The following is a list of the omakes included in Jun Mochizuki's published volumes of Pandora Hearts.

List of Omakes

Volume 1
Title Chapter Featured Characters Summary
Because It Was Time For Afternoon Tea
Innocent Calm
Gilbert, Sharon & Break
Sharon tells Break to finish his tea.
The Red String of Fate That Binds You and I
Innocent Calm
Oz, Mad Baby, Alice & Sharon
Oz follows his red string of fate that leads to a Mad Baby disguised as Sharon.
Volume 2
Title Chapter Featured Characters Summary
Let's Change The Lines: Midnight Rendezvous
Sharon, Break & Emily

Sharon calls for Break at midnight. When Break asks why she called for him in the middle of the night, she holds out a picture of Break with a humanoid Emily hugging him and asks him who she is.

Volume 3
Title Chapter Featured Characters Summary
Let's Change The Lines: If It Hadn't Been That Kind of Scene, I Think Gil Would've Said This Instead
Gilbert & Alice
Alice tosses a meat bone away and Gilbert tells her that littering is illegal.
Bumbling Sleuth Break!!!
Oz, Gilbert, Break, Sharon, Alice, Ada*, Dinah* & Emily
Volume 4
Title Chapter Featured Characters Summary
If Oscar Were Break In That Scene...!!?
Lop Ear
Break, Emily, Gilbert, Oz & Alice
Break embraces Oz and Gilbert, complimenting them as irreplacable subordinates, and afterwards he calls Alice to join them.
Little Brother... Nii-Chan's Dying To Know, So There's No Helping It!
Hollow eye socket
Vincent, Gilbert & Dormouse

Gilbert asks Vincent what will happen if Dormouse's tuner is wound. Vincent replies that its eyes will open, terrifying Gilbert, but later on Vincent takes his statement back.

Panda-la Hearts
Sharon, Break, Alice, Gilbert, Oz, Echo, Vincent & Emily
Sharon-sensei describes her students in panda outfits.
Volume 5
Title Chapter Featured Characters Summary
Ten Years of Mister Hatter and Master Gilbert, part 1
Who killed poor Alice?
Gilbert & Break

Break follows a young Gilbert around the Nightray household, much to the latter's irritation. He compliments Gilbert's improvement in shooting, and Gilbert replies by saying that it was all thanks to him, because by just imagining that the target is Break's face he can shoot perfectly.

Ten Years of Mister Hatter and Master Gilbert, part 2
Gilbert, Break & Vincent*

Breaks asks a young Gilbert on how is he doing at the Nightray household, and Gilbert replies that he's not getting along well with the elder brothers but he really gets along well with Vincent. He began telling a story about how one time Vincent followed him while he was practicing with his gun and asked him if he could play with it. Vincent only practiced for 2 months before surpassing Gilbert's skills which he had been polishing for a year.

Ten Years of Mister Hatter and Master Gilbert, part 3
His name is...
Gilbert, Break, Alice, Oz, Emily & Oscar*

A young Gilbert sulks on how he was easily surpassed by his younger brother, calling himself a failure. Break tells him that the reason why he lacks an elder brother's superiority is because of his use of "boku" and that he should use the more mature "ore". Break then gives Gilbert a special training for Gilbert to say "ore".

Weekly Afterlife
Emily, Echo, Gilbert, Break, Cheshire, Oz, Alice Sharon, Reim & Dug
Volume 6
Title Chapter Featured Characters Summary
It’s Written ‘Clown’, But You Sometimes Read It As ‘Magician’ You Know
Break, Vincent, Echo, Sharon & Emily
Holy Knight
Oz, Gilbert, Ada*, Elliot, Leo, Edwin & Edgar
Volume 7
Title Chapter Featured Characters Summary
And Thus The Readers’ Eyesight Was Protected
Lottie, Fang & Dug
A Meeting of Book Otaku
Oz, Elliot & Leo
Dokidoki Pandora Academy
Volume 8
Title Chapter Featured Characters Summary
Go For It!! Little Reim-san! Part 1
Reim & Rufus

Reim tells the readers about himself, and how he had been serving the Barma Dukedom ever since he was a child. He remembered about the time when he was 11 years old, when Rufus ordered him to deliver a bunch of love letters to Sheryl Rainsworth. However when he asked Rufus, he said those letters were proclamations of war against the Rainsworth Dukedom.

I Just Had To Make Her Say This… I’m Sorry…
Alice & Oz*
Go For It!! Little Reim-san! Part 2
Reim, Sheryl, Sharon & Rufus*

Reim delivers Rufus' letter to Sheryl. She tossed the letters into the fire after reading them and tells Reim that he may return now, but Reim said he could not for the Duke had strictly instructed him not to return without a reply. He ended up staying at the Rainsworth estate for 2 years, looking after Sharon until he received Sheryl's reply.

Sharon-Onee-Sama's Love Advice Room
Sharon, Alice, Emily, Break, Oz, Gilbert, Lady Sylvie & Yuri Personnel
Volume 9
Title Chapter Featured Characters Summary
Ten Years of Mister Hatter and the Gilbert Boy (+ Reim-san), Part 1
Gilbert, Reim Break* & Vincent*
Ten Years of Mister Hatter and the Gilbert Boy (+ Reim-san), Part 2
Break, Emily, Reim & Gilbert
Ooh… My Dear Harisen Woman
Sheryl, Rufus & Reim

Sheryl beats up Rufus with her harisen for making an unattractive illusion of her. Rufus angrily retorts that the illusion that he had made was perfect and that it was based on data he had collected over many years. He adds that he also added that he removed six wrinkles, which only made Sheryl beat him up more as Reim watched in horror.

