This article is about the catastrophe 100 years ago in which the world was nearly sunk into the Abyss. You may be looking for the former capital of Sablier or the chapter named after it.
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The Tragedy of Sablier was a catastrophic event that occurred approximately 116 years prior to the present (Working With Pandora Arc - Swan Song Arc) and involved the dropping of the former capital city, Sablier into the Abyss through the severing of the Chains of the World. The Aftermath of the Tragedy is what lead to the construction to society within the Pandora Hearts universe through the use of adverse manipulation of the truth.

The Truth of the Tragedy of Sablier

Prior to being dropped into the Abyss, Lacie allowed her previous master, Levi to impregnate her in order to further an experiment of his that would change the way the power of the Abyss functioned. Following Oswald's final Succession Ceremony, Oswald used the power of The Black Winged Chains to pass judgement on Lacie, after she'd been accused of a sin that endangered the harmony of the Abyss. After Lacie was found guilty of her sin of being a Child of Ill Omen, Oswald hesitated to drop her into the Abyss, only to be encouraged by his younger sister. Reluctantly, Oswald summoned forth the Black Winged Chains' Chains of Condemnation, which ensnared Lacie immediately. Lacie revealed something unknown to her brother as the dimensional portal opened beneath her feet, shocking Oswald as he watched Lacie get dragged down into the depths of the Abyss.

The Chains of Condemnation dragged Lacie into the dark heart of the Abyss, where the darkness surrounding them immediately set to work at deteriorating Lacie's existence. In the mean time, Lacie went into labor and gave birth to twins in the Abyss, naming them Alice and Alice and singing the melody Oswald had composed, "Lacie", to them prior to being obliterated. The Core of the Abyss set to work immediately, embracing the twins as friends and smiling as she did so, though she soon disappeared as she joined with one of the Alices to become The Intention of the Abyss. At that moment, the harmony of the Abyss shattered, and it was no longer a dimension bathed in golden light - but rather a chaotic darkness bathed in nonsense and twisted childish dreams. Due to the distortion of time in the Abyss, both Alices grew into teenagers instantaneously. The Alice that had not been claimed by The Core of the Abyss noticed that there were two black rabbit dolls sitting with them in the heart of the Abyss, and so she proceeded to take one prior to willingly exiting the Abyss. At the same time, The Intention realized that a small fragment of Lacie still existed, and so she saved it from the darkness of the Abyss and viewed its composition. Realizing that the fragment of Lacie she had was the entirety of Lacie's thoughts and feelings about Jack, The Intention felt that Lacie intended for Jack to experience it for himself - hiding it away until the day she could come into contact with Jack and deliver that last piece of Lacie to him.

Meanwhile, Alice successfully escaped the Abyss, finding herself sitting before one of the Doors to the Abyss with Oswald and Levi standing nearby. Alice, having already realized that the doll she'd taken was a Chain who had gone into a detached slumber, wasted no time in biting into the doll's cheek to ensure that it was conscious (something which confused Oswald and Levi greatly). At first, Levi believed Alice to be a young Lacie, though he knew such a thing was ludicrous, and so he couldn't help but wonder if Alice was the result of his experiment's success. After tending to Alice, Oswald and Levi set it up so that she could reside with the Baskervilles in the same place her mother had before her, The Tower.

During Alice's time with the Baskervilles, she connected greatly with her uncle. Oswald was in fact the inspiration behind her naming the doll "Os" - though her father later corrected her spelling as "Oz". In this time, Oswald also brought Alice a black cat with a bow around his neck and a white-tipped tail, whose name was Cheshire. Ultimately, after witnessing Oz's ability to travel from the 1st Dimension to the Abyss through his two bodies, The Intention took to imitating him and would often times switch places with Alice through their connected consciousness in order to allow The Intention to experience a world outside of the domain she'd been confined to.

Jack remained mentally dormant for a month before Levi, let himself into the Vessalius estate in order to meet with Jack. Levi brought Jack back to the Baskerville estate in order to show Jack his 'experiment', but before they reached the estate, Levi explains how Oswald was feeling guilty about Lacie's death, as well as the concept and reasoning behind the Children of Ill Omen. Levi also revealed to Jack that spinning throughout the world were mass amounts of invisible Chains that held it together and prevented it from being swallowed by the power of the Abyss.

Levi brought Jack to Lacie's old tower, where Jack saw from below the result of an experiment with Levi and Lacie, their daughter Alice. Levi had impregnated Lacie so that she would give birth inside of the Abyss, where they would've been cradled by The Core of the Abyss. The purpose of this was to provide the Core of the Abyss with a vessel, and to see how it changed both the Abyss and the Baskervilles. Levi mentioned how instead of giving birth to one child, Lacie gave birth to twins inside of the Abyss. They aged because of the Abyss' time distortion ability, and while one Alice was presumably used by the Core as its vessel, the Intention of the Abyss, the other made her way out of the Abyss on her own. Levi explained to Jack how he wouldn't be able to see how his experiment progresses himself, as he was near death, and so Levi told Jack that he could use Alice to fulfill his wish.

