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The Story of the Mutuality: Blue Rose is the first story within Pandora Hearts ~Caucus Race~ Volume 2. It is a fairytale-like story that focuses of Elliot Nightray and Leo.


A Side Episode of Blue Rose

Caucus Race 2-2
Elliot bursts through the door, Leo sees that he's still using a Holy Knight bookmark. Elliot remarks on how the book Leo had was the newest Holy Knight volume, and that after he'd finished with it, he wouldn't have a use for the bookmark anymore. Leo says that it was fine, as even though Elliot had only used the bookmark once, he used it well. Leo continues reading and Leo notes how much had happened recently and how impactful it had all been. Leo also adds that he thought Gilbert was the best, just as he'd predicted. Elliot objects to Leo's statement, saying that Gil was a disgrace to the Nightray name, Leo simply tells Elliot that it was fine as he thought it was fun.

Leo then asked if Elliot had explained everything to their Headmaster as Leo had been in the infirmary. Elliot confirms this and mentions how their Headmaster was a member of Pandora and so he was filling in Elliot's father, Bernard Nightray, on all that had happened. Elliot then remarked on how it had saved him in a way, because everything happened right before his extended leave, and so he would've had to return home to explain it to his father himself. Elliot then wonders if Bernard was still deciding on whether or not Leo could join him on his inspection of Sablier, as he'd like it if Leo did and because Leo hadn't seen the orphans in the House of Fianna in a long time.

Leo agrees before asking Elliot about the melody he'd claimed as his yesterday, Lacie, though he'd remembered how Elliot didn't know what he was talking about when Leo said that he'd written Lacie, and so Leo dropped the matter. Then Elliot played a piece on the piano that surprised Leo. That piece was the gift of Elliot to Leo: Statice. While playing the piece, Elliot then remarks on how he doesn't know when the final volume of Holy Knight was going to be released, but at that time, he'd use the bookmark one more time. Leo says that he'd like that.


(*) - These characters did not appear physically, but as another character's memories.


  • The events of Blue Rose appear to have taken place after the Lutwidge Academy Arc.



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