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My wish has always been 'to die laughing with the greatest unknown before my eyes'...!

—Yura, after revealing his true intentions to Oz

  Isla Yura was a leader of a religious cult that came from another country to carry out Yura's goal to recreate the Tragedy of Sablier. Isla Yura had been using a partnership with Bernard Nightray in order to get closer to the four Dukedoms, also obtaining the Chain, Humpty Dumpty, destroying the third Sealing Stone, and was killed by Jack Vessalius when he took over Oz Vessalius' body.


Isla Yura, much like his relatives from the Barma Dukedom, had a slightly different appearance than that of other characters in Pandora Hearts due to his foreign origin. Yura was a middle aged man who had visibly sharp cheekbones, a crooked smile, shoulder-length crimson hair (which was kept tied in a ponytail using a long rope with tassels on either end, revealing a slight widow's peak) and round dark gray eyes that were complimented by his small wrinkles.

Throughout his time in Pandora Hearts, Yura was shown wearing numerous outfits - having five outfits during The Feast (although one was only revealed through Yura's memory in an omake), three outfits in the chapters prior to The Feast and an additional four outfits seen through flashbacks after The Feast. This individualized Yura from other characters in the series, who's clothing rarely changes. A common theme of Yura's attire seemed to be rather feminine, with Yura often wearing flower-print clothing, high-heeled shoes and elaborate hats on rarer occasion (though this could be part of a traditional attire from Yura's home country).

Both of Isla Yura's ears were pierced, with Yura often switching his earrings depending on the outfit he's wearing. Yura's final accessory was a necklace with a circular pendant with five chimes hanging down from it. In addition to the chimes, the pendant had a more detailed inscription - being the symbol used by the mages who formed the Sealing Stones, a snake coiled around a silver snake (similar in design to the Rod of Asclepius from Greek mythology), which Yura uses in-turn to represent his cult.


Isla Yura was selfish, only caring about his own goal of dying while laughing in the face of the unknown - having manipulated Bernice Nightray's weakness after the deaths of her younger brother and eldest son, as well as the entirety of his cult for their money, and Bernard Nightray. Yura even relished at the thought of the smell of burning flesh, the blood and the turmoil brought on by the Tragedy, clearly displaying some form of mental instability.

In reality, Yura never believed that The Feast he was hosting would bring the world to salvation through paradise, simply going along with it for the funding it brought him and for his own amusement. All throughout his pursuit of fulfilling his goals, Yura also showed great intellect, having carefully plotted every aspect of The Feast by creating some kind of distraction or applying pressure to the right points of weakness in order to get what he desires.

As an individual, Isla Yura was rather eccentric, as shown when he burst into an explosion of excitement after encountering Lottie, Jack and Oz - which was fueled by Yura's interest in the Tragedy of Sablier and absolute obsession with Jack. Further more, to promote his excitement, Isla Yura also had the tendency to wiggle.


Isla Yura was a man born into a high ranking noble family in the country neighboring Pandora's Country; his father being the highest ranking nobleman of the country. Yura was also, by extension, connected to the Barma Dukedom, although the specifics of their blood relation are not fully known.

After close to forty years, Yura had been searching for a new residence to call his home. He stumbled across a mansion that was said to be haunted and caused misfortune to all of its residents, and so Yura accepted the mansion with delight based on his intrigue and love of the unknown. Without knowing what he had gotten himself into, Isla Yura came across a hidden passageway in the mansion's library. This passageway lead to a secret temple in the basement levels of the mansion; a temple dedicated to the protection of one of the five Sealing Stones of Glen Baskerville. Here, Yura found the corpse of the previous owner of the mansion, one of the descendants of the original mages who had bound Glen's soul. The descendant had numerous research notes throughout the temple, having apparently forgotten the purpose he was tasked with in an attempt to squander the Seal's power for himself, which somehow lead to the descendant's death.


The symbol of Yura's cult

With the descendant's research notes now in his possession, Yura immediately went to work, reading the notes and uncovering a whole knew world in the process. What Yura found had excited him, having always been taught that the Tragedy of Sablier was an event that'd occurred due to simultaneous natural disasters. Instead, Yura learned more in-depth information on the Tragedy, Chains, the Baskerville Clan and the Abyss, and how all of it was truth rather than fiction as he'd believed. From all of this new information, Yura even hypothesized that the massive fissure that separates his country from Pandora's country was the result of the Tragedy. The research not only peaked Yura's curiosity, but it also fueled a seeming obsession with Jack Vessalius, the man who had apparently prevented the Tragedy of Sablier from engulfing more than just Sablier. Yura was fascinated with all the knowledge he had at-hand, but it wasn't enough for him; rather Yura required verification that what he'd read was truly factual, and not fictitious.

Yura went to work immediately, building up a cult from the ground, using the information he'd gathered as the basis and the symbol of a snake coiled around a silver stake, that the mages had used to identify themselves, as the symbol for his cult. Afterwards, Yura made his move towards the Four Great Dukedoms. Yura was well aware of the fact that the Nightray Dukedom had been branded as traitors after the Tragedy and that they had been targeted by the mysterious Head Hunter in recent years; however he was more interested in how the adoptive Nightray son, Gilbert Nightray had been the first to form a Contract with the Black Winged Chain guarding the Nightray Door to the Abyss, Raven.

Bernice + Yura

Yura manipulates Bernice

Yura believed that because Duke Bernard Nightray couldn't access the Abyss through the Nightray Door, then it was likely that he'd opened operations elsewhere to study Chains in order to keep him on an equal level with the other Dukedoms. With this in mind, Yura approached Bernard's wife, Bernice Nightray, manipulating her through the loss of her younger brother and eldest son, Fred Nightray. Then, when the time was right, Yura offered the crazed Bernice a place in his cult in order to help heal her weary mind, which Bernice happily accepted.

