Pandora Hearts 2


Release Date March 27, 2007
English Release Date May 18, 2010
Character (s) Gilbert Nightray
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Pandora Hearts 2 is the second volume of Jun Mochizuki's Pandora Hearts manga series.

Volume Cover

Gilbert is featured on the front cover, while Alice and Sharon are on the back. The feathers displayed on the front cover in gray exhibits Gilbert's relationship with ravens.

Publisher's Summary

Oz Vessalius may have survived his stint in the Abyss, but he is no closer to discovering the truth behind the "sin" for which he was condemned. On the advice of a mysterious man who appeared to him when Alice regained the first of her memories, Oz, along with Alice and Pandora's Raven, embarks on a mission to investigate the site of his disastrous coming-of-age ceremony in search of answers. However, what begins as a simple investigation becomes the revelation of a harsher reality, which comes swooping down on Oz as the hands of the clock continue ticking away mercilessly...

Chapters List

Retrace V: Clockwise Doom


Cover of Retrace V: Clockwise Doom

A scene within Oz's memory opens. He is huddled on a chair, looking down and sad. Gil comes over and asks if something happened, to which Oz answers by asking him why does his father hate him. Gil doesn't know either, so he suggests to go ask him. Quickly, Oz says no and slaps Gil's offered hands away. He wouldn't do it, "'cos I'm...frightened of the truth."

The scene returns back to the present day in the city. Oz is sitting by himself when a little girl comes over to him, asking if he would like to buy a flower. He does and then she asks if he is from around here. He says no and that he is looking for someone, but one of his companions got lost, so "Papa" (Raven) went looking for her. A bitter Raven comes back at that exact moment with a disgruntled Alice. The flower girl is about to go when Oz stops her and puts the flower on her hair, flirting with her openly, much to Raven's frustration. The girl goes on her way cheerily. Bitterly, Raven criticizes Alice for delaying them by getting lost, but she argues she wasn't lost, she was left behind, a comment to which Raven only got more angry at.
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Retrace VI: Where am I?


Cover of Retrace VI: Where am I?

In the shadows of the night is a hooded figure, seemingly talking to itself. There is an image of the Clock Tower of Silence and the figures says that Oz will be coming back to the mansion, so he must be "entertained properly."

Elsewhere, Oz, Raven, and Alice are riding in a carriage and Oz unbuttons his shirt to look at his Incuse - the needle still hasn't moved yet. Alice asks Raven if the darkness that sucked that flower girl away had been from the Abyss, which he affirms by explaining that once the seal is made again, the Contractor is taken to the lowest level of the Abyss. Alice then asks him if there is a way to get rid of the Incuse so Oz wouldn't have to face the same fate. Raven tells them that severing the link between the Chain and the Contractor would be the fastest way to stop the Incuse, meaning that Alice would have to die. She tells him that that won't be happening anytime soon and that he was a fool for thinking of separating Oz from her as a way of nullifying the contract.
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Retrace VII: Reunion


Cover of Retrace VII: Reunion

A younger Oz complains to Gilbert that he wants to go play outside, but Gil scolds him, saying that he can't, as Oz had only recently gotten kidnapped and the culprit haven't been caught yet. Oz annoyed, scoffs that the kidnapper had probably been working for the Nightray family. Gil pauses then notes how calm Oz is about the situation, especially since he had been quite close to that servant. At this, an empty smile graces Oz's lips as he states that the peace of everyday life will eventually be disturbed - no one knows about the future, and so he'd simply accept things as they are.

Gil thinks about this and agrees that they can't predict what happens but, walking towards his master, he declares that he'd always be there for Oz. He states that they knew each other's weaknesses and were connected not by light but by darkness. Gil then kneels and pledges that no matter what happens he'd always wish to be Oz's servant. Oz brushes this off, saying that he doesn't believe in "absolutes", but as Gil asks him whether it was alright to have just one, he hides behind his book, an embarrassed blush on his cheeks.
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Retrace VIII: Whisperer


Cover of Retrace VIII: Whisperer

Alice is startled as Oz calls out her name, snapping her from the images of the Intention of the Abyss. She wakes up wondering if that was all a dream. Oz asks Alice if she is upset that he left her, but instead of replying, she gets mad and kicks him for leaving her since he is her manservant and must never leave her alone.

They meet up with Gilbert, but Alice suddenly stops walking. She then starts saying she couldn't hear the weak whispers at first, and says something has been waiting for her. Oz and Gilbert don't know what she's talking about but all of a sudden they're pulled into one of Alice's memories. There they see a younger Alice smiling while she runs up to an unknown man. Oz recognizes him as the same man from behind the curtain that he spoke to. The man turns toward them and says the Intention of the Abyss has been watching them all along. The memory starts to crumble, and the man looks at Gilbert, seeming to recognize him somehow. As the last of the memory crumbles, the man tells Gil to "protect him properly this time."
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Retrace IX: Question


Cover of Retrace IX: Question

"She should never have been born!" Those words that the Intention of the Abyss said haunt and irritate Oz, who has a feeling they've been also said to him before. With that thought, Oz wakes up on a couch. Gil was standing near him smoking, and tells him that they were at his house, saying that he moved they while they were asleep. They are in the capital city Reveil, though Gil's house is at the lower-class edge of the city. He then process to tell him that Break and Sharon used them to lure out the enemy... In a flashback, Break comes to congratulate them on a job well done. Angry, Gil demands what would Break have done if the Baskervilles had actually harmed Oz. Sharon then comes out of the carriage to tell him that his concerns are for naught because she saw everything in his shadow, and would've intervened had anything happened. She and Break joke around about Gil saying that he always wishes to remain a servant to Oz.
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