She can't. If this small body... uses that kind of power... this body, which Lacie... left behind for us... will be destroyed.

—The Core of the Abyss, speaking with Jack Vessalius through Alice

The Core of the Abyss is the macrocosm of the Dimensional Plane, being connected to every dimension ever created around the Abyss in various incarnations. The Core also exists alongside monitors for each dimension it creates called The Jurors, who observe the dimensions as "Tales" from start to finish in order to make sure that each comes to a different end so that it can be preserved in "The Library". The Core herself is very delicate, as disrupting her in any way could have drastic effects on a dimension - which is why in the case of the 1st Dimension, beings with a direct link to The Core called Glen Baskerville are only allowed to approach her in the most dire situations. Additionally, The Core is a very lonely existence, and so it's hypothesized that as a result of her loneliness The Core experiences a hiccup of power that generates the Children of Ill Omen through each incarnation of Glen.

In the case of the 1st Dimension, The Core was provided with a vessel through the children of an incarnation of Glen Baskerville, Levi, and a Child of Ill Omen, Lacie in order to offer change to the Abyss as well as some accompaniment for The Core. However, with the 1st Dimension reaching its end, The Core has become reluctant to let go of her vessel, The Intention of the Abyss and her twin sister, Alice, and has since kidnapped Alice and possessed The Intention with the intent on fusing together with the twins so that the three of them can exist in perfect harmony for all eternity so that she will never again have to face the loneliness that she'd felt before.

After witnessing Oz and his friend's attempts to return the Core to her original state and the damage the Intention endured upon being the vessel, the Core let go. She allowed the Intention to be destroyed, especially after the Intention apologized to the Core and explained this is what she truly desired. After the Intention's death, the Core was able to use the full extent of its power and fix the Chains of the World from being destroyed. The Abyss returned to its original state, To prevent the Core from feeling lonely again, Leo promised he and the Baskervilles will visit the Core often. Jack offered his body to become the vessel for the Core and Leo gave the Core her name



Originally, the Core of the Abyss's appearance was that of a rounded-like shape figure. It consisted of one rounded-like ball shape figure in the middle, surrounded by smaller round-like ball shape figures around it. In the 1st Dimension, it was surrounded by the golden lights of the Abyss. After accepting one of Lacie's children as a vessel, the Core of the Abyss's appearance change dramatically. Instead, its appearance was that of its vessel, the Intention of the Abyss. However, after learning Alice's decision of separating her sister from the Core, the Core's appearance (the Intention of the Abyss) became crazed and twisted as a result.


In the beginning, the Core of the Abyss didn't have a personality of its own. However, due to the Core's location being within the darkness part of the Abyss, the Core itself became extremely lonely as a result. According to Lacie's theory, although the Core itself was extremely lonely, she believed the Core itself couldn't possible understand a concept such as loneliness. Regardless, the Core continued to make repeated attempts of contact, in hope that someone would notice her presence; she hope that someone would be able to pass through the vacant darkness of the Abyss and accompany her. Lacie also theorized that Children of ill Omen such as herself were born as a result of the Core's wish to connect with someone and end her loneliness. Her wish was finally granted when Lacie, after sensing her presence and learning more about the Core from Levi, pushed the darkness aside and met the Core personally. The Core was extremely happy and grateful for Lacie as she made attempts to ease the Core's loneliness. Although the Core was deeply sadden when Lacie told her that she won't be able to visit her anymore, the Core accepted Lacie's request that she become friend with her child upon her being cast into the Abyss. As noted by Oz, the Core was happily cradling Lacie's daughters as soon as they were born.

