likely arranged things with the humans - which puts Noé's mind at ease as it likely means that Amelia is safe as well. Vanitas then points out that the paper also has a message from "The Count" on it - who tells Vanitas and Noé to go to the labeled address in order to retrieve their confiscated possessions. Vanitas tells Noé to follow him, earning Noé's thanks as he's never been in Paris before and has no idea where they're going. As they venture out into the streets - Noé is encapsulated by the beauty of Paris - complete with the flower petals drifting through the sky all around them. Noticing Noé's reaction, Vanitas smiles and introduces him to Paris, the city of flowers.

Though Noé is distracted by the various wonders along their journey, eventually he and Vanitas arrive at their destination: Galerie Valentine. Noé asks why Vanitas seems so tired - only for Vanitas to explain that it's because Noé kept disappearing every time he took his eyes off of him, even for a second - comparing Noé to a child. As they enter Galerie Valentine, Noé asks if he's right to assume that the Vampire who'd had them released was there, which Vanitas confirms; explaining that since the old war, Vampires were forbidden to drink human blood, so most retreated beyond the barrier. However, some Vampires continue to live among humans - there's even a Vampire appointed by The Queen to keep a watchful eye on Vampire activities in Paris and maintain the balance between the human and the Vampire worlds. That man is the one who'd set them free, the Lord of the Otherworld: Count Parks Orlok.

Upon entering Orlok's office, Noé and Vanitas are ordered not to move, as they're surrounded by Orlok's personal guards, Nox and Manet who hold their extended claws to Noé and Vanitas' necks. Vanitas jokes that they'd not received a very warm welcome - reminding Nox and Manet that they'd been invited by Orlok himself. Nox silences Vanitas and states that anyone who doesn't knock may as well be an intruder, as Manet reveals that the door had been locked; though Vanitas claims it took only a simple act to unlock it. Looking up, Count Orlok identifies Vanitas as the "human passing himself off as Vanitas", revealing that he'd been told about how Vanitas actively seeks out curse-bearing Vampires. Count Orlok returns Vanitas' confiscated items - only for Vanitas to make note of how something seems to be missing.

Vanitas suggests to Orlok that they stop beating around the bush, mentioning how the culprit behind the recent murders has yet to be caught, so Orlok likely doesn't have time to be wasting on them. Vanitas then outright demands that Orlok return both The Book of Vanitas and Amelia to him, as he's yet to finish asking her questions and he'd like to ask that Orlok doesn't take liberties with his former patient. Confused, Noé asks if Amelia is all right, voicing how he'd thought that she'd have been released right away just like they had been. Orlok tells Noé not to worry, as they've decided to take full responsibility for what'd happened and intend on disposing of Amelia, as Curse-Bearers cannot be allowed to live. Orlok continues to explain that once The Bourreau arrives, they will make the proper formalities will be undergone. Noé objects to this, claiming that Amelia is no longer a curse-bearer, as she'd been cured - which prompts Orlok to reveal The Book of Vanitas, asking if it was what Noé claims to have cured Amelia. Noé confirms this - revealing that he'd seen it with his own eyes, but Orlok slams his fist into his desk and insists that it's utter nonsense, having been taken aback by the fact that Noé puts faith in Vanitas' lies - as cursed grimoires don't exist - making The Book of Vanitas worthless.

Vanitas agrees that so long as it is in Count Orlok's possession, The Book of Vanitas is worthless, as only he as the owner could open it. Vanitas then states that he was likely summoned there because Orlok had stolen The Book of Vanitas and couldn't figure out how to use it - suggesting that Count Orlok just ask nicely. Offended, Count Orlok tells Vanitas that he'd summoned them both there in order to get a confession out of Vanitas about what exactly it is that he's plotting. Shrugging it off, Vanitas simply states that he's there in order to save Vampires from the path of destruction. Nox and Manet believe Vanitas to be conceited, but Vanitas argues that they must have spoken with Amelia by now, so they must know that she's within the right state of mind - however Orlok writes this off as a farce, as it was by mere coincidence that she was calm and she'll eventually become violent again. Vanitas wonders if this is all because Count Orlok is reluctant to accept that The Book of Vanitas actually exists - but Orlok insists that curse-bearing Vampires are to be beheaded by The Bourreau, as that has been the way since the olden days.

