This is a timeline based in the events related to the Pandora Hearts. This timeline is a layout of events as they happened in chronological order from the "Dawning of the 1st Dimension" to just before the beginning of the Plot Timeline in the Pandora Hearts universe. Please remember that this timeline is built mostly upon approximations stated by the characters of Pandora Hearts, thereby allowing a slight margin of error and preventing the possibility of 100% accuracy.

Historical Timeline

Historical Timeline
Date Events
The Beginning of Time At the beginning of time, a harmonious prime dimension, known as the Abyss, forms alongside a god-like central source of power, The Core of the Abyss; which comes into being within the darkness of the lowest level of the Abyss. The Core acts as a macrocosm for the numerous newly-formed dimensions appearing around the Abyss; creating the Dimensional Plane.

Alongside The ore exists a group of observers known as The Jurors, whose purpose is to create numerous differentiating dimensions, "Tales", to be catalogued in a grand dimension called "The Library" once they've each reached their respective end.

Creation of The 1st Dimension The Juror's create The 1st Dimension as another volume for The Library, with the distinguishing component being the presence of the Baskerville Clan, messengers to the Abyss concentrated with the power of the Abyss, and more specifically Glen Baskerville; an entity meant to protect and maintain the harmony of the Abyss and keep it from the human influence of The 1st Dimension.

The Dimension fell under the watch of Jury, who assumed the form of a Baskerville and the advisor to each incarnation of Glen.

Without even knowing what loneliness is, The Core of the Abyss unintentionally creates Children of Ill Omen; experiencing a hiccup of power triggered by her yearning for someone to push through the darkness in the lowest level of the Abyss in order to reach her.

As anomalies, the Children of Ill Omen could not only directly influence The Core - thus posing a threat to the stability of the Dimensional Plane - but could also bring harm to the otherwise immortal Jurors. As such, Jury identified the Children of Ill Omens as abominations and instituted a tradition in which Glen would access the powers of the Chains of Condemnation and drop the Children of Ill Omen into the lowest level of the Abyss to be destroyed; passing it off as a rite of passage and a means of maintaining the harmony of the Abyss.

Around 200 years prior to Plot. A mansion is built by and later inhabited by the Vessalius Dukedom.
Around 155 years prior to Plot. Levi is born with a distortion around his soul that directly connects him to The Core of the Abyss . This distortion later acts as a channel when The Core experiences a hiccup of power, resulting in the later birth of someone closely connected to Levi, but as a Child of Ill Omen.
Around 152 years prior to Plot. Dug is born with a slight distortion around his soul, attracting bad luck and misfortune to all those around him.
Around 146 years prior to Plot. Levi and his respective Child of Ill Omen are chosen by the Droplets of Light, and are guided to Sablier, where they become members of the Baskerville Clan and serve under a Female Glen Baskerville. Levi is destined to succeed his master as Glen Baskerville, while his Child of Ill Omen companion is destined to be dropped into the Abyss and destroyed.

For quite some time, Levi remains oblivious to the fact that his androgynous, cross-dressing master is actually female. Upon discovering the truth, Levi quickly becomes attracted to Glen and makes numerous advances toward her - though he's denied harshly with every attempt and is even beaten by Glen on one occasion.

Levi forms a Contract with Raven after having successfully undergone his first Succession Ceremony.

Around 142 years prior to Plot. Fang is born with a slight distortion around his soul, attracting bad luck and misfortune to all those around him.
Around 141 years prior to Plot. Levi forms a Contract with Owl after having successfully undergone his second Succession Ceremony.
Around 136 years prior to Plot. Arthur Barma is born as an heir to the Barma Dukedom

Levi forms a Contract with Dodo after having successfully undergone his third Succession Ceremony.

Around 133 years prior to Plot. Oswald is born with a distortion around his soul, connecting him directly to The Core of the Abyss. (March 10th)
Around 132 years prior to Plot. Miranda Barma is born as an heir to the Barma Dukedom.
Around 131 years prior to Plot. Lacie is born as Oswald's younger sister, however because of her connection to Oswald, when The Core experiences a hiccup in power, it flows through Oswald's connection, resulting in Lacie's birth as a Child of Ill Omen. (January 17th)

Viscount Vessalius has an affair with a commoner and accidentally impregnates her. (April)

Levi forms a Contract with Gryphon after having successfully undergone his fourth Succession Ceremony.

Around 130 years prior to Plot. Jack Vessalius is born (January 19th). Viscount Vessalius leaves but promises to return to Jack's mother, giving her a token bearing the crest of the Vessalius Dukedom to symbolize their promise.

Charlotte is born with a slight distortion around her soul, attracting bad luck and misfortune to all those around her.

Around 126 years prior to Plot.

Levi forms a Contract with Jabberwock after having successfully undergone his final Succession Ceremony - thereby officially inheriting the identity of Glen Baskerville from his master.

Following Levi’s ascension, The Droplets of Light join with Oswald and Lacie, guiding them toward Sablier to become members of the Baskerville Clan.

Approximately a month after final Succession Ceremony, the Female Glen's body mutates into a Chain and her soul joins other past Glens in Levi's subconscious.

101 - Lacie Oswald 2

Lacie is confronted by a future incarnation of Oswald

On their journey toward Sablier, Oswald orders Lacie to stay put while he looks for a temporary shelter for them. With Oswald gone, Lacie wanders off and comes across a future incarnation of her brother Oswald. Though Oswald motions to kill her – he’s unable to and instead withdraws. Moments later, Oswald retrieves Lacie and reveals that he’s found them shelter. As Oswald and Lacie leave, Lacie turns back and happily waves to the future incarnation of Oswald.

Eventually, Oswald and Lacie arrive in Sablier and are inducted into the Baskerville Clan as Levi’s valets – with Oswald destined to succeed Levi and Lacie destined to be dropped into the Abyss. As a Child of Ill Omen, Lacie is given her own residence away from the main estate but still within its grounds in the form of The Tower, acting as a means of keeping her within respective isolation.

