The Story of the Rainsworths: White Kitty, is the third story of Pandora Hearts ~Caucus Race~ Volume 1. It is a fairytale-style story focussing on the Rainsworth Dukedom.


Inside the mansion of the Rainsworth family late at night, Sheryl Rainsworth gets out of bed. The Rainsworth family was a rare type of nobility, being a matriarchy, where the women of the family held the power rather than the men. Even though Sheryl used a wheel chair to get around, this did not decrease the air of elegance and nobility around her, as opposed to others her age, who appeared senile. Sheryl laughs, focusing her attention on the window and listening for something. Sheryl then states that the cats of Reveil were very lively that night and remarks on how cute they were.

Sharon Rainsworth was bothered by something, thinking back to the previous day when she sat in-front of her vanity, alone, mumbling to herself as she looked at her own reflection with sadness looming in her words and a troubled look on her face. Sharon sighs and thinks about how down she had felt despite her attempts to change her dreary mood. Suddenly one of the Rainsworths servants knocked on the door and asked if they could enter. Sharon permits their entrance, trying to hide her sadness at the same time. The maid walked in and bowed to Sharon before revealing that Sharon's package had arrived. The maid gave Sharon the package, and Sharon inspected it, wondering who would be sending her a package, also noting how judging from its weight, the package was likely a book. Sharon looked at the address of the sender and realized it was the book store that she frequently visited. Sharon remembers that she had ordered the book, and the maid nods, turning around to leave Sharon with her package. Sharon sighed and the maid looked back to her master, confused. Sharon forced a smile and said that she was looking for a book earlier, but couldn't find one. She had asked the bookstore to deliver the book to her when it came in, however she had found the same book in another bookstore and bought it, forgetting to cancel the order she had placed in the first book store.The maid offered to take care of the book if Sharon didn't have a need for it anymore, but Sharon said that it wouldn't be necessary. The maid bowed again before leaving the room.

The book was a romance novel that Sharon had liked a lot, written by an author she had a great deal of respect for, however because the author had written it under a different pen name as one of their early projects, the book was harder to obtain. Sharon thought about how logically, being able to possess such a novel should bring someone happiness, yet having two copies of the same novel doesn't have any meaning to it at all. Sharon went to put the novel on the shelf, but when she removed the wrapping she was confused as it was not a novel written by a famous author as Sharon had thought. She questions whether the bookstore had intended to send it to someone else, before deciding that it would be best to send the book back just in case, and so Sharon went to re-wrap the book.

Another maid knocks on Sharon's door, and the maid tells Sharon that Sheryl wants to see her in her study. Sharon states that she'd go immediately, deciding to deal with the book later because she still needed to write a note to the bookstore telling them to cancel her order. Sharon looked in the mirror and straightened up, noting the worry in her face. Sharon decides that she can't let her grandmother see that something was wrong and so she forces a smile and continues on to her grandmother's study.

Alice arrives in Sharon's room only a few minutes after Sharon left, kicking open Sharon's door. Alice asks if Sharon had said that she had delicious snacks for her, which was why Alice had come looking for Sharon immediately. Alice notices that Sharon's room is empty and walks to the centre of the room, questioning what was going on because Sharon had invited her, only she wasn't there now. Alice sees a small box on the vanity table and deduces that there might have been some snacks in the box, however Alice only found a book in the box. Alice remembers how Sharon loved to read romance novels and how she had introduced Alice to the concept before, also insisting that Alice called her 'Big sister Sharon' when addressing her, which Alice did under pressure, this often made Sharon shiver with excitement. Alice mentions aloud how she didn't understand the concept because she thought that eating was far more interesting than reading. Alice picks up Sharon's novel and flips through it briefly before stopping abruptly at an illustration of one of the pages.

Sharon arrives in her room again and greets Alice, as her discussion with her grandmother didn't take long to finish. Alice was surprised by Sharon's sudden arrival and Sharon simply greets Alice warmly and looks at the time, asking why Alice had arrived so early, when there was still an hour before they were meant to meet one another. Sharon had received some treats and thought that Alice would like to eat some of them so she had sent someone to Pandora to invite Alice to the Rainsworth mansion for tea, alongside Oz Vessalius and Gilbert Nightray. Sharon questions where Oz and Gil were. Alice nervously states that they had arrived early and were now taking a walk through the rose garden. Although what Alice had told her was something completely ordinary, Sharon notes how something was wrong with Alice.

