Pandora Hearts DVD Retrace 2


Release Date August 22, 2009
Region 2
Discs 1
Languages Japanese
Subtitles English
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Pandora Hearts DVD Retrace 2 is the second Pandora Hearts DVD released.

DVD Cover

Alice is falling, but doing so with a playfully amused expression.


Tempest of Conviction


Cover of Tempest of Conviction

Oz leaves for the ceremony, while Gilbert is possessed by one of the Baskervilles. As Oz makes an oath during the ceremony conducted by his uncle, Oscar, the clock (which was silent for 100 years), suddenly strikes. This brings the strange figures inside the sanctuary, preparing to take Oz away. The possessed Gilbert tries to kill Oz, and succeeds in stabbing him. Meanwhile, the girl from his vision (called Black Rabbit by the Baskervilles) comes and fights them to save Oz from being pulled into the Abyss. Gilbert snaps out of the trance momentarily, sees one of the figures faces, and blocks Oz, who was trying to kill the intruders. Unfortunately, he slashes Gilbert across the chest. Oz is then taken into the Abyss for the sin of existing.
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Prisoner & Alichino


Cover of Prisoner & Alichino

Oz gets pulled down into the Abyss. He explores a bit and discovers the place as like a broken toy box. He also finds out the the place looks the same no matter where he goes. Some dolls attack him before the Black Rabbit arrives and saves him once again. First, he is fearful of the girl, who tells him to call her Alice, but he soon warms up and begins to eat cookies. When asked by Alice why he isn't afraid of her, he simply replies that too many unexpected incidents have happened to him already. He learned that he should remain calm whenever strange things happen in order to stop others from being hurt. She says that Oz is required to make a contract with her in order to leave the Abyss, and he seriously thinks about it, until he's transported away.
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Cover of Rendezvous

Oz wakes up to see Raven, Sharon and Break. Upon seeing Raven, Oz calls him Gil. Raven's appearance is similar to that of Gilbert - having black hair, and golden eyes. Break explains to Oz about Pandora (an organization who's objective is to find out anything they can about the Abyss), the residents of Baskerville (their enemies), and their main goal. Alice then possesses Oz and takes Sharon hostage in order to escape, but Break stops her by forcing her from Oz's body. After her release from Oz, Break exclaims that he will have to kill Alice. Oz forbids it, saying that Alice is not an enemy, for it was through her that he escaped the horrible Abyss. But, that it is Break who is an enemy - someone who Oz had only seen once and was now attacking his friend.
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Special Features

  • Newly-written Comic (2-pages)
  • Six Playing Cards
  • Special Episode 2
  • Alternate DVD jacket (limited edition)