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Main Characters - Pandora Hearts

Main Characters - Crimson Shell

Main Characters - The Case Study of Vanitas

Latest The Case Study of Vanitas Chapter

31 real title

Memoire 31

At the Castle of Marquis d'Apchier, Chloe reflects upon her past with her family, her upbringing, and her first memories of Jeanne, Lord Ruthven, and the outside world. Being the hidden vampire of the d'Apchier family, she was well hidden from the world as the war raged on, and not allowed to step past the boundaries of the castle.

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Latest Pandora Hearts Chapter

104 - Oz

Retrace CIV: Will

"Someone once said that that place was consumed in darkness, but that doesn’t mean… that there was never any light."

As the trees sway in the wind a sleeping Oz is awakened by the sounds of his friends calling his name. As he looks up he sees Alice and Gilbert rushing to his side, with Alice scolding him for wandering off without telling her first and Gilbert noting that no matter how warm it may be, Oz will catch a cold if he falls asleep outside. Apologizing, Oz admits that he must have been so comfortable that he dozed off - prompting Gilbert to wonder if they should just call it a day if Oz is so worn out, though Oz assures him that he's fine to carry on. For a moment, Oz becomes transfixed on the world around him, mentioning how happy he is that it's a bright sunny day.

Just then, Alice notices something and points out that there's a cat (Cheshire) sitting in the tree above them, confusing Oz and frightening Gilbert. Thinking it over, Oz suggests that one of the guests at the tea party must have brought it with them, while also noting that Cheshire is making a somewhat arrogant face at them. Alice states that Cheshire looks tasty, but when Gilbert advises her not to eat Cheshire, Cheshire jumps down from the tree and scurries away. Although Oz is surprised and unnerved by Cheshire's disappearance, he's interrupted when Elliot and Leo come along.

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Latest Crimson-Shell Chapter

6 - Claudia Shion

Sprout VI: Epilogue of Prologue

After having shot Claudia, Shion walks around the room and unloads his Death Scythe Gun; asking Claudia if she was aware that there are two kinds of Death Scythe bullets. Continuing, Shion reveals that the one he'd just shot her with allows him to control a Rose's movements. Pulling out a new bullet, Shion explains that this bullet is capable of melting away Claudia's entire body, being the only thing that can guide her to her death; asking if it wasn't a fitting fate for her before calling her a filthy Crimson Rose.

This makes Claudia remember Xeno, and while struggling to use her strength she turns to see Xeno collapsed against a nearby wall. Claudia outright refuses to give up on life and leave Xeno, encouraging herself to move quick as she pushes herself to her feet; much to Shion's chagrin. Claudia accuses Shion of being the one to make Xeno say the awful things he'd said to her. Amused, Shion attacks Claudia with his thorned thorns - but as she braces herself for the attack, Claudia's own thorns defend her from Shion. Jumping to a nearby window, Claudia worries that she'll be unable to control her thorns for much longer, but is shocked to see that she could still move; instead calling Shion's bluff by writing off his Death Scythe as useless for being unable to take down the likes of her, a mere failure.

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Image of the Month

104 - Oz Intention Cheshire

Oz uses his power to destroy both The Intention of the Abyss and Cheshire together in order to prevent the possibility of another tragic event in the future (from Retrace CIV: Will).




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