After diving into the Abyss and exploring some of its lowest regions, Lacie asked Levi about a dark area of the Abyss that she'd encountered - explaining that from afar she could feel as though there was a very lonely presence within the darkness, however no matter how many times she called out to them she received no response. Leaving Lacie without a response for a great deal of time, Levi would ultimately decide to reveal to Lacie information that was otherwise forbidden to those outside of Glen Baskerville in pursuit of a further understanding of how the Abyss functioned. Levi revealed to Lacie that the presence she'd felt was The Core of the Abyss and that it acted as a macrocosm of their world - which meant that Lacie and other Children of Ill Omen like her were a danger to the stability of their world due to her ability to approach and make contact with The Core; something which only Glen Baskerville was permitted to do in times of emergency. As Lacie grew to understand this as being the reason that she had to be dropped into the Abyss when Oswald became the acting Glen, Levi proposed his experiment to her, suggesting that because she was to be dropped into the Abyss anyway, Lacie would be impregnated so that she could give birth within the lowest level of the Abyss in order to provide The Core with a corporeal vessel as a means of controlling it and observing how the Abyss changes alongside The Core. Though hesitant, Lacie ultimately agrees to take part in Lacie's experiment, not wanting The Core to have to feel so alone anymore.
Manga - lacie and oz

Lacie introduces a "friend" for The Core of the Abyss.

Soon after, Lacie requested that Levi make her twin black rabbit dolls, which she intended to make use of during her next journey into the Abyss. Lacie then dived into the Abyss once more, taking the twin black rabbit dolls with her and entering the lowest level of the Abyss - where she encountered The Core. It was here that a consciousness formed between the twin black rabbit dolls, watching as Lacie provided one of the dolls to The Core to keep it company. The Core then played with its doll, prompting Lacie to ask if she liked it before proclaiming that the other one was to be hers so that they could be matching and share a connection with each other. Lacie then vowed to bring another friend with her the next time she came to visit The Core so that she wouldn't have to be lonely when Lacie was gone. Promptly leaving the Abyss with Lacie while still remaining with The Core, the doll observed both Lacie in the 1st Dimension and The Core within the lowest level of the Abyss, watching both as the years continued to pass and as Lacie continued to grow.

After several years, Lacie returned to the lowest level of the Abyss with her doll, greeting The Core as she explained that it had been a long time since they had last seen each other. This announcement gave way to the first distinguishable emotion within the dolls, feeling something him tightening as Lacie revealed that she would soon disappear from the world altogether, only to also reveal that she was pregnant; asking The Core to seek out her child and be friends with. As The Core shuttered with dread, Lacie placed her doll next to The Core's and departed the Abyss, never to return so casually again. With this, the consciousness shared between the black rabbit dolls closed itself off and entered a deep sleep.

Eventually, the consciousness would be awakened by the sound of crying, and while he couldn't see what the source of the noise was, he could sense that The Core of the Abyss was smiling and that it had immersed itself around two small bundles; which happened to be Lacie's children. Due to the power of the Abyss, the children physically grew to be teenagers within a matter of minutes.

Suddenly, one of the children grabbed one of the dolls and quickly left the Abyss, encountering Levi and Oswald upon her exiting through one of the Doors to the Abyss. The child introduced herself as Alice, suggesting to Levi that his experiment had been a success. Alice then proceeded to bite the doll she'd brought with her from the Abyss - happily discovering that the doll was awake; much to Levi and Oswald's confusion. At first the doll believed itself to be dreaming, making note of how much smaller "Lacie" had gotten, while also noticing that she was both there and in the Abyss (albeit all white), though he eventually realized that this was not the case; instead being The Intention of the Abyss. Levi and Oswald then set Alice up in the same place her mother had spent the majority of her time, in The Tower. Over time, Alice played with the doll in a rather rough manner, and although the doll found Alice to be "terrible in all kinds of ways", he loved to see her smile. In fact, seeing Alice's smile made the doll feel a sense of warmth from within which he hadn't experienced before.
Alice names Oz

Alice names Oz

One day, while Levi supervised Alice as she played in The Tower, he heard Alice call out a name, asking if "Oz" was meant to be the doll's name. Alice confirmed this, showing Levi a picture she'd drawn of her doll that had the name "Os" written beside it; stating that she had thought of it earlier - with Levi realizing that she'd named the doll after Oswald due to her close relationship with him. Noting that Alice spoke as though she had been friends with the doll for a long time, Levi corrects Alice's spelling, showing her the proper way to write Oz's name. This made Alice ecstatic, telling the doll that from that day forward his name was Oz. This confused the doll at first, but he soon came to realize that Alice was addressing him and accepted the name he had been given - causing Oz's world to shine, as he'd felt as though his "self" was finally taking form every time that Alice called his name. It is at this moment that Oz began thinking of wanting to learn about and see bigger things, but most importantly, that he wanted to be with Alice.

Alice even helped further Oz's growth by providing him an outfit of his own for his 1st Dimension body. Though Oz soon realized that The Intention copied him, and switched places with Alice in order to see the world outside of the Abyss. However, Oz also noticed that since the arrival of both incarnations of Alice, the Abyss had lost its golden glow, and The Core no longer smiled through The Intention; something which saddened Oz.

Later, while alone in The Tower, Alice would hear a commotion from outside. Rushing to her window, Alice saw her uncle, Oswald, and a man with long blonde hair, who introduced himself as Jack Vessalius. Upon hearing Jack through Alice, The Intention of the Abyss hurriedly collected a piece of Lacie which she had saved from the darkness of the Abyss, a piece which embodied her thoughts and feelings toward Jack. Believing it to be something Lacie wanted Jack to see, The Intention asked that Oz carry it to Jack in the 1st Dimension through his body, though she warned Oz that doing so would likely destroy his body due to the fact that the darkness of the Abyss had already begun pursuing that last fragment of Lacie.

