This article is about the artbook, Odds and Ends. You may be looking for the similarly named 17th chapter of Pandora Hearts.
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Pandora Hearts Odds and Ends Artbook is filled with artwork from the mangaka Jun Mochizuki and goes from volume one to the first part of volume ten.

It also contains artwork from her earlier manga Crimson-Shell. There is a 'Laugh and Rough' section which consists of sketches of characters and scenes from both Pandora Hearts and Crimson-Shell.

Some of the pages are the fronts and backs of the volumes of Pandora Hearts and it includes the 8.5 Guide Mine of Mine cover and back.

There are two pages with characters that are not from Pandora Hearts or Crimson Shell and it is labeled, "Tales of the Abyss".

There are also two pages of Gilbert and Oz that were for the 2007 drama cd.

Publisher's Summary

The dark whimsy of Jun Mochizuki’s world comes to vivid life in this art book that features over 120 color and black-and-white illustrations from the New York Times-bestselling Pandora Hearts series, as well as her first work, Crimson-Shell, among others. Favorite characters from the series take center stage in elaborate, breathtaking, full-color tableaus that fans of Mochizuki’s work will instantly recognize. Also included in this beautiful, hardbound, slipcased book are brand-new, never-before-published pieces, as well as countless rough and colored sketches! Readers of Mochizuki’s series and art lovers alike will not want to miss this sumptuous feast for the eyes!

Image Gallery

Characters with sketch pages

  • Oz- two pages
  • Gilbert- four pages
  • Alice- two pages
  • Break- two pages
  • Sharon- one page
  • Ada- one page
  • Vincent- one page
  • Echo- one page
  • Elliot and Leo- shares one page
  • Rufus Barma shares a page with Harris from the Pandora Hearts one-shot featured in volume 8
  • Baskerville- one page
  • Cheshire and Glen(Oswald)- share one page

Characters from Crimson Shell with sketch pages

  • Claudia- one page
  • Wilhelm- one page
  • Xeno, Robin Wingfield, Melissa, Les, Ruskin- share three pages
  • Shion Liddel (spelled Zion in artbook, but spelled Shion in the acutal manga volume)- one page