Now that Isla Yura had an excuse for venturing to Pandora, he could use Bernice as a foothold while he pursued Bernard himself. When the time finally came for Yura and Bernard to meet, the two made a business agreement where Yura would fund Bernard's research at The House of Fianna in Sablier using donations from his cult, in order to allow Bernard continued progress in his research. At this time, Yura noted that Bernard seemed rather hurried about something.

With his cult assembled and the Nightrays acting as Yura's play things, Yura could afford to keep his distance, only dropping by The House of Fianna on rare occasions in order to observe progress with the Chain research. During this time, Leo (one of the elder orphans in the House of Fianna) grew very suspicious of Yura's intentions, doing everything that he could to keep Yura away from Elliot Nightray. It wasn't long before The House of Fianna's research produced the unique Chain, Humpty Dumpty; a Chain which Yura specifically funded because of his ability to clone himself to form Contracts with numerous individuals at once. As part of his research, Yura had the orphans at The House of Fianna tricked into forming Illegal Contracts with Humpty Dumpty, with the intention of using the orphans for his own personal gain. Unexpectedly though, after the discovery of Humpty Dumpty, the Head Hunter struck again; poisoning Gilbert and murdering Claude Nightray and Ernest Nightray whilst burning down a part of the Nightray estate and burning all the mansion's guests in the process. In the process of all the sudden disaster, Bernice's loyalty to Yura only increased, with Bernice seemingly abandoning what remained of her family as her sanity crumbled, as well as Pandora.

What Yura sought was to prepare what he called 'The Feast', which would act as the second coming of the Tragedy of Sablier, however Yura evidently found himself stuck at a dead end because the last components of The Feast he anticipated so greatly could not assemble.


The Feast Arc

Yura 1

Yura approaches Pandora

Sometime later, Yura approaches Pandora, which Pandora takes advantage of because of the clue left by Rytas at the second Sealing Stone, which singled out Isla Yura's Cult. When arriving at Pandora, Yura met with Xerxes Break, as well as the Four Great Dukes while they discussed the Sealing Stone that Yura was rumored to have. Despite their best efforts, Yura wouldn't budge on the subject, and because he's the son of the leader of the neighboring country, Yura is untouchable; also preventing Pandora from infiltrating Yura's mansion, or risk starting a war between the neighboring countries.

Yura runs into Vanessa Nightray and Elliot when on his way to meet with Bernice, managing to catch Vanessa slapping Elliot and reprimanding him for running off after the re-emergence of the Head Hunter without telling anyone and worrying both herself and Bernice. Yura tells Vanessa not to accuse Elliot so harshly, as he was only acting recklessly because he had Fred, Claude and Ernest in mind, calling Elliot brave. Yura greets the two, and tells Elliot that it's been a while since their last encounter, Yura then happily running towards the stunned siblings.

Later, Yura had been invited to meet with his relative, Rufus Barma, in one of his townhouses in Reveil two days after his arrival. In hopes of uncovering information about the Sealing Stone, Oz, Alice, Gilbert and Break infiltrate the townhouse (after reading Reim Lunettes' datebook to find out when Rufus was meeting with Yura) disguised as Barma valets (save for Break, who creeps off to wait until the charade is over). Oz, Alice and Gil watch from a far as Yura meets with Rufus, Yura exclaiming that he feels as though he's died and gone to heaven because of his recent freedom to traverse Pandora's Headquarters. Rufus tells Yura that he's had enough of Yura's annoying babble, instead questioning why Yura approached Pandora. After attempting to beat-around-the-bush, Yura explains that he's been sent by his country to investigate the power known as the Abyss; elaborating that the country's nobles want to somehow remove the threat of the Chains - which is why he was ordered to either infiltrate Pandora or contact Rufus. Rufus condemns this as foolish, with Yura stating that his country's noblemen fear the Abyss greatly - even believing that natural disasters that shook the world nearly one-hundred years ago were caused by Pandora's Country somehow.

Rufus snickers and tells Yura that he had quite the interesting theory, but that he should give up on his attempt to obtain the power of the Abyss, as it's a feat that is impossible because of the fact that the means of approaching the Abyss belong in Pandora's Country alone. Instead, Rufus suggests that his relative have his country's scholars focus more on repairing the fissure that separated the country from Pandora's Country. Yura accepts this and reveals to Rufus that he was only using his orders as an excuse to approach Rufus and his colleagues in pursuit of the knowledge which he craves. Yura even elaborates that he doesn't care what happens to Pandora's Country or his own, he'd rather pursue as many truths as he possibly can whether that lead to another event like the Tragedy of Sablier or not; as to die laughing in the face of the unknown is Yura's greatest fantasy.

Yura asks Rufus if the request for the fruit of his knowledge wasn't an easy enough request; thus leading Rufus to offer an introduction to Oz. Yura is caught off-guard by Rufus' offer, allowing Rufus to explain that he's aware that Yura had been looking for Oz the entire time he'd been at Pandora, and that Oz is just the type of individual that Yura would like. At this moment, Rufus points out to Isla Yura that Oz has been eavesdropping on their entire conversation from the doors behind Yura. Immediately, Yura turns and bursts through the doors to find Oz, alone (as Gil had gone to search for Alice, who'd wandered off).