Due to Lacie's presence being completely destroyed from the darkness of the Abyss, the Core was extremely protective of Lacie's children since they are all that Lacie left behind after she died and the only physical proof that she ever existed. Despite the Core's efforts to protect Alice and the Intention of the Abyss, its attempts failed during the Tragedy of Sablier when Alice committed suicide and the Intention tried to destroy her own memories. Upon this, the Core shattered Alice's and the Intention's memories after the Core wouldn't allow Alice to destroy her sister's memories in order to protect the both of them. Unfortunately, unknown to the Core, the Intention of the Abyss didn't want to be the Core's vessel anymore and wanted someone to save Alice. Her body and mind were on the verge of collapse as she herself couldn't handle the Core's power.

After learning this revelation from Alice, shortly after Alice explained her reason of wanting to separate her sister apart from Core, the Core wasn't fully able to accepted this. Out of fear of the fact that she will be all alone once more if the Intention was to be separate from the Core, the Core's mind snapped. Her mind and personality became warped and twisted as shown when Alice was horrified of the Core's appearance after she told the Core her decision. Now fully aware as to why the Intention wasn't being herself anymore, believed that if she was to take Alice back with her, the Intention wouldn't feel alone anymore and would cheer up immediately upon seeing her sister. This shown that the Core have no desire of separating the Intention from her. This was proved to be true when the Core attempts to justified her desire of wanting to reunited Alice with the Intention. Without Lacie, the only person who noticed and attempted to end the Core's loneliness, the Core herself felt so alone and cold. It was also shown that she believed Lacie will come back and visited her again; when the Core noticed that someone was about to enter her domain (the Intention of the Abyss's room), she wondered to herself if it was Lacie coming to see her again.

After witnessing Oz and his friend's attempts to return the Core to her original state and the damage the Intention endured upon being its vessel, the Core finally realized that she only caused the Intention more pain and suffering. When Oz was about to attack the Intention, the Core immediately began to protect the Intention. However, Alice prevented the Core from harming Oz and the Intention calmed the Core. The Intention apologized to the Core and explained this was what she truly desired. The Intention explained that while the Core was afraid of loneliness, the Core cared about the Intention (Alice) more than anything in the world. The Core finally accepted the truth that her presence in the Intention's body was causing her harm. The Intention realized that it is the Core that was calling her name when the Intention broke down. She apologized to the Core for not being able to stay by her side, especially after realizing the Core never received a name during the time she stay with the Intention. She allowed the Intention to be destroyed. After the Intention's death, the Core was able to use the full extent of its power and fix the Chains of the World from being destroyed. The Abyss returned to its original state. To prevent the Core from feeling lonely again, Leo promised he and the Baskervilles will visit the Core often. Jack offered his body to become the vessel for the Core and Leo gave the Core her name.


Toward the beginning of time, The Core of the Abyss came into existence by unknown means. The Core existed something like a deity - being the macrocosm of all the dimensions that formed around her and the single constant dimension: the Abyss. Alongside The Core existed a collection of beings known as The Jurors, who were tasked to watch over each dimension, influencing each of them with the inclusion of unique qualities in order to provide different outcomes for each dimension. Truthfully, each dimension was a "Tale" that would be collected into "The Library" once it had reached its end, and in varying different forms The Core, The Jurors and the Abyss existed in each dimension.

In the 1st Dimension, The Jurors created a being known as Glen Baskerville, who had a direct connection to The Core and was destined to lead a group of other outcasts who had been chosen to act as Messengers of the Abyss, the Baskerville Clan. As a result of this connection, The Core would consistently experience a hiccup of power with each new incarnation of Glen, which would flow through Glen and distort the reality of someone close to them, resulting in the birth of a Child of Ill Omen. Children of Ill Omen, being created outside of the initial blueprint of the Abyss and possessing supernatural powers that could distort reality as it was imposed by the powers of the Abyss, were immediately shunned by The Jurors - who advised the Glens to drop their respective Child of Ill Omen for the apparent dangers they posed. Without question, the Glens did as directed, summoning forth the Chains of Condemnation using The Black Winged Chains, which would drag their Child of Ill Omen into the lowest regions of the Abyss to have their existence eradicated.