Remembering how Lacie had been the one to give him life by bringing him into the Abyss, Oz happily accepted the tainted fragment of his former friend, successfully delivering it to his body in the 1st Dimension. Though Oz worried that the message wouldn't get to Jack, Jack took notice as Oz's 1st Dimension vessel began to disintegrate into dust as a result of the darkness of the Abyss held within it. As such, Jack picked up Oz, the two immediately experiencing Lacie's thoughts and feelings toward Jack together - with Oz feeling a sense of accomplishment for helping Lacie one last time.

Sadly, upon entering her room, Alice saw Jack crying with a crumbling Oz in his arms, causing her to lash out at Jack and question what he had done to Oz; much to Oz's chagrin - asking Alice to smile again because he didn't like seeing her so sad. Unfortunately, seeing that fragment of Lacie warped Jack's mind, convincing him that Lacie had become one with the Abyss rather than having her very being eradicated by it. Thus, Jack began formulating a plot to drop the world that Lacie loved so much into the Abyss; knowing well that he couldn't continue existing without her.

With his body still intact in the Abyss, Oz spent his time with The Intention from that day forward. One day, while The Intention was in control of Alice's body, Jack approached her with the concept of the Chains of the World - as explained to him by Levi prior to his death - while The Intention did not understand what Jack meant, Jack explained that the world was held together by a great number of invisible Chains; wondering aloud if there was a power great enough to rid the world of those Chains. In response, The Intention asked why Jack would want to destroy the Chains of the World, and so Jack lied to her and said that he wanted to some see her in person; as she merely shared Alice's body in the 1st Dimension.

While The Intention was ecstatic about Jack wanting to visit her, The Core of the Abyss intervened out of concern for Alice's safety - telling Jack that such power would destroy Alice's body, which had already begun breaking down as a result of her presence within it, and The Core didn't want to further damage the body which Lacie had left behind. As Jack clued into the fact that he was speaking with The Core rather than The Intention, The Core returned to The Intention's subconscious, leaving The Intention somewhat confused; but still interested in helping Jack. Jack then proposed that, rather than use The Intention's power to destroy the Chains of the World, perhaps she could use her power to create a Chain capable of destroying the Chains of the World instead.

The Intention knew just the Chain to use, drawing a picture of Oz to show to Jack and explaining that Oz had been by her side in the Abyss since the very beginning; though she'd forgotten his name. Remembering what Lacie's Chain looked like, Jack was content with receiving a Chain so similar to her's - though The Intention told Jack that in order for Oz to get to the 1st Dimension he would require a road much larger than most Chains; meaning that Jack would have to open one of the Doors to the Abyss.

Within the Abyss, The Intention held Oz in her hands and told him of how Jack wanted to come and be with her forever, asking that Oz guide Jack down to the lowest level of the Abyss for her. Agreeing to help The Intention, Oz was given a monstrous form and became known as Oz the B-Rabbit; with The Intention sending him off to await for Jack to open one of the Doors to the Abyss.

Jack was successful in his efforts, thus allowing Oz to re-enter the 1st Dimension through one of the Doors to the Abyss. Upon his arrival, Jack excitedly greeted Oz, stating that he'd been waiting for Oz and that he'd like to make a Contract with him. This made Oz very wary, wondering if he'd made a mistake by delivering the fragment of Lacie to Jack as he reluctantly drank Jack's blood, while Jack drank his own - forming an Illegal Contract as directed by The Intention. Jack then immediately ordered Oz to sever the Chains of the World, and so Oz made the Chains of the World visible and then proceeded to sever them with his scythe; causing an explosion as a pillar of light streamed toward the sky. While Oz faded into Jack's subconscious, Jack would carry the unconscious Child of Ill Omen, Vincent, who he'd manipulated into opening the Door to the Abyss, throughout the Baskerville estate as the Chains shattered around him.

Surprisingly enough, Jack would stumble upon a hallway filled with corpses. Then, Jack witnessed The Black Winged Chains sweep across the estate, ultimately stopping the Chains of the World from severing further, thus foiling Jack's plot to drop the world into the Abyss. Leaving Vincent, Jack became enraged and sought out Oswald in order to make him pay for what he'd done.

Oz the b rabbit

Jack reveals Oz to Oswald

Jack arrived just as Oswald had killed another guest, asking why Oswald would do something so horrible. Initially, Oswald ignored Jack, though Jack demanded and answer, only to be met with another question: whether Jack was referring to the Baskervilles being ordered to slaughter the guests of the estate; reasoning that Sablier would drop into the Abyss and that the humans would be removed from the Rule of 100 Cycles and otherwise become Chains.

Correcting himself, Jack yelled at Oswald for mending the Chains of the World; bringing Oswald to the realization that Jack was the cause of this tragedy. As Jack questioned why Oswald would do such a thing, Oswald returned the question - only for Oswald's proposed successor, Gilbert, to come between them in order to stop their fighting; not knowing Jack's intentions. Jack then sliced his sword through Gilbert's back, threatening to kill Gilbert if Oswald did not surrender. Rather than comply, Oswald launched himself at Jack instead - prompting Jack to summon Oz and have him cut Oswald down. Shocked, Oswald insisted that Jack explain what was going on, prompting Jack to introduce Oswald to his Chain. Upon hearing Oz's name, Oswald finally understood that Jack couldn't accept Lacie's death and was using Oz's powers in order to cope with the loss.

Numerous Baskervilles arrive in order to aid their master, only for Jack to once again call on his Chain. Oz slaughtered all the Baskervilles before him and rendered Oswald powerless. Jack had Oz recede back into his body as Miranda Barma arrived, offering Oswald to her as part of a deal they'd previously made. Oswald mustered up enough strength to defend himself however, and so Jack grabbed Gil and ran; heading toward Alice so that The Intention could stop the mending of the Chains. Before Jack reached Alice though, Oswald managed to catch up and confront Jack once again. Tired and detached from himself, Jack summoned Oz and used Oz's bladed chains to cut Oswald into 6 pieces - killing him.