After much coaxing, Oswald allowed Jack to get closer to Alice. Upon meeting Alice, the Intention of the Abyss had heard Jack through Alice's body and recognized him from a fragmented piece that she'd saved of Lacie. The Intention of the Abyss gave the tainted piece of Lacie to her black rabbit doll, Oz, which had two bodies like the Alice's, but only one consciousness between the two. The Intention told Oz that it was Lacie's thoughts, feelings and memories of Jack, and that she'd saved it because she believed that Lacie wanted Jack to see it, but the darkness of the Abyss was already trying to destroy it, so Oz took the last piece of Lacie into his body, and delivered it to his body on Earth.

Jack happened to be in Alice's tower when Oz began crumbling from accepting the piece of Lacie that was tainted by the darkness of the Abyss. He picked Oz up to uncover what was happening, and immediately he experienced all of Lacie's thoughts, feelings and memories of him, discovering that the feelings Jack had for Lacie were mutual. Jack broke down in tears as Alice and Oswald arrived. Alice asked Jack what he was doing to her beloved Oz, and Oswald asked if Jack had seen something.

After experiencing the last piece of Lacie, Jack believed that Lacie still existed somehow, having become one with the Abyss, rather than the truth which was that she was obliterated by the darkness of the Abyss. With this in mind, Jack approached Alice when her twin sister, the Intention of the Abyss, was in control of Alice's body. Jack explained the concept of the chains that held the world together to the Intention and asked her if he could use her power to destroy these chains. The Intention asked Jack why he would want to do such a thing, and Jack lied to her, saying that he wanted to plunge the world into the Abyss to meet the Intention face-to-face. This excited the Intention, but she told Jack that such a thing would be impossible for her as it would kill Alice, who's body was already starting to crumble from the Intention's shared presence in it. Jack realized that the Intention was none other than The Core of the Abyss which Levi had told him fused with Lacie's daughter. Jack then asked the Intention if she would make him a Chain that was able to cut the chains holding the world together if she could not do it herself. The Intention told Jack that if he wanted a Chain then she had the perfect one for him, as deep down in the pits of the Abyss existed a rabbit who was a dear friend of the Intention's, and although she'd forgotten what his name was, he had been with the Intention all along. The Intention drew a rabbit for Jack, who then realized that the Chain the Intention was thinking of making was going to be very similar to Lacie's Chain, which he'd seen Lacie use eight years before. Jack then told the Abyss that it would be an honor to have a Chain that was so similar to Lacie's.

The Intention then transformed the second body of Oz into a Chain for Jack, making her rabbit doll become Oz the B-Rabbit. The Intention explained to Jack that while regular Chains could access Earth through distortions called paths and use it like a road, Oz the B-Rabbit would require a much bigger 'road' in order to reach Earth, and so Jack would have to find a way to open one of the five Doors to the Abyss.

Jack met with Miranda Barma to discuss what they were going to do, and Miranda explained to Jack that the Door to the Abyss that was in the Baskervilles' basement was guarded always, and that because the Baskervilles are using Chains, Jack would be no match for them. Although there was still hope for Jack as there was one exception to this guard regime, on the day of an Succession Ceremony for the next vessel of Glen Baskerville, all the Baskervilles attend to see the face of their next leader, and so, the Baskervilles old and most trusted friends, the Nightrays take over, and guard the Door to the Abyss. Unlike the Baskervilles, The Nightrays were only human like Jack, and therefore, Jack would be a match for them, and there was an Succession Ceremony for Gilbert to inherit Raven fast approaching. Though Miranda explains that there was another problem at hand, as she'd heard that only Glen Baskerville could open the Door to the Abyss, and although she does not tell Jack anymore about how to obtain his Chain, thanks to Levi, Jack knew that Children of Ill Omen could approach The Core of the Abyss, and thereby one would be able to open the Door to the Abyss. Vincent, who Jack had saved alongside his brother Gilbert because Vincent had a crimson eye that reminded Jack of Lacie, was a Child of Ill Omen.

Sometime before Gilbert's Succession Ceremony, Oswald was approached by his close friend, Raymond Nightray. Raymond told Oswald that he should cancel the invitations to the Succession Ceremony that he had sent out to the Barma and Vessalius families. Raymond explained that even though they both had good relationships with the families in the past, that he had a bad feeling about Miranda and Jack, although it was mostly Jack.