JUCKn -Jakkun
Volume 10
Title Chapter Featured Characters Summary
Master Gilbert’s B-Rabbit Observation Record
Gilbert, Oz & Alice
When I Was Worrying About My Script, I Couldn’t Help Visualizing This Scene Like So
Xai, Gryphon & Gilbert
Counterattack Mascot
Emily, Jyanta Oz & Echo
Volume 11
Title Chapter Featured Characters Summary
The Young Lady is Serious
Sharon, Alice, Break & Lady Sylvie*
Little Elli and Mister Hatter
Elliot*, Break, Oz & Gilbert
He Must’ve Pretended To Be Edwin As A Kid, By Leo
Elliot, Oz & Leo
The Rabbit and Raven, Later
Gilbert & Alice
The Bumbling Sleuth Break Witnessed It!!!
Break, Emily, Alice, Oz, Sharon, Reim & Gilbert
Volume 12
Title Chapter Featured Characters Summary
I Don’t Get It… I Just Don’t Get It Nii-san…
Gilbert, Vincent & Ada
An Ordinary Precious Day
Gilbert, Oz, & Ada
Dokidoki Pandora Academy –It’s Not Because I’ve Run Out of Ideas Edition-
Ada, Lily, Elliot, Leo, Oswald, Jack, Oz, Gilbert & Emily
Volume 13
Title Chapter Featured Characters Summary
The Last Trick
Ernest, Vanessa, Elliot & Leo
Yura, Jack & Lottie
Volume 14
Title Chapter Featured Characters Summary
Which Do You Like Better
Claude, Ernest, Vanessa, Gilbert & Vincent

The Nightray siblings are interviewed which do they like better: cats or dogs. After all his older siblings chose dogs, Elliot thinks to himself that there is no way he could ever tell them that he is a cat person.

Meow, Meow, Meooooow!
Elliot, Ada, Leo, Kitty & Snowdrop

Elliot finds Ada's cats inside Lutwidge Academy, wondering how she manages to get away with it. He inspects his surroundings, and after making sure that nobody is around he petted and cuddled the cats, much to Ada's surprise who happened to witness everything. Leo tells her to leave him alone for a while.

The Baskerville Family-San’s Piyoko Master
Oswald, Jack, Lottie, Fang, Dug & Lily
Volume 15
Title Chapter Featured Characters Summary
Yura's Regret?
Claude, Yura, Alice, Jack & Oz
Did Gil Make It Back In Time?
Gilbert & Oz
Why Only Call Oz Shorty?
Leo, Elliot & Oz
Go For It! Magical Ada-Chan! Master
Ada, Oz, Gilbert, Vincent, Alice, Noise, Break & Sharon
Volume 16
Title Chapter Featured Characters Summary
To Each, Their Own Reveil
Oz, Alice & Gilbert
Glen's Appearance....
Jack, Oswald & Lottie

Jack notices that in the end bonus chapter of volume 14 "Piyoko Master" the author didn't draw Glen's eyelashes.

Lottie then comes in the door and scolds Jack for placing Glen's personality in his eyelashes which she then states her opinions on Glen's hair, skin, his dislike of tomatos and his mole on his collarbone while Glen's picks up the volume 14 and draws his eyelashes on instead.

Volume 17
Title Chapter Featured Characters Summary
Oz, Gilbert, Vincent & Break
Fight For Real!! Pandora Fighters II
Lacie's Reason Part 1 (Special Edition Only)
Lacie & Jack

Jack asks Lacie why she was so lightly dressed the day she met him, and Lacie responds to this by saying that she wanted to catch a cold in order to see her brother stricken by guilt.

Lacie's Reason Part 2 (Special Edition Only)
Lacie*, Jack & Oswald

Jack asks Oswald the true reason why Lacie ran away from home that day when they met. Oswald reveals it was chess, because Lacie never won against him. On that particular day he went easy on her, and so she got angrier, then Oswald said that being able to see her happy face upon victory makes him terribly satisfied. He had no malice intended on his statement, but for some reason this made Lacie throw the chessboard on him and leave just like that. Jack chuckles, commenting that his clumsiness is very warm and lovely. Oswald also loses to Jack in the chess game they were playing for the 5th time.

Volume 18
Title Chapter Featured Characters Summary
Miss Alice's Obsession
Oz, Gilbert, Sharon, Break & Alice
Master Glen's Magnificent Day
Jack, Gilbert, Vincent, Oswald, Jury & Lottie
Volume 19
Title Chapter Featured Characters Summary
I'm Sorry
Break, Sharon
Oswald Snaps
Oswald, Levi
He Can Do Good Work
Break, Sharon, Reim
Pandora Cafe
Break, Vincent, Reim, Oz, Gilbert, Leo, Elliot, Emily, Oswald, Jyanta, Jack
Volume 20
Title Chapter Featured Characters Summary
The Truth Is...
Oz, Gilbert
I Could Never...Do...That...
Oz, Gilbert, Oscar
Vincent is to Blame
Elliot, Reim
Behind the Scenes
Vincent, Rufus Barma, Oswald, Leo, Zai Vessalius
Doki-Doki Pandora University
Oz, Gilbert, Jack, Lacie,Levi, Ernest, Arthur Barma, Claude, Break, Reim, Elliot, Emily
Omakes that are released as Individual Chapters
Title Chapter Featured Characters Summary
Maid-ora Hearts
Sharon, Alice, Ada, Oz, Gilbert & Break
Gil in Wonderland
It makes all kinds
(*) - Denotes that the character did not appear physically, but as a part of another character's memories.


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