With Oswald dead, Jack ran to Alice and slammed his palm into the door frame of her room. Alice ran to Jack and asked him what was wrong and if he was hurt. Wasting no time, Jack grabbed Alice and told her to stop the Black Winged Chains, and if she couldn't do that then she should recharge Oz's powers so that he can sever the Chains once again. Satisfied, Alice revealed to Jack that she was herself rather than The Intention, having pretended to be The Intention in order to get information from Jack because The Intention wouldn't answer her questions. Now crying, Alice asked what Jack had done to Oz, wondering how he can be so unaffected when Oz was constantly screaming in agony through his tears.

Oz's suffering

Oz's suffering

Jack finally realized that Oz was projecting himself behind Jack, traumatized by all the murder he'd committed and begging someone to end his pain. Alice had to cover her ears because of how horrible Oz's suffering was, but Jack only voiced his lack of concern for Oz and pinned Alice to the ground to demand that Alice switch places with Alice. When The Intention tried to force Alice to switch places because she couldn't resist Jack's calling to her, Alice grabbed a nearby pair of scissors and stabbed Jack in the arm so that she could inch away from him. Alice then asked if Jack was really trying to make Oz destroy the world, calling Jack an idiot for thinking that she'd let him do such a thing. When Alice realized how dire the situation had become and how she'd be unable to hold off her sister for much longer, Alice thanked Oz for being on her side all this time and that even though she and The Intention are the same, Oz belonged to her. Alice refused to let anyone take away what was her's, vowing to protect Oz with her own hands and proceeding to stab herself in the heart with the scissors. By committing suicide, Alice would able to sever Jack's bond with The Intention, thereby making it impossible for him to hurt Oz further by making him sever the Chains and murder again.

Alice's soul meets The Intention in their mental junction, and though Alice is happy to see her sister was brought out of the trance Jack seemed to leave her in, The Intention knew that even without her connection to Jack she'd one day yearn for him again and be put at his mercy. The Intention then suggested that they destroy her memories so that Jack's hold over her would be ended, but that meant that she'd have to use Oz's powers to do so since The Core wouldn't allow her to hurt herself. As such, The Intention made Alice's dying body to grab onto Jack, using this connection so that she could reach Oz. Unfortunately, The Intention was stopped by Jack, who was overjoyed to see her, allowing Alice to soar past her. Alice apologized to The Intention because she wasn't going to let Oz destroy anything ever again. Alice then dove into Oz's body, stealing both his physical form and his powers in order to destroy The Intention's memories herself rather than Oz; who would remain dormant as a misplaced soul within Jack from then on.

Unexpectedly, when Alice went to destroy The Intention's memories, The Core stepped in because she believed Alice intended to hurt The Intention. Even when Alice tried to explain that she only wanted to destroy The Intention's memories, The Core would not let such a thing come to pass and stood in Alice's way when she used Oz's power for the first time. This left Alice detached from her memories, but more importantly exposed Jack to powers from the Abyss that made him seem foreign to it. Jack was removed from The Rule of 100 Cycles and didn't fall into the Abyss alongside the majority of Sablier because his body had been thrown into a process of reverse rebirth. This meant that Jack's body froze at its age and began growing younger until it reached infantry, when it would age back to Jack's age at the time he made contact with The Core and Oz's power. Ultimately, this set the stage for Oz, as even though he remained dormant, Jack's soul was torn apart with every cycle, making Oz's complete possession of Jack's body an imminent actuality.

With this in mind, Jack plotted over the course of the next 100 years to reunite Oz with his power. Eventually, Jack confronted his descendant, Xai Vessalius, and explained to him that the power of B-Rabbit existed in his body as it progressed through the cycle of reverse rebirth. Jack explained the Tragedy in a way that was ideal for him in order to peak Xai's interest, allowing him an opportunity to ask his descendant to switch his oncoming child (who Jack said would be stillborn) for him when he reached his fetal form. Though Xai was interested in Jack's information, he refused and awaited his child's birth. Unfortunately, Jack had made it so that the doctor overseeing Xai's child's birth would ensure the child was stillborn, which forced Xai to make a difficult decision. Ultimately, Xai felt he had no choice but to take Jack up on his offer, stealing his dead son from his wife, Rachel Cecile's, arms and storming off into the night to switch him with Jack's infant body. Upon his return, Xai claimed that he did what he did because he wanted to celebrate his child's christening privately, and though the skepticism spread, people accepted it. Xai would then name Jack's infant body as "Oz Vessalius", as suggested by Jack before his soul faded.

Oz would be raised by the Vessalius Dukedom to one day succeed the position his uncle, Oscar Vessalius as the head of the Vessalius Dukedom. As such, Oz was immersed in the world of the nobles, being taught his education privately all while partaking in activities of interest, which included learning how to wield a sword; though the skill itself wasn't very impressionable. Oddly enough, Xai shunned Oz and often spent most of his time away from the Vessalius estate because of business, prompting Oscar to take Xai's place as Oz's surrogate father.

When Oz was 7, his mother gave birth to a daughter, Ada Vessalius, whom Oz would grow to cherish. Unfortunately however, shortly after Ada's birth, a carriage accident took Rachel's life and left Oz without a mother. Even so, things eventually began to look up for the Vessalius Dukedom, as Oscar's wife, Sara Vessalius, was pregnant and so Oz had a cousin coming his way. After 9 months though, Sara went into labor and Tragedy struck when her weak constitution couldn't support the birth of a child; resulting in the deaths of both Sara and hers and Oscar's child. Oz attempted to console Oscar often whenever he saw his uncle suffering over the deaths of his family, though Oz couldn't see that Oscar's feelings were much darker than they appeared. Though Oscar acted happier because of Oz's consolation, it actually tortured Oscar horrible as he began to question why Oz was alive instead of his own son. Still Oscar shrouded his true feelings and continued to spend time with Oz in order to fill the void that had been dug inside of him; and though it took some time and a confrontation with Xai, Oscar did overcome his dark feelings and accepted that things were the way they were, so as not to unintentionally hurt Oz.