Alice stares at Sharon, backing up until she couldn't back any further because of the window behind her. Sharon then sees the book she meant to return and deduces that Alice had read it and was now nervous that she would be scolded by Sharon because she had not returned it to its original position before Sharon had arrived. Sharon was surprised by Alice's timidness and so Sharon addresses Alice. Upon hearing Sharon say her name, tears well up in Alice's eyes and she breaks out into a cold sweat. Sharon notes how different Alice was acting, however she still believes that she should reprimand Alice a little.

Sharon sat on the sofa with the book and asks Alice to sit next to her. Sharon told herself that she was doing this for Alice's own good, because Oz was too lenient with her. Alice refused at first but soon gave in to Sharon's request out of fear. Alice tries to maintain a distance from Sharon, but when Sharon leans in closer to her, Alice lets out a small cry. Sharon asks why Alice was so afraid of her, stating that she would be hurt if she acted that way. Alice nervously tries to justify herself before Sharon smiles because of Alice's reaction. Sharon says that she's joking, asking if Alice had read the book. Alice doesn't get to answer completely before Sharon states that reading someone's book without permission is an impolite thing to do, asking Alice what she should do now. Sharon leans in closer to Alice once again and notes her fear, thinking about how she wanted to continue to tease Alice.

Sharon brings her face closer to Alice's and asks Alice to call her 'Big Sister Sharon'. Alice is confused and Sharon repeats herself, saying that this wasn't the first time she'd asked her to call her 'Big Sister Sharon". Alice soon submitted to Sharon's request, making Sharon smile, however her feelings inside were much more excited than she had lead on. Sharon tells Alice that just taking other peoples' books to read was rather disobedient, and that disobedient people had to be punished. Alice was confused, and Sharon once again brought her face closer to Alice's.

Alice broke down from all her terror and said that she would accept any punishment that 'Big Sister Sharon' came up with. Sharon was confused by Alice's sudden change of attitude, now glaring at Sharon, but Sharon tries her best to stay calm and composed. Sharon watches as Alice placed her hand on her shirt, boldly exposing the skin on her chest with a serious look on her face. Alice's skin started to gain a red composure, either because she was excited or shy. Sharon asks what Alice was doing in a louder voice, losing control slightly. Alice leaned in closer to Sharon and said that this should be okay, telling her 'Big Sister Sharon' to do what she wanted to punish her. Flustered, Sharon tells Alice not to do something like this. Sharon thought about how her offensive strategy had turned into a defensive strategy, not being able to think clearly, questioning whether or not Alice was trying to seduce her.

White Kitty I
Alice advances and Sharon retreats until she can't back up any further. Alice grabs Sharon's hand and placed it on her own body. Sharon tries to break free, but her strength is no match for Alice's own strength. Sharon had initially used the teaching of rules to Alice as an excuse to tease her, but she'd never expected that things would turn out this way. Sharon questions whether or not she was getting punished because she had strayed from the correct values. Alice guides Sharon's hand to her exposed chest before telling Sharon to 'do it', as Sharon's hand made contact with Alice's skin. Sharon thought of how smooth Alice's skin was, before correcting herself by thinking about how she had been reacting inappropriately. Even though

Sharon's mind was filled with many thoughts and emotions, she could tell that Alice was serious. In the past, Sharon had only seen Alice as a gluttonous person who lacked female charm and knew nothing about love, and that she had never expected anything like this from Alice. Sharon questions whether or not Alice had preferred women to men, and in a confused swirl of thoughts, she wonders if Oz knew and if he didn't, whether or not it was her duty to tell Oz this. Sharon soon decided that the topic was too sensitive and although she didn't know what to do, she knew that she had to make things clear to Alice right now.