Lacie meets Jiri

Jury confronts Lacie

Shortly after their induction, Levi brings Oswald and Lacie down to the lower levels of the Baskerville estate to play. As usual, Lacie wanders off on her own, encountering Jury in the process. Jury is shocked to see that there’s a Child of Ill Omen in the Baskerville estate and orders Lacie to drop back to whence she came. Levi and Oswald manage to catch up to Lacie, and Levi asks Jury not to scare Oswald and Lacie due to their young age. Accepting this, Jury asks if Oswald is meant to be Levi’s successor, which Levi confirms – revealing that he’s already started to make the necessary preparations for Oswald’s first Succession Ceremony. However, it would still take close to 20 years for the process to be complete, meaning that Jury would just have to live with Lacie’s existence until then. After parting ways with Jury, Lacie asks Levi what Jury was getting at and who she actually was. As a result, Levi explains what he knew of Jury though he encouraged Lacie to accept things as they were rather than fussing over something that she had no control over. Accepting this, Lacie asks what Jury meant by “drop” and whether it meant she was going somewhere - encouraging Levi to divulge how it meant that Lacie would have to die because her existence is a danger toward the harmony of The Abyss.

Lacie dives into The Abyss to play within its paradise bathed in golden light. During one of her descents, Lacie comes across a dark spot within the Abyss’ darkest depths. Though Lacie can feel a lonely presence within the darkness, she’s too afraid to approach it. Instead, Lacie decides to call out to the presence she feels, only it doesn’t respond. Lacie then leaves The Abyss and immediately tells Levi of what she’d seen – though Lacie is left without an answer as to what lies within the darkness, since Levi knows it is knowledge meant to be known only by the incarnations Glen Baskerville.

After having pondered what action he should take for quite some time, Levi takes Lacie aside and reminds her of the presence she’d told him about in the Abyss. Levi explains that what she felt was actually The Core of the Abyss, which is essentially a macrocosm of the Abyss –meaning that to come into contact with it would have disastrous effects on their world. This is why only The Glens are permitted to make contact with The Core under dire circumstances, and why Children of Ill Omen are such a danger to the harmony of the Abyss and their world. Given that the Children of Ill Omen are created by chance as an after effect of The Glens’ births – they’re foreign to the Abyss’ harmony, and can thereby make contact with The Core despite not being permitted to do so. As Lacie understands that this is the reason why she has to die, Levi admits that he really shouldn’t be telling her any of this. Levi then proceeds to reveal his want for change, asking Lacie if she’d partake in an experiment with him. Elaborating, Levi reveals that he wants to control the power of the Abyss, which Lacie immediately writes off as impossible given his humanity. To clarify, Levi explains that what he wants to do is provide The Core of the Abyss with a human vessel in order to observe the effect of given the power of a god to a human. Continuing, Levi reveals that he’d have to impregnate Lacie prior to her drop into the Abyss, thereby allowing her child to be born in The Core’s embrace while she alone is destroyed by The Chains of Condemnation. Though initially horrified, Lacie asks if her compliance would mean that The Core wouldn’t have to feel so alone anymore, which Levi theorizes would be true. With this in mind, Lacie accepts her role in Levi’s experiment, wanting to free The Core from her torture.

Lacie and oz

Lacie bring rabbits into Abyss.

Lacie has Levi make twin black rabbit dolls, which Lacie later dives into the Abyss with, this time entering the darkness which she’d once feared. The instant that Lacie dives into The Abyss, the twin rabbit dolls are filled with Abyssal energy that provides them with a shared consciousness. Greeting The Core as a friend, Lacie gives her one of the black rabbit dolls – so that The Core won’t have to be alone all the time. Lacie takes the second doll with her back to the 1st Dimension so that she and The Core can always be connected to one another – but not before promising to bring another friend with her the next time they visit. With bodies in both The Abyss and 1st Dimension, the black rabbit doll observes both The Core and Lacie as time passes – unable to act upon his thoughts as he’s yet to develop his own sense of self.

Oswald forms a Contract with Raven after having successfully undergone his first Succession Ceremony.

Around 126-115 years prior to Plot.

Lacie forms a Contract with Lacie's Chain.

Oswald composes an instrumental song, which Lacie later adds her own lyrics to and becomes accustomed to singing whenever the world seems dark.

Jack grows up in an unhealthy family environment, as his mother drives herself mad hoping that Viscount Vessalius will honor his promise to her. Jack’s mother would constantly tell him of how he looked so much like Viscount Vessalius, but would then beat him out of frustration for her mistake and denounce Jack as nothing more than a child of adultery.

Around 122 years prior to Plot. A girl is born as an anomaly - destined to become a Baskerville, but not truly being either a Baskerville or a human all the same.
Around 121 years prior to Plot.

Oswald forms a Contract with Owl after having successfully undergone his second Succession Ceremony.

Around 118 years prior to Plot. Lily is born into a large family in the village of Ébauche, where she is seen as small and weak by comparison, with a slight distortion around his soul, attracting bad luck and misfortune to all those around her.
Around 116 years prior to Plot.

Oswald forms a Contract with Dodo after having undergone his third Succession Ceremony.

Around 115 years prior to Plot.

Gilbert is born with a distortion around his soul, connecting him directly to The Core of the Abyss. (February 5th)

After all the abuse he’d endured from his mother, Jack runs away from home and takes to living on the streets – where he barely manages to survive.

Lacie and B-Rabbit

Lacie and her Chain

Lacie fights with Oswald over a game of chess, which he had let her win because Oswald always beat Lacie when he played fair. Lacie changes into a summer dress, running away from the Baskerville estate in the middle of winter in order to make Oswald feel more guilty; as she could freeze to death if she stayed out in the cold for too long. Lacie finds Jack half dead in an alley of Sablier, though during their conversation, he loses consciousness. This prompts Lacie to steal some food and other items in order to help Jack by providing him the strength he needs to survive and cutting his hair with a pair of scissors. After noticing the token Jack's Mother had given Jack, Lacie asks if Jack is somehow connected to the Vessalius Family, which Jack confirms as he explains his past to Lacie; though he voices how he hates not only his mother and father, but himself as well. Hearing this upsets Lacie, and so she stabs Jack with the pair of scissors and shows Jack her view of the world; mentioning that she wishes she could show Jack "that world" (the Abyss) someday before singing the song that Oswald composed

During this time, Lacie catches the eye of two child traffickers, who later jump Jack and Lacie with the intent of selling them after when they wander outside of Sablier; knowing how much they could receive from the right buyer since Lacie is a Child of Ill Omen. However, when the traffickers injure Jack, Lacie summons her Chain and slaughters them both, dancing in their blood as it falls. Numerous Baskervilles appear on the scene suddenly, having followed the energy used to summoned Lacie's Chain, and extend Oswald's apology to Lacie. Accepting what her colleagues say, Lacie gives Jack one of her earrings and tells him to "come find her next time" before returning to the Baskerville estate.

