Pandora Hearts ~Caucus Race~ Volume 1

Caucus Race

Release Date March 26th, 2011
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Pandora Hearts ~Caucus Race~ is a novel written by Shinobu Wakamiya and illustrated by Jun Mochizuki.


The plotline was meant to focus on all four dukedoms, portraying them in a fairytale-like manner. It tells about the many things that happened in the Four Dukedoms and how your favorite characters dealt with them. Caucus Race also came with an all new Pandora Hearts One-Shot.

Novel Cover

The cover features Oz facing forward, clutching a red rabbit plush in one hand and covered with a pink, cherry blossom blanket while Gilbert stands behind him in a black cloak clutching his left shoulder and looking away. The background is littered with blue candy drops and the box they fell out of.

Publisher's Summary

Within these pages, four fairy tales unfold, each peering into one of the houses of the four great dukedoms: Vessalius, Rainsworth, Barma, and Nightray. Shifting among present, past, and future, these stories link to each other like a wheel, traveling to and fro in a never-ending ring between the everyday and the extraorinary. Inside this ring, the protagonists take off at a gallop. Caucus race: A race that is run within a circle, any which way one likes. A race with no goal. Who will be the winner?

Look deeper into the world of PandoraHearts with this first ever novelization based on the work of the New York Times bestselling manga creator Jun Mochizuki, illuminated by special manga shorts drawn by Mochizuki herself...

Chapter List

The Story of the Vessaliuses: Golden Drops

Golden Drops

Cover of The Story of the Vessaliuses: Golden Drops

A long time ago, Oz had seen 'golden snow'. Oscar Vessalius had brought Oz, Ada and Gilbert out into the countryside and here they witnessed a breathtaking sight, the scenery before them became bathed in golden light.


Oz was asleep in his room when Alice crept in. She noticed that he was still asleep and smiled at first but that smile soon turned into a smirk. She jumped over to his bed, bent over him and sang his name before slamming down in a swift downward attack. Oz awoke as he felt the pressure shift from Alice's movements and rolled out of the way just in time, though he fell out of bed and hit the back of his head on floor as a result. Oz groaned in pain and Alice accepted this as a triumph, even though she had missed. He got up and said good morning to her, but she interrupted his sentense and told him that it was already afternoon and that he should've been saying "Good Mornafternoon" instead.
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The Story of the Nightrays: Black Widow


Cover of The Story of the Nightrays: Black Widow

Gilbert Nightray recieves a proposal from Dalia Garland, the single daughter from the mysterious Garland Nobility. Gilbert prepares to let her down politely, though Oz and Break try and take matters into their own hands. Meanwhile, Vincent has Echo spy on Dalia, as he views Dalia as a threat to his brother. Echo follows Dalia to a boutique in Revielle, and when she finally emerges again, Echo notices the distinct smell of blood clinging to Dalia.

Gilbert meets with Dalia in a park the next day, where he finds that Dalia is kind and understanding, easily picking up on Gilbert's initial intention to turn down her proposal. The two talk about their lives as they walk through the park, that is until they come across two fallen women in flashy dresses ahead of them on the path.
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The Story of the Rainsworths: White Kitty

White Kitty

Cover of The Story of the Rainsworths: White Kitty

Inside the mansion of the Rainsworth family late at night, Sheryl Rainsworth gets out of bed. The Rainsworth family was a rare type of nobility, being a martiarchy, where the women of the family held the power rather than the men. Even though Sheryl used a wheel chair to get around, this did not decrease the air of elegance and nobility around her, as opposed to others her age, who appeared senile. Sheryl laughs, focussing her attention on the window and listening for something. Sheryl then states that the cats of Reveil were very lively that night and remarks on how cute they were.

Sharon Rainsworth was bothered by something, thinking back to the previous day when she sat infront of her vanity, alone, mumbling to herself as she looked at her own reflection with sadness looming in her words and a troubled look on her face.
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The Story of the Barmas: Pink Curse

Pink Curse

Cover of The Story of the Barmas: Pink Curse

Reim hadn't had a real vacation in close to nine months. It had been a busy day, and Reim Lunettes was still continuing his work. Usually, Reim doesn't only deal with affairs from Pandora, because he is a valet of the Barma family, one of the Four Great Dukedoms. He was one of Rufus Barma's valets, and so everyday he had to cope with an overwhelmingly large workload. Reim had to work efficiently under shrewd order and produce reports that were almost impeccably accurate and of well received format, however Reim was still left without reward for all his hard work. Everyday of Reim life had been writing detailed report after detailed report. Today however, was different. After eight months and two days of hard work, Reim finally got to have a day to himself and so he didn't have to write another report.

Reim walks into the entrance hall of the Barma mansion, where another valet looks to him with suprised confusion. Everyone could tell when Reim was meant to be on vacation, so the valet asked why Reim was wearing his uniform and what had happened.
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  • Yen Press is translating Caucus Race as well as the main series. Vol. 1 released June 2015, Vol. 2 to be released September 2015, Vol. 3 release date not yet set.
  • The title "Caucus Race" is based off of the same activity that the Dodo had Alice, The Lory, Eaglet, Duck and others preform in order to dry off after emerging from the pool of tears.
  • It was released at the same time as Volume 14.
  • It is Pandora Hearts' first novel.