When Oz was 10, Oscar approached him with a young child whom Oz was unaware had been ejected from the Abyss through the Vessalius Door. Gilbert was meant to serve Oz from that day forward as Oz's personal valet and, true to his theatrical personality, Oz wrote up a contract for Gil to sign so that he could be "formally" recognized as Oz's valet. Suddenly, a Vessalius valet approached Oscar to tell him that someone had arrived to meet with him. Complying with his duties as Duke Vessalius, Oscar left Gil in Oz's care, though Gil was still rather anxious and chased after Os

car, begging him not to leave. His feverish attempt made Gil trip over his feet and fall to the floor, making a vase that was sitting over top of him teeter and fall. Without a second thought, Oz ran and jumped on top of Gil in order to take the vase's impact for him. Although, Oz's actions only made Gil more frantic because he didn't believe that a noble should be protecting someone like him, as it was his duty to protect Oz. Oz smacked Gil on the head, telling him not to call him “master” and explaining that since Gil was now his valet, it was his duty to protect his valet; formally introducing himself to Gil as he helped him up.

During their time together, Oz would often spend his time bullying Gil through varying playful antics. However, on one specific occasion, Gil introduced Oz to a series of books called Holy Knight, believing that they were the kind of novels that Oz would’ve enjoyed. True enough, Oz learned to love the Holy Knight series, reading its volumes avidly and developing a certain love for the character, Edgar, who was a loyal valet to the main character, Edwin. Additionally, Oz approached Gil with Ada Vessalius one day to tell him that since he had no memory and could therefore not remember his birthday, they’d celebrate it on the anniversary of their meeting. Though Gil attempted to argue, stating that he’d already picked a day to act as his birthday – only for Oz to tell him to shut up and accept it.

As Gil had lost all of his memories prior to joining the Vessalius Dukedom, he could not explain why he had horrible nightmares seemingly every night. On occasion, Gil woke Oz with his crying, and when Oz asked him about it Gil explained that he had dreamed that Oz was going away somewhere. Frightened by this, Gil went to Oz's room for comfort, only to find that Oz wasn't there. After hearing this, Oz guided Gil to Oscar's room, though Gil asked why they were doing such a thing and ended up addressing Oz as "master". Peeved, Oz commanded Gil to address him by name, though Gil is unable to do so and settles on "young master", which Oz was willing to accept temporarily. Continuing, Oz found that Oscar's room was locked, and so instead decided that he'd climb a tree outside in order to get into Oscar's room through the window.

Once inside, Oz found Oscar's camera and grabbed it, preparing to jump back out the window, only to have Oscar come in the room. True to his intent, Oz jumped out of the window, landing in a group of bushes below with the camera. Rushing outside with the valets, Oscar was relieved to see that Oz was safe, but slapped him instinctively and asked what Oz thought he was doing; as he could've died if he wasn't careful. Angry with Oz for being so reckless for something as trivial as a camera, Oscar went to grab the camera, only for Oz to cling to him and apologize desperately. Oz begged Oscar not to throw out his camera, as he'd never gotten to use it and it symbolized such important things; revealing that he'd overheard Oscar ordering the valets to do so sometime before. When Oz broke down in tears, Oscar found himself unable to cope with the situation and left immediately, leaving Oz in the care of the valets.

One day, Gil saw that Oz had finished reading numerous books, suggesting that, even though it was good that Oz was so interested in his studies, he needed to take a break from it every now and then. In response, Oz asked if Gil was craving a little teasing, promising to bully Gil plenty later. Then, Gil stated that he hoped Oz would be able to see his father, Xai Vessalius, in the year (as Xai was seemingly always busy with business of some sort), which Oz takes as encouragement to continue with his studies. Gil tells Oz that he’s really doing his best, only for Oz to object; thinking that if he could easily say that he was doing his best, then he was still going easy on himself – meaning that he wasn’t anywhere near his best yet. Because of this, Gil felt as though there was something inside of Oz that put him dangerously on edge, making Gil fear what would become of Oz’s heart when he finally broke.

When Xai finally returned to the Vessalius estate and refused to see Oz, Oz was cast into a state of depression; going so far as to ask Gil why his father hated him. Gil suggested that they go and ask Xai if that’s really how Oz felt, though Oz claimed that he couldn’t do such a thing because he was too afraid of the truth. Grasping Oz’s shoulders, Gil told his master that he would go speak to Xai for Oz in order to confirm that the rumors among the valets were untrue, running off with a nearby bouquet of flowers posthaste. In truth, Gil couldn’t accept that Xai could hate Oz, since he believed that a parent was someone like Oscar, who’d offer a sense of security simply by being nearby. After finding Xai, Gil offered him the bouquet of flowers, explaining that Oz wanted to give them to him; begging Xai to accept the bouquet and go visit Oz so that he could feel secure. Xai merely told Gil that he was speaking out of turn, though Gil couldn’t understand why it had to be that way; asking if Oz wasn’t Xai’s beloved precious son. Smiling, Xai grabbed the bouquet from Gil and crushed it in his hand, amused by Gil’s assumption as he stated that a child like Oz should never have been born, knowing that Oz had caught up to and was standing behind Gil.