Around 114 years prior to Plot.

Vincentis born as Gilbert's younger brother, however because of his connection to Gilbert, when The Core experiences a hiccup in power, it flows through Gilbert's connection, resulting in Vincent's birth as a Child of Ill Omen. (September 23rd)

Around 115-106 years prior to Plot.

Jack returns home, living with his mother again until she dies. Following his mother’s death, Jack longs to feel the way that Lacie made him feel on the day that they met. Desperate to meet her once again, Jack takes up prostitution as Lacie had suggested to him, using it as a method of rising through society via blackmail. Over the years however, Jack begins to forget who he is and which of the many “faces” he wears is the true one. Though he sings Oswald’s composition whenever the world seems to be its darkest, Jack still grows to hate Lacie for making him feel as though he needs her in order to truly feel alive. Understanding that this is in fact his true self, Jack realizes that he needs Lacie in order to truly feel alive.

Jack learns the basics of creating music boxes, taking it up as his profession sometime afterwards.

Freak show

Gilbert and Vincent are sold to a freak show by their mother, who had done so because of Vincent’s existence as a Child of Ill Omen – leaving Vincent feeling guilty and confused as to why Gilbert was sold as well.

After years of anticipation, Jack finally joins as a member of the Vessalius Family, intent on using his high-standing presence in society to get close to the Baskervilles.

The Barma Dukedom is exiled from The Barma Homeland after having failed to usurp power from the state. Miranda Barma attends an event in the Barma’s new home country, where she sees Oswald by Levi’s side. Immediately, Miranda becomes obsessed with Oswald’s beauty, vowing to one day take his head as her own. Jack befriends Arthur Barma and uses him in order to get to his sister, Miranda. After the two exchange their intents, Miranda helps Jack by consistently encouraging Arthur to get closer to the Baskervilles Clan.

One day, Oswald is served grape tomatoes – for which he’d previously voiced his disgust for – and goes rigid when he unknowingly bites into the flesh of a grape tomato. Oswald remained in this state for quite a while – unbeknownst to the server, who’d merely considered it to be normal behaviour for Oswald.

With the events around Lily getting increasingly worse, the people of her village tattooed the mark of The Devil onto her face and exiled her.

Levi impregnates Lacie in order to begin the first part of his experiment.

Around 111 years prior to Plot.

Oswald forms a Contract with Gryphon after having successfully undergone his fourth Succession Ceremony.

Around 106 years prior to Plot. Jack befriends Arthur Barma and manipulates their friendship until Arthur introduces him to his sister, Miranda Barma. Following their meeting, Jack and Miranda become malicious partners intent on using one another in order to achieve each other's goals. Miranda agrees to help Jack reunite with his beloved Lacie so long as he helped her obtain Oswald's head.

Arthur attempts to get close to Levi and the Baskerville Clan in order to solidify the position of the Barma Family in the noble world. Eventually, Levi decides to host an event in Arthur's honor in order to welcome the Barma Family after their exile from The Barma Homeland and to indulge himself in their culture. Using her connection to Arthur, Miranda presents Jack to him disguised as a musician from their homeland in order to allow Jack to infiltrate the Baskerville estate.

File:Lacie ^^.jpg

With the beginning of the event drawing closer, Levi rushes into The Tower and apologizes for having to break his promise of spending the day with her, as he'd forgotten about the event he'd planned for Arthur. Having, recently dove into the Abyss, Lacie remains in a content state as she reminds Levi that this will be the 9th time that he's broken their promise - to which Levi happily exclaims that they can celebrate their anniversary next time. Lacie questions why Levi is allowing the Barmas to continue their attempts to use the Baskervilles' standing within society - prompting Levi to reveal his desire to experience new cultures and change. Levi then invites Levi to attend the event as he leaves to make the preparations necessary for said event.

At the event, Jack plays the Morin Khuur for Arthur and the Baskervilles, only to have Lacie arrive in the middle of his performance. Suddenly, Jack throws off his disguise and immediately embraces Lacie - overjoyed that they'd finally reunited after 8 years. Wasting no time, Oswald makes his way to Lacie and Jack and uses the hilt of his dagger to knock Jack unconscious. After making sure that Oswald hadn't killed Jack, Levi asks Lacie if she recognized the man before her. Though Lacie recognized the earring she'd given Jack, she lies and denies knowing him, prompting Levi to order his valets to take Jack into a room to be interrogated.

In the mean time, Lacie rushes to The Tower and rifles through her jewelry box, finding the matching earring to the one Jack was wearing. Lacie takes a moment to take everything in as her memories of Jack flood back to her.

Levi is fascinated by Jack, and so he invites Jack back to the estate. (March).

Jabberwock Transfer

The final Accession Ceremony for Oswald to inherit Jabberwock

Four months go by, Jack often returns to the Baskerville estate, spending time with Lacie and Oswald frequently in the areas surrounding The Tower, where she's held during her time with the Baskervilles. During this time Lacie begins to develop feelings for him. Levi's body begins to deteriorate as Oswald continues to become Glen. As well, Jack, Lacie and Oswald decide together to name the song which Oswald composed and Lacie loves to sing so much "Lacie". Toward the end of the four months, Lacie tells Jack that the final Succession Ceremony for Oswald was in a week and that Jack shouldn't come that day because of how busy the Baskervilles would be. (July 15th).

Lacie returns to the Abyss to see the Core of the Abyss one last time, returning her black rabbit doll and telling the Core of her demise before leaving the Abyss. The black rabbit doll sleeps in Lacie's absence.


Five days later, Levi transfers Jabberwock to Oswald, officially making him Glen. Immediately afterwards, Oswald uses his Black Winged Chains to pass judgement on Lacie. Suddenly, Lacie is able to see a future incarnation of Oswald, as he appears alongside numerous others. With the Chains of Condemnation wrapping around her, Lacie apologizes to the future Oswald, before finally being dragged down into the Abyss, leaving the Oswald of the past confused, as he was unable to discern what Lacie had said.