Yura finds himself overwhelmed as soon as he lays eyes on Oz, not capable of making a single sound. At this moment, Gil and Alice burst through opposing doors into the room, to find Yura attempting to contain his excitement. The first words that Yura manages to speak include comparisons between Jack Vessalius and Oz, mistaking Oz for Jack all together when he finally speaks his mind. Oz is fearful because of Yura's reaction, correcting the foreigner on his identity and offering a formal greeting to Yura. Meanwhile, Alice and Gil attempt to drag Yura off of Oz, with Yura only questioning who they are and what they think they're doing trying to separate him from Oz. Yura, as extension of his fanatic craze, assures Oz that he has nothing to fear, as the one he has plans for is Jack rather than him. Rufus and Break re-enter the room and Rufus decides that it is about time for him to separate Yura from Oz and calm down the situation.

After Rufus has done this and all are sitting down nice and relaxed, Yura voices how he'd never thought he'd get the opportunity to meet Oz in the flesh, asking Rufus how he could withhold Oz from him like that if he knew Oz was there; Rufus reasoning being he enjoys instigating a little mischief. Oz wonders what Rufus was thinking by wanting Oz to listen, as well as what Rufus expects Oz to do with Yura. Yura sits and stares at Oz in silence briefly, before he jumps up and asks if he can ask Oz something that's been annoying him for the longest time. Oz complies, and gives Yura the freedom to ask his question; not expecting Yura to ask if Jack truly resides in Oz's soul or if Oz was just making the entire thing up.

Yura tells Oz that he doesn't mean to object to Pandora's initial beliefs, instead explaining that the reason he asked was because there's no actual proof that the entire thing wasn't an act. Additionally, Yura's aware that Oz's relationship with Xai Vessalius is poor - making him wonder if a child who hungers for approval from his father wouldn't put on a giant charade in order to grasp his father's attention. The mention of Xai prompts Gil to stand in fury and outrage. In response, Yura apologizes, having not meant to offend anyone with his question. Oz gathers himself and smiles, asking what Yura would do if everything he'd claimed about Jack was in fact nothing more than a lie. Yura says that he wouldn't do anything because he only wants to know the truth; he'd praise Oz for managing to fool all of Pandora rather than go to great lengths to expose the lie. Alternatively, Yura reveals that if Oz's claims are indeed true, then he'd extend an invitation to Oz so that he can visit Yura's mansion. Seeing the opportunity that Rufus wanted him to grasp, Oz acts by telling Isla Yura that Jack doesn't always emerge when he calls to him. Yura is disappointed, standing immediately and asking Oz to summon him when Jack's ready to make an appearance.

Seeing the desperation of the situation, Oz yells for Jack, grabbing a nearby knife and stopping the curious Yura where he stands. Oz tells Jack to look at the way Isla Yura mocked him, insisting that he can't allow Yura to just leave after that. Oz takes the knife and states that if Jack won't appear of his own volition, he'll drag Jack out, plunging the knife towards his heart. Oz's other hand stops Oz from plunging the knife into his chest. Yura notes how Oz's aura seems to have changed and it appears that Jack has emerged, as 'Jack' (really Oz pretending to be Jack) begins laughing and asking what Oz would've done if he couldn't have stopped him. 'Jack' puts down the knife and looks to Yura, with Rufus standing from his chair in apparent shock. Rufus (deciding to act along with Oz after realizing Oz's plan) is surprised that 'Jack' actually made an appearance. Jack, upon seeing Rufus, asks if Rufus is one of Arthur Barma's descendants, because their eyes are the same, prompting Rufus to drop to his knees and bow before 'Jack'. This solidifies Yura's belief, Yura asking 'Jack' to repeat the oath that the mages who bound Glen's soul once recited. After hearing 'Jack' do as directed, 'Jack' fell unconscious into Gil's arms, while Yura broke into uncontrollable excitement and invited Oz to his mansion, before leaving.

Later, Rufus invites Yura back to his townhouse in Reveil, with Oz, Gil and Alice attending as well. Here, Yura is told that Oz lacks the proper qualifications to venture to Yura's mansion. Yura is stunned when he hears this, not quite understanding until after Oz explains that the nobles of Pandora's Country require a Coming of Age Ceremony before they can appear at public formal events and the like. As Oz was cast into the Abyss during his first Coming of Age Ceremony, he can't set foot in the residencies of other noblemen, or risk social scrutiny, and he can't possibly have another Coming of Age Ceremony because Xai would never allow it as long as he has the freedom to interfere. Yura sees the only solution available, offering to celebrate Oz's Coming of Age Ceremony within Yura's mansion, as Xai couldn't interfere because it's a country out of his jurisdiction of power. Oz accepts Yura's offer, and so Yura travels back to his homeland as soon as possible in order to make preparations.

Prior to Oz's second Coming of Age Ceremony, Isla Yura receives a letter from the House of Fianna, informing him of James' death, though Yura just shrugs it off and continues preparations, intending on initiating The Feast at the second Coming of Age Ceremony. Around the same time, Yura sends a package to Rufus, in case his plans fail; entrusting the information he had to his relative regarding his partnership with Bernard, how he came across the Sealing Stone, as well as his overall intentions.