As their argument continues, Orlok tells Vanitas that there's no way for a Vampire whose true name has been defiled to return to normal - only for Vanitas to say that the problem with senile old fools is that they reserve themselves to past conventions and lose the ability to think rationally. As Nox and Manet move in to attack Vanitas - Noé kicks Nox across the room and into a desk. In response, Count Orlok stands and throws his own desk across the room. Deciding on what path to take, Noé takes The Book of Vanitas and asks if he's right to assume that the Vampire that's terrorizing Paris right now is another curse-bearer - stating that if that's the case, he'd capture the culprit himself, bring them before Count Orlok and have Vanitas use the power of The Book of Vanitas to cure them right before his eyes. Orlok accepts Noé's terms - stating that he'd stay Amelia's execution by one day. Thanking Count Orlok, Noé asks what Vanitas is waiting around for and orders him to get a move on - forcing The Book of Vanitas into his hands. Vanitas asks if this means that Noé is finally ready to help him - only to have Noé define their relationship: that he isn't helping Vanitas, Vanitas is helping him. Entertained, Vanitas laughs as he, Noé and Murr leave the Galerie Valentine, saying that he knew Noé was interesting.

As Noé storms out of Galerie Valentine, Vanitas asks him to wait a second and whether or not he even knows where he's going. Noé admits that he has no idea, which Vanitas had initially assumed and proceeds to grab Noé by the shoulder and tell him to calm down while they figure things out; much to Noé's discontent. Before he make much of a fuss however, a bat flies into Noé's face, though Noé only gets to examine it for a short while before it turns away and flies back to its master, Dante - who remarks that Vanitas looks to be having some difficulty. Vanitas is stunned to see Dante again, while Noé passively remarks that Dante was the one who'd helped Vanitas break into La Baleine, while running over to Dante Vanitas accuses him of simply leaving Amelia and running off to save himself, to which Dante explains that it wasn't his job to protect the target; mentioning that he does more work than he's paid for as it is. After a quick trade of insults, Vanitas notices that Noé seems rather confused and out of place, deciding that he'd better introduce Noé to Dante, adding that Dante is an information broker he uses frequently - only to correct himself by calling Dante a "jack-of-all-trades" who is willing to do pretty much anything so long as you pay him. Dante voices his surprise that Vanitas is working with Noé, prompting Noé to remember that Vanitas had called Dante "baldy" on La Baleine - frustrating Dante, who'd rather not be remembered like that, as he's not even bald.

A proud Vanitas mentions that while he doesn't know why Dante's there, Dante's out of luck, as he's been replaced as a shield by Noé - which Noé immediately denies - only for Dante to voice his shock before adding that he'd never been Vanitas' shield. Vanitas continues, saying that Noé is much stronger and sturdier than Dante and doesn't cost him any money - making Noé the perfect partner - again, something which Noé denies. Telling Dante that it's simply the way things are, Vanitas brushes Dante off and returns to Noé's side; claiming that if Dante wants to earn pocket money he'll have to do it somewhere else. Amused, Dante says that it's too bad things have to be that way, as he'd figured out how to find the "nine-fold murderer" and had sought out Vanitas in order to tell him. Immediately, Vanitas drops to the ground and praises Dante at his feet, calling him splendid and incredible all while saying he knew that Dante could do it.

Dante holds out his bat and explains to Noé that he has a friend tailing the "nine-fold murder" and that the bat would lead them directly to her. Meanwhile, Vanitas weeps over the cost of the information Dante had supplied them with - only for Dante to tell Vanitas to shut up and that he should've expected as much for information that Count Orlok doesn't even have. Looking around, Noé realizes that it'd be much quicker if they traveled by rooftop - grabbing Vanitas and jumping to the top of the nearest building in order to follow Dante's bat - making Dante question what Noé's all about.

As Noé carries Vanitas across the rooftops of Paris, Vanitas explains that the Vampire they're after is named Thomas Berneux, with Thomas having come from across the barrier two months ago and has devoured nine people since then in rather rapid succession. Vanitas reveals that he'd been tracking Thomas up until he received a letter from Amelia - making Noé realize that Vanitas was the doctor who Amelia told him she intended on seeing about her condition while in Paris. Confirming this, Vanitas explains that from Amelia's letter he deduced that her symptoms could manifest at any moment - so he set aside his search for Thomas and boarded La Baleine to treat Amelia. Vanitas then mentions that Thomas' previous crimes would suggest that his symptoms are cyclical and that if he were to strike again he'd likely do so today. Suddenly, a large booming sound fills the air, and looking to the source of the sound, Vanitas states that it'd come from the Riverside Factory District; imploring Noé to hurry.