Shocked, Gil latched onto Xai’s coat, demanding to know how Xai could say something so cruel and attempting to explain everything that Oz had been doing for Xai’s sake. Annoyed, Xai slapped Gil and sent him to the ground, asking who Gil thought he was and if he truly intended on betraying his master. Furious, Gil stood firm and stated that Xai was wrong, as Oz was his master, not Xai. Tired of arguing with Gil, Xai ordered his valets to take him away, though before they could, Oz ran to Xai and begged him not to fire Gil; reaching out for Xai in the process. Outraged, Xai slapped Oz’s hand away and ordered Oz not to touch him before writing him off as a vile creature. From here, Gil was locked in the estate’s basement for three days before Oscar came with Ada to save him. Not hesitating, Gil ran to seek out Oz, and though he’d expected Oz to be distraught, he found that instead Oz had once again immersed himself in his studies and was acting like his cheerful self once again. Oz apologized for making Gil go through all the hardships that he had, asking if Gil was all right. Rather than answer his master, Gil dropped to the floor and cried, stating that all of Oz’s suffering was his fault. Oz simply walked over and knelt before his valet, telling Gil that he’d thought things over when Gil was gone; explaining that things had been the way they were with Xai since the very beginning and claiming that he was all right.

Sometime afterwards Oz had nearly been kidnapped by a valet that Oz had gotten along with rather well. Although the attempted kidnapping was foiled, it forced Oz to stay indoors for the majority of the time that followed. During this time, while Gil tended to his chores, Oz told him that he was tired of reading and that he wanted to go outside and play. Reminding Oz that he’d almost been kidnapped and that they’d yet to catch the culprit, Gil asked that Oz remain indoors for the time being. However, Oz wasn’t worried about the attempted kidnapping, thinking that it was likely the Nightray Dukedom who’d sent the kidnapper anyway. Gil noted that Oz was overly calm about the entire ordeal, though Oz claimed that life was meant to be disrupted out of the blue, so no matter what happened or who betrayed him, he was always going to accept the reality of it all. Admitting that there was some truth to Oz’s words, Gil noted that no matter what the future brought, he’d always be there by Oz’s side, as he knew the darkness within Oz’s heart, and Oz knew the weakness within Gil’s own heart; thereby linking them by shadows rather than light. This meant that no matter what happened, even if their situations changed, Gil would always want to be Oz’s valet. Oz told Gil that he didn’t believe in absolutes like “always”, which Gil knew–though he believed that Oz should believe in at least one absolute: death.


The Coming of Age Ceremony Arc

Oz attacked

The Baskervilles came to drop Oz to Abyss

While at his Coming of Age Ceremony, Gilbert, who was under the control of the Noise at the time, stabbed Oz and opened a gateway to the Abyss. After Gil had control of his body and mind again, he begged to know why the Baskervilles wanted to put Oz in the Abyss. Taking his sword, Oz tries to kill the head Baskervilles, but Gil blocks his attack and gets a gash from his right shoulder to his left hip. Later it is revealed that person was Xai Vessalius, Oz's father. The Baskervilles then tell Oz his great sin is his very existence. Alice then appears and attacks the Baskervilles. After the bloody battle, B-Rabbit is defeated and Oz is sent to the Abyss.

Oz after signing the contract

Oz after the contract with Alice

After being sent to the Abyss, Oz wanders around, trying to escape, but finds no way. A hairless doll attacks him, first throwing pebbles at him, but when he tries to throw a boulder at Oz it crushes him. Then a giant straw doll appears and tries to eat Oz, but Alice appears and kills the doll. Alice then tries to get Oz to become her contractor, while Oz fervently eats cookies he found in a box, ignoring Alice, which makes her furious. As he is about to become her contractor though, Sharon Rainsworth appears and tells him a false story about Alice being a contractor killer. It turns out that this Sharon is really a doppelganger chain, called Mad Baby. Alice saves Oz from Mad Baby, but is eaten by it. To save her, Oz gets inside his mouth and signs a contract with Alice, which causes the Mad Baby to explode. Then both Oz and Alice escape the Abyss.

Working with Pandora Arc

After escaping from the Abyss, Oz is picked up by Break, Sharon, and Raven, and he becomes Break's subordinate, along with Alice.

Cheshire's Dimension Arc

Oz fevrgb

Oz witnesses Alice's death

While in Cheshire's Dimension, Oz witnesses the Tragedy of Sablier, a fragment of Alice's memories which includes the death of Alice when she was human. Soon, he meets Jack, an ancestor of Oz himself. This shocks him deeply, and the clock hand on his seal moves and in his pain and despair he starts to destroy the dimension, after releasing Alice's power himself.

Lutwidge Academy Arc

Oz, Gilbert, and Alice was somehow dragged into going to Latowidge School for some reason. Oz's uncle, Oscar, said that he needs them on a important mission. He then explain that he just received a letter from Latowidge School. Alice asked what is that. Oz explained that its the third top prestigious school for nobles in the world. Most of the students that attend there are noble children that are between the ages of 13 to 18. Oz wanted to go, but he was home schooled instead. Oscar then said that Ada was studying there now. Oz was stunned.

Break's Past Arc

(Coming soon!)

Sablier Arc

In Sablier, Oz releases the power of B-Rabbit by himself and wields Alice's scythe, killing off the mutants with it. Xai appears and treats him like he normally does: like a mere 'thing' that he dislikes greatly. After Xai leaves, Gil goes after him, leaving Oz behind, who almost releases B-Rabbit's power again, but wouldn't Alice appear. It is revealed that Oz may not be the real Oz Vessalius.

Re-Emergence of the Head Hunter Arc

Someone do this?

The Feast Arc

Oz's Coming of Age Outfit

Oz's outfit for his coming of age ceremony

Oz was attending his second coming of age ceremony. It appears that Gil was getting more attention then him, making Oz a little mad. Ada and Yura were right behind him as he is attending his own business. Reim and Break made their way to them. Reim congratulated Oz at his coming of age in which Oz thanked him and for coming on the behalf of Duke Barma. Alice noticed the white feather that Oz was holding and asked about it. He said that everyone who is here will give him a feather to say that they acknowledged him into the society. She asked if it's really needed and he said it was a symbolic gesture. She noticed her own feather and decided to give him hers. He thanks her. He noticed that Yura was right behind him and breathing on him. He asked why he was following him around and Yura said to marvel his appearance in this party which creeped him out. He then went to greet the other guests with Alice in tow while Yura followed him. Reim and Break went on with their plan.