On the night of Oz's second Coming of Age Ceremony, Yura follows behind Oz and Ada Vessalius closely, visibly filled with glee as Oz meets with Break, Alice and Reim Lunettes. After explaining what the feathers' symbolism to Alice, Oz asks Yura why he keeps creeping up behind him so often, Yura telling Oz not to mind him. Oz tells Yura that he's getting on his nerves, leaving Yura's side under the claims that he has more guests to greet, with Yura chasing after Oz feverishly. Eventually, Yura does separate from Oz and allow him to roam the grand hall as he pleases, Yura speaking with his guests and observing others from a far, soon grabbing a guest and taking her to the center of the grand hall to dance. Yura sees Oz standing on the edge of the dance floor, taking the time to ask Oz to join them on the dance floor and stop acting like a wallflower. Oz does as Yura asked, ballroom dancing with Alice in a manner that mesmerizes all who see them; even Yura stops dancing in order to watch Oz and Alice dance together.

At this time, Oz notices Phillipe West and the other orphans from The House of Fianna on the other side of the dance floor. This distracts Oz, stopping his dance with Alice and thereby distracting Gilbert from his mission of keeping an eye on Yura at the same time. Yura is permitted the freedom he's been waiting for all night, running off outside the mansion to meet with Leo. Yura says that he's heard that Leo's not feeling well, and asking if Leo should be outside if he's sick. Leo doesn't respond, leading Yura to ask if Leo received a letter from the House of Fianna as well, claiming James death is a tragic thing. Yura asks who could've seen that James' cold would worsen to the point of his death. Leo clenches his fists and states that James' death makes six orphans dead, asking what Yura's done to the orphans at The House of Fianna. Yura avoids the question with a smile, putting a hand on Leo's shoulder and assuring Leo that everything will work out just fine, and that Leo has nothing to worry about. Yura agrees that death is sad, but Leo should rest easy, because the other orphans have likely already forgotten that James even existed, just like how Phillipe forgot his father, William West, died as well. Yura knows that Leo likely has a lot he'd like to discuss with him, but Yura explains that he's got many other guests to entertain. Yura then walks off, raising his arms in the air and exclaiming about how overjoyed he is that Jack entered his domain in search of his body - announcing the true beginning of The Feast.

Isla Yura re-enters his mansion, changing his clothes before returning to the grand hall. Here, Yura is confronted by Oz for having disappeared without telling anyone where he was going. Yura apologizes, and Oz assures Yura that it's not a major issue - also taking notice of Isla Yura's different attire (something which excites Yura), Yura then takes the time to explain that because of the importance of the ceremony, he intends on changing his 'costume' at least five times. Suddenly, Yura takes notice of a loud argument coming from elsewhere in the mansion, prompting Yura, Oz, Alice and Gil to seek out the source of the noise. The group finds that Elliot and Leo are the ones fighting because Elliot feels betrayed over Leo's connection to Yura. After Elliot and Leo go their separate ways, Yura seems overjoyed - claiming that their entire fight was fueled by their youth. Hearing this, Alice questions what 'youth' is, asking if it's something that she could eat. Yura looks to Alice curiously, asking her if she wasn't one of Oz's friends, which she confirms, Yura allowing Alice to return to Oz's side as his intrigue grows. As a result of the fight, Break sends Oz and Gilbert to speak with Leo and Elliot respectively, whilst Break preoccupies Yura.

Break is with Yura when one of Yura's valets rush to his master in alarm. Yura notes how much of a ruckus his valets are making, asking if something's happened, his valets explaining how corpses have been discovered elsewhere in the mansion. Immediately, Yura has his valets lead him to the corpses, observing that the people who had been murdered were Pandora members, while one of the valets mentions that the wounds suggest that a large beast is responsible for the attacks. Yura gathers the information mentally, knowing that the murdered must have been a Contractor - but doubting that Pandora members would have attacked each other. Yura knew that Pandora would been looking for the Sealing Stone, but it appears that another party has infiltrated the mansion in pursuit of the Seal as well.

Suddenly, a young woman emerges from the shadows, claiming to have lost her way and asking Yura to act as her guide. Yura states that acting as her guide would depend entirely on where the woman wants to go. Yura thinks of how if he disregards the possibility of Illegal Contractors infiltrating the mansion by chance, then the culprits are likely the Baskerville Clan. At this moment, Lottie steps out of the shadows and states that there's only one place she wants to go, ordering Yura to take her to the Sealing Stone. Lottie summons Leon and has him knock Yura's valets unconscious, telling Yura that if he wants to avoid getting hurt like his valets, he'll tell her where to find the Sealing Stone. Yura finds himself in a state of pure ecstasy over getting the chance to meet a Baskerville, alongside Jack Vessalius, claiming to be unable to script a more perfect plot than this. Yura confirms that there is a Sealing Stone within the mansion, but explains that he can't just reveal the location of the Seal to Lottie, because he needs it for 'The Feast'. Instead, Yura tells Lottie that if she's still insistent on knowing the location of the Sealing Stone, she'll have to defeat him, Yura lunging at Lottie in anticipation of a battle.

Instead of the great battle Yura was expecting, Lottie has Leon simply smash Yura's head into the floor, remarking on how weak Yura is and wondering what he was thinking when he tried to fight her. Before Lottie can further examine Yura, Break has his cane-sword pressed against Lottie's neck, intent on finding out what happened to Reim. Soon enough, members of Isla Yura's Cult arrive and surround Break and Lottie. Seeing the surprise on Lottie's face, Yura smiles as he lifts his head off the ground, officially initiating The Feast. Break, Lottie and Leon kill the Cult members rather easily, Lottie showing outrage because the Cult members were mocking the Baskervilles by wearing the same type of crimson robes as the Baskerville Clan. Dug smashes the ground between Lottie and Break, thinking Lottie was in danger and picking her up to take her to safety. Lottie tells Dug that he can't win in a fight against Break and that they should go because something odd is happening in the mansion. Dug complies, taking Lottie to safety, leading Break to the realization that Yura managed to escape as well, complimenting Yura's speed and ability to escape unnoticed before returning to the grand hall.