From above, Vanitas sees Thomas moving in on Dante's friend, confirming that it is indeed Thomas and ordering Noé to stop him. Thinking that he understands what Vanitas means, Noé throws Vanitas at Thomas, only for Vanitas to bounce off of Thomas' shoulder and rebound into a stack of nearby crates. Rising from the wreckage, Vanitas asks if Noé is trying to kill him before realizing that Noé has successfully pinned down Thomas. Vanitas then hurriedly takes out The Book of Vanitas and uses its power to administer a shock to Thomas that temporarily tranquilizes him; which would allow them to tie Thomas up now and bring him back to Count Orlok.

While Noé is relieved that they dealt with Thomas so quickly, he doesn't truly understand the danger of the situation. From the shadows emerges Luca and Jeanne, who applaud Vanitas tactics and the effectiveness of his ability to paralyze a Curse-Bearer. Asking if Vanitas is indeed the man they believe him to be, Luca introduces himself and Jeanne. Curious, Vanitas asks if the two are humans or Vampires - earning Luca's sincerest apologies as he reveals his fangs and proclaims that both he and Jeanne are Vampires. Though he admits that it's impudent of him, Luca knows that there's no other way and asks Vanitas directly if he'd give them The Book of Vanitas. Amused, Vanitas laughs it off and outright denies Luca's request, stating that The Book of Vanitas is not a toy for little children. Suddenly, fire spills forth from the coffin that Jeanne's been carrying - confusing both Vanitas and Noé. Vanitas asks why Luca even wants The Book of Vanitas and whether or not he really knows what it is. Frustrated, Luca elaborates that he knows that The Book of Vanitas is a catastrophic grimoire that will bring about the destruction of all Vampires, that its power allows one to interfere with the true names of Vampires - often being called an analytical engine in the shape of a book as a result - and that The Book of Vanitas is an evil device that creates Curse-Bearing Vampires.

Both Vanitas and Noé are shocked by this accusation, with Vanitas asking if Luca's trying to say that by using The Book of Vanitas he's creating more and more Curse-Bearing Vampires. Luca confirms this, suggesting that Vanitas himself may be a victim of The Book of Vanitas' power. When Luca sees that Vanitas is confused by what he's suggesting, he reveals that he'd heard of a type of grimoire capable of taking control of your consciousness the minute that it's picked up, thus if Vanitas is being controlled by The Book of Vanitas the only way to save the cursed is to dispose of it, however unfortunate that may be. Finally, Luca states that as its bearer, Vanitas would likely have to receive the appropriate punishment alongside The Book of Vanitas as well.

Noé steps in and asks that Luca not destroy The Book of Vanitas, reasoning that Luca and Jeanne could do whatever they wanted to Vanitas, but at the moment they're in a hurry and it would be best if they had this conversation another time. Angered, Luca insists that he doesn't have much time either - as someone very close to him has become a Curse-Bearer and is suffering and the only way to save them is to destroy The Book of Vanitas; demanding that Vanitas give him the grimoire. Hearing that Luca believes the Curse-Bearers will revert back to normal if The Book of Vanitas is destroyed, Vanitas asks Luca who told him such nonsense. Vanitas asks Luca to listen to him, telling Luca that he's a doctor and that he's using the power of The Book of Vanitas to save Curse-Bearers. Furthermore, if Luca really does want to save the Curse-Bearer who's so important to him, then Luca can take him to them and he'll heal them as soon as he's done with Thomas. Enraged, Luca claims that the Curse of the Vampire of the Blue Moon is why his elder brother is suffering, writing off Vanitas' suggestion to take him to see his brother as absurd. Drawing attention to what Luca had just said, Jeanne motions forward, while a regretful Luca puts his hands over his mouth in shock. Vanitas then thinks over the fact that Luca's older brother is a Curse-Bearer - pondering what that might mean for Luca.

Taking matters into her own hands, Jeanne slams her coffin into the ground, sending Vanitas flying backwards - only to be caught by Noé. Luca is shocked that Jeanne would act in such a way - but Jeanne assures him that further talk is pointless and encourages him to give her an order while continuing to swing her coffin at Vanitas - who effectively manages to dodge her attacks and retaliate; cutting off Jeanne's hood in the process. As Jeanne falters, Luca rushes to her side, though she's now more determined than ever. Luca asks if Vanitas is set on his decision to not give them The Book of Vanitas willingly no matter what - to which Vanitas smiles - although he is deeply hurt by it he knows the situation calls for more extreme measures, with Luca addressing Jeanne; who knows what Luca wants and promises to do her best to take Vanitas in alive. With appreciation for Jeanne's dedication, Luca orders Jeanne to do everything in her power to take The Book of Vanitas from Vanitas.

