This article is about the character, Sharon Rainsworth. You may be looking for her mother, Shelly Rainsworth or her grandmother Sheryl Rainsworth.
Of course I had to give up a lot of things, but what I will get in exchange for what I have lost...depends only on me.

— Sharon to Break at the Second Coming of Age Ceremony.

Sharon Rainsworth

Sharon Manga


Name Sharon Rainsworth
Kanji シャロン レインズワース
Romaji Sharon Reinzuwāsu
Race Human
Birthday April 13th
Age 13 (Physically)
23 (Actual)
30 (After timeskip)
Gender Female Female
Height 157 cm (5'2")
Eyes Pink
Hair Caramel Brown
Blood Type B
Professional Status
Affiliation Pandora
Rainsworth Family
Personal Status
Status Deceased
Relatives Shelly Rainsworth (Mother)
Sheryl Rainsworth (Grandmother)
Reim Lunettes (Husband)
Current Equus
First Appearance
Manga Debut Retrace II: Tempest of Conviction
Anime Debut Episode 2: Tempest of Conviction
Japanese Voice Kana Hanazawa (Anime)
Yui Horie (Drama CD)

Sharon Rainsworth (シャロン レインズワース, Sharon Reinzuwāsu), also known as Sharon Reinsworth and Shalon Reinsworth, is the Lady of the Rainsworth household and the contractor of the Chain Equus. She is also the wife of Reim Lunettes, thus making her Sharon Lunettes.


Sharon appears to be 13 years old, but is in fact 23 years old. Her appearance does not change from her first meeting with Oz to after he came out of the Abyss because she made a Legal Contract with a Chain, the black Equus.

Appearance - sharon anime concept

Sharon's anime character design

She is about 157 cm (5'2), with long, caramel-colored hair which falls just above her waist, usually tied back in a ponytail with a ribbon, and bangs. She has pink, cranberry-colored eyes, and is usually seen wearing Victorian style dresses with high-heeled shoes. Oz describes her as very lovely and graceful. Unlike the other characters, she does not have a constant outfit, and is shown in several different wardrobe changes. She looks a lot like her mother, Shelly Rainsworth. When she was younger, Sharon had the same blue highlights as her mother.

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Sharon is a calm, gentle, trustworthy, and kind young woman. She is very ladylike and smiles most of the time, but she can be serious, especially in battles and has both beauty and brains. However, it is also noted that she can be very intimidating, as seen when she threatens Alice to call her Sharon-oneesama (big sister Sharon) and when she beats up Oz and Break with a harisen fan. She shows some weakness in dealing with emotions, but eventually powers through and deals with situations logically, with tenacity as well as belief.

She seems to be very protective of Xerxes Break, as the two have a very close bond with one another; she was the one who discovered Break in a fatal condition after he came out of the Abyss. When she was young, she used to call Break 'Xerxes-niisan', and thus he became a big brother figure to her.

After a certain point, Sharon seemed to become oversensitive towards the fact that she was not very useful during battles and was entirely reliant on the power of Equus. Since this point, Sharon has insisted repeatedly on helping more with missions, although she is usually disregarded. By the end of the story, she has become much more powerful, both in emotion and strength.

Powers & Abilities


See More: Equus

Equus is Sharon's chain. Equus takes the shape of a black unicorn and is often used by Sharon for data collection. It has the power to warp between places and Dimensions, taking people with it. This however does not mean that its attacking power is weak. Equus is like a shadow, and is very often in Oz's or Break's shadow.

Harisen: Although mostly for comic relief, Sharon has shown to be quite powerful with her harisen when annoyed or angered. Such as beating the likes of Break and Oz to a pulp easily. Sometimes she beats others when she is embarrassed to hide her feelings.


  • (Referring to Oz) "From here on, there's no turning back. We have Pandora's Key. Even if this gentleman is a fallen angel that will bring about destruction."
  • (To Gilbert Nightray) "Mister Gilbert, if it is fine with you, will you have tea with me after this?"
  • (To Gilbert) "If Oz is lacking something, you always notice it for him."
  • (To Break) "Stop saying such crazy things!!!"
  • (To Oz and Gilbert) "Break wants to know the truth from 100 years ago!"
  • (To Break) "Of course I had to give up a lot of things, but what I will get in exchange for what I've lost...depends only on me."
  • (To Gilbert) "You must be suffering like the rest of us. If you do not mourn when you should, you will break later on."
  • (To Reim Lunettes, referring to Break) "Reim, just think of him as the air."
  • (To Gil) "I do not know... if this is what I should be saying to a gentleman, but... crying when you should... is important too, no...?"
  • (To Shelly Rainsworth and Break) "Mother! Xerxes-Niisan!"


(*) - Denotes that the character did not appear physically, but as a part of another character's memories.


  • Brake and Sharon

    Break teasing Sharon about Oz.

  • The name Sharon means “plain" in Hebrew.
  • Sharon's zodiac sign is Aries.
  • A running gag in the series is that Break often teases Sharon about having feelings for younger male characters following some kind of interaction with them.
  • Sharon and her grandmother are the only known female contractors of Pandora as of yet.
  • When Sharon gets intoxicated, she thinks of herself as a queen.
  • Sharon has had more wardrobe changes than any other character throughout the series.
  • Despite being part of the main five characters in the series, Sharon has had the least important role and not much of her backstory has been revealed. In some omakes, she expresses her anger about this.
  • It is shown that Sharon prefers tea over sweets. 
  • Sharon's anime voice actress, Kana Hanazawa, is also the same voice actress of Zera in Tail Zero Fairy Tail Zero anime and Saaya Agata in Dance Sket Dance anime. While Sharon's drama CD voice actress, Yui Horie is also the voice actress of Carla in Tail Fairy Tail anime and Mikuru Shindou in Vanguard G Cardfight!! Vanguard G.