The elite school that noble students such as Elliot and Leo goes to can be considered to be the cream of the crop.

— Narration about Lutwidge Academy in The Story of the Mutuality: Blue Rose

Lutwidge Academy is currently a private school for people of noble standing and their valets, and is considered one of the three top schools of the country which Pandora Hearts is centered in. Students who attend Lutwidge Academy are aged thirteen to eighteen, and have been often known for moving on after graduation to becoming the next generation of noble men and women leading the country.


Throughout the generations, Lutwidge Academy has been used for many different purposes, including imprisonment and sanctuary for outlaws on the run. The head of the Vessalius Dukedom many generations before the current generation was one of the noble leaders who had put Lutwidge to use by creating a secret passageway accessible by pressing two bricks that acted as buttons and opened a long descending corridor into the Academy. The Baskerville Clan were also known to have made use of Lutwidge Academy, having their own secret passageway to a deep chamber of sorts that was accessible by turning a candelabra from
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Oz explains to Alice about Lutwidge as a prestigious academy in their country.

a hallway within the Academy. Aside this, Rufus Barma also found and had another secret chamber under an angel statue in the Academy.

Since the Tragedy of Sablier and the apparent eradication of the Baskerville Clan, most of the secret passageways were destroyed, however the Vessalius and Baskerville passages were left untouched and remain operable in present day.

Since then, Lutwidge Academy has been taken over by the Four Great Dukedoms and now operates as a school for the children of noble families. The Academy is overseen by a Headmaster, who is a member of Pandora, and who is meant to oversee order and report any interactions with Abyssal power.


Lutwidge Academy Arc

In Rainsworth estate, Oz, Gilbert and Alice are all dressed up in Lutwidge Academy uniforms and Gilbert asks Oscar where they're being taken to. Oscar tells them they are on an important mission that only they can accomplish. He said that the other day before, he received a letter from Ada that she had fallen in love with someone during her time at Lutwidge and Oscar said he would not condone such a thing. 

Oscar wants them to confirm if Ada really had fallen for someone and in order to do so they would have to sneak into the academy themselves. Oscar reveals a secret passageway, that had been created by the Vessalius Family in

Oz and others in panic when the infiltration be discovered.

secret, which would lead them inside the academy. Once they're inside Gilbert feels guilty about sneaking in and Alice tells him to suck it up while two students come around the corner. When Oscar sees the young female students and scares them off with his perverted antics two administrators call them out as intruders and chase them. In another room within the school a boy named Leo asks a fellow student what was going on and is given the answer that intruders had entered the academy.

Gilbert and Oscar have been separated from Oz and Alice while they were running and end up in a library. Oscar tells Gilbert not to worry as Oz would be able to find a way to enjoy the situation, he hoped, and no one would kill him if he was captured. Meanwhile at the same time, Lottie, Fang and Dug followed Oz and his companions to the academy. So Lottie dressed as a student to blend in, but although Fang had also suggested that he and Dug did the same, Lottie forbade them from doing so after visualizing them both in Lutwidge Academy's student uniforms. After putting on her stolen uniform, Lottie teasingly stated that it's time to go see her darling boy Oz. Alice sensed Lottie, Fang and Dug's presence and wondered why the Baskervilles were at the Academy.  

Back at Lutwidge, Oscar asks Gil if it's true that Oz doesn't about what went on in the past 10 years. Gil confirms this and Oscar continues on saying that they had come to see Ada yet Oz hadn't even asked about her growing up. Oscar tells him that if it was Oz's way of accepting things then it was reasonable but still sad as he was keeping everything in and someday the weight of it would crush him. Oscar mentions that someone was here before Gil was attacked by a white kitten. Suddenly Ada appears telling them smokers couldn't escape Snowdrop's nose before realizing that they were Gilbert and her uncle. 

While Oz and Alice wander around a classroom Alice mentions that despite what Oz had said he didn't look like he was really enjoying himself. She asks him if he really wants to see his little sister that much and he replies that she's quite sharp sometimes. This only provokes her to kick his head while he explains it was only a compliment. He tells her it not that he doesn't want to see her, as he was really looking forward to it, but he was a little scared. Ada asks Oscar if Oz was really here and tells him she's not ready to see him yet as she had grown so much and Oz, with Alice, told her it was because he hadn't changed at all. He explains the last time he saw her she was really little and it's quite likely that she doesn't remember him since a whole decade had passed. Ada continues that she's most worried about the fact Oz might not acknowledge her as Ada and Gilbert comforts her saying that Oz took him as his valet again despite how much things had changed and told her she should be honest with herself about wanting to see Oz again.

