Pandora Hearts 16


Release Date November 2011
English Release Date June 25, 2013
Character (s) Leo
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Pandora Hearts 16 is the sixteenth volume of Jun Mochizuki's Pandora Hearts manga series.

Volume Cover

The volume features Leo on the front cover with his new style, gazing at the viewer amusedly with his head slightly inclined. Sharon and Break are featured on the back cover, sitting back-to-back.

Publisher's Summary

Oz. Leo. Inescapable tragedy assaults and binds the two. He is no more. That simple truth tears their hearts apart like castles of sand caving in . . . But will history repeat itself when, in the midst of their sorrow, the two are pitted against each other in a struggle that could end in catastrophe?

Chapters List

Retrace LXII: Repose

Chap62 ,2

Cover of Retrace LXII: Repose

The chapter opens with Oz washing his face and looking at himself in the mirror. Gilbert and Alice come in and are surprised that Oz is already awake after all that he's been through. Gil is a little disappointed that Oz no longer let Gil do anything for Oz, like waking him up. Oz explains that he was too excited about the morning to fall asleep last night, and that he can't help but be happy as today is their day off; something long overdue since the events at Yura's estate.

A flashback of the previous day shows that Rufus let Oz, Gil and Alice have the day off for his and Cheryl's sakes, as he doesn't want Sheryl to see them worn out all the time and also that Oscar will be making a big deal out of their condition later. However, they only get one day and after that, Rufus intends on sending them off to work again.
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Retrace LXIII: Purpose


Cover of Retrace LXIII: Purpose

Leo was laughing at Oz, because he had an petal on his face. Oz just stared at him and was amazed to see him again after all this time. Back at the Rainsworth mansion, Rufus and Sheryl were talking about what was his plan this time. Rufus was laughing about what she was saying while pushing her wheelchair around. She knew him better than anyone, but she noticed that he wasn't really planning anything at all though she would like to hear about what was troubling him.

Back at the festival, Leo asked Oz about his haircut. Saying how it looked after Vincent had cut it. Oz was thinking on that Leo was not using any honorifics when talking about Vincent.
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Retrace LXIV: Tarantelle


Cover of Retrace LXIV: Tarantelle

Leo is saying goodbye to Oz as he tries to use Jabberwock to send Oz back into the Abyss. However, Gil steps in and summons his Raven to attack Jabberwock so Oz wouldn't be cast away again. Pandora Members then approach the scene, having apparently been watching Oz from afar.

Alice sees the danger of the situation and attempts to interfere but is stopped by Echo, who asks Alice to talk to her for a moment. Alice tells Echo that she has no time for her and urgently tells Oz that he can't use any more of B-Rabbit's power. Echo complains that Alice is just like Gil for making everything about Oz, though Alice objects, saying Oz is her manservant. Echo then reveals that she would fight Alice as Vincent had ordered her to.
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Retrace LXV: Collapse


Cover of Retrace LXV: Collapse

Rufus and Sheryl are shown together in the Rainsworth Garden. Sheryl reminsces the promise that the she had made with Rufus many years ago.

Flashback, Sheryl reveals the promise to be a shared mutal responsibility between the four Dukedoms for the prevention of another great Tragedy. Rufus hands Sheryl a pair of earrings.

Back to the present, Rufus is with Sheryl, only saying her name before being interupted by the Baskervilles. Surrounded by the Baskervilles, Lottie steps forward, reminding Rufus of the conditions he must fulfill in order to have his house acknowledged by the Baskervilles. Sheryl is shocked; Rufus concentrates Dodo's power into his fan, raising it to strike...
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  • Pandora Hearts Volume 16 was the first volume to establish a Special Edition version, complete with an alternate cover. It features Leo in his Lutwidge uniform, reading with a background of flowers.