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Hollow eye socket


Akaki Sekigan no Akuma
Air Date July 2, 2009
Arc Cheshire's dimension
Episode 14
Opening Song Parallel Hearts
Ending Song Maze
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Keeper of the secret
Who killed poor Alice?

Hollow eye socket is the 14th episode of the Pandora Hearts anime. It first aired on July 2, 2009.


The scene picks up from the previous episode. Flashback: A cat’s eyes see a young girl in a room filled with toys
Ep14 - jack behind gil

Jack Vessalius appears behind Gil (picks up from previous episode)

and dolls. He remembers the day they came (Jack and Glen). Scene returns: Cheshire Cat is toying with Oz, who responds by making wisecracks. He says Cheshire will be scolded for scarring the face of future noble. Cheshire comment how he’s there, but also not there. Oz retaliates by saying that Cheshire sees him with the same eyes that Break does. Jack suddenly appears, and Oz is pulled through the mirror. Jack tells Cheshire that Alice will be upset if anything happens to Oz.

Oz is reunited with Gil. After their reunion, Oz insists that Jack tells them who he really is; before that, Jack asks Oz to help save Alice, who has been trapped inside a memory. Meanwhile, Cheshire enters a memory which is a world created by Break. Jack explains that Break can handle himself against Cheshire. Oz wonders why Cheshire is going so far. Jack replies that maybe it’s because he wants to become a solo knight for someone special. He asks Oz if he is the same and insists that Oz can save Alice. Jack sends Oz by himself (upsetting Gil); Gil asks him why he did this. Jack explains that his power is limited since he is only a fragment in Alice’s memory.

Meanwhile, Cheshire approaches Break within the mirror to finish him off, only to have the tables turned when Break opens his missing eye to unleash his chain, the Mad Hatter. He reveals he intentionally allowed himself to get caught so he could defeat him.

Oz continues to search for Alice. Flames and dead bodies suddenly appear all around him. Jack reveals that he has sent Oz into the
Baskervilles - Noise anime

Oz remember what is Noise said before about Abyss

memory of the Tragedy of Sabrie, where he sees a boy which he believes to be Vincent. Bewildered, he chases the boy and realizes that Gil must also have lived 100 years ago. He follows him to a tower where he finds Alice, dead. Jack reveals that Alice was murdered here as a human 100 years ago.
Ep14 - kejatuhan alice

Oz founds a fallen murdered Alice (this is a piece of Alice's memory about Tragedy of Sablier)

Gilbert points his gun at Jack and insists that he is sent to Oz right away. Jack laughs lightly, places his head before his gun, and asks if he really doesn’t remember anything. Gil chokingly replies that he doesn’t want to remember. Jack replies that Gil and Alice both have scars that will never heal. Jack goes on to say that there is an unbreakable connection between Alice and Oz.


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