Oz finds a black cat before being told by Alice that he once told her she was find the way she was and asks him if it was a lie. Oz tells her it wasn't but Alice continues asking him why he couldn't tell himself the same thing before kicking him once more for talking back to her and that he should listen to her since she was his contractor and should be happy about it. Ada, Gilbert and Oscar are following Snowdrop who leads them to the classroom Oz and Alice are in. Oz and Ada are u

Ada confuses seeing Alice's intteruptions.

nsure of what to say and have a shaky start before Ada tells him that he was exactly as she remembered him. Oz is suprised that Ada remembers him and she said the brother in her memories kind and handsome unlike anyone else which Oz brushes off as a glorified version. Ada starts to cry telling him that she missed him a lot Oz thinks about how she hasn't changed at all. Alice interrupts the reunion telling Ada that Oz is her slave and that she needed to stop sticking to him like glue. 

Gilbert joins the argument before they start to fight over Oz with Oscar stopping to the two reminding them why they were there. They explain to Ada how they were the intruders but she was happy to talk to her uncle and Gil again and she asks him about the hat she gave him and if he was wearing it. Oz and Uncle Oscar think back to the time Gilbert lost his hat and realize that was a present from Ada before Uncle Oscar asks Ada about the letter she sent him. At the mention of the letter, Ada automatically peeks at Gilbert and blushes. Having caught the glance, both Oz and Uncle Oscar figure they have to kill Gilbert since Ada had a crush on him and chase after him while Ada and Alice beg them to listen and not leave them behind.

Ada catches up to Oz and before they could discuss the letter further Oz hears piano music. Ada tells him that she's started to play the piano and she wanted him to hear her one day before runs up the stairs in a rush to find out who was the composer. He realizes the song being played is the same one in the pocket watch but when he gets there he finds no one. 

Ada asked Oz what was wrong with the music. Oz replied that there was nothing wrong, he just wanted to ask the player of the song a question. Ada then revealed that the ones who had played the song were Elliot Nightray and Leo. Oz asked his sister where he could find them and Ada answered that due to the time of day they would likely be in the library. Oz thanked her and ran off.

The library was seemingly empty, and Oz was awed at how many books there were. He made his way over to a shelf and was shocked to find that a book series he enjoys called "Holy Knight" had come out with many new releases in the ten years he had been gone. Anxious to read them, he followed the shelf until he found one missing. Behind him, Elliot apologizes and says that he borrowed that book Elliot then asked Oz if he liked the series, and Oz answered in affirmative. The conversation continued as Elliot asked Oz what he thinks of the character Edgar. Oz answered yes, and went off on a bit of a tangent about why he liked the character; mainly for his self-sacrificing tendencies. This angered Elliot, who said that he hates Edgar the most because of his self-sacrificing tendencies. He then continued that what really annoyed him was at the end, Edgar sacrificed himself to save his master and died. Oz was thunderstruck at the spoiler and evidently upset, saying that he doesn't have the passion to read the series anymore. Oz asked Elliot what he had meant before, and continued, "isn't it Edgar's style to die for his master?" Elliot was annoyed and responded, "that's only self satisfaction, idiot!" The two then glared at each other and shared the same thought: they get on each other's nerves. 

Leo suddenly speaks up, asking them to keep it down because his book's character is in a tough s

The tense between Oz and Elliot.

ituation. He added on that he thought the argument was Elliot's fault. Leo then told Elliot to apologize. Elliot grudgingly apologized, but added the word "shorty" as an insult. Oz was highly offended and Elliot went on to ask Leo who's side he was on, and "isn't it a servant's job to protect his master?" Oz was evidently surprised that Leo was a servant. Leo responded that a servant should correct their master's doing, but Elliot obviously wanted someone to follow him without questions. Leo closed his book and began to walk away, however Elliot stopped him. As the two of them left, Elliot demanded Oz tell him his student information so they could settle their dispute later. Leo told him that it was no use, Oz was most likely the intruder everyone is talking about.

As Elliot was about to beat up Oz, he was stopped by the arrival of Ada. Elliot kicked over a chair and told Ada to stop speaking to him so informally. He then made a remark about the Vessalius household's status as heroes, saying that it allowed the members of the family to act however they please. Oz then diverted the attention to himself by running off with Elliot's sword, causing him to give chase.

