Pandora Hearts 3

Volume 3

Release Date July 27, 2007
English Release Date October 26, 2010
Character (s) Xerxes Break
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Pandora Hearts 3 is the third volume of Jun Mochizuki's Pandora Hearts manga series.

Volume Cover

Break and Emily are on the front cover, and Vincent and Echo are on the back. The incuse in gray is Break's illegal incuse when he was contracted with Albus.

Publisher's Summary

Having returned from the infernal Abyss only to find his whole world changed, young "sinner" Oz Vessalius embarks on an attempt at normalcy after being reunited with his best friend and valet, Gilbert, whom he had presumed dead. But during a trip into town with Gil and Alice, an unexpected encounter leads Oz down memory lane...For Oz, however, the path is one covered with the most menacing of thorns. And lying in wait to assail him there...The baleful eye of his father and the echoes of cursed words Oz would much rather forget...

Chapters List

Retrace X: Malediction


Cover of Retrace X: Malediction

The incuse on Oz has made it's first turn. This worries Oz and he remembers what Gilbert said about Alice needing to die in order for him to get rid of the incuse. Gilbert and Alice walk in and Gilbert sees something is wrong with Oz, so he asks him what it is. Oz just says it's nothing. Alice notices a letter on the ground with some flowers. Oz said a cute girl in blue clothes put them there. Gilbert looks inside the letter and looks surprised. Later, they head out into town to buy ingredients for dinner. Since Break is looking into the intention of abyss matter, they don't have anything to do at the moment. Alice sees meat and wants some, so she asks for it. Gilbert tells her it's too expensive so she insists on fighting for it herself.

Gilbert then agrees to buy some for her since he doesn't want any trouble. Oz says he'll stay behind and wait for them. Gilbert tells Oz to not worry about what Break told him. Leaving his hat, Gilbert goes after Alice. Oz wonders if he is worried about what Break said. Meanwhile, Alice says that Oz told her that Gilbert doesn't have any memories either. Gilbert is confused on why she is telling him that. Alice says she's wondering what parents are like. Gilbert says he wouldn't know. Alice says......
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Retrace VI: Grim


Cover of Retrace XI: Grim

Gil tells Alice not to litter and to put it where it belongs. Back at the Rainsworth mansion, Break came out from under the table startling Reim, but not Sharon as she is used to having Break come out of nowhere. Reim asked if he couldn't have used a door as a normal person would do. Break just said straightforward as usual. Sharon then went on going about the illegal contractor that Pandora has caught while Break was stealing Reim's cake. Break said he hope to get some answers from "Grim" as they would call the contractor. Reim said it escaped and Break was shock. He said that as if 2 p.m. he killed six of the guards and they don't have any trance of it. Break and Emily said that he was of no use which made Laim angry. They were waiting for it to recovery so that they could talk to it and Reim said that they had a few miscalculations. Sharon said to Reim to let Break be like air and ignored him. He said that the search is still going on within Pandora. Break said maybe it's already in Reveil and also that maybe something interesting is going to happen.

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Retrace XII: Where am I?


Cover of Retrace XII: Where am I?

Philippe's father is about to shoot Oz but he intervenes asking him why he became an illegal contractor. Philippe's father laughs before answering him telling him that he obviously did it to change the past. He said that if he had not believed his friend's words his family wouldn't have been ruined, he wouldn't have become miserable, his wife wouldn't have gotten sick and Philippe would've been happy. He had and killed all those people for his son's sake and Oz asks him if he was serious. Philippe's father tells him that he knows nothing about him to which Oz confirms but he retaliates with asking why he wasn't by Philippe's side if he cared about his son. Oz falls into a flashback of the time when he was younger, all alone after being abandoned by his father and asks why Philippe's father is making him go through the same thing he did. Oz tells him that just being with Philippe would've been enough for him. Alice just stares in shock and Philippe's father points his gun at Oz again. Oz tells Gil not to shoot him but he is shot regardless by Vincent with Echo at his side. Gil asks Vincent if his carriage is still by Vincent confirms this and let's them use it to take Oz somewhere safe to rest.

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Retrace XIII: A Lost Raven


Cover of Retrace XIII: A Lost Raven

The chapter starts where the previous chapter left off at Gil's flashback meeting Break. Uncle Oscar in shock asks Sharon if it was true that the Nightray family wanted to adopt Gil. Sharon confirms this and tells him that they were serious about it. Uncle Oscar questions the Nightrays' thinking and Sharon asks him if he knew Vincent Nightray. Sharon tells him that he was also adopted by the Nightrays five years ago when they found him collapsed and wounded. Vincent had apparently been searching for his old brother, whom he was separated from. Xerxes told Gil that his younger brother was with the Nightray family and that he wanted him to be adopted by them as well.

Gil angrily tells him that he wouldn't because they were the ones who assassinated Oz's mother. Xerxes then tries to lure Gil into doing what he had asked by mentioning the fact that there might be a way to save his beloved master. Gil's attention is sparked but he suddenly starts kneeling over in pain. Xerxes then attempts to carry him back the mansion, only to be pushed back, and his hollow eye socket is revealed.
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