The night before Gilbert's first Succession Ceremony, he was unable to sleep. Gilbert went to see Oswald and Oswald could relate as he couldn't sleep before his first Succession Ceremony either, but the unpleasant of it all faded with each passing Succession Ceremony. Gilbert asked Oswald if Jack would be one of the prestigious people to greet him after the Ceremony. Oswald, remembering Raymond's warning, asked why Gilbert wanted to know. Gilbert explained that Jack was always fun and kind and that if Jack was at the Succession Ceremony, it would surely make Gilbert less nervous. Oswald asked Gilbert if he loved Jack, which Gilbert confirmed, before saying that he loved Oswald more. Oswald said that he too couldn't doubt Jack and wanted to remain his friend. Raymond's warning went unheeded by Oswald because Gilbert wanted Jack to be at the Ceremony, so the invitations to the Barmas and the Vessaliuses were still sent.

Jack once again approached Alice while the Intention reigned as the dominant consciousness, and she noticed that Jack looked a little sad, and so she asked what was wrong. Jack told the Intention that he was sad, and asked her if she'd remembered Gilbert, who Jack had introduced to Alice a while ago. Jack then proceeded to tell the Intention that Gilbert was going to be Oswald's successor as Glen Baskerville, and that after he had transferred all his Chains, Raven, Owl, Dodo, Gryphon and Jabberwock, into Gilbert, Oswald's consciousness would overtake Gilbert's body and his soul would die. The Intention also explained how there was nothing Vincent could do to save his brother, as even Jack couldn't change Oswald's mind. What the Intention had told Vincent was untrue, as after all the Chains were transfered into Gilbert, Oswald's body would mutate into a Chain, and the collective soul of all the Glen Baskervilles through history would be moved into Gilbert, where they would be recessive to Gilbert's dominant consciousness.

Without knowing the truth, the Intention told Vincent what Jack had told her when she found Vincent wandering the forest on the Baskerville estate. Vincent was devastated and ran off to be alone on the estate, where he cried because he couldn't do anything to 'save' his brother. Vincent was then approached by a woman in a black cloak, who was none other than Miranda Barma. Miranda explained to Vincent that by opening the Door to the Abyss during Gilbert's Succession Ceremony for Raven, Vincent would stop the Succession Ceremony and Oswald would be unable to obtain Gilbert's body as his vessel, and would have to wait another 100 years before another vessel would be born. Miranda taught Vincent some magic in order to preform a ceremony of his own to open the Door to the Abyss, but she explained that the magic was fragile, and that if Vincent ever told anyone about what he'd done, breaking their promise, then the magic would become a curse that would make it so no one would be around for Vincent to save his brother anymore.

Vincent immediately ran off to open the Door to the Abyss after accepting what Miranda had told him. Miranda took the opportunity to change her appearance by doing her hair back up in her usual braid and removing her black cloak. Just as she did this, Jack arrives with Raymond Nightray to find Miranda and ask why she was in such a place. Raymond glared at Miranda, and before long Vincent had completed the Ceremony and the Door to the Abyss burst open, stopping the Succession Ceremony. Oswald, Jack, Lottie, Fang and Alice all heard the Door to the Abyss burst open, Oswald walked back into the Baskerville mansion and was greeted by Miranda, who made Oswald smiled blankly. Elsewhere, Jack asked himself if the transfer ceremony had stopped as it was meant to. Jack approached the Door to the Abyss, which was now open, finding Vincent's unconscious body. Jack then meets Oz the B-Rabbit, and states that he had been waiting for him, and that he wanted to form a contract with Oz. Oz thought about how he'd given Jack Lacie's feelings for Lacie, but now he was wondering whether or not that was the right thing to do, as everything had seemingly gone amiss since then. Jack and Oz form an Illegal Contract together, and Jack has Oz sever the chains that prevented the world from being engulfed by the Abyss, which caused a massive earthquake and an explosion of light, telling Lacie that he would soon return the world to her.

Oswald, knowing that if Sablier was to fall into the Abyss, the people would absorb the Abyss' power and become Chains, and their souls would be destined to be trapped within the Abyss for eternity after they died in their Chain bodies. Oswald
Ep19 - oswald lottie fang dug

Oswald ordered Dug, Fang & Lottie to slaughter any guests in Baskerville mansion.

silenced the guests in the mansion who had been questioning the earthquake and grains of light in the air, as Oswald had decided
Ep19 - lottie dalam tragedi 01

Lottie's slaughtering in the Tragedy.

that in order to prevent this and allow some peoples' souls to return after 100 cycles as they're meant to, Oswald ordered all of his subordinates to immediately slaughter everyone in the mansion, women and children included. Fang asked Oswald why he would want them to do such a thing, but Oswald simply barked at Fang for questioning him. Without further argument, the Baskervilles summon their Chains and begin slaughtering everyone they can.