Yura 5

Yura admits to being behind the massacre

Yura reunites with his followers in one of the basement chambers of his mansion (having changed his outfit once again), shortly after Bernice led Yura's Cult in the apprehension of Oz and Alice after their proximity to the Sealing Stone took their consciousnesses. Yura enters just as Oz is questioning Bernice as to why the Cult is using the orphans of the House of Fianna to fulfill their needs. Bernice begins to answer, but in the end Yura kicks up his leg and explains that it's all for the second coming of the Tragedy of Sablier. Oz is visually depressed to see Yura again, which Yura questions, asking how Yura could dare do something so horrible. Yura simply laughs and states that there's no reason for him to hide it anymore, as he's sure that Oz has realized that he's the one controlling the Cult from the shadows. Oz brings together the information, asking if Yura intends of casting the world into the Abyss, which Yura confirms; intending on using the documented information left behind by the mage who protected the Sealing Stone last to bring forth the second coming of the Tragedy of Sablier. Yura adds that the only problem was that he had no way of bringing all the nobles needed to play their sacrificial roles - that is until Oz suggested celebrating his Coming of Age Ceremony within Yura's mansion.

Yura finds himself unable to control his glee, thinking about the fire engulfing the grand hall and all the blood from the guests being spread throughout the mansion, prompting Oz to question what's wrong with Yura - asking if he even knows what the Abyss is really like. Oz explains to Yura and his Cult that in the Abyss there is only endless darkness, asking why Yura would do such a thing to people. However, Oz finds himself interrupted, as Bernice outright calls Oz a liar, instigating a repeated and crazed chant from the rest of the Cult. Instead, Bernice takes the opportunity to tell Oz that the Abyss promises to deliver salvation to them, as it's a golden paradise where things like time and death cannot bind your soul, and where there living can live in harmony with the souls of the dead. Bernice continues by accusing Pandora of attempting to monopolize the power of the Abyss for themselves by concealing its existence from the populace; which is why not everyone's souls can be saved and they are sent to a false Abyss where they are punished for their selfishness. Instead, Bernice claims that the Cult's intention is to guide everyone's souls into the true Abyss because Pandora refuses to do so themselves. This leads Yura to take over Bernice's explanation, coming up behind Bernice and putting his hands on her shoulders while he states that the Tragedy of Sablier wasn't a tragedy because of the people the world lost, but because the entire world wasn't guided into the Abyss.

Without warning, Phillipe starts shuttering and crying out in his sleep, and so Yura assumes that another one of the orphans must be using the power of the cult's Chain. This confuses Oz, and so Yura assures Oz that he has nothing to worry about, because anyone who tries to tamper with their goal will be decapitated by their Humpty Dumpty. Following this, one of Yura's followers arrives to tell Yura that he'd brought the boy from before, Yura being impressed that he managed to arrive in time. Yura laughs as the boy is brought forward, mentioning how he would've rather they got Gilbert or Elliot for the ceremony, as a bound and unconscious Leo is dropped on the floor in front of Oz. Oz is outraged and asks what Yura did to Leo, Yura claiming that Leo is a necessary part of the ceremony as the blood of a friend; alongside the Sealing Stone, Jack Vessalius' soul, the Baskervilles, sacrifices, the positioning of the moon, the fire and a magic circle.

True Intentions

Yura reveals his true intentions to Oz

Whilst Yura's followers go to make further preparations for The Feast, taking Leo and Alice with them to act as the 'blood of a friend', Yura sits beside Oz and asks if Oz knows of how the Abyss engraves every event and memory of the world, since the beginning of time, within itself. Yura tells Oz that he's only repeating the notes that were left with the Sealing Stone, however, the events of The Feast will approach those memories in the Abyss. Yura explains that the Tragedy of Sablier was almost too much for the Abyss to handle, so creating a similar event should apply enough pressure to the Abyss, which the Sealing Stone will attempt to counter. However, when the Seal is destroyed at the same time the Tragedy occurred, the power released will be enough to shock the Abyss and collapse the barrier that separates the Abyss from the rest of the world. Oz says nothing in response to Yura's explanation, and so Yura wonders if it was all too much for Oz to understand. Rather than answering Yura, Oz asks whether or not Yura truly believes that the Abyss will offer salvation. Yura is caught off-guard by Oz's question, but smiles and brings himself closer to Oz, laughing hysterically and asking Oz to keep what he's about to say between the two of them. Yura then proceeds to tell Oz that he doesn't believe in his claims to any degree, seeing religion more as a business that offers dreams to his "customers", providing them the hope they crave in return for copious donations. In the end, Yura claims that his greatest wish has always been to die laughing in the face of the unknown, prior to leaving to prepare for The Feast with his Cult.

Sometime after, Yura approaches Alice and asks her if she truly is just another one of Oz's friends. Yura reveals that he's curious as to whether or not Alice has some kind of connection to the child named Alice who was murdered by someone during the Tragedy of Sablier, shocking Alice. Although it is not known how or when it occurs, Alice loses consciousness once again prior to The Feast's beginning.

