Pandora Hearts 18.5: Evidence is the second official guidebook of Jun Mochizuki's Pandora Hearts. The first official announcement of its release was coupled with Retrace LXXIV: Broken Rabbit, and its release date corresponds with Pandora Hearts Volume 18.



  • Updated character profiles
  • Birthdays, blood types and zodiac signs of the main characters.
  • A complete analysis of the plot up until the latest chapters of Pandora Hearts Volume 18
  • Q&As with the characters
  • Archive rough sketches
  • A selection of the 10 best Pandora Hearchu
  • A written composition of music scores
  • A written script of the Retrace 47.5 drama CD with new original illustrations
  • A talk between Jun Mochizuki and Yuki Kajiura (Composer for Pandora Hearts Anime)
  • A section where chief assistant Fumito Yamazaki reveals some of Jun Mochizuki's secrets.
  • A new original manga entry

However, there is to be much more content unspecified in its advertisement.



  • This is the second official guidebook of Pandora Hearts, coming after Pandora Hearts 8.5: Mine of Mine.
  • Levi is revealed to be the official translation of the name, not Revis, Rebus, Lewis or Levy as previously believed.
  • Several characters also lack profiles of their own, such as Gruner, Hans, Mrs. Finn, Orphan I, Orphan II, James, John and Helen and Raymond Nightray.
  • Several errors have been discovered within the text of 18.5: Evidence. Such as:
    • Levi was identified as the Glen Baskerville with his legs crossed when in Leo's subconscious in Chapter 63, however this happened in Retrace LVIII: Puddle of Blood, not Retrace LXIII: Purpose. Jun corrected this mistake in a blog post.
    • Phillipe West was said to be dead in his character description of the guidebook; however, Jun corrected this in a blog post, stating that Phillipe was alive, otherwise Oz's efforts would've been in vain.
    • Many names listed have been subject to debate for the correct spelling including: Lottie's name was identified as "Lotty" in this guidebook, where as the spelling of her name was 'Lottie' in 8.5: Mine of Mine. Rytas was spelled as "Ritus", Marie as "Mary", Bernice Nightray as "Vernis Nightray", Bernard Nightray's name was spelled as "Brnard Nightray" , and Miranda and Arthur's last name is spelled as "Baruma" and Phillipe West as "Philip West", as well some of the Vessaliuses had their last names spelt as "Vesalius".
    • It was stated on Jun Mochizuki's blog that Sheryl Rainsworth's birthday is on the 11th of June instead of November 26.


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