Oswald stares out a window, looking at the lights from the broken chains. A Baskerville approaches Oswald and asks if he was going to use Raven, Owl, Dodo, Gryphon and Jabberwock in order to stop the chains from further breaking. Oswald explains to them that the power of the Abyss would likely spill out into their world where the chains have been severed, which makes Oswald believe that Sablier will be engulfed by the Abyss. Oswald summons Raven, Owl, Dodo, Gryphon and Jabberwock and has them stop the breaking of the chains.

Jack carries Vincent through a hallway filled with corpses. Jack noticed that the sound of the breaking chains had stopped, and desperately asked aloud why it had stopped, before seeing one of Oswald's Chains and understanding that they could stop the chains from severing further. Jack angrily screamed, asking why Oswald would do such a thing.

Oswald had recently killed another person within the mansion when he was confronted by Jack. Jack asks why Oswald would have done such a thing. When Oswald doesn't immediately respond, Jack becomes furious and demands that Oswald answers him. Oswald asks if by the awful thing that Jack was referring to was his order for the Baskervilles to obliterate all the humans. Oswald explains how soon Sablier would fall to the Abyss, and so he theorized that the people within would be filled with the Abyss' power and become Chains. Oswald stated that if this was true, as Chains, when they died the souls of these people would not be able to return to their world after 100 cycles as they're meant to, but instead they would be trapped within the Abyss for all of eternity, and so Oswald just wanted to prevent that from happening. Even though Oswald could only prevent the peoples' souls from being trapped in the Abyss within his own range, they would at least once again be able to walk the Earth again in 100 years.


Jack and Oswald in Tragedy of Sablier as depicted in anime

Jack feverishly tells Oswald to stop, as what he was really trying to ask Oswald was why he had put to stop the destruction of the chains. Oswald smiles, after realizing that it was Jack who had broken the chains. Oswald yells at Jack, calling him a bastard. Oswald was going to continue to yell at Jack, when Gilbert came running at him asking them to stop fighting. Oswald is stunned by Gilbert's presence and Jack is shown to be crying now. Oswald shouts at Gilbert not to come near them, however Oswald was too late as Jack slashed his sword through Gilbert's back. Jack noted how a wound like that wasn't enough to kill a Baskerville before asking Oswald to lower his sword before Jack killed Gilbert. Oswald stood glaring at Jack, who asked what was wrong with Oswald, and why he hadn't dropped his sword yet. Jack then explained that he didn't want to hurt Oswald through hurting Gilbert. Oswald continued to glare at Jack until Jack wavered and Oswald launched himself at Jack with supernatural speed. Oswald was going to kill Jack, but Jack summoned bladed chains to slice through Oswald's sword and body in defense.

Jack had summoned his Chain, and Oswald asked what it was. Jack introduced his Chain as Oz the B-Rabbit. After hearing the name 'Oz' Oswald understood. Jack had used Oz the B-Rabbit's powers to destroy some of the chains that prevented the world from being consumed by the Abyss. Suddenly numerous Baskervilles arrived to protect Glen, and Jack simply called to Oz the B-Rabbit, who butchered the Baskervilles.

Shortly after this, Jack manages to disarm Oswald and renders him unconscious. As Jack picks up an unconscious Gilbert, Miranda arrives, and Jack presents Oswald to her as he'd promised, assuring her that Oswald can't move in the state he's in. Overjoyed, Miranda runs to Oswald, thanking Jack and going over how long she's waited to have Oswald's head as her own as she picks up a nearby battleaxe. Unknown to them both, Oswald was still conscious and overheard their conversion. This caused Oswald to realize that Miranda was the one who provided Jack the information that led to this situation. However, as she raises the axe to decapitate Oswald, Oswald reveals that he's conscious and musters up enough strength to grab his sword and slice through Miranda. Shocked, Jack runs off with Gilbert still in his arms, leaving Oswald with the fallen Miranda. Ultimately, Oswald decides to leave Miranda alive so that she's not involved in the Rule of 100 Cycles, as she's truly a wicked woman.

Having grown weary, Jack has to stop and rest - dropping Gilbert onto the floor in the process. Chuckling to himself, Jack can't help but wonder why Oswald isn't pursuing him. Knowing that there's no way Oswald would ever be able to forgive him for what he's done, Jack's sure that Oswald would've begun his pursuit. However, Jack realizes that Oswald might have had something more pressing than exacting his revenge, but since Oswald already destroyed his wish, Jack wonders what could be left for Oswald to do. Then it came to him: Oswald might be intent on killing Alice in order to sever his ties to The Intention - which would mean he could never do anything for Lacie's sake ever again. As Gilbert barely clings to consciousness, Jack thinks of how Oswald won't hesitate anymore, so even though he'd brought Gilbert along with him, there's no way he can use Gilbert as a shield anymore. Apologizing to Gilbert, Jack says that he has to go back and confront Oswald once more, leaving Gilbert alone in the burning estate. Rushing toward The Tower, Jack thinks of how a world without Lacie in it is a place that no longer has hope or even despair. Because of this, Jack vows that nothing's going to stop him from reuniting with his beloved Lacie once again, and if he can't do that then he'll instead deliver the world that Lacie loved so much to her in the Abyss.

