The Case Study of Vanitas
Vanitas v1 cover


The Case Study of Vanitas




Vanitasu no Shuki (Carte)


Jun Mochizuki


Gangan Joker

English Publisher

Yen Press




5 (Ongoing)

Original Run

2015 - present


Supernatural, Fantasy, Steampunk

The Case Study of Vanitas is the third main series by mangaka Jun Mochizuki following her completion of both Crimson-Shell and Pandora Hearts. The series launched on December 22nd 2015 and is being published monthly in Gangan Joker magazine. Later the series has been licensed for an English language by Yen Press. In Indonesia, the series has been licensed by Elex Media Komputindo. 


Set in 19th Century France, The Case Study of Vanitas features concepts relating to both vampires and the steampunk style, which commonly incorporates elements of the Victorian Era alongside more intricately advanced steam-powered machinery. Civilization or society has a mix of vampires and humans, but humans have the superiority after a war against both races



Vampires are a race of beings that have lived partially segregated from humans ever since a war was struck between them. Vampires were forbidden to drink human blood and thusly disappeared beyond the barrier between their worlds; however there are vampires that still choose to live among humans and are watched over by a count appointed by the Queen. The current vampire appointed to this position is a man by the name of Count Parks Orlok.

According to the fairytale Noé tells Amelia while explaining the origins of the Book of Vanitas, most vampires are born on nights wherein the moon is full and crimson, while vampires born on nights of full blue moons are considered symbols of misfortune.

Children of Ill Omen

Vampires born of full blue moons and are considered to cause misfortune.

The Book of Vanitas

A dark grimoire supposedly passed on to Vanitas by Vanitas of the Blue Moon himself. In the first chapter, the book is described by Noé as having a blue leather cover adorned with a bright blue gem and jet black pages. Attached to the book is a silver chain with clockwork pieces. In chapter two, Vanitas mentions to Count Parks Orlok that only he knows how to open and use it, suggesting there is a method to unlocking the book.

List of Chapters

Parisian Excursion Arc

Bal Masque Arc

Hunters of the Dark Arc

Return of the Beast Arc



  • Vanitas first appeared in the final Pandora Hearts artbook There is., shown waving to the main cast of Pandora Hearts as he passed by alongside Noé with his back turned so that he remained unidentifiable at the time.