As Lacie is destroyed by the Abyss, she gives birth to twins; both of whom are named "Alice". (Lacie †). One twin is taken by the Core of the Abyss as its vessel and becomes the Intention of the Abyss, while the other leaves the Abyss, taking one of the black rabbit dolls with her. (July 20th).

With Oswald now the acting incarnation of Glen Baskerville, the Droplets of Light seek out Gilbert and Vincent, enveloping them and guiding them to Sablier and the Baskerville estate. Vincent is rather nervous about leaving their masters at the freak show though, as he knows they'll be scolded brutally if they find that he and Gilbert left. Gilbert urges Vincent to carry on anyway, knowing that he can't resist the feeling inside of him that's guiding him to a new life.

Two days following the Succession Ceremony, Jack returns to the Baskerville estate. Oswald tells him that he had killed Lacie before giving Jack Lacie's earring. Jack becomes withdrawn for a month because of the shock. (July 22nd).

As a month goes by, Alice emerges from out of the Baskervilles' Door to the Abyss before Levi and Oswald and is welcomed into the Baskerville Dukedom. Alice lives in The Tower. Oswald gives her a cat named Cheshire as a gift. Alice names the black rabbit doll 'Os' and Levi corrects the spelling to 'Oz'. (August).

As well, Gilbert and Vincent wander from town to town over the course of the next month, where they faced ridicule and violence from the residents because of Vincent's red eye of ill omen. In order to ensure their survival, Vincent and Gilbert would often allow wealthy people to take them in, acting as their "pets" because of their fascination with Vincent's red eye. Even so, it would never last, as Vincent and Gilbert would commonly steal from their masters and carry on their way, knowing that they weren't where they belonged yet. Occasionally, Gilbert would consider leaving without Vincent while he slept, knowing that he wouldn't have to live such a hard life if Vincent wasn't around. However, Gilbert's insecurity made him crave the affection and need of others, and he assumed that without Vincent, he wouldn't be needed by anyone else, prompting him to stay by his brother's side.

Chains - Force

Levi's explanation, A broken crystal held together by Chains

One month after Lacie's death, Charlotte joins the Baskervilles and forms an Illegal Contract with Leon, developing an attraction to Oswald and first meeting him when he accidentally runs into her, flustering Lottie.

Meanwhile, Levi goes to the Vessalius estate to retrieve Jack, explaining Alice's existence, as well as the existence of the Chains prevent the world from falling into the Abyss. After showing Alice to Jack from the base of The Tower, Levi bids Jack farewell and goes off into the forest alone, eventually dying; his body mutating into the Chain, Humpty Dumpty, while his consciousness fades into Oswald's. (Levi †).

Oswald meets up with Jack after Levi's departure, though Oswald becomes concerned with his old friends intentions when Jack suggests that they go get Lacie together. Afterwards, Oswald denies Jack the freedom to meet Alice, prompting Jack to climb the tree beside The Tower, despite Oswald suggesting that Jack doesn't,  with the intent of using the window rather than the door. Jack falls from the tree when he gets about halfway up the tree, which Alice hears.

Rushing to the window, Alice lays eyes on Jack for the first time, and Oswald finally allows Jack to meet her. Through Alice, the Intention of the Abyss hears Alice's encounter with Jack and rushes to retrieve the last piece of Lacie which she had saved from the darkness of the Abyss. She gives this to Oz's Abyssal body, asking him to deliver it to Jack as it was Lacie's thoughts and feelings for Jack. Oz does so, taking in the tainted piece of Lacie and taking it to his body on Earth. This piece of Lacie begins to destroy Oz's body in the human dimension, which Jack sees. Jack picks Oz up and sees Lacie's thoughts and feelings for him, causing him to cry. Jack is convinced that Lacie is one with the Abyss because of this and vows to deliver the human dimension, which Lacie loved so much, to her by severing the Chains supporting the world.

Jack uses his knowledge about music boxes to create Jack Vessalius' Pocket Watch, which Oswald allows Jack to be made to play Lacie's song on a small hurdy-gurdy type mechanism. As well, Jack establishes Lacie's Tomb on the Vessalius estate, which he visits commonly.

Alice and Intention 2

Alice explains her and the Intention's relationship to Jack

Jack continues to visit Alice while the Intention has control of Alice's body, teaching the Intention how to braid her's and Alice's hair, about music (through piano) as well as how to ballroom dance. Jack takes the Intention to the site of the grave which he dedicated to Lacie. The Intention asks why Jack always played the melody of his stopwatch when visiting the tomb, and so Jack explained the connection of Lacie to the song Oswald had composed to the Intention. Jack notices the split personalities of Alice, and so he asks Alice about it when she controls her own body. Alice explains the concept of herself and the Intention switching control of Alice's body to Jack.

Jack meets Raymond Nightray, current Duke of the Nightray Dukedom.

Celia Baskerville

Celia has Humpty Dumpty clone himself for Jack

Celia forms an Illegal Contract with Humpty Dumpty. Celia introduces Jack to Humpty Dumpty, showing Jack her Chain's ability to clone himself.

Charlotte meets Jack and is given the nickname 'Lottie'. Lottie spies on Jack as he comes to the Baskerville estate because of his odd relationship with Oswald. Eventually Jack shows Lottie his Pocket Watch, with Oswald arriving on the scene and explaining to Lottie that he had composed the melody the stopwatch plays. Jack arrives at the Baskerville estate once again and is chased by Lottie in a teasing manner, deciding ultimately that if Oswald was happy, then she would be happy as well.

Jack comes across Oswald sleeping next to a pond in the forest with a bird on his head. Jack says that he and Oswald aren't all that different, but Oswald corrects Jack, explaining how his soul will be transferred to a new vessel eventually and his body will mutate into a Chain. Oswald tells Jack that Humpty Dumpty is Levi's discarded body, and that because of a special tie between the body and soul, Humpty Dumpty would be the first to find Oswald's soul should something happen to prevent transferring it into a new vessel.

Jack arrives at the Baskerville estate once more, looking for Oswald and finally finding him sleeping beside the same small pond in the forest outside of the Baskerville mansion. Jack wakes Oswald and tells him that if he continues to sleep outside, then he'll catch a cold; even worse he could fall into the pond. Jack asks if Oswald was having a pleasant dream, but Oswald denies it. When it starts snowing, Jack is reminded of the day he met Lacie, which brings sadness to his heart, however he pretends that he's happy because Oswald's with him.

