Pandora Hearts 15


Release Date July 20, 2011
English Release Date April 23, 2013
Character (s) Rufus Barma
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Pandora Hearts 15 is the fifteenth volume of Jun Mochizuki's Pandora Hearts manga series.

Volume Cover

The volume features Rufus Barma on the front cover, with a fan lifted to cover his lower face, and Lottie on the back cover, fists pushed on her hips and staring, intrigued, at something.

Publisher's Summary

As Elliot regains his true memories by rejecting Humpty Dumpty as his Chain, Isla Yura's attempt to recreate the Tragedy of Sablier comes to its climax. The mystery of the The Head Hunter unfolds...

Chapters List

Retrace LVIII: Puddle of Blood


Cover of Retrace LVIII: Puddle of Blood

Elliot was starting to go crazy. Saying when did it happen and how...

It all started on that day when the children went missing in the chasm. Elliot and Leo was visiting when they learned of the news. Elliot was quick to decide to go fetch them back and safely. He told Leo to come with him, but Leo was not sure about it. Then Leo chased him as he has no choice.

Elliot now remember the day. It was just a few months after Leo became his servant. He thought that they have found the children safe and sound, but is that what really happen. It was embarrassing to say, but it appears that he had slipped, hit his head, and passed out. Back to the present, Elliot keeps talking to himself that it was not true.
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Retrace LVIX: Couldn't put Humpty Dumpty together again

Chap 59

Cover of Retrace LVIX: Couldn't put Humpty Dumpty together again

Oz is fazed by what he just did. Jack killed Yura. He killed him. The followers are wondering what to do. Alice woke up. Dug came walking in the room. He has found the sealing stone and went toward it to destroy it. Oz used Alice's power to try to stop him only for him to dodge it easily. Oz is being to remember what had happen earlier. As Oz and Dug fight off, up in the hall, Vincent is aiming at the Sealing Stone. He felt sad and regret to do it, but he has no choice. Gil went and grabbed a hold of Vincent's hand before he fired. Vincent was shocked about it. Gil then remembered what Break had said of Vincent. He could be in the league of the Baskervilles. Gil was shocked and angry at him.

Oz is thinking that it's the same before. He just kept killing and killing. Oz then saw Alice in front of the sealing stone only to see Lottie and Lily coming thought on verge of destroying the sealing stone even if it means to kill Alice with it.
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Retrace LX: Egg Shell


Cover of Retrace LX: Egg Shell

It's been a few days after the party at Yura. Rufus Barma is sitting and thinking over the events that had happen. A messenger came with a package address to Rufus from Yura himself. Gilbert is walking toward the hallways of the Rainsworth's mansion when he encounter Sharon. He was wondering if she was checking on Reim and Break. She said she was. Break is unconscious after his use of his chain and his injury he got from fighting the Baskervilles. Reim is also unconscious due to his injuries, but he didn't die from the injuries himself, which left Sharon wondering if the Baskerville was going to "kill" him. She asked Gil if he could sit and have tea with her. He said he couldn't but after Sharon shown him her "dark side" he said he would. She notice that he was not sleeping due his dark baggy eyes. He said he couldn't. Even Oz was doing it too. He said that both of them couldn't cry.
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Retrace LXI: Demios


Cover of Retrace LXI: Demios

Vincent looks at Elliot saying no one would want to reject their Chain knowing what would happen to them. He asks if Elliot did it for Oz or for the unconscious Leo, though regardless Vincent would have supported Elliot. Vincent calls him a noble boy and that even in death his soul was also noble.

Oz, Alice, Gilbert and Sharon learn from Duke Barma and Duchess Rainsworth that the Nightray Duke was murdered by beheading and because his death was so recent Elliot couldn't have been the killer. Gilbert remarks that Elliot isn't the Head-Hunter to which Sheryl, Duchess Rainsworth, corrects him by telling him that wasn't what they were saying. Barma tells them they needed to reflect on the nature of the Head-Hunter, an Illegal Contractor who had been killing the Nightray members one by one. Oz finishes saying that anyone who fit that definition could be considered the Head-Hunter.
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