Manga - Lacie kecil

Lacie accessed the Abyss without a Key with her natural power as a Child of Ill Omen and approached The Core.

Eventually, a Child of Ill Omen named Lacie dove deep enough into the Abyss to discover its dark heart. Though Lacie was wary to approach the darkness, she could feel a lonely presence from within, and so she called out to it - but she never received a response. Once she'd returned to the 1st Dimension, Lacie asked her master, Levi about what she'd seen - to which he was unable to provide her with an answer, as such knowledge was reserved only for the Glens. After due consideration, Levi ultimately decided to tell Lacie the truth, taking her aside and explaining to her the existence of The Core of the Abyss, and how someone could disrupt the world monumentally simply by coming into contact with The Core. To further explain his point, Levi revealed that even though only the Glens were permitted to approach The Core in the most dire of circumstances, because of the distortion that is a Child of Ill Omen someone like Lacie could do so as well - making Lacie's own existence a great threat to both their world and the harmony of the Abyss, which is why she had to die.

Even though Lacie could accept what Levi was saying, she couldn't anticipate what Levi's true intentions were. In an attempt to console Lacie, Levi asked if she would be willing to help him with an experiment of his, revealing that he longs for change and would like to try and give humanity the power to control the Abyss. Lacie immediately shrugged off what Levi was suggesting, believing it to be impossible - only Levi hadn't meant that he wanted to take control of The Core, but rather he wanted to offer her a human vessel in order to observe how it could change the Abyss. To do so however, Levi revealed that he would have to impregnate Lacie prior to her Ceremony of Judgement, so that when she was dragged down into the Abyss by the Chains of Condemnation to be destroyed, her child would be born in the Abyss and carry on living outside of the grasp of the Chains of Condemnation to be taken as The Core's vessel. Horrified, Lacie attempted to distance herself from her master, only to come to a realization and question if doing so would stop The Core from always feeling so lonely all the time, which Levi confirmed. Even though she was reluctant, Lacie agreed to help Levi in his experiment for the sake of The Core of the Abyss.

With her new knowledge of The Core, Lacie once again dove into the Abyss - this time into its deepest regions in order to meet The Core. Lacie greeted The Core happily upon her arrival and revealed twin black rabbit dolls which she had brought with her. Lacie gave one of the dolls to The Core, which it played with briefly, saying that since they both would have identical dolls they would always be connected to one another. Shortly afterward Lacie had to leave, but she promised The Core that the next time she came to visit, she would bring another friend with her. As an effect of the Abyss' power, the rabbit dolls were given life - a joint consciousness shared between two bodies - and despite the fact that the rabbit doll could only observe events as they unfolded between the Abyss and the 1st Dimension as time passed, it still satisfied Lacie's promise to The Core that they would always be connected to one another.

Lacie and the Core

A pregnant Lacie visits her old friend, The Core

Close to twenty years later, Lacie returned to the dark heart of the Abyss with her doll, greeting The Core and mentioning how long it'd been since they'd seen one another. Unfortunately, Lacie also admitted that it would be the last time they could see each other in such a way - which made The Core "sway" with discomfort - though she revealed that she'd be delivering her child in the Abyss very soon and asked that The Core seek it out and make friends with it in her absence. Lacie then put down her black rabbit doll beside The Core's own doll and left the Abyss, leaving the doll to enter a state of repose.

Not long after, Lacie was dragged down into the depths of the Abyss by the Chains of Condemnation, where she gave birth to twins while she was being destroyed. The Core wasted no time and immediately embraced Lacie's children, both of whom she'd named Alice. While happily cradling the children, The Core made them age instantaneously, both becoming adolescents mere moments after their birth. While The Core took one of the twins as her vessel, becoming The Intention of the Abyss, the other twin took one of the black rabbit dolls and left the Abyss of her own accord. Unexpectedly, the moment that The Core joined with The Intention, the harmony of the Abyss shattered, and the golden paradise which it had once been became a mutated and hellish dimension of uncontrollable pain and suffering.