Jeanne confirms her orders, saying "Oui, votre altesse" (lit. "Yes, your highness") and reveals that within the coffin there is a Crimson Gauntlet. Concerned, Vanitas tells Noé that it's time to run, and as Noé asks for clarification, Vanitas reveals that Jeanne is Lord Ruthven's Bourreau. While Noé is confused he follows behind Vanitas, who explains that during the war, when thousands of Vampires betrayed their kind and sided with the humans, one Bourreau is said to have wiped them all out, she who wields the Crimson Gauntlet -Carpe Diem- one who slays her own kind and was given the name of a saint: The Hellfire Witch, Jeanne.

Having put on her Crimson Gauntlet, Jeanne sends a blast of fire in the direction of Vanitas and Noé, throwing them, as well as Thomas and Dante's friend, to the ground. As Jeanne swipes at Vanitas with her gauntlet - Vanitas jumps over the attack and thinks of how Jeanne has no intention of taking him alive. Noé jumps in front of Vanitas and grabs Jeanne's arm, stating that he can't have Vanitas dying on him yet. Unexpectedly, Jeanne's gauntlet begins to spin, putting Noé off balance while Jeanne draws her sword. Before she can strike however, Vanitas lassos the arm with her sword. As Jeanne looks to him, Vanitas tells Noé to run, only for Jeanne to blast more fire throughout the alley they're in. Once the fire clears, Jeanne is shocked to discover that Vanitas and Noé disappeared but before she can seek them out someone throws a flashbang grenade which blinds Jeanne long enough to allow Vanitas and Noé to escape.

Running through a nearby factory, Noé exclaims that he'd never seen a weapon like the Crimson Gauntlet before - though Vanitas tells him that this is no time to be impressed. Just then, a nearby wall is blasted open with Jeanne running through and digging the claws on her Crimson Gauntlet into Noé's shoulder. Before Jeanne can finish Noé off though, Luca comes running into the factory - distracting her long enough to let Vanitas and Noé flee the scene.

Elsewhere in the factory - Vanitas tells Noé to take off his coat so that he could stop the bleeding, but Noé assures him that it'll heal on its own so long as he leaves it alone. Vanitas admits that a Vampire's healing capabilities do surpass humans' - but before he can finish what he's saying Noé recalls Count Orlok's reaction to them and now with Luca and Jeanne he assesses that city Vampires aren't good at listening when people are talking. Vanitas asks what Noé's getting at, as Orlok's, Luca's and Jeanne's reactions are the usual type of reaction Vampires give when they encounter him. When Vanitas sees that Noé doesn't quite understand, he explains that it's normal for Vampires to have some knowledge and fear of the Vampire of the Blue Moon drummed into them, and that's why when he finds a patient he neither tells them his name or about The Book of Vanitas. Vanitas admits that it's only natural, as the Curse-Bearers believe that what's happening to their bodies is the Curse of Vanitas, additionally what Luca had said wasn't entirely inaccurate. While it's true that The Book of Vanitas can interfere with Vampire's true names, if one were to warp those true names they become malnomen - but alternatively one can also use The Book of Vanitas to restore those true names - which he considers to be treatment, meaning that it's all in how one uses its power, so it's only natural to fear The Book of Vanitas. Noé retorts that whether you can or not and whether you did or not are two completely different issues, because even if The Book of Vanitas was made to destroy Vampires, Vanitas undeniably used it to save Amelia - and to him that is something he felt was overwhelmingly right. Noé then admits that it's because of that that he wants to go back and save Amelia - which makes Vanitas laugh as Jeanne would find them again if they did. Vanitas tells Noé that he really is an interesting fellow - standing, Vanitas claims to have steeled himself and he really has no idea whether "it" is going to work, but if it does then it will get them back quickly. Before Noé can question what Vanitas is talking about, Vanitas tells him that he's found one, and only one, way to win against Jeanne.

Vanitas tells Noé to "collar" Luca - and when Noé asks what for, Vanitas claims that it's for Luca's own safety. Elaborating, Vanitas states that he intends on entering negotiations with Jeanne and will use the Book of Vanitas to create an area where Vampires cannot fight - though doing so would put a great amount of strain on a child's body, so it's up to Noé to keep him as far away from them as possible and observe from afar. Vanitas also directs Noé to keep Luca's mouth covered, but in return Noé questions why he shouldn't just take Luca out of the area entirely - but Vanitas reveals that it is important for Luca to lay witness to their negotiations to the very end, which Noé understands.