Oz walked down the hall and heard someone following him. It was revealed to be Ada, who defends Elliot and tells Oz not to hate him. Oz said that he would return the sword, and offers his hand to Ada so she won't get lost, like he would do when she was younger. He apologized but she merely took his hand and thanked him. As the two walked, Ada asked Oz if he had asked Elliot and Leo about the song they had played earlier. Oz had forgotten, but told her he would ask next time he saw them. Lottie suddenly appeared behind Ada, taking her hostage.

Oz went to help Ada, but Lottie told him to come have fun with her instead. She led him down a secret passage way, asking Oz if he was surprised, and explaining how in the 'old days' Lutwidge Academy was used for many things, including a sanctuary and a prison. Lottie explained how families in power throughout the ages had made the passageways, and while most were destroyed, the room Lottie had just brought Oz to was known only to the Baskervilles, and with that Lottie removed her robe from her bag and wore it. Lottie greeted Fang and Dug and Oz is shocked to see that they were Baskervilles.

Seeing this Lottie asked if Oz had thought that they were simply ordinary kidnappers, also asking if he already knew what they wanted. She said this whilst shoving Oz's face into her chest upon embracing him, stunning the poor boy. Fang apologized to Oz and told him that they didn't intend to hurt Oz. Lottie once again grabbed Oz and told him to tell her more about himself. This confused him, so Lottie explained that she wanted to know what Oz was thinking, what he wished for, asking if it wouldn't be nice telling his 'onee-san' everything. Lottie sat on Oz's chest and asks why Oz wouldn't say anything. Oz replied that it could've been because he was struck by Lottie's beauty. Lottie then questioned Oz as to why he was so stiff, Oz replying that it could be because someone had tied him up so he couldn't try to escape. Lottie then asked Oz why he was breathing so heavily, and Oz replied that it could have something to do with the fact that Lottie was sitting on his chest and making it hard to breath. Lottie says that was rude, saying she wasn't heavy, and that since Oz wouldn't talk to her she was becoming bored.

Meanwhile at the outside, Ada's cats were pawing at the wall, trying to said to Elliot about the secret passageway behind the wall. With Leo's help, Elliot managed to open the passageway and follow it down to where the Baskervilles were keeping Oz captive.

Lottie asked what's wrong with Oz, as he hadn't even struggled when she retrieved him. Oz explained that it was because Ada was there with them. Lottie questioned whether if it was different now that only three kidnappers were in front of him. She suggested that he should try to escape, even offering to borrow Oz one of her throwing knives, but Oz declined. Lottie stated that she'd expected this from a noble boy, but Oz corrected her, saying that hurting others for his own sake was too much of a burden for him. Lottie was intrigued by this and offers an example, that if someone dear to him was put in a dire situation, and to save them Oz himself had to die, would he actually be able to point a gun at his head and pull the trigger. Oz said that he would, stating that if that was the only option he wouldn't even think twice about it. This made Lottie laugh as she jumped on top of him. Lottie called Oz a 'full-fledged offender' before standing up and grabbing Oz by his hair. She told Oz that it is impossible to live life without hurting someone, and that he needed to accept this.

Suddenly, Lottie hearing something, spun around and flung a throwing knife at the entrance to the chamber. The knife

Lottie throwing a knife to Elliot & Leo.

embeds itself in the wall, as Elliot Nightray had moved his valet, Leo, out of the knife's path. Elliot stated that he'd come for his violin case that Oz had taken, but also stated that they would all need to come with him to the Head Master's office. Oz tried to tell Elliot who the kidnappers were, but Elliot already knew that they were Baskervilles. Lottie, suprised, commented that even kids knew about them nowadays. Elliot drew his sword to fight the Baskervilles and Fang asked for direction from Lottie, Lottie however, thought of how the boy before her looked very familiar. She only realized who he was after Elliot announced that he's a Nightray.

Fang drew his own sword and warned Elliot that attempting to condemn the Baskervilles was like playing with death, Elliot however, doesn't back down and so the two deuled each other. Oz shouted for Elliot to stop, but Lottie came up from behind him and embraced him, reminding him that she had something to discuss with him, which was the truth of the Tragedy of Sablier. Oz is confused as the Baskervilles were supposed to have been the cause of the Tragedy. Lottie admitted to having taken part in a huge massacre, however they didn't know all the details as they were only following Glen Baskerville's orders. 

