• I live in Canada
  • I was born on July 14
  • My occupation is Student
About me

Let's see... I live and was born in Canada for starters. I've never said the word "Eh" in my life contrary to certain Canadian stereotypes. I love Pandora Hearts, but hate waiting for the online Chapter Translations because it takes so long sometimes :( . The reason i love Pandora Hearts so much is probably because when I was younger, I loved Alice in Wonderland, I like the amount of creativity and imagination used. Also i'm very much like Alice with my own curiosity :p

Leviathan657Chibi Levi

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  • Pandora Hearts Wiki:Character Page Cleanup
    • Miranda Barma
    • Arthur Barma
    • Owl
    • Bernard Nightray
    • Bernice Nightray
    • Dodo
    • Gryphon
    • Fred Nightray
    • Jabberwock
    • Demios
    • Claude Nightray
    • Ernest Nightray
    • Humpty Dumpty
    • Cheshire
    • Vanessa Nightray
  • Create page: "Residents of The Hole"
  • Create page: "Alice (One-Shot)"
  • Create page: "Rabbit Priest"
  • Create page: "Nosambria"
  • Create page: "Cheshire's Dimension"
  • Create page: "Reveille Gang"
  • Create page: "Sylvie and the Mongrels"
  • Create page: "Ada Vessalius' Cats" (Subheadings - Dinah, Kitty and Snowdrop)
  • Finish Timeline (update monthly)
  • Update the Family Pages now that background has been given more in depth
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