Subsequently, Noé reveals himself to Jeanne while Vanitas waits in hiding, having Jeanne chase him through the streets of Paris to the location he and Vanitas had agreed to meet in earlier. Upon reaching his destination, Noé narrowly dodges Jeanne's attacks, allowing Vanitas to dive through a nearby window in an attempt to drop kick Jeanne - though she simply grabs him by the ankle and throws him at a nearby wall - though fortunately Noé catches him before he can make contact. Vanitas commends Noé's abilities and asks if he can throw Noé in return - which Noé outright denies just as Vanitas slashes a pile of crates that fall onto Jeanne while Noé swings away on a nearby bridge. Noé admits that Jeanne is amazing, as her reactions are so quick that he can't get close enough to deal with her Crimson Gauntlet - which Vanitas agrees with, though he mentions that Jeanne is a lot more tame than he'd thought - and while this confuses Noé, Vanitas mentions that it is beside the point and that the plan is to go as he'd told Noé earlier. Emerging from the rubble, Jeanne powers up Carpe Diem and charges at Noé and Vanitas. Seeing this, Noé puts Vanitas down and asks him to go on ahead while he stalls Jeanne.

Vanitas flees the scene, returning not long after when Jeanne appears to have bested Noé. Vanitas asks if he's right to assume that Jeanne had finished Noé off already - with Jeanne assuring him that she hadn't killed Noé - which Vanitas knows is because of "Master Luca's orders". Vanitas admits that it's quite the disappointment, explaining that the Vampire of the Blue Moon had often told him stories of The Hellfire Witch, a young warrior maiden who raced across the battle fields and slaughtered her own kind. Vanitas explains that he'd heard Jeanne was forced into an induced slumber, and so he was thrilled to hear that Lord Ruthven had reawakened her after all this time - though he never would've imagined that she would have degenerated so much. Frustrated - Jeanne asks what Vanitas was trying to say, and so Vanitas reveals that he's grown tired of playing with her - dropping The Book of Vanitas as he realized that he has yet to properly introduce himself to her; revealing himself to be a human doctor who had inherited his name and the Book of Vanitas from the Vampire of the Blue Moon himself. Furthermore - as someone from who the Vampire of the Blue Moon once fed, Vanitas explains that he possesses a portion of the Blue Moon Vampire's power and is a member of the Clan of the Blue Moon; shocking Jeanne. Vanitas admits that he'd hoped that he wouldn't have to use this power unless absolutely necessary, but as he removed the glove on his left hand, Vanitas tells Jeanne to prepare to face his true form.

This proves to be enough to distract Jeanne, while Vanitas waits for the paralysis to wear off on Berneux, who rises behind Jeanne and reverts to a wolf-like form; attacking and biting her to incapacitate Jeanne. While Jeanne fights off Berneux, Vanitas comes forward and states that it's just as he thought - as fighting monsters is best left to other monsters, before landing a cheap shot against Jeanne - sending her flying backwards. Though Jeanne had realized that it was all a ruse to keep her distracted, it was too late, and Jeanne's body slams into the ground.

Walking up to Jeanne, Vanitas mentions that there's no way he'd have such an ace up his sleeve, asking Jeanne to sit by and watch what he's going to do next. Turning to Berneux, Vanitas states that he'd left Berneux waiting long enough and assesses his Malnomen. Noting that Berneux has a lupine appearance alongside prowling in search of life blood during moon-lit nights, Vanitas comes to the conclusion that Berneux's Malnomen is Loup Garou - he who hunts crimson. Vanitas then opens the Book of Vanitas and suggests that it's time they return Berneux's true name. Vanitas manages to discern Berneux's true name as Bucolicus - he who composes idylls - before finishing the purification is a blast of light, leaving a cured and exhausted Thomas Berneux to collapse to the ground. Just then, a worried Vanitas realizes that Berneux was meant to be cured in the presence of Count Orlok. Luckily, Nox and Manet reveal themselves to have been watching from a nearby rooftop, stating that there's no need to worry, as they'd been acting as Orlok's eyes and will report what they'd seen to him.

