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Pandora's official logo


Secret high-class organization

Research organization about Abyss


Vessalius Dukedom, with Jack Vessalius as the main creator

Nightray Dukedom

Barma Dukedom

Rainsworth Dukedom


Obtain The Intention of the Abyss

Manage Illegal Contractor

Researching about Abyss

Stop the Baskervilles to resurrecting Glen Baskerville


Baskerville Clan (formerly)

Isla Yura's Cult (the mission of defeat it was completed)

Pandora (パンドラ; Pandora) is an organization created by the Four Great Dukedoms (with Jack Vessalius as the main creator) and then expanded to include many more people all across the country. Their goal is to obtain the intention of the abyss, to manage illegal contractors, monitor chain outbreaks, unravel the mysteries surrounding the Abyss and the Intention of the Abyss, and also to stop the Baskervilles from ressurecting Glen Baskerville, which would lead to another disaster across the country, putting the world in chaos once again. Naturally, the organization hides its true purposes from the civilians.

Pandora was previously the Baskervilles' opposition until Rufus Barma informed Pandora and the Baskervilles of the truth behind the Tragedy of Sablier.

Pandora had been in chaos because of the impending disaster when the Chains of Reveil were cut, and there were no Dukes to be found (Bernard was dead, Sheryl was in critical condition, Oscar was elsewhere and Rufus was with the Baskervilles). This made it simple for the Baskervilles to come in and take over Pandora. Presently, Rufus is explaining to the members of Pandora what really happened at the Tragedy of Sablier in order to calm everyone down.


As a high-class and 'secret' organization, Pandora has own symbol. This picture is depicted an official symbol of Pandora. Official symbol of Pandora is a cross-shaped with diamond shape in the fourth-side edges, which framed by an-arches ship. The cross also 'stacked' by a 'X'-patt
  • Pandora's badge member as shown in manga
  • Pandora's badge member and Reim Pandora's uniform
ern, with the edges form like a goat head along with it horn. In the center of this symbol, there is a square blue diamond-shaped.

This symbol also same with the form of badge that the members used. The first Pandora's member who shown Pandora's badge member is Break, and it's little different with the main symbol; because the diamond colour in Pandora's badge member looks more purple.

Aside the badge which members had and used, in formal meeting, the members also using a formal Pandora's uniform.

Abilities and Equipment

As an unusual research organization who dealing with another dimension (Abyss) and something associates with that (Baskerville Clan and Chains), Pandora had some special equipment. Pandora's member also equip themselves with formed a Legal Contract with Chains, and skilled with gun or any kind of weapon. Some of member is also could perform certain magic (especially Break).

So far in the series, the members who shown to had own equipment besides gun such as :

  • Xerxes Break, with his spyglassess to observe an object from distance and a sword disguised as a cane.
  • Rufus Barma, with his metal fan; Barma Key to the Abyss and Barma Door to the Abyss.
  • Sheryl Rainsworth, with her fan; Rainsworth Key to the Abyss and Rainsworth Door to the Abyss.
  • Oscar Vessalius, with his gun; Vessalius Key to the Abyss and Vessalius Door to the Abyss.
  • Bernard Nightray, with Nightray Door to the Abyss. His Nightray's Key is inherit to his youngest son, Elliot Nightray.
  • Oz and Alice, in their B-Rabbit form, with the scythe.


Pandora's headquarters building is a large office with dark pastel green and light-platinum gray colour exterior. Aside the building, there is a garden; and particularly, a black-roses garden. There is also available so many rooms. And especially, archive room which Pandora saved a lot of important information about Abyss; Baskerville Clan; Tragedy of Sablier; etc which associated with it.








Other Members




  • Pandora names comes from a Greek Mythology for Pandora's Box, and also refers
    CS manga - lencana Ruskin

    A Crimson Shell's badge member.

    to the woman in that mythology who unwittingly released evil into the world.
  • Pandora's organization structure, formation and membership is somewhat like Crimson Shell organization in Jun Mochizuki's former series; Crimson Shell.
    • Notable Crimson Shell's members also shares many similarities with Pandora's members, such as:
      • Baines, a corporate executive of Crimson Shell, share resemblances of appearances with Reim.
      • Gerhardt Bathler, another executive of Crimson Shell, share resemblances of appearances with The General.
      • Xeno bears resemblances with Gilbert.
      • Melissa bears resemblances with Sharon Rainsworth.


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