89 - 3

Duldee creates Duldum from her Contractor

Sometime after Lacie's death, the Droplets of Light guide a young girl to the Baskerville estate; having been chosen to be a Messenger of the Abyss. This girl forms an Illegal Contract with the Chain, Duldee, however the girl finds herself unable to control Duldee's powers and begins to lose her sanity. Duldee forms a second personality within her Contractor, whom she names Duldum, as the presence of Duldum would prevent the girl from losing herself completely. Although the girl's mind doesn't collapse as it was originally expected to, her personality starts to deteriorate - clearing the way for Duldum to possess her body and go off on a violent rampage. With no other option, Oswald locks the girl in an isolated room in the basement of the Baskerville estate, so that the Baskerville girl can't be a danger to anyone.

Two months following Lacie's death, Jack saves two children from the streets of Sablier. Gilbert and Vincent tell Jack of their pasts and Jack contacts Oswald to tell him of how similar their story is to Oswald and Lacie's. Oswald sends two Baskervilles to the Vessalius estate to escort Gilbert and Vincent to the Baskerville estate where they're made into Oswald's valets. Soon after their induction into the Baskerville Clan, Gilbert and Vincent are met by Jury, with Jury casting a spell on them to force them to be loyal to the entity that is Glen Baskerville. (September)

Vincent sneaks away from the Baskervilles one day, exploring the estate and finding the barred window to the Baskerville girl's isolated room. Vincent asks a barrage of questions, including why the girl was in the room all alone, if the girl was a Baskerville too and if the girl was a prisoner. The girl claims to be a aberration, explaining her inability to control Abyssal power, which is something very rare among the Baskervilles - and so she doesn't consider herself to be a Baskerville or a human. Vincent introduces himself to the girl and tells her that they two of them are very similar because they're both aberrations (showing her his crimson eye), and since both of them are weird, to each other they can be normal. Vincent then vows to return to visit the girl, as he wants to return before anyone notices he's wandered off, leaving as the girl cries because she can't remember what her name is.

Vincent 89

Vincent gives Noise flowers after naming her

Three days later, Vincent returns, though the girl claims to have never met Vincent before; revealing herself to be Duldum (though the girl calls her "Echo"). Vincent states that it isn't nice for Duldum to just possess the Baskerville arbitrarily, though Duldum explains that she's only doing what Duldee told her to do in order to save their Contractor and that if she didn't intervene on occasion, her Contractor would break. Soon, Vincent realizes that Duldee can create alternate personalities within her target in order to control the target both physically and mentally. Duldum is impressed that Vincent could figure everything out so quickly, but mentions that her powers don't work on everyone, revealing that her threads that allow for physical control had tried to bind Vincent, but instead Vincent appears to be immune to them; asking if his crimson eye has something to do with it.

Duldum's mention of his crimson eye infuriates Vincent, who demands that Duldum switch with her Contractor immediately. Duldum complies, delivering her very confused Contractor to Vincent; who breaks down in tears as she realizes that she'd lost control again. Vincent notes how the girl's crying is truly an awful noise, deciding to call the Baskerville girl "Noise" as a result since she can't remember her name. Flowers rain down from above into Noise's room from Vincent, as Vincent had originally picked them for Gilbert, but they'd been crumpled in the process. However, Noise is more fixated on how Vincent gave her a name; claiming that she's too revolting to deserve a name. Vincent doesn't argue with Noise, telling her instead that it's not a problem because both of them are weird, and so to each other they can both be normal.

Cheshire's death

Cheshire's death

Jack visits Gilbert and Vincent at the Baskerville estate, deciding to introduce the two of them to the Intention while she controls Alice's body. Upon introduction, the Intention identifies Vincent as a Child of Ill Omen, taunting him about it and asking Vincent to perform a spell. This angers Gilbert and makes Gilbert pull the Intention's hair in order to stop her from hurting Vincent further. The Intention runs into Jack's arms, upsetting Jack. This ordeal makes Vincent develop a way of stress relief, by cutting dolls to pieces with a pair of scissors. Sometime after, Vincent kidnaps Cheshire and cuts out his eyes, later returning to The Tower to deliver Cheshire's corpse to Alice / the Intention. (Cheshire †).

Jack approaches Alice while the Intention of the Abyss is in control of her body and asks the Intention if she could sever the Chains preventing the world from falling into the Abyss. The Core of the Abyss intervenes in the conversation and tells Jack that it wouldn't allow such a thing, as its presence within Alice is strain enough, using that kind of power would destroy the body which Lacie had left behind. Jack clues in to the Core's intervention, and so the Core allows the Intention to take over again. The Intention agrees to make Jack a Chain that could do the severing for him, changing Oz's last body into the Chain Oz the B-Rabbit, whilst telling Jack that he'd need to open one of the Doors to the Abyss for Oz to get to the human dimension.

A note 3

Miranda and Jack talking.

Jack meets with Miranda and tells her what the Intention had told him. Miranda explains to Jack that one of the five Doors to the Abyss is located in the basement of the Baskerville mansion, however it was constantly guarded by Baskervilles. The only exception being during an Succession Ceremony, where all Baskervilles attend to meet their future master, and the Nightrays take over the Baskervilles' posts. Miranda tells Jack that she'd heard that only Glen Baskerville could open the Doors, not telling Jack any more information past that point. Jack knew from Levi that Children of Ill Omen like Lacie could open the Doors and come into contact with the Core, and so Jack plans to manipulate Vincent.


Raymond warns Oswald not to trust Jack

Raymond approaches Oswald as Oswald begins inviting guests to Gilbert's first Succession Ceremony, where he'd inherit Raven from Oswald. Raymond warns Oswald not to invite anymore Vessaliuses or Barmas to the ceremony, because when he sees Miranda and Jack (mostly Jack) together, he gets a foreboding.

Jack visits Alice once again, pretending to be sad so that the Intention would ask him what was wrong. Jack tells the Intention that Oswald planned on transferring Raven, Owl, Dodo, Gryphon and Jabberwock into Gilbert's body, taking over Gilbert as his vessel and destroying Gilbert's soul in the process and that not even Jack himself could change Oswald's mind. This wasn't true, however Jack knew that the Intention would lord this information over Vincent.