Vanitas then hears something from behind him - turning to see that Jeanne has managed to get back on her feet. Shocked, Vanitas asks how this could be possible, as Jeanne had taken in the poison from Loup Garou's bites and was subject to the same paralysis as Berneux - but Jeanne insists that she's not done yet and can still fight. Hearing this, Vanitas asks that Noé come out of hiding, prompting Noé to come out from around the corner with Luca in his arms. Jeanne cries out in horror after seeing Luca's present state, and so Vanitas asks if Jeanne understands what he's getting at: if she makes one false move then he'll have Noé snap Luca's neck in a heartbeat. Jeanne then grabs Vanitas' shoulder, asking him to wait, promising that she wouldn't do anything else, stating that she loses and that Vanitas can do anything he wants to her so long as he doesn't hurt Luca. As Jeanne begins crying, Vanitas laughs as he realizes that Luca really is Jeanne's weakness, asking why she's crying and why she has such weak attitude. Vanitas adds that Jeanne gave herself something to protect and that is why she's so weak, but this is good, and while Vanitas takes back his previous statements against Jeanne, he persists that she has grown weak but that weakness also heightens her beauty. Thus, as Vanitas cups Jeanne's face in his hands and moves close to her in her startled state as Jeanne notices that her strength drains away at his touch. Vanitas admits that Jeanne has come to be of great interest to him, prior to kissing her.

Frazzled, Jeanne claws herself away from Vanitas and melts to the ground. As Jeanne looks up, Vanitas tells her that her vulnerability is terribly enticing as well, commending Jeanne for it. Vanitas then asks what's happening as she makes note of the throbbing of his heart in his chest and how he can't take his eyes off of Jeanne. It is then that Vanitas begs for more as he wants to see every single side of Jeanne, finally understanding that what he's feeling is love. Grasping Jeanne's hand, Vanitas drops to his knee and professes that from now on he'll love her dearly, stating that he must have all of her and requesting that Jeanne marry him.

Outraged by what Vanitas has done, Luca begins spouting flames from his body - immersing the entire area as he demands to know what Vanitas has done to Jeanne. Concerned, Jeanne gathers herself and sprints to Luca's side, grabbing him and jumping to safety on a nearby roof; telling him that they will withdraw for now. Turning to Vanitas, Jeanne tells him to remember that the next time they meet she'll kill him, she'd hunt him down and kill him. Vanitas, overjoyed that Jeanne is going to seek him out next time, teases her further, only for Jeanne to scream in frustration while holding Luca back. Luca begs Jeanne to let him go so that he can kill Vanitas, but Jeanne tells him that he mustn't kill Vanitas as he'd said they have to avoid killing anyone at all cost. Jeanne and Luca then take their leave, jumping across the rooftops of Paris. Vanitas simply stands firm with a grin on his face as he waves goodbye to Jeanne, falling backwards into the rubble surrounding him suddenly and laughing hysterically. Vanitas says to Noé on how it seems as though things are about to get quite interesting; making Noé question what is wrong with Vanitas.

Upon returning to Galerie Valentine that night, Vanitas and Noé are met by Nox and Manet, who state that they are busy and direct Vanitas and Noé to come back the the next day; while also delivering Murr to them and arranging their stay at Hotel Chouchou.

In the morning, Vanitas hangs down off the roof of Hotel Chouchou and looks into Noé's window - glad to see that Noé is finally awake, Vanitas invites Noé to join him outside for some breakfast. Noé and Vanitas eat their breakfast on the rooftop of Hotel Chouchou, with Noé remarking on how pretty Paris is, as he'd previously heard that it was much sootier and the air quality was bad, so he'd assumed that it wouldn't be as nice as it is. Hearing this, Vanitas tells Noé that the city used to be more like that not too long ago, but mostly everything now is run on Astermite, with tighter restrictions being placed on the use of coal in order to protect the townscape. Unlike coal, Astermite doesn't pollute the air, and it is used for everything; from powering airship lift generators and street lamps to the cars and trams that fill the streets of Paris. Vanitas remarks that as research continues, they'll likely find more uses for Astermite, calling the rock that it is derived from a real "Panacea Stone". With this in mind, Noé mentions his astonishment over how a rack was able to create a mineral that hadn't existed in the world before, further mentioning that the Babel incident was astounding as well for rewriting the principles of the world as it did. Vanitas just stares coldly at Noé before standing to stretch and suggesting that they head over to Galerie Valentine to speak with Count Orlok.

With Nox and Manet's behaviour the night before in mind as they enter Galerie Valentine, Noé asks Vanitas if he thinks that something has happened, which Vanitas says seems to be the case.Despite this, Vanitas assures Noé that there's likely no need to worry about Amelia anymore - though Noé can't help but worry about her, as well as Thomas Berneux.

