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This page contains an official policy of the Pandora Hearts Wiki. Failure to comply with these policies will result in a confrontation by an admin and further violation after warnings may result in a block.
Furious Eliot
This is the official policy of the Pandora Hearts Wiki that contains the guidelines everyone must follow regarding the uploading and use of images.

Uploading Images

Image origins

  • Please don't upload any spoiler images. Most people have the patience for the chapter to be released, and would greatly appreciate if you would not spoil it for them.
  • We only allow official images to be uploaded.
  • Fan drawn images, fan colorings, and other images that have been edited (other than simple resizing or cropping), will all be deleted unconditionally, unless posted on your own user page, blog post or used for your signature.


  • When you upload a new image, do not overwrite any existing images. Always upload new images under a new file name. Uploading images over top of other images messes up the image page's history.
  • The only case where you should make use of the re-upload feature is when you are uploading a better quality image of the same image (same media, same episode/chapter, same scene/page, same basic frame of the episode/manga) overtop of another.
  • Duplicate images will be deleted.

Image quality

  • Please don't upload poor quality images. An image is considered to have a low quality if:
    • It is blurred.
    • It has an extremely low resolution.
    • It has subtitles and watermarks.
    • It is poorly cropped.
  • Please avoid uploading .gif images, not even if you convert a .gif into another file format before uploading. The .gif format does not handle quality properly. It has a limited color depth, and as a result the moment you save an image with the .gif format it loses a large amount of quality.
  • We also prefer .png images over .jpg images because .jpg images slowly lose quality each time you save them.
  • Rename the file before you upload it. Sometimes some images saved are named out of completely random letters and numbers. Change them before you upload them. If you don't, the file will be moved, if not deleted.

Manga Pages

  • Don't upload any pages from the Chapters unless necessary. If you want to mention a section from that page then just crop the part you want.
    • When cropping, make sure you remove any black lines that may be on the image.
    • Don't leave any text on the manga images. The speech bubbles should be empty.

Using Images

  • After uploading an image, please make sure to place them on their appropriate gallery or section on articles.
  • On articles pages, please post images as ".thumb" in order to put captions. Adjusting the pixels might be also necessary so that the image would look good on the article.
  • Even though it is not required, we would greatly appreciate if you would add appropriate captions to images.


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