After being rescued by Gilbert, Elliot, Vincent Nightray and Echo, Oz leaves with Vincent, Elliot and Echo to the underground temple of the Sealing Stone, whilst Gilbert goes to help Break fight against the Baskervilles. While preparing their attack on Yura's Cult from the balcony above the temple floor, Oz finds himself losing focus as he thinks of Yura's vile personality, intent on killing Yura himself. At this moment, the Cult begins ceremonial chanting as two of Yura's followers drag out Leo, and Yura carries and unconscious and crying Alice to a sacrificial table. Elliot cries out in surprise upon seeing Leo, but Oz screams in outrage and demands to know what Yura did to Alice. Yura is happy to see Oz as Oz orders Elliot to rescue Leo, prior to descending to the temple floor himself. Upon setting foot on the temple floor however, Oz finds himself forced to the ground and trapped in a magic circle. Yura reveals that he's been waiting for Oz because it's necessary to have the hero rush to save his friends as part of the reenactment of the Tragedy of Sablier - which is why the Cult left Oz alone to be saved.

Phillipe approaches Oz, smiling and telling him that they should have a nice chat before "the play" is over. Phillipe goes on about how he'd spoken to his father a few days before - having apparently told William about Oz. Phillipe's Humpty Dumpty summons itself behind Phillipe when Oz realizes that he can overpower the restrictions brought on by the Sealing Stone and stands. Oz scoffs as he asks if Yura was really so confident about himself because of Humpty Dumpty. This confuses Yura, Oz proceeding to open Phillipe's shirt in order to look at Phillipe's Illegal Contractor's Incuse, then taking the time to explain to Phillipe that his father died a long time ago while fighting for Phillipe's happiness. Yura tells his followers to stop Oz, as Phillipe's mental state begins to crumble whilst he insists that Oz is lying (thinking that his mother and father are simply away on business. Soon enough, Phillipe snaps, and his Humpty Dumpty takes action - attempting to slice off Oz's head. Instead however, Oz summons B-Rabbit's power and uses his scythe to slice Phillipe's Humpty Dumpty in half - severing Phillipe's Illegal Contract. B-Rabbit appears behind Oz as he moves forward, Yura showing fear and amazement as Oz's eyes change from green to red.

Yura 4

Yura goes to destroy the third Seal

Phillipe falls backwards, losing consciousness as his Illegal Contract breaks, only to be caught in Oz's arms and brought over to the sacrificial table that Alice is on. Oz then tells Alice not to cry (tears brought on by her memories from the Tragedy of Sablier), explaining that he'll destroy whatever makes her sad. Oz proceeds toward Yura, summoning B-Rabbit's Chains and vowing to destroy his enemy. Rather than being fearful, Yura starts laughing hysterically - telling Oz that the sudden turn of events is glorious, asking where the power Oz is using came from. Oz simply tells Yura that he's noisy, while two orphans confront him with their Humpty Dumpties. Oz uses his bladed-chains to kill both orphans' Humpty Dumpties, as well as sever the swords drawn by Yura's followers. Yura clings to the Sealing Stone while the chaos ensues, remarking on the beauty of the situation because everything Oz's chains touched turned into sand. When Oz begins his approach to Yura, Yura simply extends his arms and welcomes his death when Oz swings his scythe. However, Yura is confused when his death doesn't come, as Alice stands and runs to Oz; headbutting him out of the way. Alice demands that Oz is being foolish by using her powers without permission, claiming that with the way Oz was using her powers he'd end up destroying the Sealing Stone in the process. Alice's words sink in, and Oz opens his stopwatch, accepting that he's interrupted The Feast and that should mean that Yura's plans are ruined.

Looking at the clock on the temple floor, Oz realizes that the time it shows differs from the actual time - meaning that the only time that really matters is the one shown by the clock on the temple floor. Oz frantically looks to Yura, as Yura draws a dagger and moves to stab it into the Sealing Stone - happily intent on reenacting the Tragedy of Sablier. Seeing this, Alice puts her arm out to prevent him from using further power, but Oz continues to send one of B-Rabbit's bladed-chains plunging into Yura's stomach before he can break the Sealing Stone.


Jack murders Isla Yura

Oz just tells Alice that it's okay, revealing himself to be Jack rather than Oz, Jack having taken over Oz in order to murder Yura. Yura begins collapsing from his wound, staring in awe and saying Oz's name. In response, Jack coldly orders Yura not to dare speak Oz's name, uttering his own instead. Upon further examination, Yura sees Jack's spiritual form beside Alice, growing ecstatic as he realizes that what Oz had shown him prior to The Feast was just an act, comparing it to the true thing standing before him. Yura slumps to the floor and crawls towards Jack cheering over how Jack prevented the Tragedy of Sablier once again, asking what kind of spectacle the Tragedy was; insisting that it must have been beautiful when the black light of the Abyss swallowed Sablier.

Jack just glares at Yura and orders him to be silent, saying that there's nothing more Yura needs to say. Yura is shocked and confused as Jack picks up a nearby sword and explains that Oswald had once claimed that the Abyss was a golden paradise, but he sees it only as a tomb. Jack stands before Yura and apologizes for having made him suffer, voicing his hope that Yura's soul will return to the world as part of the Rule of 100 Rounds. Yura begins laughing maniacally when Jack raises the sword and bids farewell to Yura, Jack plunging the sword into Yura's back and ending Yura's life once-and-for-all.

Abilities and Powers

Although Isla Yura didn't have any kind of Contract, he did show that he had remarkable endurance (which his appearance made seem unlikely to begin with), as he was able to escape from Break unnoticed when Dug distracted him briefly. Yura was also capable of retaining his crazed personality without visible weakness after being impaled by Jack. On top of his endurance, Yura also apparently had some magical ability, as he drew the ritualistic symbols that trapped Oz and forced him to the ground when he first stepped on the underground temple's floor (though it's likely that Yura taught himself his magical abilities by using the information passed down by the mage who bound Glen's soul).