Vincent meets Miranda

Miranda Barma approaches Vincent

The night before the Succession Ceremony, Gilbert approaches Oswald, telling his master that he can't sleep. Oswald reassures Gilbert, who asks if Jack was going to be at the Succession Ceremony, bringing Oswald's thoughts back to Raymond's warning. Oswald asks if Gilbert likes Jack, which Gilbert confirms. Oswald decides to invite Jack and Miranda to the Succession Ceremony.

Alice finds Vincent playing outside of The Tower. Alice takes the opportunity to explain what Jack had told her to Vincent, thus traumatizing him. Vincent runs off isolating himself so he can cry, questioning what he can do to save Gilbert from his apparent imminent demise. Miranda then approaches Vincent whilst shrouded in a black cloak, having heard his desperate pleas for help, telling Vincent that there's a way to save his brother and that all he had to do was open the Door to the Abyss while the Succession Ceremony for Raven was underway. This would make it impossible for Oswald to be able to use Gilbert as his vessel. Miranda teaches Vincent a spell to allow him to open the Door, warning him to keep this as a secret, because if anyone else knew then the spell would become a curse, and then no one would be around to save Gilbert anymore. Accepting the choice before him, Vincent runs off after Miranda's spell is complete to contemplate what he's going to do.

Vincent sits alone and cries to himself because he's not sure what action he should take. Noise, who's on her way to Gilbert's Succession Ceremony with a group of Baskervilles, sees Vincent crying and rushes to his side. Noise asks what's wrong and whether someone's been bullying Vincent, and though Vincent wants to tell her everything, he remembers Miranda's warning. Pushing Noise to the ground, Vincent stands and declares that there's nothing Noise can do because he has to take care of it on his own, running off to open the Door to the Abyss while Noise vows to protect Vincent from that day forward as his surrogate big sister as she carries on to Gilbert's Succession Ceremony.

The Succession Ceremony begins with everyone in attendance(save for Miranda, Jack, Raymond and Vincent), and so Oswald summons Raven before Raven's Door to the Abyss. In the meantime, Miranda removes her cloak and ties back her hair elsewhere on the estate, only to be found by Raymond and Jack. At the same time, Vincent runs up to another one of the Doors to the Abyss, intent on opening it in order to protect Gilbert because of all the times Gilbert's protected him. With his powers as a Child of Ill Omen, Vincent makes contact with the Door and wrenches it open, disrupting Gilbert's Succession Ceremony. Gilbert falls unconscious, having only been able to forge an unbreakable connection with Raven, with it now being impossible for Gilbert to succeed Oswald as Glen Baskervilles. Having heard the explosion from the opening of the Door, Jack parts ways with Raymond and Miranda, in order to follow through with his plans while Raymond escorts Miranda to the Door where the Succession Ceremony took place. Here, Miranda is ecstatic to meet Oswald in person, telling him that she's always dreamed of the moment when she could speak with him so casually, making Oswald smirk.

Oz emerges from Abyss

Oz emerges from the Door to the Abyss

Meanwhile, Jack approaches the Door to the Abyss that's now open, finding an unconscious Vincent and, emerging from the Abyss, Oz the B-Rabbit. Jack admits that he's been waiting a long time for Oz before asking Oz to form a Contract with him. Though wary, Oz complies, and Jack immediately forces him to reveal the Chains of the world and sever them, causing a massive explosion of light and numerous earthquakes throughout Sablier. Content with what he'd done, Jack calls Oz back into his body, picking up Vincent and rushing off through Sablier.

Oswald summons all his chains

Oswald summons Raven, Owl, Dodo, Gryphon and Jabberwock during the Tragedy

Knowing well what's just happened, Oswald immediately summons Raven, Owl, Dodo, Gryphon and Jabberwock, sending them throughout Sablier to mend the Chains before the damage is too great. In the meantime, Oswald summons all the members of the Baskerville Clan and orders them to slaughter everyone in the estate, without providing a reason. Fang objects because he doesn't believe in senseless murder, but Oswald demands that his orders be followed, and so without another option, all the Baskervilles begin their massacre.

Oswald isolates himself to observe the results of the shattering Chains from a nearby window, prompting a sole Baskerville to ask if Oswald sent out all of the Black Winged Chains. Oswald confirms this and explains that even though The Black Winged Chains are able to mend the Chains of the World to stop them from breaking further, they can't recreate the Chains that are already broken. This means that most of Sablier will fall into the Abyss, and so it's better for the humans to die in the 1st Dimension and be included in The Rule of 100 Cycles rather than dropping into the Abyss and becoming Chains, which are excluded from The Rule of 100 Cycles. Although he can't save all the citizens of Sablier, Oswald vows to save the rest of the world, ultimately deciding to carry on and aid the Baskervilles in their massacre.

Still carrying Vincent, Jack comes across a hallway full of corpses, only to see a flurry of black feathers as the Black Winged Chains soar nearby. Realizing that he can't hear the sound of shattering Chains anymore, Jack figures out that everything he's seeing is Oswald's doing. Leaving Vincent in the hallway full of corpses, Jack grabs a nearby sword and storms off to find Oswald. Elsewhere, Gilbert regains consciousness and is confused by the situation around him, going off to seek out Oswald in order to ensure his safety.

Jack wounds Gil

Jack's gambit

Jack finds Oswald as he murders another guest, asking him how he could've done such a thing. Oswald thinks that Jack is talking about his order to kill the guests in the mansion, and so Oswald explains his reasoning for this. Jack tells Oswald to stop, revealing that he's talking about how Oswald had stopped the destruction of the Chains. Oswald becomes enraged at Jack upon realizing that it was him who had severed the Chains. Seeing this, Gilbert comes running to Oswald and Jack, asking them to stop fighting. Oswald orders Gilbert not to come any closer, however he was too late as Jack slices through Gilbert's back with his sword. Jack threatens to kill Gilbert if Oswald didn't lower his sword, and Gilbert manages to reach out for his master once more before losing consciousness once again. Jack cries and tells Oswald that he never wanted to hurt him or any of the other Baskervilles in this way. Oswald moves with supernatural speed as he attempts to kill Jack. Jack has Oz use his chains to slice into Oswald's sword and chest. Oswald questions what had just happened, and so Jack introduces Oswald to Oz the B-Rabbit. Oswald understands that Jack had used Oz to sever the Chains in order to try and accept Lacie's death. Numerous Baskervilles arrive to protect Oswald, Jack calls to Oz and forces him to slaughter the Baskervilles as they try to protect their master.