Upon Jack's arrival at The Tower, he immediately sees Oswald in the distance and doesn't hesitate to summon Oz and have him attack Oswald with his claws. As Oswald is jolted to his knees, he voices his surprise to see Jack there with him. Alternatively, Jack says that he thought he might find Oswald at The Tower, noting the blood covering Oswald's clothes and establishing that it came from other people - which Jack claims is an awful thing for Oswald to have done. Oswald simply tells Jack that he doesn't want to hear his babble, launching himself at Jack - only to have Oz step forward to take Jack's place in battle instead. As the two spar, Jack asks why Oswald is so angry, to which Oswald insist that Jack already knows the answer, though Jack denies such a thing - as he only ever wanted to grant Lacie's wish. Managing to break past Oz, Oswald asks Jack if he's really willing to destroy the world without a second thought for something so trivial. In response, Jack merely says "yes", and has Oz pin Oswald's body to a nearby tree.

Jack decides that his behavior must seem odd to Oswald, and so he explains that Oswald was really spot on when he told him that the existence of Jack Vessalius is here, but also nowhere. Elaborating, Jack reveals that over the course of his 8 year separation from Lacie, he'd learned how to trick people in order to effectively win them over and use that trust as a weapon. Additionally, if one were to ask those people about him, they would be able to elaborate on all the filthy things Jack had done in order to get where he is. Only, by engaging in such gratuitous acts so carelessly, Jack began to lose his identity - leaving unsure of what "face" he was wearing now - and though he was able to fool others to this notion, Jack also managed to make himself blind to his misplaced identity.

Continuing, Jack tells Oswald that he thinks of him as his closest friend, and of Gilbert and Vincent as people he needs to protect, however he's unsure whether or not that's really what he feels or if it's just him trying to "play pretend" again. In order to justify his question, Jack mentions how he's used Vincent without hesitation, attacked and abandoned Gilbert and now intends on killing Oswald because he stood in his way.Oz then raises the hand that's not holding Oswald, ripping into Oswald's chest with his claws and sending Oswald's body to the ground. With Oswald laying at his feet, Jack admits that he was scared to not know exactly what he was, and because of that he came to detest Lacie. He hated that they met, he hated that Lacie "saved" him, he hated the words she said to him, the song she sang, all of it, because they were the chains that bound him. Although, since Lacie could make him so angry, Jack grew to realize that she helped him identify himself. The pain that she made him feel when she wasn't by his side and the overwhelming comfort Jack felt when they reunited, it all made him feel so alive. Proclaiming that he wants to live, Jack justifies that he needs Lacie in order to do that. As Oswald lay there, Jack has Oz proceed to summon his bladed chains and dismember Oswald using the power of B-Rabbit, killing him once and for all.

After killing Oswald, Jack makes his way to Alice, where he slams his palm into the door frame of Alice's room. Alice is surprised by what she was seeing of Jack, as he was covered in blood and so she runs to him. Alice asks Jack if he got into a fight with someone and whether or not he was okay. Jack immediately grabs Alice's shoulders, Alice is confused with what Jack was doing , and Jack only says her name. Alice continues, saying that the earthquake had been going on for so long, and it was scaring her. Jack then asks Alice to stop Glen's Chains, while the power she'd lent Jack through B-Rabbit could destroy the Chains, Oswald's Chains were getting in the way. Jack then states that Oz was too drained of power to continue severing chains, he then addresses Alice, before correcting himself and calling her the Intention of the Abyss. Alice then asked, to Jack's surprise, is that what he been doing to Oz. Jack was shocked and Alice replied if Jack wasn't expecting her to put on her sister's dress and pretend to be her.

Alice pushes Jack away and asks Jack why he seems to think that everything is okay. Alice starts to cry and cover her ears as she asks if he can't see it or hear it, if he can't see that Oz crying and screaming. Oz is repeating how he doesn't want to destroy or to kill, before begging Alice to save him. Jack tells Alice that such things were inconsequential, tackling Alice to the ground he then demands that Alice switch places with the Intention because Alice useless. Jack tries calling out to the Intention, telling her to respond to his voice. Alice tells Jack to stop because his Alice wasn't going to be coming out, however, through Alice, the Intention had heard Jack's plea.