Finally, Yura exhibited that he wields his weapons with a reverse-grip holding style, as shown when he went to destroy the third Sealing Stone.



B-Rabbits power again

Oz attempts to murder Isla Yura

To begin with, Oz was frightened by Isla Yura's very forward behavior and uncontrollable excitement, coupled with Yura's tendency to hover close to Oz every chance he got; having once even used the excuse that he was "trying to carve Oz's glorious appearance into his own glory".

After The Feast's beginning, the way Oz felt about Yura transformed from discomfort to hate as he became rather vindictive. This was because of Oz's shock to learn that Isla Yura was campaigning for the recreation of the Tragedy of Sablier. Knowing that the Abyss is a dark chaotic world, Oz asked if Yura really believed in the nonsense he was spouting, which lead to Yura's revelation that he doesn't believe in anything that he's convinced his followers of - as he's more interested in the money that he was receiving from his followers (as an apparent mandatory component of being a member of the Cult), and dying while laughing in the face of the unknown.

Oz despised Yura for being so selfish and willing to carelessly sacrifice so many people for his own amusement. This lead Oz into a trance-like state where he vowed revenge on Yura for his selfish personality, for all the innocent people he'd killed and for his intended sacrifice of Alice and Leo. In the end, Oz helped prevent the success of The Feast and save numerous lives during a murderous rampage - and although he deprived of his opportunity to kill Yura himself as he'd intended, Oz was successful in keeping Alice safe.

Bernice Nightray

Bernice Yura

Yura clings to Bernice

Once, Bernice was loyal to Pandora, as the Duchess of the Nightray Dukedom. It wasn't until the emergence of the Head Hunter that her sanity began to crumble. After her younger brother and Fred were claimed by the Head Hunter, Yura saw an opening that he could use for himself; offering Bernice a shoulder to cry on and a place in his Cult. Yura had no moral issues whatsoever when it came to taking advantage of Bernice in her weakened state, seeing her only as his pawn that he could use to approach Pandora and Bernice's husband so that he could force Bernard into making a deal with him. In the long run, Yura managed to completely warp Bernice's mind, and she even became more attached to Yura than Bernard; despite the fact that Yura didn't really care about Bernice's well-being.

Bernice, on the other hand, believed Yura's words whole-heartedly, finding sanctuary in his words. As Yura had forced his way into Bernice's life when she was most vulnerable and acted as Bernice's first positive tie apart from her family, Bernice was stubborn and would not accept that anything Yura told her was false. In fact, when Oz told Yura's Cult that the Abyss was more like a prison than a golden paradise, Bernice was the first to insist that Oz's words were lies, leading the Cult on a campaign to cast away Oz's "lies"; showing Bernice's blind dedication to Yura and his true personality.

Bernard Nightray


Yura's forced deal with Bernard

The relationship between Bernard and Isla Yura was built on the two simultaneously attempting to use one-another for their own personal gains. Yura had approached Bernard with a business deal, where Yura would fund Bernard's Chain research at The House of Fianna in The Hole of Sablier. In return, Bernard sacrificed his wife's sanity when Yura tainted her mind, and use the orphans who resided in The House of Fianna as he pleased.

Yura had only pursued Bernard because he knew that the Nightrays were in a difficult situation; manipulating the fact that Bernard's adoptive son had been the first in the family to form a Contract with Raven since they obtained their Door to the Abyss one-hundred years before. Yura also applied pressure to Bernard through Bernice - where Bernard could do nothing to intervene, as well as the Nightray Dukedom's reputation as traitors brought on by rumors spread by Jack Vessalius about Raymond Nightray after the Tragedy. Yura had known how desperate the Nightrays were to contend with their fellow Dukedoms, especially after the Head Hunter assassinated two members of their family, seeing nothing wrong with manipulating Bernard's hurried attempt to get ahead of the other Dukedoms for his own personal gain. In reality, Bernard was nothing more than a pawn for Isla Yura, (much like Bernard's wife) allowing Yura to enter Pandora's Country freely. In the end, Yura was the one pulling all the strings and using Bernard for his own needs.

Elliot Nightray

Elliot Yura

Elliot glares at Yura

To Elliot, Isla Yura was more of an enigma than anything else. Elliot had a burning rage within himself because Yura had helped tear his family apart by taking advantage of his mother, however the two didn't get the chance to very often (as Leo did everything in his power to make sure Yura never got close to Elliot). His lack of interaction with Yura made Elliot very suspicious of the foreigner, leading Elliot to follow Yura during Oz's second Coming of Age Ceremony, only to become outraged and offended when he saw Yura talking with Leo, because of Yura's connection to Bernice. This rage that Elliot felt for Yura only grew into fury when Yura attempted to plunge the world into the Abyss, all while attempting to sacrifice Leo and Alice; although Elliot was far less vocal than Oz about his anger.

On the other hand, Yura felt no apparent malice toward Elliot, greeting Elliot cheerfully after the destruction of the second Sealing Stone. However, Yura did seem to view Elliot more as a play-thing, seemingly taunting Elliot with his brothers' deaths upon said meeting


Yura Leo

Yura relishes in Leo pain

Leo had known Yura since his introduction at The House of Fianna. Although Leo wasn't aware of the experiments on the orphans that Yura was funding for Bernard in Sablier, he felt suspicious of the man. Yura's dark aura lead Leo to decide to do everything in his power to make sure Yura was kept as far away from Elliot as possible in order to protect his friend. Leo's suspicion worsened when he continuously received letters from The House of Fianna regarding the sudden deaths of Leo's fellow orphans.

