This article is about the 16th chapter of the manga. You may be looking for the 13th episode of the anime.

Keeper of the secret is the 16th chapter of Jun Mochizuki's Pandora Hearts.


Ch16 Gil Oz

Gilbert terrified of Cheshire.

Gilbert wakes Oz up once they arrive in Cheshire's domain. Sharon tells them about her Chains's ability to not only follow shadows but she's able to see and talk through them to people and asks them to look for Alice and Break. Suddenly Cheshire jumps down through the ceiling startling Oz and Gilbert and asks them how they were able to get into this dimension. He later says the reason he dragged Alice and Break here was because those two were enemies of the Intention of the Abyss. Gilbert, who still retains his fear of cats since childhood, is speechless and slumps to the ground while Oz tries to get him to snap out of it. While the two 'mess around' the Cheshire Cat takes the chance to take out the two and swiftly attacks them. Gilbert hits him but he quickly regenerates and heals his wounds. Equus then arrives to challenge the Cheshire Cat with Sharon leading saying not only is Equus good for reconnaissance but also battle. Cheshire takes the chance to leave and disappears while back on the surface world Sharon notices someone is behind her.
Ch16 Gilbert

Gilbert wounded by Cheshire.

Oz and Gilbert run up the stair when they come into contact with one of Alice's lost memories the latter notices that these memories are dark manifestations that were created to destroy intruders. Oz asks if all of Alice's memories are here to which Cheshire replies that this very dismension was created from her memories. He then attacks Gilbert asking him to 'bring out the crow from the cage' referring to Raven only to realize that Raven was sealing B-Rabbit's power before scratching his stomach and sending him over a balcony. Oz tries to escape Cheshire's grip but he holds his head with his foot.

Cheshire then questions their actions by collecting Alice's memories. Oz tells him that Alice wants to recover her memories and Cheshire tells him that isn't true, that Alice wanted to forget everything and that she tore up and threw away all her memories. He adds on that this memory is within a shell and it's his duty to protect and keep anyone from seeing Alice's memory because what was hidden here was the memory Alice wanted to forget most.

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(*) - Denotes that the character did not appear physically, but as a part of another character's memories.




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