Sharon told Alice to wait, which stopped Alice's movements. In her head, Sharon thought about telling Alice that there was nothing wrong with liking someone and that it was a happy thing to be liked by Alice, but Alice's feelings weren't mutual. Alice urges Sharon on, telling her to hurry up and 'eat' her. Sharon blushes furiously in confusion and questions what Alice meant by 'eat'. Alice stated that it was just like in the book, and so Sharon looked to the book behind Alice, laying on the floor and open to the illustration that Alice had been talking about, it was a picture of two women kissing. Alice states that she understood everything and insisted to Sharon that it was okay.

Sharon frees herself from Alice's grip and goes to read the text coupled with the illustration, discovering that the text was far more in-depth than the illustration, making Sharon believe that the novel was a mature-romance novel. Sharon felt faint as she discovers that the text states that the two women were making love on a sofa in a room and that the older girl wanted the younger girl to call her 'Big Sister'. Having realized that the two of them had unintentionally been reenacting the events of the novel, Sharon goes to explain to Alice that the book had been delivered to her by accident.

Before she does this, Sharon remembers showing Alice a romance novel before and that upon seeing the illustrations, Alice did not seem to fully understand what they meant. Sharon thought about how before, Alice had been completely innocent when it came to 'forbidden relationships' but after reading this novel, Alice had fully understood. Sharon thought that this was bizarre, Alice notes that Sharon looks depressed and tells Sharon that she wouldn't tell anyone, and that she felt sad for Sharon as she had heard that the cure for the "Kiss Kiss-Sweet Luna" had not been discovered yet.

Sharon was confused and Alice explains that the "Kiss Kiss-Sweet Luna" was a very rare illness. Sharon asks what sickness it was, as it had an odd name. Alice questions whether or not Sharon had caught an illness like the "Kiss Kiss-Sweet Luna", meaning that in order to live on, she'd have to suck out the life essence of humans. Sharon was completely confused however she finally understands after Alice finishes her explanation, saying that Break had told her Sharon was infected with "Kiss Kiss-Sweet Luna". Sharon calms down immediately and Alice furrows her brow in shock as a black aura gathers around Sharon whilst she looks at Alice with a smile.

This prompts Alice to explain everything that had happened. After seeing the box and mistakenly thinking that there was snacks inside. Alice found the book instead and so she unwrapped it and flipped through it without Sharon's permission, stumbling on a picture in the process. This picture showed two naked girls wrapped around one another, confusing Alice. Break came through Sharon's window, and greeted Alice. Alice was startled by Break's sudden appearance, and so she dropped the book, exposing the illustration. Break smiled and waved as Alice told him not to come near her.

Break walked closer to Alice, picking up the book in the process. Break looked at the illustration and laughed, saying that the girl at the bottom had been 'eaten' completely. This confused Alice, though she came to a realization soon, asking if Break's eyes had become so rotted that he had mistaken the illustration as someone eating food. Break simply shook his head and explained that to 'eat' did not mean to put something in your mouth and chew it. This confused Alice and so she let down her guard and waited for Break to explain. Break said in a melodious voice that to eat was to absorb energy and a life essence from someone through skin contact, and in addition, when the person you were 'eating' was someone whom you admired, the energy and life essence would taste a lot better.

Alice did not fully understand, as such an advanced ability was not even possible for Chains, and so Alice opened the book again and focused on it. Alice stated that she had never expected Sharon to like reading this kind of novel, and Break explained that Sharon was likely only using it as a reference. Break says that because Alice had found the novel, he was going to tell Alice a secret, however she could not repeat it to anyone else. Break explains that Sharon was troubled because she had the same condition, this surprised Alice. Break covered his face and moved his shoulders, making Alice believe he was being sad for Sharon. When Break was finished, he explained that it wasn't much of a condition, more accurately it was an illness that happens to one out of a few hundred thousand people.

This illness was torturing Sharon, and it had no current cure, and so she didn't want anyone to know. Break asked Alice if she would sacrifice herself if Sharon wanted to 'eat' her. Alice asked if Break was joking, hysterically questioning why she should make such a sacrifice for someone like Sharon. Alice avoided Break's gaze and thought of how so few people had the illness, and how well Sharon hid it, however that was no reason for her to have to sacrifice herself by allowing Sharon to 'eat' her life essence. Alice opened her eyes and told Break that she'd let Sharon 'eat' her, but only her cheek, questioning whether Sharon would be okay just 'eating' her cheek. Break thanked Alice for her kindness, but said that this wasn't enough. Alice explained that she pitied Sharon for having the illness, but that she had only come to the mansion because Sharon had invited her.