Satisfied with her accompaniment, The Core remained dormant within The Intention - who, over time, began to copy the doll, Oz's, habit of visiting the 1st Dimension by switching bodies with Alice. Soon after Alice's induction to the Baskerville Clan, she encountered a man with whom her uncle Oswald had been acquainted to, named Jack Vessalius. Upon witnessing Alice's encounter with Jack, The Core, speaking through the Intention, retrieved a fragment of Lacie's soul which she'd saved from the Abyss because it was a collection of her thoughts and feelings toward Jack. The Core offered this last piece of Lacie to Oz, asking him to take it to his body in the 1st Dimension and deliver it to Jack. Though Oz was successful, his actions deluded Jack to believe that Lacie had become one with the Abyss rather than being killed.

This body that Lacie left

The Core intervenes in the conversation between Jack and the Intention.

With his own dark agenda in mind, Jack asked if The Intention could sever The Chains of the World, which Levi had unintentionally revealed to Jack would drop the entire world into the Abyss, pretending that he wished to do so in order to truly be with The Intention. Seeing the danger of the situation, The Core stepped in and possessed The Intention, telling Jack that such a thing would be impossible because using her power in such a way would be foreign to Alice's body and would destroy her. Furthermore, The Core admitted that her mere presence had been wearing Alice's existence down, and so she wouldn't allow any further damage to be inflicted on the body which Lacie had left behind. Realizing that he was speaking to The Core, Jack attempted to address The Core personally, only to have her retreat back into The Intention's subconscious. After reviewing what The Core had told him, Jack instead suggests that The Intention creates a Chain capable of severing The Chains of the World, which The Intention happily agrees to do by molding Oz's second body into Oz the B-Rabbit.


The clashing of B-Rabbit's and The Core's power

Soon enough, Jack succeeds in opening one of the Doors to the Abyss in order to form a Contract with Oz the B-Rabbit and severs The Chains of the World. What Jack hadn't anticipated was that Oswald could mend The Chains using The Black Winged Chains. With his plan gone awry and Oz low on power, Jack rushed to The Tower to ask The Intention to refuel Oz so that he could sever The Chains of the World again. Unexpectedly, Alice tricked Jack into revealing what he'd done - as she could hear Oz screaming in agony and had lost contact with The Intention - which ultimately lead her to one conclusion. Alice grabbed a nearby pair of scissors and stabbed herself in the heart in order to sever Jack's connection with The Intention. As her life faded, Alice met her sister in their mental junction, where The Intention revealed that Jack's hold on her could never be stopped so long as she had her memories of him. Intent on having Oz destroy her memories of Jack, The Intention used Alice's corpse to make a connection with Jack, then projecting herself in order to reach Oz - only to be stopped dead in her tracks when addressed by Jack. Fortunately, Alice's soul carried on, diving into Oz's body and claiming it and his powers as her own so that Oz himself never had to hurt anyone again.

From there, Alice attempted to destroy The Intention's memories with the power of B-Rabbit, only to have The Core intervene. Believing that Alice intending on harming The Intention rather than just destroying her memories, The Core refused to allow Alice to proceed. Even so, Alice carried on with her attempt, but the clash between The Core and B-Rabbit's powers resulted in an explosion that tore apart The Intention's memories and separated Alice from her own memories by transporting her to the Abyss - memories which were later saved by The Intention. With The Intention safe, The Core faded back into her subconscious, while the majority of Sablier dropped into the Abyss.


Sablier Arc

When Oz was drawn into The Hole while wandering through Sablier by memories, he ran into the memory of Glen Baskerville. Glen's Jabberwock tried to attack, but Glen settled it down, stating that Jack was not his enemy. After Jabberwock retreated into Glen's body, he stated that the power of the Abyss was in disarray and that the golden world of the Abyss was now covered in a layer of darkness. Glen asked whether this was because of the Intention of the Abyss, stating that such a thing did not exist in the beginning, rather there was a Core that ruled all, though the Baskervilles never thought that it would gain an ego of its own. Glen then states that such a thing should never have happened.

