Jun Mochizuki (望月 淳 - Mochizuki Jun) is a Japanese manga artist who began her professional career as a student. She is best known for the manga series Pandora Hearts which ran in GFantasy from 2006 to 2015. She is also the author of the one-shot manga Crimson-Shell, running manga series The Case Study of Vanitas (Vanitas no Carte), and illustrator of the Boukyaku no Haou Roland and Caucus Race novels.

Pandora Hearts

Evidence Jun-Cat 2

Jun Mochizuki's representation.

Pandora Hearts is the first long series by Jun Mochizuki and was very successful as soon as it was released in Japan, considering both sales and critics, which awarded it to be turned into an animation series in 2009. A clever mix of fantasy and mystery mingled with supernatural inquiries, this new generation Shônen goes beyond the codes of this genre and promises to be one of the Manga events of this year!




  • Boukyaku no Haou Roland (2010) — illustrator, written by Yoshino Takumi.
  • Boukyaku no Haou Roland 2 (2010) — illustrator, written by Yoshino Takumi.
  • ~Caucus Race~ Volume 1 (2011) — illustrator, written by Shinobu Wakamiya.
  • ~Caucus Race~ Volume 2 (2012) — illustrator, written by Shinobu Wakamiya.
  • ~Caucus Race~ Volume 3 (2013) — illustrator, written by Shinobu Wakamiya.


  • ~Odds & Ends~ (2009)
  • There is. (2015)


  • Pandora Hearts Official Guide 8.5: Mine of mine (2009)
  • Pandora Hearts 18.5: Evidence (2012)
  • Pandora Hearts 24+1: Last Dance (2015)
  • Official Animation Guide

Staff in



  • She claimed being 163cm (5'4") in Pandora Hearts 18.5: Evidence.
  • Her blood type and age are unknown.
  • She was born in Kanagawa, Japan on December 22.
  • Her zodiac sign is Capricorn.
  • She often draws herself as a cat in many omakes and author's notes in each volume, though she draws herself in situations where she is often tortured by her own characters.
  • Since Chapter 65, "Troll Queen" or "Best Troll Mangaka of the year" are terms Pandora Hearts' readers often use to describe Mochizuki-sensei.
  • She was friends with Cocoa Fujiwara, the author of Inu x Boku SS.
  • Fans on blogs call her Jun-sama.

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