Break questioned this and Alice explained that Sharon said that she had snacks for Alice, but Alice couldn't find any herself. Break told Alice in a much lower tone that he understood, and that there were snacks, as it had just arrived, saying that it was right here as he pointed at Alice.

Alice almost screamed out of fright, but first Break said that Sharon was coming back before Break exited out of Sharon's window, telling Alice that the illness was called 'Kiss Kiss-Sweet Luna' and that she wouldn't die from Sharon 'eating' her as he departed.

After hearing the explanation, Sharon was expressionless and silent. Alice questions what was wrong with Sharon, before Sharon smiled suddenly. Sharon said that she had never expected Alice to be so concerned for Sharon, also explaining that Alice didn't need to worry as Break was only teasing her. Alice was stunned that she had been tricked by Break, but she soon plays up that she had known all along and had only pretended to believe Break, and that she hadn't done it because she was concerned about Sharon, all in order to hide her embarrassment. Sharon stopped Alice by saying that she understood, and apologizing for being unable to properly entertain her for the day. Sharon explains that she'd explain everything to Oz and Gilbert and that she would invite Alice back for tea another day. Sharon didn't explain why she was postponing their tea, but Alice listened to Sharon and left Sharon alone in her room.

Before Alice could leave the mansion, someone called to her from behind. It was Sheryl. Alice politely asks what Sheryl wanted, and Sheryl apologizes for how rude Sharon had been, inviting Alice to the mansion and not properly entertaining her. Sheryl picked up a box which she had on her lap. Alice accepts the box and asks what it is. Sheryl explains that it was chestnut cake, from a western fruit store which the Rainsworths had recently sponsored, it was the treat that Sharon originally intended to give to Alice.

Alice notes that the snack was a cake all along, and Sheryl asks if Alice prefers meat. Alice states that Sheryl was right, and while she didn't dislike sweet foods, if she had to choose between the two, she would choose meat as she likes it better. Although Alice had admitted to being more of a meat-eater, she thought of how Oz liked sweets, and how she should bring the cake to him, thinking that it would make him so happy that he'd want to thank her by preparing a big present. Sheryl thought it was great that Alice didn't dislike cake, smiling brightly before a dark shadow crosses her face. Sheryl explains that Break must have been troubled, but Sheryl initially thanks Alice for restoring Sharon's vitality.

This confused Alice, making her ask Sheryl if Sharon really was sick. Sheryl corrected herself, explaining that Sharon was healthy, but she had been having difficulties with her emotional health, but thanks to Alice, Sheryl believes that Sharon had recovered, and so Sheryl thanks Alice for worrying about Sharon. Alice said that it was nothing as she didn't really do anything. Sheryl noted how similar Alice was acting to Sharon, as well as how cute she was being, and asks if Alice was willing to become a member of the Rainsworth family.

Alice was confused, and Sheryl explains that as long as she became a member of the Rainsworth family, then Alice could eat as many desserts and meat as she pleased. Alice takes a step back and shivers at the thought. Sheryl mentions that Sharon had always wanted to adopt Alice. Alice hadn't taken in Sheryl's last statement, still fixated on the fact that she could have as much meat as she wanted. Sheryl waits for Alice's answer with a smile, but Alice declines. Sheryl does not understand why, and Alice said that the Rainsworths were not the place that she should stop at. Sheryl understood, and states that she still welcomes Alice to come and play at the Rainsworth mansion. Alice says that if she wants to come in the future, she would, before heading off to meet with Oz and Gilbert. As Alice left, Sheryl states that Alice is as cute as a kitten.

Entering Break's room, Sharon calls for him. Break greets Sharon happily, but is interrupted by a precise attack from Sharon using her harisen. The attack caused Break to slam into the wall behind him and as Sharon trots over to him, he laughs and states that it was expected that even he couldn't defend himself against Sharon's attacks.