Swan Song Arc

With the destruction of the 1st Dimension on the rise after Jack managed to sever The Chains of the World for a second time, Alice ventured back in time alongside Oz, Gilbert Nightray and Ada Vessalius in order to stop Oswald - who had taken control of Leo's, the present Glen Baskerville, body in order to kill Lacie before she ever met Jack - thereby preventing The Chains of the World from ever being broken. When it seems as though Alice is in danger, Cheshire takes her in his arms and flees the scene, where he and Alice formulate a plan to make contact with The Core of the Abyss in order to save The Intention before it's too late.

Although the two are attacked by Oswald before they can reach The Tower, Cheshire fends Oswald off so that Alice can proceed. Storming into her old room, Alice attempts to make contact with her past self, but to no avail - something which she had anticipated given that people from the future who are not Glen or a Child of Ill Omen are unable to influence the past. Fortunately, Alice is confident that The Core of the Abyss should be able to hear her no matter who she is, and so Alice instead attempts to address The Core. As The Core possess the past incarnation of Alice, Alice reveals that she'd come to save Alice (The Intention), demanding that The Core allow her to meet with her sister in the Abyss. Confused, The Core asks what Alice means by "save". Confirming her intent, Alice states that she's going to save Alice (The Intention) from The Core, only to correct herself by saying that she's going to save Alice from The Intention of the Abyss itself.

As The Core attempts to decipher what Alice means, a large crack spreads across the floor underneath her. The Core tells Alice that she's not sure what she means by "save", wondering if Alice is trying to say that she can no longer be with The Intention. Confirming this, Alice explains that her sister can't handle The Core's power, and that because of it both The Intention's body and mind are on the brink of collapse. The world around The Core starts to crack as she insists that Alice is lying to her, but Alice stands strong and reveals to The Core that she's telling the truth - as The Intention imparted her wish directly onto someone she'd known (Xerxes Break). Alice then admits to The Core that she'd seen it in the junction shared between her and her sister, she laid witness to The Intention crying painfully because of her burdens as The Intention. The Core, now screaming, tells Alice that The Intention's body was left for her by Lacie, and she'd always taken proper care of it to ensure that it doesn't break. Attempting to get through to The Core, Alice tells her that no matter how important she may believe it is to her, there isn't any other way, as The Intention's already worn. Outright denying Alice, The Core breaks down, covering her face and crying while the world cracks all around her. As she cries, The Core mutters about how if The Intention wasn't allowed to be with her anymore, then she'd have to go back to being alone.

The Core has entered a crazed state, summoning some of The Intention of the Abyss' Dolls as she proclaims that she won't hand over The Intention, because she wants them to be together forever. Only then does The Core wonder whether taking Alice as well and uniting the two sisters would cheer up The Intention. Determined to obtain Alice as well, The Core sends the dolls after Alice, only for them to be stopped before they can reach her, as they're shot down by Gilbert, who'd been sent by Oz to help Alice. Gilbert asks Alice what's going on and what exactly she did to make all this happen, prompting Alice to explain that since she'd heard them talking about how they needed to get to the place where The Intention is, she thought that she'd try and separate The Core from The Intention. Hearing this, The Core goes off on a tangent, insisting that she's going to take The Intention and ordering Alice not to get in her way. The Core easily overpowers both Alice and Gilbert with lengths of chains, leaving Gilbert laying on the floor unconscious while an unconscious Alice is suspended with black material reminiscent of tar that's been generated by The Core. As The Core coils around Alice, she invites Alice to come along with her so that they can be together forever.