95 - Miranda and Oswald

Oswald attacks Miranda

During this confrontation, Jack manages to disarm Oswald and renders him unconscious. As Jack picks up an unconscious Gilbert, Miranda arrives, and Jack presents Oswald to her as he'd promised, assuring her that Oswald can't move in the state he's in. Overjoyed, Miranda runs to Oswald, thanking Jack and going over how long she's waited to have Oswald's head as her own as she picks up a nearby battleaxe. However, as she raises the axe to decapitate Oswald, Oswald reveals that he's conscious and musters up enough strength to grab his sword and slice through Miranda. Shocked, Jack runs off with Gilbert still in his arms, leaving Oswald with the fallen Miranda. Ultimately, Oswald decides to leave Miranda alive so that she's not involved in the Rule of 100 Cycles, as she's truly a wicked woman.

Having grown weary, Jack has to stop and rest - dropping Gilbert onto the floor in the process. Chuckling to himself, Jack can't help but wonder why Oswald isn't pursuing him. Knowing that there's no way Oswald would ever be able to forgive him for what he's done, Jack's sure that Oswald would've begun his pursuit. However, Jack realizes that Oswald might have had something more pressing than exacting his revenge, but since Oswald already destroyed his wish, Jack wonders what could be left for Oswald to do. Then it came to him: Oswald might be intent on killing Alice in order to sever his ties to The Intention - which would mean he could never do anything for Lacie's sake ever again. As Gilbert barely clings to consciousness, Jack thinks of how Oswald won't hesitate anymore, so even though he'd brought Gilbert along with him, there's no way he can use Gilbert as a shield anymore. Apologizing to Gilbert, Jack says that he has to go back and confront Oswald once more, leaving Gilbert alone in the burning estate. Rushing toward The Tower, Jack thinks of how a world without Lacie in it is a place that no longer has hope or even despair. Because of this, Jack vows that nothing's going to stop him from reuniting with his beloved Lacie once again, and if he can't do that then he'll instead deliver the world that Lacie loved so much to her in the Abyss.

Upon Jack's arrival at The Tower, he immediately sees Oswald in the distance and doesn't hesitate to summon Oz and have him attack Oswald with his claws. As Oswald is jolted to his knees, he voices his surprise to see Jack there with him. Alternatively, Jack says that he thought he might find Oswald at The Tower, noting the blood covering Oswald's clothes and establishing that it came from other people - which Jack claims is an awful thing for Oswald to have done. Oswald simply tells Jack that he doesn't want to hear his babble, launching himself at Jack - only to have Oz step forward to take Jack's place in battle instead. As the two spar, Jack asks why Oswald is so angry, to which Oswald insist that Jack already knows the answer, though Jack denies such a thing - as he only ever wanted to grant Lacie's wish. Managing to break past Oz, Oswald asks Jack if he's really willing to destroy the world without a second thought for something so trivial. In response, Jack merely says "yes", and has Oz pin Oswald's body to a nearby tree.

Jack decides that his behavior must seem odd to Oswald, and so he explains that Oswald was really spot on when he told him that the existence of Jack Vessalius is here, but also nowhere. Elaborating, Jack reveals that over the course of his 8 year separation from Lacie, he'd learned how to trick people in order to effectively win them over and use that trust as a weapon. Additionally, if one were to ask those people about him, they would be able to elaborate on all the filthy things Jack had done in order to get where he is. Only, by engaging in such gratuitous acts so carelessly, Jack began to lose his identity - leaving unsure of what "face" he was wearing now - and though he was able to fool others to this notion, Jack also managed to make himself blind to his misplaced identity.

Continuing, Jack tells Oswald that he thinks of him as his closest friend, and of Gilbert and Vincent as people he needs to protect, however he's unsure whether or not that's really what he feels or if it's just him trying to "play pretend" again. In order to justify his question, Jack mentions how he's used Vincent without hesitation, attacked and abandoned Gilbert and now intends on killing Oswald because he stood in his way.Oz then raises the hand that's not holding Oswald, ripping into Oswald's chest with his claws and sending Oswald's body to the ground. With Oswald laying at his feet, Jack admits that he was scared to not know exactly what he was, and because of that he came to detest Lacie. He hated that they met, he hated that Lacie "saved" him, he hated the words she said to him, the song she sang, all of it, because they were the chains that bound him. Although, since Lacie could make him so angry, Jack grew to realize that she helped him identify himself. The pain that she made him feel when she wasn't by his side and the overwhelming comfort Jack felt when they reunited, it all made him feel so alive. Proclaiming that he wants to live, Jack justifies that he needs Lacie in order to do that. As Oswald lay there, Jack has Oz proceed to summon his bladed chains and dismember Oswald using the power of B-Rabbit, killing him once and for all. (Oswald †).

78 - 8

Jack stands before Oswald's dead body

Elsewhere, Vincent awakens surrounded by corpses. Vincent begins aimlessly walking around muttering how none of this was really this fault, and that he had only opened the Door to the Abyss in order to save Gilbert. His crying attracts the attention of someone sitting nearby, and so when Vincent notices her, he's overjoyed to see that someone else is still alive - rushing toward the young woman to embrace her. Unexpectedly, Vincent falls through the woman as if she was a ghost, confusing Vincent further and prompting him to ask why everything had to happen this way, as he only ever wanted to save Gilbert. Hearing this, the woman reaches out to Vincent and begins to ask his name, but Vincent immediately whirls around and orders the woman to stay away from him. After seeing Vincent's eyes for the first time, the woman asks if she's right to assume that he's "Vincent-sama". Rather than answer the woman, Vincent simply covers his eyes and repeatedly states that it's not his fault, as he'd only done what "that woman" (Miranda Barma) had told him to do in order to save Gilbert, and that he'd never intended on everything playing out like it did. Having realized something, the woman begins to cry, gaining Vincent's attention as he asks if something was wrong and if she was hurt somewhere. The woman shakes off her tears and looks to Vincent with a smile, introducing herself as Ada. Ada cradles Vincent's face with her hands as she explains that even though she's nothing more than a ghost to Vincent at the moment, she reveals that many years from now, Vincent will provide her with so much. Ada then whispers something to Vincent before she stands, ecouraging him to come and meet her "there" before she runs off. Now alone, Vincent doesn't believe that he did anything wrong. Vincent laughs hysterically as his mental stability shatters and he claims that what he did couldn't have been wrong because the corpses were only 'dollies'. Vincent then begins playing in the remains of the corpses, stating that everything was 'his' fault as he grabs a nearby pair of scissors and plunges it into the eye-socket of a corpse. Getting up, Vincent proceeds to run to The Tower, laughing maniacally the entire way.