Oz couldn't believe that the Baskervilles had slaughtered so many without knowing the reason for it, and so Lottie explained that Glen's order was supreme. She however, wanted to know the reason for Tragedy from Jack, who's soul resides within Oz. Lottie licked Oz's nose and asked if Jack really was in Oz, but Oz stated that after Jack had disappeared, he couldn't sense Jack within him anymore, suggesting that Jack might be taking it easy and having a nap. Lottie said that this was too bad before slamming her foot into Oz's chest, pinning him against a nearby crate. Lottie asked if Jack could hear her before saying that he'd better come out and talk, otherwise she was going to make a mess of Oz. Oz asked what happened to the Baskervilles' promise not to hurt him, but Lottie explained that it was Fang who said that, not her. Elliot heard this and ran to save Oz, distracting Fang.

Fang takes a fight with Elliot.

Elliot fights and distracts Fang and the other. Dug then noticed that Leo was no where to be found. Dug warned Lottie that Leo was above her, but too late, as Leo shot Lottie in the shoulder. Oz, Elliot and Leo then used this distraction to flee the scene. Fang and Dug rush to Lottie's side, who said that the bullet only grazed her arm as she licked some of the blood from her hand. Lottie, knowing that she couldn't kill Elliot because of Vincent, summoned Leon to track the three boys and manage to catch them. 

Oz and Elliot fight Leon and Fang for a short time before Jack Vessalius comes forward Oz and banishes Leon. Leon retreates, fading back, as B-Rabbit disappeared. Lottie asked if Jack, of all people, would be able to tell her where Glen was right now. Jack however, told her that he did not come out to speak with her, but to make her, Fang and Dug leave. Lottie, enraged, asked if he was full of himself because people now hailed him as the hero of the Tragedy of Sablier. She reminded Jack that he'd said that GIen was his friend, and suddenly after the Tragedy of Sablier, the Vessaliuses attained a high status, which Lottie thought Jack was thrilled about. Jack yelled at Lottie for suggesting that he had killed his friend for status before saying that he wouldn't warn her again, and she couldn't win against B-Rabbit's power. Fang urged Lottie to withdraw, but Lottie is persistant. Jack told Lottie that the reason he wouldn't talk at length with her was because he wanted to protect his old friend's honour. Jack then said that if they planned to bring about another tra
Ep20 - oscar being mummy

Oscar bandaged and accused in being a thief of Lutwidge Academy female's uniform

gedy, he would turn Oz into the 'blade' that brings down the Baskervilles. Lottie told Jack to do whatever he wants and that they were only following Glen's orders. Just before leaving, she told Jack that even if he killed Glen, no matter how many times it took they would find him. Lottie then left with Fang and Dug.

After finding their way out, Oz reunites with Gil and Alice, though Elliot discovers that Oz is a Vessalius and he and Leo leave. Elliot and Leo immediately sought out Turner. The two later told Turner of what had happened with the Baskervilles, knowing that Turner would report back to Pandora, before returning to their room. 

Meanwhile, Oscar is captured by security guard and accused by everyone in the academy to stole female student uniform, which actually stolen by Lottie before for her disguise. 

Swan Song Arc

After the big chaos in Reveil where Rufus' allegedly betrays Pandora and the Rainsworths being hostage, Oz, Alice, Gil and Reim stay in Lutwidge Academy for their safety and recovery after their escape. Later, Reim meets up with Turner at Lutwidge Academy, who helps Reim prepare for what's meant to come next. The two send a small boat down a river near Lutwidge Academy to where St. Luca's Gate opens. Soon enough, Oz, Alice and Gil arrive at Lutwidge in the boat, getting tended to by Reim and Turner upon their arrival. Turner then goes to Reveil to gather information regarding where Pandora stands currently--only to return and explain to Reim that Reveil is in poor shape. Turner explains to Reim that those who remain in Pandora have been deployed throughout Reveil to search for Oz, Alice and Gil--who are now renowned fugitives being blamed for all the chaos in Reveil. Meanwhile, the knights have also been coaxed onto the Baskervilles' side, joining the pursuit for Oz. Turner then hands Reim a bulletin that states that unless Oz turns himself in by tomorrow morning, Xerxes Break, Sharon Rainsworth and Sheryl Rainsworth will be executed one-by-one. Turner asks Reim to shed some light on the executions, and so Reim does his best to help Turner understand.