Oz heard a voice calling him in his head, who he identified as Sharon, due to Equus being in his shadow. She informed him that the plan was working, and that Reim and the others were looking for the Sealing Stone. He asked if it would be better if Reim had Equus in his shadow instead, but Sharon told him that Yura was interested in him and that they can never be too cautious. She went on saying that in Cheshire's dimension, it was possible to travel long distances from there, but where the power of the Abyss is weak, she could only contact through someone's shadow. There was not much she could do, in spite of the connection with the shadows she can't travel through them.

Oz was worried as he noticed that Reim doesn't have a chain, but Sharon told him that he was a contractor as well. Oz was shocked to know this, but Sharon stated that since he appeared ordinary, no one would notice him. Then Elliot showed up in front of him, of which Oz was pleased about. Elliot brushed him off however, saying it was his duty to come. Oz was elated, and Elliot handed him three feathers. He was staring at Yura while Oz counted the feathers. Oz asked why he had given him three, and Elliot proceeded to say that they were from him, Leo, and Vanessa, the latter of which who had no desire to come near Oz. Elliot said that Leo wasn't feeling well, mentioning that he had been acting strange the past few days. He then told Oz to forget what he was saying, and went on his way toward Vanessa. Oz was worried about him, then Gil and Alice came walking towards him. Gil was trembling with fear from where he just came from and Alice was acting like him, but she didn't know what was wrong with him.

Gil told Alice that they were to help Reim by keeping Yura here, and that they were to act natural. She said to leave it to her, but it appears as though she doesn't know how to act "natural". Oz was thinking that they were either finally getting along, or it was just for tonight. He was watching Yura dancing with another person, swinging and tossing her around. Oz was beginning to feel sick by watching this, and so was Gil. Alice noticed that what the people were doing was called dancing and she seemed to know what it was. Yura asked Oz to join them as he was acting like a wallflower. Oz thought a refusal would seem strange so he had no choice. Alice then grabbed him and dragged him to dance, shocking Oz. Meanwhile, Break and Sharon were conversing on the balcony.

Oz and Alice dancing

Oz dancing with Alice

Alice and Oz were dancing. Everyone was amazed by the way they were dancing, mostly because of Alice. As they were dancing, she told Oz that long ago, someone taught her how to dance. A fuzzy, but seeable image of Jack laughing and smiling at Alice on how she didn't know how to dance. She couldn't remember who was it that taught her how to dance, but it didn't matter as she enjoys this dance and she was with Oz. Oz then noticed in the distance, Phillipe, standing with other children. While he was distracted, he didn't realize he had accidentally stepped on Alice's foot. Gil then noticed that Yura was gone.

Yura appeared once again. Oz, Gil, and Alice were out of breath when they finally found him, but nonetheless relieved. Oz noticed that he was wearing a new outfit and Yura said that he wanted to change clothes at least 5 times, since this was a special day. Oz then noticed that there were some noises coming from another room, so he and Gil went to see what the commotion was. It appeared that Leo and Elliot was arguing about something. Elliot proceed to push Leo away, saying that Leo was his servant, so he was to obey Elliot. Leo went on and proceeded to break a vase. He then badmouthed Elliot and continued to speak back to him. Oz and Gil watched, confused about what was going on. They tried to calm them down, but did not succeed. Leo then threw a set of chairs at Elliot, and then finally a table, which hit Elliot. Leo then proceeded to leave the room. Oz told Gil to watch Elliot while he went to Leo. Gil was not sure if he wanted to, but Oz said that he was his older brother. So Gil stayed with Elliot, while Oz went after Leo. Break and Sharon returned after hearing the commotion. Meanwhile, Yura asked Alice if she was a friend of Oz, which she confirmed. In the meantime, Oz was seeking out Leo, who appeared to have a possible connection to Yura. He said he was doing this as Leo's friend, and Break told him to not forget about what they had come for.

Oz and Leo talk

Oz and Leo talk

Oz found Leo sulking on a stairway. He said that he was sorry about what had happened, as it had been awhile since he'd been that angry. Oz sat down beside him as Leo explained that due to Elliot's short temper, usually Elliot lost his cool before Leo managed to. Being that Elliot's rage somehow acted as a pacifier for Leo's own, they seemed to make quite a good pair. Leo then said that he will tell Elliot he was sorry. Both Leo and Elliot told Oz and Gil the story of how they met-- In the house of Fianna. Leo was reading a book when Elliot first met him. He asked what he was doing and he replied that he was reading. Elliot was shocked by Leo's appearance and introduced himself, but Leo ignored him. Elliot got mad as Leo went on to say that he was bothering him, and that he should leave if he was expecting to receive any sort of reaction from him. Elliot asked Ernest why there was a place like this here. He told him that people with a connection with the Abyss are easy prey, but with this place as their home then there is no need for trouble and Pandora can intervene if needed.

Elliot continued to visit as he felt that Leo was just as curious about the world around him, despite how Leo would always talk back to him. Elliot's father was angry at him for going there. When he visited, he played the piano, which seemed to make everything more peaceful. From time to time, the people in the house of Fianna would stop and listen. One day, he played a piece of music that he wrote, which he named "Statique". "Something that never changes" as Leo said. Leo also commented on how the name was girly. He told him that it was his sister that liked this stuff, not him. He gave him the song as a sign of friendship, and Leo said that it was cheesy. There were rare times that Leo will go crazy, as shown when he will not cut his hair-- not even if forced to. Elliot thought that it was a shame that Leo was hiding his eyes. After they had spent so much time together, Elliot decided that he wanted Leo as his servant, because he viewed him as 'his friend and equal'. At first, Leo immediately rejected him. Oz and Gil were shocked to hear this. Elliot was embarrased while Leo was amused by the matter.

