Pandora Hearts DVD Retrace 3


Release Date September 25, 2009
Region 2
Discs 1
Languages Japanese
Subtitles English
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Pandora Hearts DVD Retrace 3 is the third Pandora Hearts DVD released.

DVD Cover

The cover features Gilbert taking off his hat while staring at something with a mildly alarmed expression. Meanwhile, black raven feathers are falling around him.


Clockwise Doom


Cover of Clockwise Doom

Break gives Oz, Alice, and Raven are on their first mission. They are sent to a nearby town in search of an illegal contractor, someone who makes a contract with a chain without the permission of Pandora. While there, Alice goes missing and Raven goes to look for her. Alone, Oz sees a young girl selling flowers. When the trio have dinner, Oz realizes Raven's other personality, which reminds him of Gil (especially the black hair and golden eyes). Raven then informs Oz of why people become illegal contractors - to change the past. As Alice falls asleep, Raven and Oz leave to finish their mission. Meanwhile, Sharon and Break are discussing the mission and how they had kept some information secret.
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Where am I?


Cover of Where am I?

Oz decides to return to the mansion where his coming of age ceremony took place. However, upon arrival, the state of the mansion appears deserted and worn down, unlike the rich glorious mansion as Oz remembers. There Oz has flashbacks to his past and some of his memories are revealed, including Oz's insistence of his role as master protecting his servant. As Raven scouts the mansion on his own, he's ambushed by Duldum's marionettes. During the fight, it is revealed that Raven is an older Gil and that ten years have passed since the coming of age ceremony. As Duldum once again controls Gil, Oz faces a controlled Gil just like before.
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Cover of Whisperer

Oz manages to shock Raven back to himself, and his gun fires, but at Noise instead of Oz. Oz follows Raven, who claims that he is no longer the Gilbert Oz once knew, to the place where they found the pocket watch. Oz convinces Gil that he won't let him go even if he has joined the Nightray house (an enemy of Vessalius). Oz goes back for Alice, and on the way to the grave they catch a glimpse of one of Alice's memories, and are drawn into a dream dimension where they are confronted by the Will of the Abyss, who appears in the form of a stuffed rabbit. Gilbert shoots the rabbit and they escape.
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Special Features

  • Special Episode 3 OVA/Omake
  • Alternate DVD jacket (limited edition)