Upon entering Count Orlok's office, Orlok reveals that Thomas Berneux is dead, with Manet adding that by the time he and Nox had found Berneux he was already turning to ashes, and that from the method of his death it does not appear to have been suicide. A worried Noé asks who could have killed Berneux, but Orlok assures him that they don't know and that they're presently looking into the matter. Understanding that Noé is worried about Amelia, Vanitas asks Count Orlok what would become of her, prompting Orlok to motion to the door - explaining that Nox and Manet had reported to him about the powers of the Book of Vanitas, and while he's skeptical he's ultimately decided to suspend Amelia's execution for the time being. As Nox brings Amelia into the room, she's ecstatic to see both Noé and Murr again - though as they celebrate, Orlok reveals that because they can't be sure that Amelia won't lose control again she will have to stay where they can keep an eye on her. Turning to Nox, Orlok states that Hotel Chouchou is looking for maids at the moment, and so Nox makes note of this and will make preparations for Amelia to be employed at Hotel Chouchou as live-in help so that she can be monitored

Vanitas mentions that Parks Orlok is exactly as he'd heard, when Noé asks what Vanitas means, Vanitas elaborates that Orlok knows that Amelia's neighbors would have gotten wind about her condition as a Curse-Bearer, and so she has no where else to go - thus Count Parks Orlok is being easy on his own kind to the very end by providing Amelia with sanctuary - which Vanitas thinks makes Orlok seem like a joke. Orlok slams his fist into his desk, revealing that the same goes for Vanitas as well, confusing Vanitas and prompting Orlok to explain that while he recognizes a small portion of The Book of Vanitas' power, he doesn't intend on allowing Vanitas to just run around freely. Which doesn't surprise Vanitas, as he'd expected that he hadn't been killed because Orlok viewed his use of The Book of Vanitas as beneficial to him. Vanitas tells Orlok that he can use him as much as he'd like, as it will provide a quick resolution to any incidents involving Curse-Bearers, while also providing himself with information regarding Curse-Bearers and thereby saving him the trouble of looking for patients.

Vanitas addresses the fact that they don't need to be friends, and that if one of them goes against the other, they will just part ways. With this, Orlok gives Vanitas a letter, suggesting that he give it to the front desk at Hotel Chouchou, as he intends to have them keep a room available for Vanitas and Noé while they're in Paris; which Vanitas knows is so that Orlok could keep an eye on them. This sparks confusion in Noé, who hadn't really had any further intention of working with Vanitas - though Orlok had assumed that he was Vanitas' guardian. When Noé attempts to deny this, Vanitas agrees and states that, if anything, he's more like Noé's guardian. Vanitas then changes the subject and suggests that they get down to talking to business, which confuses Count Orlok, only for Vanitas to remind him that he'd come to speak with Amelia, which Orlok allows; knowing that their "talk" has to do with Curse-Bearers.

Sitting Amelia on a sofa in Count Orlok's office, Vanitas reminds Amelia that in the letter she'd written to him she'd stated that she'd known about being a Curse-Bearer for the past two months. As Amelia confirms this, Vanitas asks if anything had happened just prior to that, though when Amelia doesn't seem to understand what Vanitas is getting at he elaborates by asking if she'd see "Charlatan". Delving further into his explanation, Vanitas reveals that in speaking with the Vampires that he'd treated thus far, he'd noticed that prior to noticing their symptoms several of them admitted to encountering the same thing. Vanitas recounts his patients' past experiences as being surrounded by a thick fog all of a sudden and then seeing the Parade of the Charlatan. Orlok asks if Vanitas thinks that it is this "Charlatan" that is making Curse-Bearers appear, which Vanitas admits to not knowing; being the reason why he's asking Amelia.

Grasping her head in frustration, Amelia apologizes, as she feels as though she did encounter something similar to what Vanitas is talking about, but she can't remember it; Vanitas encourages her to try a little harder, but to no avail. Count Orlok then looks to Noé and asks him to take a look, revealing Noé's name to be Noé Archiviste; stunning both Noé and Vanitas. Noé asks Count Orlok how he could know about him, prompting Orlok to reveal that before Noé and Vanitas had come to Galerie Valentine the day before, he'd received a letter from The Master that had Noé's name and requested that he assist Noé in everyday matters while in Paris. Vanitas simply clenches his teeth in shock, muttering the name "Archiviste" to himself.

After some goading, Noé agrees to use his power to review Amelia's memories by drinking her blood - doing so as Vanitas looks upon the scene with a cold sense of seriousness. Suddenly, Noé grabs onto his head and screams in terror - terrifying Amelia, Manet and Nox in the process. While Amelia attempts to help Noé as he covers his mouth and collapses into her lap, Vanitas stares at the scene with concern. Just then, someone knocks on the door, and Nox goes to see who it is - finding Dominique de Sade at the door looking for Noé.