Jack asks the Intention if she can hear him, stating that if things stayed the way they were, Jack wouldn't be able to come and see her in the Abyss. He then tells the Intention to hurry up and stop Oswald's Chains, and if she couldn't do that, give Oz more power to sever the chains once more. Alice tells Jack that what he was doing was too much for Oz. Jack continues to say that he wanted the world and the Abyss to be one, and that he needed the Intention's power. He calls out to the Intention once more, and Alice hears the Intention tell Alice to switch places with her. Alice states that she wouldn't and the Intention asks why, as Alice was being unfair. The Intention then tells Alice that if she didn't move out of the way, she was going to use her power to do it herself.

Alice thinks about how bad the situation had gotten, and so she grabs a pair of scissors off of a table. Alice asks Jack if he planned to destroy the world with Oz's powers. She tells Jack that he's stupid and that she would never allow something like that to happen. The Intention once again asks Alice to switch places with her. Alice goes over what was happening in her head, and how soon she'd be taken over, and if that happened Oz and the Intention would destroy the world. Alice addresses Oz, saying that he had been with her from the very beginning, stating that because she was with him, she was very happy. Alice thanks Oz, before telling him not to worry, as the Intention was the other Alice, and Oz was her's, and so she wasn't going to let anyone take what was her's, and that she was going to protect it with her own two hands until the very end. Oz reaches out to try and stop Alice, and he and Jack watch together as Alice stabs herself with the scissors and dies.

Alice kill herself

Alice's suicide with the scissors.

After stabbing herself, Alice's soul returns to the junction where her soul and the Intention of the Abyss' soul interact with one another. The Intention screams in agony as she watches Alice die, running over to Alice when she see's her at their junction. Alice states that she's glad to see her sister acting like her usual self again, and that the two of them hadn't spoken in a long time because the Intention wasn't responding to her voice recently. The Intention apologizes and explains that she had been unaware of what she was doing anymore and how now it seemed as though everything that she cared about was being taken away from her. Alice tells her sister that it will be all right because she would soon fade from there, cutting Jack's connection to the Intention. The Intention tells Alice that it won't matter, whether Jack has access to her through Alice or not, she would eventually seek him out again and be forced to grant any wish he has. The Intention then proposes that they destroy her memories so that she wouldn't be able to grant anymore of Jack's wishes. Alice begins to object, but the Intention goes on to say that the Core of the Abyss would never allow her to hurt herself, so she would have to have Oz destroy her memories for her.

The Intention proceeds to possess Alice's body, grabbing onto Jack so that she could get to Oz through the connection made with Alice's body in an ethereal form, projected from Alice's body. Jack is excited to see that the Intention had finally come out, and when Jack again addresses the Intention, she stops dead in her tracks, losing awareness of herself once again. Alice projects herself like her sister had done, racing ahead of the Intention, telling her that she wouldn't let Oz destroy anything else. Alice then dives into Oz's body, thinking of how using her own soul like this rather than allowing it to go to her sister as it was meant to was wrong, but by doing this, she could take away all of Oz's power. Oz's body transforms to look like Alice, as she introduces herself as Alice the B-Rabbit.

Alice summons Oz's scythe and tells Jack that she could never forgive him for what he had done. Alice mentions how she wants to dismember Jack where he stands, however there was a more pressing matter at hand, and so Alice calls out for the Intention, who offers her memories to Alice. Alice goes to destroy the Intention's memories, when suddenly a bright light erupts from the Intention's chest, the Core of the Abyss revealing itself while speaking through the Intention. The Core tells Alice not to harm the Intention, sending bolts of crackling Abyssal energy shooting off of itself in various directions. Alice is shocked, as is Jack, by the actions of the Core of the Abyss. Suddenly she remembers how her sister had told her that if she was to try and hurt herself, the Core would intervene and prevent such a thing from coming to pass. Alice tightens her grip on Oz's scythe, telling the Core that she wasn't going to hurt her sister, she was only going to destroy her memories. The Core tells Alice that it wouldn't allow that to happen. Alice screams at the Core and tells it to stop being so unreasonable (calling it a blockhead) before going in to attack the Intention's memories once again. Jack tries to tell Alice to stop, but too late as Alice is stopped dead in her tracks. Energy from the Core instantaneously radiates and explodes throughout the tower, throwing Alice, Jack and the Intention back before Alice could manage to destroy the Intention's memories.

Alice's memories are torn apart, and Alice is transported to the Abyss where she finds herself confused and only with the memory that her name was Alice. Vincent finds Jack alone in Alice's tower, questioning what had happened. Vincent then saw Alice, believing her to be dead at first before assuring himself that because Jack was there, Alice couldn't be dead. Vincent tells Jack that he was going to go get help, while Jack just begins to stand up, realizing that with Alice dead and B-Rabbit's power gone, Jack couldn't deliver the Abyss to Lacie as he'd planned. Jack descends through the crumbling tower, finding Oswald dismembered at the base of the stairs. Jack questions whether or not it was he who had done this to Oswald, before remembering that it had been because Oswald wanted to kill Alice. Jack recoils at the thought of having killed his best friend, clinging to Oswald's head as he falls to the ground.

