Pandora Hearts DVD Retrace 5


Release Date November 25, 2009
Region 2
Discs 1
Languages Japanese
Subtitles English
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Pandora Hearts DVD Retrace 5 is the fifth Pandora Hearts DVD released.

DVD Cover

The cover features Break holding Emily and his cane/sword while gazing at something with a slight grin. Hovering above his head is a ghostly wisp of Mad Hatter's hat.


A Lost Raven


Cover of A Lost Raven

Gilbert tells what is happened in the ten years that passed when Oz disappeared. Break tells him to go spy at the Nightray family, where he also could get information on the chain, Raven, and get Oz back from Abyss. Initially, Gil was hesitant about going with the Nightrays as Vessalius and Nightray households are rivals. In the end, he chooses to go with Break, and met Vincent. Upon their reunion, Gil reveals that he had no memory of Vincent, his younger brother. As he grew, he finally found a way to tame Raven, and ultimately establish a contract with it. This is how Gil gained his nickname "Raven".
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Welcome to Labyrinth


Cover of Welcome to Labyrinth

Gil is furious that Oz has lost his hat, and they set out to find it. They were challenged into a duel in order to win the hat back, and Gil finally gets it by using the B-rabbit's power. After a brief reunion with Uncle Oscar, Alice runs away, only to meet Break and they both are caught and sent to the Cheshire Cat's (a chain similar to Alice) residence. There, Alice is trapped within her memories of fear, while Break is drawn into a mirror of his own past. Meanwhile, Oz discovers her missing and goes to consult Sharon. He ponders that Break left Emily in order to lure him to the Cheshire Cat's home.
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Keeper of the secret


Cover of Keeper of the secret

Oz and Gilbert arrive in Cheshire's dimension and are attacked by Cheshire, only to be temporarily rescued by Sharon's chain, Equus. As they try to escape from Cheshire, he catches up with them, slashes Gil(who falls off the stair railings) and attacks Oz. Cheshire tells Oz that Alice purposely tore up her memories of her own free will and that this dimension is made by Alice's memories. Cheshire also reveals his duty of protecting Alice's memories so that no one can find them. Gil later regains consciousness in a garden and encounters the man in Alice's memories, whom Gil mistakes for Oz as they both have blond hair and emerald green eyes.
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Special Features

  • Special Episode 5
  • Alternate DVD jacket (limited edition)