Just then, the world outside of The Tower shatters as The Core brings Alice to the dark heart of the Abyss once again, generating a field of power that will tear apart any existence that attempts to approach and throw them into the time vortex of the Abyss. Though all seems lost, Gilbert manages to enter the dark heart of the Abyss alongside Alice and The Core, where he urges Alice to wake up. Guided out of her slumber by Lacie's melody, Alice sees that she and Gilbert are now in a distorted version of her room in The Tower with The Core wrapped in Chains and some of The Intention's Dolls orbiting around her.

Gilbert shoots a few of The Dolls, prompting Alice to question what's going on - to which Gilbert asks if Alice really doesn't remember how The Core brought them there during her rampage. The Dolls question how Gilbert managed to get there on his own, as he's supposedly not meant to be there. This makes The Core speak up about how The Intention's wish is simply Alice, and so she asks Alice to join with them and become one; justifying that doing so would finally cheer The Intention up. Enraged, Gilbert steps forward with Raven's power, ordering The Core to shut up - as Oz had left him in charge of Alice and so he won't allow The Core to just do as she pleases with Alice. Upon hearing Oz's name, The Doll's ask who Oz is as they worry that someone else may be coming. However, The Core assures The Doll's that no one else could possibly be coming, since they're inside a black storm raging within the Abyss, and to approach it would result in the scattering of their existences. Although The Doll's are overjoyed, Gilbert insists that Oz will come for Alice, asking Alice for support on the matter.

Alice agreed with Gil and tried to help Gil fight against the Dolls. While the Core laughed manically in the chaos and send her Dolls to Alice once again, Gil use his chain to destroy the Dolls. Gil knew that it will be difficult task to protect Alice from the Core since he is losing stamina. The Core began to call Alice and Alice suddenly declared that she had enough. She yelled at the Core that even if she brought her (Alice), Alice (Intention) will not get any better. The Core rebuffed what Alice just said but Alice tell the Core to listen to Alice (Intention). She tell the Core that if Alice (Intention) is really dear to her, she should listen to what she (Intention) want to said. The Core ignored Alice's request and repeatedly said that she doesn't want to be alone again. To Gil and Alice's shock and horror, the Core reveal a big hole from inside her chains as she stare with a mad expression. The Core began to reminiscence the first time Lacie met her and said her name in a sad tone. She immediately began to attack Alice and Gil as the two dodged her attacks. While the Core continued to her attacks, she tell herself that without Lacie by her side, she felt so cold. With tears in her eyes, The Core sadly declared to Lacie that she doesn't want to be alone; she call for Alice once again as the Intention sleep peacefully inside her.


To Alice
  • "Stop... Stop... it. Don't hurt... Alice..."
  • "Alice is the precious gift Lacie left behind!"
  • "I don't want her to go...I don't want to be all alone again..."
  • No...No...No...I don't want to be alone again"
To The Intention of the Abyss
  • "Alice...from now on we will never be apart!"

To Lacie

  • "L..Lacie"
  • "Lacie...I feel so cold. Without you, I don't want to alone... Alice"


(*) - Denotes that the character did not appear physically, but as a part of another character's memories.


  • Although the Core of the Abyss is fused with the white Alice, it was revealed that the Core views the world from within the Alice she became the Intention with, and as such, the Core can intervene, taking over Alice's body if needed in order to speak through her.
  • Oswald thought nothing of The Core of the Abyss because he didn't think it could develop its own ego, though after its fusion with Oswald's niece, creating the Intention of the Abyss, Oswald viewed it as an abomination, hating it for destroying the peace of the Abyss.
  • It has been shown more than once that the Core cared deeply for Lacie due to her friendship ridding it of its loneliness. After her death, this same fondness was displayed for Lacie's twin daughters since they are all that Lacie left behind after she died and the only physical proof that she ever existed. 
  • It's been recently revealed that Children of III Omen are created by the Core on a whim and because of this, Jury has no power over them. Hence why she is so adamant on their destruction.
  • The Core could be based on the White King from the Looking through the Glass novel.


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