Following this, Oz is tackled down the stairs by Alice, interrupting Reim and Turner's conversation. Turner, Reim, Gil, Alice and Oz then all sit together and go over all that had happened. After explaining how Oz, Alice and Gil had
Ch83 Eating

Gil, Oz, Reim, Turner and Alice breakfast time in Lutwidge Academy.

gotten to Lutwidge Academy, Turner explains that because of the holiday that had almost all the students return home, it made it a lot easier to bring the three of them into Lutwidge. After Oz learns that he's in Lutwidge Academy, he attempts to leave so that he can turn himself in and save Break, Sharon and Sheryl. Reim and Gil manage to calm Oz down and bring him back to the reality that Oscar Vessalius is already dead and that he can't turn himself in to save Break, Sharon and Sheryl.

The group reviews Rufus' destruction of the Rainsworth Key to the Abyss and overall betrayal of Pandora; prompting Reim to explain Rufus' directions that lead him to Lutwidge Academy in the first place. Thus, Reim decides that because Rufus sent Reim to Turner, a man he knew they could trust, in order to intercept Oz, they can't make any move against Rufus until they know Rufus' motives.

Suddenly, Oz stands up after having figured out what their next move should be. Oz explains that Rufus had once said that the Baskerville Clan used to own both the estates of Lutwidge Academy and Pandora's Headquarters, therefore there's likely a secret passageway connecting the two of them. Reim mentions that Pandora was unable to find a passage that lead from Lutwidge to Pandora, but Oz explains that he thought Rufus had told him that information because he wanted Oz to look for the passage that connected the two buildings. Reim asks if Turner remembers if Rufus was looking for such a passageway when he attended Lutwidge. Turner explains that Rufus may have been looking for the passageway when he and Callum mapped out Lutwidge Academy long ago. Reim mentions that Rufus likely wouldn't have stopped looking for the passage until he found it, which prompts Gil to ask if
85 - 6

Rufus' passageway has been found.

Turner had the map Rufus had used back when he explored the campus, but Turner sadly denies it. Turner suddenly remembers a time when he was following Rufus and he just disappeared, leading Oz, Alice, Gil and Reim to said spot in case that is where the passageway was located.

Turner helps search for a switch or something similar that could open the passageway, as Reim suggested, when they reach the spot he'd explained. Gil finds a keyhole and asks Reim for the key Rufus had given him, opening the passageway whilst Turner prepared lanterns for everyone. As they travel into the passage, they find the door door is barred from the outside, lifting the blockade from the door, only to be followed by Gilbert slamming through. Inside, the group finds a small study-like chamber, as well as a young boy who recognizes Reim. Reim identifies the boy as a page from the Barma Dukedom that Rufus had sent through the passageway. The page explained that he'd come all the way from Pandora after Rufus had sent him with a box that he was never to let out of his sight. Turner then tended to the page while the others opened the box to find letters that Sheryl had written to Rufus many years before.

Oz attempts to gather Reim's attention, but instead Reim pieces together that Rufus must want him to read the letters, based on Rufus' actions of sending him to Lutwidge to rendezvous with Oz and receive the box from the Barma's pageboy. Reim reads one of Sheryl's letters to Rufus, where Sheryl apologized for her lack of composure in the days before and continued to explain how Shelly had never been a healthy child, and as such she had tried to prepare herself in case something were to happen to Shelly. Sheryl stated that she thought that she'd be able to handle it when the day came, but she was mistaken, as the day that Shelly collapsed before her she could only cry and panic. Sheryl thanked Rufus for rushing to the Rainsworths' side in their time of need, stating that she could not explain how grateful she was.

After finishing the letter, Reim takes notice of the dates of them, realizing that they had been sent around 40 years ago, so Shelly had been three or four years old when they were written. Oz asks Reim if there was anything of importance that they could use within the letters. Meanwhile, Gilbert questions Reim as to if he really believes that Rufus never really did betray Pandora, which Reim confirms. Gilbert finds this outrageous, reminding Reim of Rufus' attempt to kill Sheryl. Reim only says that Gilbert is wrong, because even though Rufus had attacked Sheryl, no one knows if Rufus intended on killing Sheryl or not. This catches Gilbert off guard, allowing Reim to ask if it isn't possible that Rufus had chosen to do what he'd done because it created a less severe situation where Sheryl avoided immediate death by the hand of the Baskervilles. Not to mention the fact that his attack on Sheryl allowed him to seem outright loyal to the Baskerville Clan.