Vincent runs to the Baskerville mansion, finding Gilbert lying unconscious among the rubble. Suddenly, an explosion of black light flows through Sablier as the city falls into the Abyss. Jack is found kneeling in the newly formed Hole of Sablier with Oswald's head in his arms by people who'd escaped the fall of the city, his soul having been rejected by the Abyss and the rule of 100 cycles.

While Vincent look for help, he spot Gil and helped Gil up when Sablier fell into the Abyss While this was happening, another event was taking place.


Kevin dragged into the Abyss and met with Cheshire

After the Intention's encounter with Jack, Alice and the Core, an Illegal Contractor named Kevin Legnard is dragged into the Abyss, entering a part of the Abyss where time was 50 years prior to his own. Kevin wakes to find himself face-to-face with a Chain, one created using Cheshire's soul. Cheshire retreats as Kevin wakes, and numerous dolls from around the room start chanting about how Cheshire was jealous of humans. A girl with white hair, the Intention of the Abyss, appears and asks everyone to  be quiet, for they had startled their guest. The girl asks Kevin what his name is, introducing herself as Alice.
Ep21 - apa itu abyss

"So many people who came to here, but they're finally lost don't know where...

Suddenly, Kevin's Chain, Albus the White Knight, summons himself and introduces himself to the Intention of the Abyss.Kevin is shocked to learn that this girl is the Intention. Albus shows the Intention his memories and how he had brought Kevin to her. The Intention taunts Kevin for being unable to save the Sinclair Family, which causes Kevin to draw his short sword and pin the Intention to the ground as he threatens to kill her. The Intention questions why he came to her if it wasn't to save the Sinclairs, explaining how Kevin was different from the other Illegal Contractors that she'd come across, who had all lost themselves by this point.
Ep21 - albus killed

Albus killed by The Intention.

Albus, out of nowhere, attacked Kevin for trying to hurt the Intention. She didn't appreciate his actions and asked him why he had interfered, before killing him causing his blood to rain down over them. The Intention calls the scene lovely before dancing with Cheshire in it smiling happily. Kevin is suddenly put under physical strain, and so the Intention of the Abyss' Dolls explain to Kevin how he would soon become a Chain like them. Kevin finds this rather hard to believe. The Intention then tells him that the power of the Abyss turns humans into Chains by granting them a will even if they have no life. The Intention informs Kevin on how she absolutely loathes Glen Baskerville, as well as Gilbert and Vincent and anyone else that tries to get too close to 'him'.

Suddenly, the Intention remembers something she'd wanted to do before turning Kevin into a 'dolly', reaching into his eye socket and taking his left eye from him. Calling the eye beautiful, The Intention's Dolls wonder what to the Intention was going to do with Kevin's eye. The Intention brightly explains that she plans on giving Kevin's eyes to Cheshire. The Intention then mentions how she knew red eyes would suit Cheshire. Kevin remembers the Sinclair girl's last words of not wanting to be alone.

Kevin cut the Intention's dolls, much to the Intention's surprise. As the Intentions gleefully smiled at Kevin, the room started to shake. The Intention immediately felt pain and collapsed to the ground as Sablier was being adsorbed into the Abyss. The Intention struggled with the pain while Cheshire worried. The Intention wondered to herself as to why a large scale of people are coming into the Abyss.


The Intention shocked with Sablier downfall into Abyss

Due to Vincent's staus as a Children of ill Omen, both he and Gil wandered into the Abyss until both of them reached the room of the Intention of the Abyss, where Vincent noticed the Intention speaking with Kevin Legnard. Vincent greets Alice and mention how odd her hair is as it is white but realizes that Alice shouldn't be there as she had died already. The Intention yells at Vincent telling him to leave as it was her playroom and it wasn't a place that someone like him could just enter. Many dolls appear calling Vincent's name saying he's a bully because he would always cut them into pieces with scissors and cut out Cheshire's eyes. Alice says that even though they had never done anything to him he would always hurt them. She begins to scream and cry asking him why he's there and that she hated him. Vincent makes the connection that the man with bandages on his eyes is Alice's pet, Cheshire (whom he killed) while the dolls asks the Intention what's wrong. She asks why Vincent is always mean to her but the dolls tell her not to cry because they found Kevin to replace Cheshire's eyes and so she should take out the other one.
Ep22 - revisi the intention clock2

The Intention suddenly happily seeing the clock, remembering her time to tea party