Oz was shocked by this and asked why. Leo said that he thought he wasn't cut out to be a servant. He then decides that maybe it wouldn't be so bad, and that the library in the Nightray's mansion piques his interest. Leo finally accepts Elliot's offer, and Elliot asks him if there's anything he needs. He replies that he wouldn't mind a pair of glasses. Even though Leo had become Elliot's servant, Duke Nightray had trouble accepting him. Soon after, a child got lost in 'The Hole', and Elliot and Leo went to rescue them. After this, Duke Nightray finally accepted Leo as Elliot's servant. Elliot was embarrassed to admit that he had slipped and hit his head during the event, losing consciousness. Elliot now wonders if Leo knows what happened during the time he was unconscious.

B-Rabbits power again

Oz uses B-Rabbits power again

Leo said that despite all the things that made them different, he holds Elliot in high esteem. This statement makes Oz happy, but then Leo says that he wouldn't mind that if he needed to kill anyone who was an enemy. Oz was shocked by this sudden change in his personality. He then grabbed Oz's hand and told him about Phillipe and the other kids. Oz was shocked to have heard Phillipe's name. He told Oz that if he was to turn into Elliot's enemy, then he was to kill him with his own hands. Oz was about to say something when a nearby noise interrupted them. They were shocked to find a headless corpse and a maid trembling with fear. Investigation showed it was a Pandora agent and he noticed that he was one of the members that was looking for the sealing stone with Reim. He wonders what had happened to him, and hoped that he was okay.

Oz told Leo to take the maid and go to Elliot. Leo was not so sure if that was a good idea. Oz then said that if the Headhunter was here, then Elliot was likely the next target. He then said that Leo wanted to say sorry. Leo thought for a moment and agreed to go. Oz turned around, sensing someone was behind him. A hand came out of his shadow -- Alice's. She greets him, and Sharon speaks to him in his mind telling him not to be reckless. He apologized, and Sharon then told him that she will send Gilbert too once she finds him.

Jack's Intention Arc

Oz and Alice sitting by window

Oz with Alice sitting by the window

Oz was still fazed about what had happened at Yura's party. Back at the battle, Oz noticed the sudden change in the chains as they were destroyed. Gilbert was also surprised about it. Sharon and Break came saying that the whole place was collapsing. She said that she will use Equus to send them somewhere safe. Break will stay with Sharon to help her find the route out. Oz was wondering about Elliot. Then they heard a loud scream. It was Leo. They ran to Leo, only to see Elliot dead on the ground with Leo on top of him, crying. Back at the Rainsworth's mansion, Oz was staring at the sky when Alice leaned against him. She told him that the scent she smelled from before was the scent of a Chain. She wondered about what Oz was thinking about.

Oz and Leo meet

Leo appears before Oz

He said that he was looking at the blue sky. Things always happen, yet the sky remain the same. When the day is over, it always shines bright for the next day. It's like it was pretending that nothing has happened. It makes him mad, but he doesn't really know if he was truly mad at it. Alice looked at him and then bit his ear, at which Oz told her that she can't do that to people. She told him to shut up, and she bit his ear again, drawing blood. Afterwards, Rufus Barma gave Oz, Alice and Gilbert a day off because Duchess Rainsworth was tired of seeing their tired faces. While they are having tea, Leo suddenly appears along with Vincient and Echo. Leo urges for Oz to join him, but he refuses.

Jack shows Oz the past

Jack shows Oz the past

While Jack is in control of Oz's body, he forces Oz to see his true memories of the Tragedy of Sablier, though Oz skipped over the most important memories, prompting Jack to subconsciously force Oz to see the Tragedy where Oz sees that he's the true B-Rabbit, and caused a massacre during the Tragedy of Sablier. Oz then delves further into his own true memories to uncover his original body, a black rabbit doll, as well as how he gained a consciousness, and how he became a Chain after Jack manipulated everyone around him. Oz continued to view Jack's memories as well as his own to find the reason why Glen Baskerville ordered the Baskervilles to slaughter the nobility that was visiting the Baskerville estate, as well as the beginning of the Tragedy and Alice's death. Alice's death plunged Oz into a state of sadness. Within his subconscious, Jack tells Oz that there's no reason for him to be sad because everything that he wanted to protect, and everything he loved was fake because of his existence as a Chain. As Jack fades into light, Oz regains control over their body.

Gilbert shoots Oz

Gil shoots Oz

After being forced to recall his memories by Jack, Jack takes control of Oz's powers and severs the Chains once again himself. As such an act was too much for Jack to handle as a broken and fragmented soul, Jack faded back into his subconscious once his goal has been realized, leaving Oz in possession of Jack's body again in order to deal with the Baskervilles that arrive on the scene. With Oz on the ground, pained by what Jack had done, Alice attempts to run to Oz in order to help him; only to fall and discover that her body is becoming transparent because Oz's power is being drawn back into his body. Gil arrives and tries to defend Oz, only to be approached by Leo - now possessed by Oswald - and ordered to shoot Oz. With Jury's spell on him still in tact, Gil has no choice put to shoot Oz, sending him tumbling to the ground.
Alice disappears

Oz casts Alice from his body, becoming B-Rabbit once again

As Oz is a Chain, his wound immediately begins to regenerate, and Alice calls out to him as she attempts to reach Oz again. This time however, Xerxes Break pushes her out of the way as he initiates combat with the surrounding Baskervilles. Regaining himself, Oz tells Alice that she's done enough for him, believing it to be his fault that she ended up committing suicide during the Tragedy of Sablier. As such, Oz doesn't wish to hurt Alice anymore, casting her out of his body and making her disembodied soul fade into light, reuniting Oz with his full powers. Rufus Barma arrives on the scene suddenly as Oz loses consciousness in order to heal his wounds, attacking Break as he attempts to protect Oz. When Rufus sees that Sharon Rainsworth is intent on transporting Oz somewhere safer using Equus, he throws down the Sheryl Rainsworth's earrings which are said to contain the Rainsworth Key. Summoning Dodo, Rufus destroys the Key, and Break and Sharon's ties to Mad Hatter and Equus are severed, allowing the Baskervilles to take Oz, Break and Sharon into custody.