Gilbert accepts that this could be true, but asks what explanation there could be for Rufus leading the Baskervilles through Pandora and to the Sealing Stone. Reim explains that the Baskervilles would have eventually come to Pandora in search of the Sealing Stone anyway, and that Rufus was probably thinking that if he helped the Baskervilles occupy Pandora rather quickly, it would minimize the damage that would've been inflicted if the Baskervilles attacked on their own accord. Gilbert doesn't believe that such a thing could be possible, but Reim justifies that Rufus had put an end to the fighting between Pandora and the Baskervilles so that he could inform everyone of Jack's intentions and the overall truth of the Tragedy of Sablier. Gilbert doesn't understand, as he knows Rufus as a person who will cast anyone aside as if they were a mediocre chess piece that he has no further use for, which Reim doesn't deny. Instead, Reim tells Gilbert that he understands that everything looks complicated, but because the principles behind Rufus' actions are so awful - his intentions are blatantly clear. Reim attempts to clear the confusion by saying that if Rufus had really intended on making Oz, Gilbert and Alice disappear, they wouldn't be safe in Lutwidge Academy. Reim slumps down, frustrated, adding that because of Rufus' intent, there has to be some kind of clue hidden in among the letters.

Suddenly, Oz notices something about the letters and brings it to Reim's attention. Oz isn't sure if it is anything, but
Ch86 Oz Reim

Oz and Reim enlightened at the situation.

mentions that the dates of the letters' compositions are all divided up into the same sort of lines, no matter how you look at them; making him wondering if there's some kind of fixed reading using the dates of the letters. Reim asks Oz to reorder the letter by date, realizing afterward that they make a cryptogram. Reim thinks out loud, saying that if Rufus created this cryptogram, he should know it. As well, Rufus would've likely changed every single numeral, however Reim writes this off as wrong because Rufus would've changed it to a word from his homeland. In the end, Reim is faced with "THE KEY OF AP PRO VAL IS A... "; and so Reim pulls out his Carcere - having finally realized what it all means, and wondering how he didn't manage to notice it before. Later, Reim lifts something out of the box Rufus sent, after having decipher Rufus' code as "SILVER LOCKET" - revealing that Sheryl's Silver Locket is in fact the Rainsworths' Key to the Abyss.

Suddenly, an earthquake is felt by Reim, Oz, Alice and Gilbert - made everyone out of the room and to where Turner is. Oz stops dead in his tracks during the group's evacuation, grabbing Gilbert and Alice's attentions, with Oz stating that something about this earthquake is different. Turner comes running out towards Reim, insisting that everyone follow him immediately. Turner brings the group to a room where a young woman is laying unconscious, explaining that she's an envoy of Rufus' that he'd found collapsed when he went to tend to the Barma Page. Hearing this leads Reim to the assumption that Rufus had likely sent her in case Reim failed to make the proper preparations for whatever he's planning, asking if Turner managed to get any information from the envoy. Turner says that the envoy didn't know anything about Pandora's current situation, only mentioning that there was a rumor running through Reveil that a large black dragon was flying through the sky the night before. Turner adds that there were a lot of witnesses and that the dragon seemed to be doing northwest of Reveil. Alice voices that the dragon must have been Jabberwock, while Gilbert mentions that Sablier is northwest of Reveil.

Hearing this, make Oz remembering that Oswald intends on going into the past in order to prevent the birth of the Intention of the Abyss from ever happening. This makes Oz wonder what he's supposed to do, thinking about how it's because of his powers that the world's on the brink of destruction, and that Rufus made sure to keep Oz alive. Oz thinks that Rufus may have thought that Oz would be able to do something to stop Oswald because it was his powers that caused the damage to the Chains in the first place. Oz decides his next move, telling Gilbert and Alice that he has to go to Sablier and that he wants to stop Oswald because he doesn't want to pretend that the past never happened.

Known Rules

  • Lutwidge Academy provides lodging for its students, where the students are divided according to respective gender.
  • During the period of six years of the student’s education at the academy, students are required to live within the school premises.
  • There is also a rule whereby the first years, the second years and the third years students are accompdated in a six person sizes room, so as to learn teamwork and the ways of a gentleman.
  • When the students gain seniority, they are allowed to be accomodated to one room with just one roommate. Those that are able to have one room all to themselves is a previliege reserved for only the few seniors who hold the title “prefect”.

Notable Students

Notable Alumnus


(*) - Denotes that the character did not appear physically, but as a part of another character's memories.



  • Lutwidge was Lewis Carroll's real middle name, Charles Lutwidge Dodgson. Lewis Carrol is his pen name.
  • The actual location of the academy has never been revealed, but it can be suggested that the academy location is near Reveil as current capital city where the nobilities living for now.  


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