List of Pandora Hearts Characters

Below is a list of all the characters that appear in the Pandora Hearts universe.

The Four Great Dukedoms

Vessalius Family
162 Xai (for character page) -Oscar23 Duchess Vessalius Icon
Jack Vessalius


Xai Vessalius (†) Oscar Vessalius (†) Sara Vessalius (†)
No image.jpg 4 Kate Icon -Gil 1
Rachel Cecile (†) Ada Vessalius Mrs. Kate Gilbert Nightray
Nightray Family
Raymond icon Duke Nightray Anime Gegrth-Duchess Nightray Fred Uncle for list
Raymond Nightray (†) Bernard Nightray (†) Bernice Nightray (†) Nightray Uncle (†)
Fred Uncle for list2 Claude Nightrayčřšž Ernest2ááí Vanessaěšě
Fred Nightray (†) Claude Nightray (†) Ernest Nightray (†) Vanessa Nightray (†)
-Eliotrfg Hansěšěč Finn icon The General
Elliot Nightray (†) Hans (†) Mrs. Finn The General
Rainsworth Family
Cheryl Rainsworthiukiu,li Tjuzkuz-Shelly rainsworth Hrthtr-Sharon 3gtht-Break
Sheryl Rainsworth Shelly Rainsworth (†) Sharon Rainsworth Xerxes Break (†)
Barma Family
Barma Icon Miranda barma for list Rufus Barma Callum isolated
Arthur Barma (†) Miranda Barma


Rufus Barma (†) Calum Lunettes


Character list-reim
Gruda Glooner for list Adviser
Reim Lunettes Gruner (†) Turner
-Ozz2 1 Yjyumkuy-Namane ,k,uix-March Hare by Zebrof Il.uil;iou-Szalony Kapelusznik
Oz Vessalius Dormouse March Hare Mad Hatter
Dodo Icon ,uk.,uix-Eques 2 Nhntyjx-Raven Pic Owl - isolated
Dodo Equus Raven Owl
Chain02 Horse like Chain Lizard 2 Mock Turtle Ph
Snap-Dragon-Fly Rocking-Horse-Fly (†) Unnamed Lizard Chain (†) Mock Turtle


GleIco Glenhbfgng 3-Leo12 LacieIco
Levi (†) Oswald (†) Leo Lacie (†)
-Vincent Nightray Pic HagIco
Ep22 - alice mugshot
Ep18 - lottie mugshot
Vincent Nightray (†) Jury Alice Lottie
Ep18 - fang mugshot
Ep18 - doug mugshot
Ep01 - noise mugshot
Fang (†) Dug Lily Noise (†)
Celia Baskerville for list
Celia (†)
J,hj,ku, ukx-10 Gryphon anime
Ep05 - duldee bound anime
Jabberwock Gryphon Duldee (†) Leon
Ghmjx-Bandersnatch Vhjx-Toobu Queen of Hearts for list Lacie's Chain
Bandersnatch Tove Demios the Executioner Lacie's Chain
97 - Echo, Noise, Duldum
Unnamed Bird Chain (†) Duldum (†) Echo (†)

Abyss Worshipping Cult

Abyss Worshipping Cult
Isla Yura Pic for list James for list Phil for list John
Isla Yura (†) James (†) Phillipe West John (†)
Helen Orphan I individual Orphan II324
Helen Orphan I Orphan II
Kkykix-Humpty Dumpty 2 for list
Humpty Dumpty (†)


Will of Abyss Pic for list
Intention of the Abyss (†)
Cheshire half pic for list Anbus for list Hedgehog for list Mad BabyAn1
Cheshire (†) Albus the White Knight (†) Hedgehog Chains (†) Mad Baby (†)
Ep22 - gambar pengecilan boneka
Cards Intention of the Abyss' Dolls

Other Characters

Other Characters
Riitasu for list Marie for list William West Pic for list Flower Girl Anime




William West


Flower Girl


Emily anime 1 Jyanta Dcwrv No image.jpg
Emily Jyanta Dahlia Garland Dansen Garland (†)
No image.jpg No image.jpg
The Garland Butler The Great Mother
Grim 3 Fawn and contractor Trump 2 90 - The Cook


Fawn (†) Flower Girl's Chain (†) The Cook (†)

List of Crimson-Shell Characters

Below is a list of all the characters that appear in the Crimson-Shell universe.

Main Characters
Claudia Xeno 1904 Shion Liddell Wilhelm
Claudia Xeno Shion Liddell Wilhelm
Ruskin 1927 Les024 1835 Melissa
Ruskin Les Robin Wingfield Melissa
Gerhardt Balthier Baines Victoria Mad Scientist
Gerhardt Balthier Baines Victoria The Scientist

List of The Case Study of Vanitas Characters

Below is a list of all the characters that appear in the The Case Study of Vanitas universe.

Main Characters
Vanitas Noe color Murr color
Vanitas Noé Archiviste Murr


Galerie Vivienne
Orlok head Nox head Manet head
Parks Orlok Nox Manet
De Sade Family
Teacher front Dominique 8 - Louis 2 11 - veronica
The Teacher Dominique de Sade Louis de Sade Veronica de Sade
D'Apchier Family
26 chloe head Vnc - jean jacques
Chloé d'Apchier Jean-Jacques
11 - Ruthven 2 - Luca Jeanne color 8 - Marquis
Lord Ruthven Luca Oriflamme Jeanne Marquis Machina
7 - Catherine 22 loki Chrysler crop
Catherine Loki Chrysler

Other Vampires

VanitasoBM Amelia Tomas Berneux
Vanitas of the Blue Moon Amelia Thomas Berneux
9 - Fred Mina head No image.jpg No image.jpg
Fred Mina Fanny Gilles
Quack Johann 4 - Riche
Dante Johann Riche
Laurent head Georges head Maria 25 olivier head
Roland Fortis Georges Maria Olivier
23 astolfo head 22 mira No image.jpg 25 marco head
Astolfo Granatum Mira Gano Marco
! MangaVan - Dokter Moreau
Moreau (Former)
Malnomen 8 - Charlatan One 8 - Charlatan Two
Naenia Monsieur Spider Plague Doctor
Other Humans
7 - Paracelsus Misha head
Paracelsus Misha