Oz is brought into the dungeons of Pandora Headquarters, where a magic circle has been carved into the stone in order to keep Illegal Contractors like Oz tame. Over the course of 3 hours, Oz remains unconscious and relives his memories from his time as "Oz Vessalius", all while healing the wound Gil had given him when he shot Oz. Eventually, Oz wakes up to find Lottie, who's happy to talk with Oz again as they hadn't done so since their encounter at Lutwidge Academy, guarding him with another Baskerville. Lottie teasingly asks if Oz had a nightmare while he was unconscious, prompting Oz to speak of his past and how he'd gone into Oscar Vessalius' room a long time ago to steal his camera; also being the first time Oscar ever struck him. Unable to fully understand what Oz is talking about, Lottie ignores his rambling in favor of explaining the situation to Oz.

Lottie reveals that the Baskervilles have seized Pandora, which was in disarray without the Four Great Dukes, with help from Rufus using the information he'd unearthed from Arthur Barma's Memoirs. In addition, Lottie mentions that the Baskervilles have also captured Break and Sharon (something which shocks Oz), as Break is now no longer a threat to the Baskerville Clan. In truth, Lottie admits that she's surprised to see that Oz is still overly concerned with the well being of others, when in fact he should be more concerned about what's going to happen to him; though Oz in unconcerned.

Then, Lottie and her companion hear the sound of approaching footsteps, with Lottie demanding to know who was there. From the shadows, Echo emerges, and Lottie nearly identifies her as "Zwei", only to have Oz talk over her and address Echo as "Echo-chan". Hearing this, Echo angrily yells at Oz, telling him that her name is just "Echo", as she always does. Lottie asks what business Echo has in the dungeons of Pandora, motivating Echo to unexpectedly rush up to Lottie and pull out her Jyanta doll. After flashing Jyanta in Lottie's face, Echo tells her in a threatening way that the doll was a limited edition version of Jyanta that'd been released on St Bridget's Day this past year in Reveil; stating that she's going to give Jyanta to Lottie. After Echo requests that Lottie gives her a little time alone with Oz, Lottie realizes that Echo's trying to bribe her. Playing with Jyanta excitedly, Lottie accepts Echo's bribe and claims to have wanted to get some fresh air anyway before she leaves Pandora's dungeons, with her Baskerville companion chasing after her in confusion, telling Lottie to wait while Lottie continues walking and whistling.

When the two are alone, Echo asks if Oz is okay, confusing Oz as she explains that he can't be okay before Oz can even say anything; apologizing for her outburst shortly afterwards. Oz remains silent, and so Echo panics when she doesn't know what to say next, making her question Oz's actions even more. Thinking to herself, Echo remembers something and pulls out her observation diary, flipping through and asking if Oz had heard the story of The Farmer and his Wife before. Though Echo begins telling Oz the story, she ultimately ends up slumping down to the floor in shame when she realizes that the punch line is missing. Oz begins laughing uncontrollably, which Echo questions as she ponders whether or not the punch line is actual meant to be the lack of a punch line. Through his laughter, Oz asks if Echo heard that story from Gil, because he remembers that Oscar told him that story once before, and it was just like Gil to forget the punch line; thanking Echo in the process. Echo tries to convince Oz that Gil didn't mean to shoot him, as she'd heard that Gil was bound to Oswald more strongly than other Baskervilles. However, Oz justifies that Gil loathes Jack, so he'd be able to understand if Gil shot him because he could see Jack inside him. Despite Echo's objections, Oz carries on by explaining that Gil must be able to understand that he and Jack are the same, revealing the truth behind his and Jack's existence to Echo in the process.

Echo dan Oz

Echo and Oz's embrace

During this time, Oz explained that even though Jack's body has been rewound by the powers of the Abyss in a constant cycle for more than 100 years, a soul can't be rewound itself. Because of this, some of the shattered pieces of Jack's soul clung to Alice's own torn memories, while what remained in his body withered out of existence with ever repeated cycle. Soon, Jack's soul was absent enough that all that seemed to remain was the soul of B-Rabbit that had lost it's powers, body and memories as well, making Oz nothing more than a Chain; a doll masquerading under a facade. Immediately, Echo embraces Oz through the bars of his cell, asking him why he would say such cruel things about himself. Before Oz can answer, a large crashing sound is heard as a result of the destruction of the final Sealing Stone. With this, Lottie re-enters the scene with two other Baskervilles, telling Oz that he's coming with them.

Gil defends Oz

Oz is dragged to Pandora's grand hall and set before Oswald. Oz knows that the person standing before him isn't Leo and asks him about his identity, prompting Oswald to explain that he doesn't intend on allowing Leo to appear anymore. Furthermore, since Leo can't fight anymore, once he collapses inside his subconscious he'll never be able to rise again. Oswald takes responsibility for the Tragedy of Sablier, but now he's intent on fixing his mistakes himself; knowing well that killing Jack and mending the Chains of the World are only temporary fixtures. Instead, Oswald justifies that as long as the Intention of the Abyss exists, distortions will continue to generate themselves. Thus, Oswald has decided to deny the Intention's birth by changing the past through the murder of Lacie prior to meeting Jack. This way, Alice, The Intention and Oz himself will never be born, and so he intends on getting rid of those who presently stand in his way before journeying back in time; with Oswald finally motioning to execute Oz.

Before this can come to pass however, Gil arrives and shoots Oswald in the arm, standing between Oz and the Baskervilles as he explains that he can't return to Oswald's side as his valet. At that moment, Oz realizes that Gil's left arm is gone, as he used Raven to sever it and thereby release him from his oath to Oswald. Yelling at Gil, Oz writes him off as an idiot, which Gil agrees with, but explains that he's already made the choice to protect Oz because, even though he's a Baskerville, Oz is his master now and he's not going to let anyone change that fact; as that alone is an absolute.

Swan Song Arc

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