Pandora Hearts 12

Cover 12

Release Date July 27, 2010
English Release Date October 30, 2012
Character (s) Ada Vessalius
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Pandora Hearts 12 is the twelfth volume of Jun Mochizuki's Pandora Hearts manga series.

Volume Cover

Ada is on the front cover, kneeling with a solemn expression on her face. On the back, a younger Oz and Oscar are happily interacting.

Publisher's Summary

With Pandora and the Baskervilles in a race to discover the whereabouts of the seals that secure Glen Baskerville's body, Oz and his friends are caught up in the ensuing fury of this ruthless hunt. Amidst this chaos, Oscar Vessalius organizes a brief respite for his beloved nephew and his companions in the form of an outdoor tea party. When Oscar surprises all present with an impromptu group photograph, the memory of their fleeting peace together is captured in time so as to never be forgotten. If only such memories could be made to last forever by the simple act of wishing...

Chapters List

Retrace XLVI: Persona


Cover of Retrace XLVI: Persona

Vincent remembers how he saw Ada for the first time on a snowy day last year, and that her emerald eyes that looked just like Jack's looked reproachfully at him, so he wouldn't be forced to face what he'd done. Vincent then stated that he despised Ada's light.

Lily slaps Vincent awake and tells him not to fall asleep while they were talking. Vincent tells Lily that he was having a nightmare and that it must have been because of her. Lily charges at Vincent and he grinds his fists into her head playfully, though Fang orders Vincent not to bully Lily. Vincent asks Lily to forgive him as he was still half asleep, Lily knew he was lying and Fang wrapped his cloak around her before she could do anything. Vincent asks what they were talking about before he fell asleep, Lottie angrily states from across the room that it was the Sealing Stones.
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Retrace XLVII: Unbirthday


Cover of Retrace XLVII: Unbirthday

The clock ticks by as Oscar Vessalius thinks about what was said, that Xai Vessalius might have replaced Oz with another child. He pondered about it and wondered why would his own brother do this. Then he stood up and opened a suitcase.

Meanwhile, Oz and the others were walking down the stairs. Oz was getting a visitor which he finds rather odd. Then he asked why meet in Reim's office rather than the parlor as usual. Oz was scared that Alice will fall down the stairs as she was asleep while walking. Gil doesn't know either, but when he saw how Reim reacted and how distress he was, Gil took in consideration. He then asked if Oz was okay. He's been in bed for most of the time when they came back from Rytas' mansion.
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Retrace XLVIII: Isla Yura


Cover of Retrace XLVIII: Isla Yura

Elliot finally realizes where he saw that symbol, the venomous snake that coiled around his mother.

Oz and Break are having a spar outside. Oz asked who Isla Yura was, and asked if he has anything to do with the mark. Break said yes. The mark a snake coiled around a stake is the symbol of a certain small religious cult. He continues to say that Yura is really the head of the cult and is the son of a very influential person from a neighboring country. Even Pandora is unable to make a move, considering what the country might do and what would happen if they were to search his house for the sealing stone. A few days ago, he was summoned to stand as a witness. He was a rather intriguing person. Break doesn't know if he has anything to do with the seal itself, but he feels that he does.
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Retrace XLIX: Night in gale


Cover of Retrace XLIX: Night in gale

Leo receives a letter from the House of Fianna, stating that an orphan has died.

Days later, all have gathered in a neighboring country for Oz's Second Coming of Age Ceremony on Isla Yura's estate. While everyone arrives and Oz receives feathers to acknowledge that the guests welcome him into adult-hood, Liam and Break discuss the real reason for the Ceremony being held at Yura's: to locate the third Sealing Stone of Glen Baskerville. Though soon a disagreement arises between the two when Reim suggests telling Sharon that Break is blind, an argument that ends with Reim punching Break and calling him an idiot for being afraid to face Sharon like that. Reim then leaves to front the search for the Seal.
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