Although Yura claimed that the orphans had only grown sicker and sicker to the point of death, Leo knew something else was going on at The House of Fianna; blaming Yura for the orphans' deaths and confronting him on the subject at Oz's second Coming of Age Ceremony. Yura skillfully evaded Leo's questioning, toying with Leo's emotions before returning to the Ceremony. Yura's opinion of Leo differed from the latter, as Yura acted more as if Leo was another one of his playthings, not seeming to care if Leo was feeling great emotional pain or not. Later, Isla Yura was even willing to sacrifice Leo as one of the "blood of a friend" sacrifices for The Feast, where he would plunge the world into the Abyss.

Rufus Barma

Rufus and Isla Yura are blood relatives by unknown means. Although, Rufus' branch of the family, the Barmas, were exiled from their country prior to the Tragedy of Sablier, while Yura's branch rose to power and retained a place in their homeland. Rufus and Yura were very similar in the way that both thirst for knowledge and pursue it at all costs, event requiring compensation if someone wanted them to share this information.

On a more specific level, Rufus found his relative to be somewhat of a nuisance, respecting Yura to an extent based on Yura's cunning, which was the reason why Rufus had helped Oz trick Yura. Meanwhile, Isla Yura appeared to enjoy Rufus' company and the discussions that followed. It was also clear that Yura also trusted Rufus, as Rufus was the person to whom Yura sent a package revealing his intentions and all the information he possessed that would be useful to Rufus. This package contained massive amounts of incriminating evidence that showed Yura's deranged, manipulative and fraudulent background, which Yura had sent in case The Feast failed and he died; despite how it'd prove Yura's criminal actions and lead to his arrest, had he survived.


To Vanessa Nightray

  • (About Elliot) "Do not accuse him so... Vanessa-sama. He simply acted because he was thinking about his dead brothers. He is indeed a brave one.

To Elliot Nightray

  • "It has been a while, Elliot-sama."

To Rufus Barma

  • "My, I felt like I'd died and gone to heaven! I do well know that I'm being indiscreet, but... to think I'd be allowed to set foot anywhere near Pandora Headquarters!"
  • "I've been commanded by my nation to investigate the strange power known as the 'Abyss' that exists in this country. Our nobles wish to somehow eliminate the threat called 'Chains' that this country possesses. I was ordered either to infiltrate Pandora... or to contact you."
  • "I am the same as you. Only one things fills my heart. The lust for knowledge."

To Lottie and Xerxes Break

  • "Well then... shall we... begin The Feast?"

To Oz the B-Rabbit

  • "I've heard that you don't get along well with your father. A lonely boy who hungers for affection... might certainly involve all of Pandora to get his father's attention...?
  • "In the dance hall, which is by now surely caressed by flames, flowers of fresh blood more crimson than those very flames that must be blooming! Aaaaaah! I simply cannot contain myself!!"
  • "In our religious order, the Tragedy of Sablier... is not a tragedy in which 'people were swallowed up into the Abyss'... but a Tragedy in which 'the world... was not Shepherded into the Abyss,' you see-"
  • "Do not worry, Oz-sama. Those who interfere with this noble rite... shall... to our fangs- our Humpty Dumpty- lose their heads!"
  • "Fu-fu... Oz-sama, kuh kuh kuh. Just between you and I... kuh kuh kuh... This is just between you and I now... kuh kuh kuh kuh kuh... Of course not! Not one tiny bit!!" (Isla Yura tells Oz that he doesn't believe that the Abyss will bring the world salvation, as he had previously claimed).
  • Kuh, kuh, kuh, kuh, kuh... Oz-sama! Oz-sama! Kuh, kuh, kuh, kuh, kuh... to me, religion is a business that offers dreams to my customers, my believers! Kuh, kuh, kuh... I provide hope so the lambs whose hearts have been scarred can continue to live... kuh, kuh, kuh... Kuh, kuh, kuh... and I receive plenty of contributions as my reward. Kuh, kuh, kuh..."
  • "This is wonderful!! Truly splendid Oz-sama! What is it with your powers? They're positively amazing!!
  • "Ha! Ha! Ha! ... Let us reenact the Tragedy... here once again!"

To Jack Vessalius

  • "How... wonderful...! The Tragedy was prevented by your hand once again...! Oh! There... are so many things I would like to ask you!"
  • "You witnessed the entire... Tragedy of Sablier... what... sort of spectacle was it? Hoh... hoh-hoh-hoh. It... must've been a beautiful sight. The miracle... of black lights swallowing up a whole city...!"
  • "Once again you've managed to forestall the Tragedy! Ahahaha there are so many things I'd like to ask you!"
  • "You witnessed the whole Tragedy didn't you? What was it like? Oh oh oh oh... I'm sure it was a wonderful sight! The black light engulfing the city... such a miracle!"


(*) - Denotes that the character did not appear physically, but as a part of another character's memories.



  • Isla Yura's personality seems to have been drawn from the character of The Walrus from Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There, as he manipulated to orphans and lead many of them to their eventual deaths (taking the role of The Oysters) while in the end Yura was only using Bernice Nightray (taking the role of The Carpenter) and the other cult members for his own personal gain, allowing him to have the upper hand.
  • Isla is the Spanish word for island, while "iura" means "rights" in Latin. This is a reference to how, as a foreigner, he has the right to keep Pandora from investigating his home(his island).
  • Isla Yura is also known as the "Venomous Snake" by many characters, possibly a reference to The Serpent that The Pigeon thought Alice was in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.
  • In the end, Yura's claims about the Abyss being a paradise once and using another Tragedy to plunge to world into the Abyss proved to be true, despite him not believing in it himself.


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