Ruskin 1927
Name Ruskin
Race Human
Age Unknown (Mid-Late 40's)
Gender Male Male
Eyes Violet
Hair Black (Graying)
Professional Status
Affiliation Red Rose: Crimson-Shell Division
Occupation Red Rose Member
Base of Operations Red Rose Headquarters
Personal Status
Status Alive
First Appearance
Manga Debut Sprout I: Prologue of Prologue

Ruskin (ラスキン - Rasukin) is a member of Red Rose: Crimson-Shell Division with an unspecified high-standing within the organization. Ruskin is the first to find Shion Liddell after Claudia during the attack on Red Rose Headquarters by the Black Roses, and introduces Shion to the concepts of Red Rose when he learns that Shion is a new inductee. Ruskin later that Xeno had betrayed Red Rose and attacked Claudia, resulting in the deaths of numerous Red Rose members - but Ruskin remains unconvinced and desperately attempts to defend Xeno despite Gerhardt Balthier providing evidence of Xeno's actions. Suspicious, Ruskin goes to speak with Wilhelm - only for Wilhelm to attack him in order to gain Victoria's trust so that he can unearth the truth. After Victoria revealed her plans, Les arrived and helped save Ruskin alongside Wilhelm - with all three of them working together to take down Victoria and Gerhardt. Unbeknownst to them, Claudia was facing her own demons, and without Ruskin, Wilhelm or Les by her side - Claudia fell into a deep sleep when she lost what she cared for the most.



Ruskin is a middle aged adult. His hair is white and spiky in front and dark brown in back. His short beard is also dark brown. He has purple eyes and wears square framed glasses. Ruskin's clothing consists of a white collared shirt, black pants and suspenders, and a black necktie with the Crimson-Shell pin.


Ruskin is very cheerful and somewhat a pervert. At times, he can become quite annoyed and uses foul language like when he wanted to see Claudia and if she was alright. He cares deeply for Claudia although he is fond of teasing her.  


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Powers and Abilities

Ruskin does not show many combat skills, but he has some useful abilities :

  • Ruskin is shown to be capable of using a handgun when The Infected Gerhart attacks, although how skilled he is with it is unknown.
  • Ruskin is capable of trailing and spying on someone, shown when he trails Wilhelm, although he is discovered and captured by Wilhelm. 



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Gerhardt Balthier

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  • "Because today is the day the little lass' 'beloved' returns!"