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Tempest of Conviction is the 2nd episode of the Pandora Hearts anime. It first aired on April 9, 2009.


Oz feels that it’s early, but he starts mingling with the guests. He meets Sharon Rainsworth with whom he is instantly infatuated. He asks her if she’s participating, but she says she can’t because she is still thirteen. Oz offers her a rose and a toast in honor of her beauty. She laughs, but takes her leave with a warning for him. She insists that he should remember the ones who are near him and will continue to support him no matter what. A young man with a red eye and a doll on his shoulder escorts her out (Break). He teases her about Oz, but she replies that Oz will probably be working more closely with Break in the future. He agrees and remarks that the rain today may turn into a tempest.

Oscar starts the ceremony. Oz remembers he forgot to ask him about the watch. Ada wishes him luck; he tells her to hurry inside before she is scolded. When Oz sees Gil participating, he is really happy. A masked man outside the mansion says that the countdown has begun. 
Ep02 - jam yang tidur

The dormant clock.

As Oz climbs the stairs to take his vows, the clock which had been silent for a hundred years suddenly starts working again. The masked men claim he is the person in the prophecy. Oz is shocked by what’s happening. A controlled Gil suddenly grabs Oz and stabs him. The men use his blood to open the path to the Abyss. 

Oz begs Gil to stop; Gil is thrown aside as B-Rabbit emerges. She claims Oz is her property and addresses the Shinigami as a fight ensues. After she defeats them all, she asks them why they’re planning to send Oz to the Abyss. Oz is
Ep02 - xai's judgement

Oz's casting to the Abyss.

still in shock; Gil, who has recovered, asks one of the men why they’re doing this to Oz. He suddenly gasps as he recognizes one of the men. Oz picks up a sword and rushes towards the masked man; Gil tells him to stop, but Oz doesn’t and accidentally slashes Gil across the chest. Shaking, Oz drops the sword. Weakened physically and emotionally, a man holds him as another states that he’s being punished for the sin of existing. The black wings drag a screaming Oz into the Abyss. 

Break is seen drinking tea in a ruined manor. Sharon states that this is the Rainsworth family’s mission to rescue Oz Bezarius. A young man in black is seen sitting on the side as well.

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Chapter 2: Tempest of Conviction


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