Sharon demands to know why Break had told Alice such a perverted story, and Break simply asks if Sharon enjoyed it. Sharon asks why Break thought that she would enjoy it, Break was confused, saying that he saw Sharon enjoying herself, until Alice started fighting back.

Sharon's embarrassment turns into rage as she deduces that Break was hiding somewhere watching her and Alice. Break explains that he wasn't and that he had just guessed, but by Sharon's reaction, Break deduces that he guessed right. Sharon prepares another harisen attack before Break casually says that she wasn't a 'sports idiot' and asks why Sharon had to worry about it so much, then Break questions whether or not Sharon really was a 'sports idiot'.

Break then says that Sharon was only unable to use a sword well, which was nothing to be frustrated about. This startled Sharon, causing her to question how Break knew this. For the last few nights, Sharon had been sneaking off alone to practice sword fighting, although she didn't really want to be a skilled swordsman, she did want to change herself, at-least by practicing with a sword she would be able to protect herself in dangerous situations. Sharon knew about Break's solidarity, and how if she wanted to continue to be by his side, she couldn't hide behind him like a scared little deer anymore.

Sharon didn't like people knowing about her practicing with swords, and she disliked people knowing she was bad at it even more. Break asks if Sharon thought that no one in the mansion knew that she was practicing with swords. Sharon nods and Break explains that everyone knew early on, and they were worried that Sharon was going to hurt herself. Sharon is surprised to learn that everyone in the mansion knew, as she had gone to great lengths to hide the fact that she was practicing with swords and that it was what everyone in the mansion had been talking about amongst themselves for the last few days. Break laughs happily when he sees Sharon's shocked face. Sharon kneels on the ground from the impact of what Break told her, before she raises her head and asks if Sheryl had already known. It was not Break to answer Sharon, but Sheryl herself, stating that she was the first to know, as she had just entered the room from behind Sharon.

Seeing Sheryl made Sharon remember the conversation the two had before Sharon met Alice in her room. Upon entering Sheryl's study, Sharon asked what the reason she was called to meet her grandmother was. Sheryl claimed that it was nothing important and stated that she just wanted to ask Sharon something. Sheryl asked if Sharon knew that there were cats appearing around the mansion recently. Sharon states that she didn't know. Sheryl explained that it seemed like there was a kitten learning how to catch mice, this confused Sharon, and Sheryl elaborated by saying that she was a bit worried, asking Sharon if she didn't know at all. Sharon said that she didn't and Sheryl stated that she'd forgotten to mention that the kitten always took the chance to practice at night.

Sheryl looks at Break sternly and states that she knew Break had told Alice the story as a way to encourage Sharon. Sharon is confused, and Sheryl continues to say that using Alice like he did, Sheryl couldn't bear it. Break pretends to not know what Sheryl was talking about. Sharon is so wrapped up in her own thoughts that she doesn't hear Break. Sharon asks Break to repeat himself and so he explains that if Sheryl didn't mind, he could teach Sharon how to wield a sword. Sharon recalls how when she first tried to learn how to cook, she accidentally cut her finger, and so Break never let her hold a knife after this, but now he was offering to teach her how to wield a sword. Sharon is confused.

White Kitty II
Sheryl thinks that Break's proposal is a splendid idea. Sharon thinks that because Break was so skilled with swords that the family wouldn't have to worry about her hurting herself anymore, and so Sharon would have to apologize to Alice sometime. Sharon thinks of how she should have asked Break to teach her from the start, but also thinks of how Break likes to work alone, but because of what had just happened, she realized that she and Break were the same in this way, making Sharon feel ashamed of herself. Break explains to Sharon that if she gets even a little injury, they would have to stop practicing immediately.

Sharon questions why Break was treating her like a child again. Sharon thinks of how over-protective Break was with her and how she wanted to prove that she wasn't a flower in a glasshouse so that Break and everyone else could see her in a new light.

Sharon wonders what Break and Sheryl thought of the matter, and although the two do not speak verbally, they communicate with their eyes, saying that Sharon would do something dangerous when they weren't paying attention, so they would have to keep a close eye on her.



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