The Intention turns to look at Kevin and asks who he is as she doesn't recognize him. This surprises and confuses Kevin while the dolls ask the Intention if she had forgotten again but the Intention runs over to the clock saying that it  was time for tea. The hands on the clock in the room spin rapidly and the Intention calls everyone to tea. The dolls cry out and sing while Kevin watches the entire event. He calls it madness and Vincent laughs while asking what was going on as he didn't recognize that Alice and wonders if that was his fault as well. Vincent then blames Alice and says she the reason everyone went mad. The Intention then asks when Jack will come and the dolls tell her he'll be here soon. The Intention tells them how Jack promised to take her to his house the other day and that they'd pick flowers in the forest. Vincent laughs and tells her he's not coming because he died trying to protect her after fighting with Glen. The Intention blows it off as lies and tells him Jack would never just up and die on her and asks why Vincent insists on making lies. Vincent continues to tells her Jack won't be coming and Sablier was destroyed was because of her. The Abyss starts to fall apart and everything is being destroyed. Cheshire grabs hold of her Vincent smiles saying that if everything else fell apart and went mad he'd be considered normal. Vincent and Gil were sucked into the Abyss but Kevin dug his dagger into the floor and called out to the Intention telling her that if she would change the past he would give her his right eye. However the Intention is too upset and doesn't hear him until he calls her by her name.
Ep22 - kevin keluar dari abyss

Kevin swept away from Abyss

After Kevin calls her by her true name (Alice), the Intention asks if Kevin would really grant her wish, and so the Intention asked Kevin to help her find a way to no longer be the Intention of the Abyss. Kevin is then swept away and was later on found in the Rainsworth Dukedom's Door to the Abyss by Sharon Rainsworth.


Meanwhile, as the capital city moved from Sablier to Reveil, Jack immediately got to work, spreading rumors that Oswald had lead the Baskervilles as the instigators of the Tragedy of Sablier, despite himself being the true culprit. Jack, having stolen four of the five Keys to the Abyss as well as their respective Doors to the Abyss, established an organization shortly afterwards in order to be able to study the Abyss, naming it 'Pandora'. Jack then chose three noble families to act as the noble leaders of their country.

He chose the Nightray family because of their previously close relationship with the Baskervilles, as well Jack had spread a rumor that Raymond had helped rebels who had been trying to overthrow the government during the turmoil out of Sablier, and Jack gave Raymond the Door to the Abyss which held Raven as it Black Winged Chain. Raven had been connected to Gilbert during his Succession Ceremony, and so Raven would not form a contract with any other individual, and because Gilbert was in the Abyss, Raymond and his family could never access the Abyss.

Jack chose the Rainsworth family because they were completely unrelated to the Tragedy of Sablier, and therefore could remain impartial to any conflict Jack would need to overcome.

Jack chose the Barma family as the final members of the Four Great Dukedoms because he was friends with Arthur, and because of Miranda's role as Jack's accomplice.

Jack's body then began to decelerate in age, becoming younger and younger as time passed because of the power of the Abyss which he had been exposed to when he came into contact with the Core of the Abyss. Jack approached Arthur and told him that he needed Arthur's help to erase Jack from the world. This confused Arthur, and so Jack elaborated and explained that he couldn't keep up appearances as Jack Vessalius any longer because of how fast his body was rewinding itself. Jack explained how sooner or later he would surely disappear all together, before telling Arthur what he called 'The Empty Man', which was the story of everything he had done to instigate the Tragedy of Sablier. Arthur was horrified that Jack would have done such a thing, and Jack playfully questioned what Arthur was talking about, as The Empty Man was meant to be fiction.

Arthur agreed not to report Jack because surely Miranda would be held responsible for Jack's crimes as she had acted as Jack's accomplice. As well, the Barmas had only recently obtained a happy existence in a position of power after losing a power struggle in their own country and being exiled. For these reasons, Arthur agreed to Jack's demands, dictating what Jack had told him in the form of his memoirs, and assembling a small group of mages. Together, Arthur and Jack fooled these four mages into believing that they were dismembering Jack's body to use as a medium to seal away the soul of Glen Baskerville forever, when in reality the mages were using Oswald's already dismembered body to create the Sealing Stones. The Sealing Stones were then strategically placed to be protected by the mages and their descendants for years to come.

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  • Lottie (under instructs of Oswald)
  • Fang (under instructs of Oswald)
  • Dug (under instructs of Oswald)
All of all, in present; the truth of the Tragedy of Sablier is in the hand of the Baskerville Clan. It is unknown whether the truth was spread into the general public.
Ep16 - rahasia besar vincent

Break warns Oz about a huge secret of Tragedy of Sablier which Vincent saves and hides it from everyone

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* Notes : Although Pandora Hearts anime never release the full event about Tragedy of Sablier in Pandora Hearts Canon manga, but there's some scenes in anime about Tragedy of Sablier.

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