Noé recovers and reveals that he encountered Charlatan while looking through Amelia's memories. While Noé admits that he's unsure whether or not it was a dream or reality, what he is sure of it that Charlatan was the one who warped Amelia's true name. Noé then attempts to draw what he'd seen - only to reveal that Noé has no skill as an artist - but what he is attempting to say is that if Charlatan is truly the embodiment of the Curse-Bearers, then he'll never forgive it for what it has done. Just then, Dominique storms in, laughing as she explains that she'd heard everything; shocking Noé. Dominique claims to have missed Noé before professing that Noé is her fiancé - though Noé is quick to deny this; despite her protesting that it's no fun to give up on the joke. While Dominique teases Nox, Vanitas asks about Dominique, with Noé revealing that she's a childhood friend, while also introducing him to Chrysler - Dominique's automaton attendant who has been showering her with roses since her arrival. Reviewing Dominique's surname, Vanitas asks for confirmation as to whether or not that makes her the daughter of Count de Sade - the lord of the "otherworld", which Noé confirms. Vanitas admits that he's shocked that Noé had friends in within the aristocracy - only for Noé to reveal that The Master is Dominique's grandfather, so he and Dominique often played together in their youth. Dominique then apologizes to Count Orlok for barging in unannounced - only for Orlok to suggest that the De Sades have been rude for generations before Dominique - with this, Dominique makes one more act of rudeness, putting a collar and leash on Noé and dragging him out of Galerie Vivienne.

Vanitas follows Noé and Dominique through the streets of Paris, eventually arriving at a bookstore where he witnesses them venture through The Border. Vanitas then yells out Noé's name and jumps through The Border, knowing well that only Vampires created by The Babel Incident can utilize The Borders and it would result in Vanitas being unable to return to either the natural world or Altus - the realm in which Vampires dwell. As Noé knows this as well, he feverishly reaches for Vanitas, managing to catch Vanitas before they are all brought to Altus - where Noé questions what Vanitas had been thinking. Vanitas reveals that it isn't his first visit to Altus, that he knew he could use The Border so long as he was being held by either Dominique or Noé and that he was sure Noé would catch him. As Dominique directs Vanitas and Noé outside, she asks Vanitas what his reason for following them are - only for Vanitas to grin as he states that it was because Dominique was intent on separating him and Noé.

While Noé is starstruck by Altus, Vanitas notes his surprise that Noé is as excited as he is, given his excitement about Paris. Dominique reminds Vanitas that Noé is from a very rural area, so his reaction is to be expected. With this, Vanitas states that no matter how many times he visits Altus Paris, it's never changed. Dominique leads the two to a carriage she's had waiting so that she could change before they proceed to a Bal Masque to question Lord Ruthven about Curse-Bearers. On the way to the carriage, while Noé is preoccupied by his surroundings, Vanitas asks Dominique about her grandfather. Dominique assumes that Vanitas knows about her grandfather, which Vanitas states is partially true, knowing that he was Noé's teacher, that he's known as the "shapeless one" and is feared by many. Vanitas continues by stating how surprised he is that someone like Noé - whom he thought was nothing more than a country blumpkin - could have a connection to aristocracy like the De Sades. Vanitas asks Dominique if Noé's appearance is also deceiving and whether or not his parents were truly the rulers of the otherworld. Dominique stops Vanitas abruptly, while not facing Vanitas, Dominique reveals to him that Noé is actually an orphan who had been put up for auction on the black market as an Archiviste survivor, and that her grandfather had purchased him.

This shocks Vanitas, who remains silent while Dominique brings Noé into the carriage. From outside, Vanitas hears Dominique's concern over how Noé blames himself for what happened to Mina, as well as Noé's request to drink her blood - brooding over what he'd found out about Noé.

Powers and Abilities

  • Book of Vanitas - Due to formerly being part of the Clan of the Blue Moon, Vanitas can use the otherworldly abilities of the Book of Vanitas to cure vampires.


(*) - Denotes that the character did not appear physically, but as a part of another character's memories.

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  • As Vanitas claims to have inherited both his name and the Book of Vanitas from Vanitas of the Blue Moon - thus it is presently unknown what his true name is.
  • When encountering Roland in the catacombs, Vanitas identified himself and Noé as Gilbert and Vincent - a direct reference to Gilbert Nightray and Vincent Nightray from Jun Mochizuki's Pandora Hearts.
  • His personality is somewhat similar to the personality of Xerxes Break, a character from Pandora Hearts.
  • He has a doctor's bag filled with medicines and things that he gave to Dante to hold on to in Chapter 1.
  • Also he shares a similar appearance to Leo from Pandora Hearts.


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