Pandora Hearts DVD Retrace 6


Release Date December 22, 2009
Region 2
Discs 1
Languages Japanese
Subtitles English
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Pandora Hearts DVD Retrace 6 is the sixth Pandora Hearts DVD released.

DVD Cover

The cover features Vincent gesturing towards something while turning around to gaze at the viewer with a smile. A translucent image of his legally contracted Chain, Dormouse, is hovering near his head.


Hollow eye socket


Cover of Hollow eye socket

The Cheshire Cat is toying with Oz, who responds by making wisecracks. Oz is pulled through the mirror by Jack, and reunited with Gil. Jack asks Oz to help save Alice, who has been trapped inside a memory. Jack sends Oz by himself (upsetting Gil) into the memory of the Tragedy of Sabrie, where he sees a boy which he believes to be Vincent. Bewildered, he chases the boy and follows him to a tower where he finds Alice, dead. Meanwhile, the Cheshire Cat approaches Break within the mirror to finish him off, only to have the tables turned when Break opens his missing eye to unleash his chain, the Mad Hatter.
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Who killed poor Alice?


Cover of Who killed poor Alice?

After seeing a murdered Alice, Oz is devastated. Because of his shock, the hand of Oz's incuse moves again, and he begins to destroy Cheshire's dimension using B. Rabbit's power. He justifies his actions by saying that it was for Alice and he'd take that fear away from her, even to the point where he says that he would kill Alice, but only says these things because he's in a trance. During that time, Jack sent Gil to help Oz, which he does. Meanwhile, Break is overpowering Cheshire using Mad Hatter. Break takes the truth of the Tragedy of Sabrie and Alice's memories in the form of Cheshire's bell. After Oz realizes he came to Cheshire's dimension to save Alice, he and Gil find her in chains on a staircase contemplating about herself.
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His name is...


Cover of His name is...

Oz and Alice, in her B-Rabbit form, are in the middle of a Pandora meeting. Everyone there thinks that they mean to harm the four dukes and chase them. While they are being chased, we discover that Break and Gil got back safely by using Gil's chain, Raven. But, because he used it, the seal on Alice was broken and that is why she is in her B.Rabbit form. Later, when Oz and Alice are cornered, Jack Vessalius takes over Oz's body, and speaks to Pandora, saying that Glen Baskerville is not dead, and that Oz is the key to saving them from the repeat of the Tragedy of Sablier.
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Special Features

  • Special Episode 6
  • Alternate DVD jacket (limited edition)