Pandora Hearts DVD Retrace 8


Release Date February 25, 2010
Region 2
Discs 1
Languages Japanese
Subtitles English
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Pandora Hearts DVD Retrace 8 is the eighth Pandora Hearts DVD released.

DVD Cover

Echo is featured on the front cover, spread her arms out and dully gazing upwards. Several black and navy flowers are falling around her.




Cover of Modulation

After Oz, Elliot, Leo and Ada make it out of the secret tunnel at Latowidge Academy Oz remembers to ask about the melody he heard Eliot playing earlier, entitled "Lacie". Elliot claims to have written it, then asks Oz his name. Gilbert appears and Oz starts to kick him. Eliot then attacks Gilbert, much to Oz and Gil's surprise, telling him he should be ashamed of wearing a high school uniform at the age of 24. Gil reveals Oz's name when Eliot threatens Oz, and Eliot doesn't believe him. Back with Sharon and Break, Oz and Gil seem to be angry and depressed, while Alice is eating by herself.
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Snow White Chaos


Cover of Snow White Chaos

Oz and co. go to meet Rufus Barma in order to find out more about the Tragedy of Sablier. He appears as a tubby old man. He refuses to tell them anything unless they exchange some information that he doesn't know and taunts Oz and Alice. Break then dispels Barma's illusions and confronts the real Rufus Barma revealing his real intention of finding out more about Break's past. Break then collapses after Rufus calls him out as Kevin Legnard, a person who murdered over 116 people 50 years ago and had previously made an illegal contract. We then find out about Break's past where he meets the "Will of the Abyss" and he has his eye taken out by her, which she gives to Cheshire.
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Countervalue of loss


Cover of Countervalue of loss

Why would Vincent kill Alice's cat Cheshire and then kill her? As Break, also known as Keven Legnard, wakes from his fainting spell, he tells Rufus Barma, Oz and co. all he knows. In the Will of the Abyss's room, Vincent shows up along with Gilbert in his arms. After Vincent collapses after telling the Will of the Abyss she should be dead and the latter starts to cry. She looks at Break and asks who he is, then tells everyone that it's teatime. She says she can't wait for her playdate with Jack, and Vincent tells her that Jack is dead. He blames Sablier falling apart, Jack's death, and he and Gil ending up in the Abyss on her. She has a breakdown and her whole room/dimension starts falling apart. Vince welcomes it with laughter, saying he'd be normal if everything broke.
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Special Features

  • Special Episode 8
  • Alternate DVD jacket (limited edition)