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Innocent Calm is the 1st chapter of Jun Mochizuki's Pandora Hearts.


Oz is upon his Coming of Age Ceremony to one day become the next head of the Vessalius Dukedom. With his uncle Oscar's consent, he, his servant Gilbert, and his little sister Ada go out to explore the mansion the ceremony is being held at. Oscar threatens that if the three are not back soon, he'll send the "Messenger of the Abyss" on them. Oz simply replies with a laugh, saying he doesn't believe in such stories anymore.


Ada Vessalius

Upon Ada's questioning, Gilbert and Oz explain that the Abyss is a dark prison where people who've committed terrible sins go, and that once sent there by a Shinigami, you will never be able to get out . Oz then presents Gil with a box that Oscar gave him earlier which contains a formal uniform. Oz wishes Gil to be a part of the ceremony, too, not as his servant, but as his friend, despite Gil's protests.


The grave

Oz suddenly hears the tinkering melody of a music box and begins to follow it, entranced. However, he and Gil end up falling down underground, stumbling upon a supposed graveyard with only one grave, in which the name is faded. Oz sees a pocket watch hung over the grave and wonders if that is where the music came from. He winds it up but when he looks up again, he finds himself in a completely different place.


Oz surrounded by dolls

There are dolls moving on their shelves, cackling and talking about a "girl". Then, a girl suddenly appears from behind a curtain, her face hidden as she tells her dolls to calm down. She speaks to Oz as if she knows him, claiming he had "always come here." Oz doesn't believe her and asks what she is. At that, the girl's gentle personality quickly changes to a violent one, and the entire room catches fire. She strangles Oz, now in different clothes, and claims she will kill him. As she is about to stab him...

Gilbert calls out to Oz, and he suddenly realizes that maybe he had been dreaming, even though the feeling of being strangled stays with him...

Oz and Ada leave the courtyard, promising to ask Oscar later about the grave. Gil stays behind, still shocked that Oz would want him at the ceremony. A cloaked figure suddenly descends upon him...and then he seems to become possessed, his personality becoming much more malicious...

And the Coming-of-Age ceremony begins...

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  • Duldum appears through her possession of Gilbert.
  • Upon touching the pocketwatch Oz found on a grave, Oz meets someone who looks identical to Alice; however, Alice later tells Oz that the event Oz described to her had never happened between them, making it possible that Oz met the Intention of the Abyss.


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