Pandora Hearts

  • fix info boxes w/multiple images (currently, only the initial image can be accessed)


  • fix links to chapters on all pages Completed; now needs double-checking for correct links
  • decide on uniform convention for referring to chapters
  • add volumes Completed
  • fix deadlinks
    • Status: finished fixing links to chapter pages
    • Problem: redlinks removed from edited pages still show up in Wanted pages section
  • update character images on List of Characters page with better/higher quality images
    • Status: In Progress
  • update character info boxes w/appropriate categories & info


  • make Crimson-Shell & Vanitas more accessible
  • Move Oz from Chains to Vessalius?

Very Short-Term

  • replace vol. 3 cover w/English version; check/verify chapters/omake/pg count, etc.


  • add references to all articles
  • fix all articles with heavy grammar mistakes
  • update Vanitas info on all pages