Jack then seeks out Alice, ascending the The Tower and slamming his palm into the door frame of Alice's room, startling her. Jack assumes that the Intention of the Abyss is in possession of Alice's body because Alice is wearing one of her white dresses rather than her black ones, and so he slowly approaches her. The Intention is surprised by Jack's appearance, as he's covered in blood, and so she runs to him and asks if he had gotten into a fight with someone and whether he was okay or not. Jack immediately grabs her by the shoulders addressing her as Alice, and asking her to stop Oswald's Chains from continuing to mend the Chains that hold the world together, because Oswald's Chains were getting in the way of the power she had lent Oz. Jack adds that Oz was also too drained of power to continue severing the Chains, addressing Alice before correcting himself and calling her the Intention of the Abyss. Alice, now realizing what he had done, pushes Jack away and reveals that she had posed as her sister in order to get information from Jack. Alice then asks him why he seems to think that everything he had done is okay, crying and covering her ears to block out Oz's screaming and crying from all the murder Jack had forced Oz to commit, which Jack doesn't seem to notice.

Alice goes to commit suicide

Alice goes to commit suicide

Jack tackles Alice to the ground and demands that she switches place with the Intention. The Intention hears Jack's pleas and begins advancing on Alice's subconscious, ordering her to switch places with her. Alice refuses and so the Intention declares that she'll force Alice out of the body if she needs to. Alice thinks of how dire the situation had become, and so not wanting to let Oz get hurt anymore, Alice grabs a pair of scissors from the table in the center of the room, stabbing Jack in the arm with them. Alice inches away from Jack and thanks Oz for always being there for her since the very beginning, having decided what needed to be done. Alice plunges the pair of scissors into her heart, committing suicide so that Jack could not access the Intention through her to hurt Oz ever again. (Alice †).

Alice's soul appears in the junction where she interacted with the Intention. The Intention screams in in agony after having witnessed Alice commit suicide, and rushes to Alice's side, with Alice telling her that she was glad to have the Intention back to her normal self. The Intention cries over her sister, apologizing for the way she'd been acting, having been unaware of what she was doing anymore and that because of it she was now losing everything she cared about. Alice told her sister not to worry as she'd soon disappear from there, but the Intention insists that such a thing can't happen, because even if Jack can't reach her through Alice, she'd still be forced to grant any wish that Jack may have. The Intention suggests that they destroy her memories so that she can't help Jack anymore. Alice begins to object, but the Intention explains that the Core would never allow her to hurt herself, so they would have to use Oz's power to destroy the memories and save Alice.


The Core intervenes between Alice, the Intention and Jack.

The Intention takes immediate action, possessing Alice's corpse to grab onto Jack so that she could reach Oz through their connection. Jack is ecstatic that the Intention had finally come out, causing the Intention to lose her self awareness again. Alice projects her soul and travels through the connection made with Jack's body, diving into Oz's body in order to take away Oz's power because she wouldn't allow Oz to destroy anything else ever again. Alice molds Oz's body in her own figure, introducing herself to Jack as Alice the B-Rabbit.

Alice tells Jack that she could never forgive him for what he had done, summoning Oz's scythe and calling out for her sister. The Intention extends her arms and offers up her memories to be destroyed by Alice as she uses Oz's power. Suddenly, the Core of the Abyss intervenes and orders Alice not to harm the Intention. Alice clarifies that she didn't intend to hurt the Intention, rather she was going to destroy her memories, but the Core states that she wouldn't allow that either. Alice calls the Core a blockhead and tries to destroy the Intention's memories once again, however, the Core radiates power throughout The Tower, tearing apart Alice's memories and teleporting her into the Abyss, only knowing the name 'Alice the B-Rabbit'. The Intention and the Core had also been returned to the Abyss, the Intention's memories still safely intact. Jack remains in the now crumbling Tower, black Abyssal energy drifting off of his body.

After the Intention's encounter with Jack, Alice and the Core, an Illegal Contractor named Kevin Legnard is dragged into the Abyss, entering a part of the Abyss where time was 50 years prior to his own. Kevin wakes to find himself face-to-face with a Chain, one created using Cheshire's soul. Cheshire retreats as Kevin wakes, and numerous dolls from around the room start chanting about how Cheshire was jealous of humans. A girl with white hair, the Intention of the Abyss, appears and asks everyone to  be quiet, for they had startled their guest. The girl asks Kevin what his name is, introducing herself as Alice.

Suddenly, Kevin's Chain, Albus the White Knight, summons himself and introduces himself to the Intention of the Abyss. Kevin is shocked to learn that this girl is the Intention. Albus shows the Intention his memories and how he had brought Kevin to her. The Intention taunts Kevin for being unable to save the Sinclair Family, which causes Kevin to draw his short sword and pin the Intention to the ground as he threatens to kill her. The Intention questions why he came to her if it wasn't to save the Sinclairs, explaining how Kevin was different from the other Illegal Contractors that she'd come across, who had all lost themselves by this point.

Albus' Death

Albus' death

Albus, out of nowhere, attacked Kevin for trying to hurt the Intention. She didn't appreciate his actions and asked him why he had interfered, before killing him causing his blood to rain down over them. (Albus the White Knight †)The Intention calls the scene lovely before dancing with Cheshire in it smiling happily. Kevin is suddenly put under physical strain, and so the Intention of the Abyss' Dolls explain to Kevin how he would soon become a Chain like them. Kevin finds this rather hard to believe. The Intention then tells him that the power of the Abyss turns humans into Chains by granting them a will even if they have no life. The Intention informs Kevin on how she absolutely loathes Glen Baskerville, as well as Gilbert and Vincent and anyone else that tries to get too close to 'him'.

Suddenly, the Intention remembers something she'd wanted to do before turning Kevin into a 'dolly', reaching into his eye socket and taking his left eye from him. Calling the eye beautiful, The Intention's Dolls wonder what to the Intention was going to do with Kevin's eye. The Intention brightly explains that she plans on giving Kevin's eyes to Cheshire. The Intention then mentions how she knew red eyes would suit Cheshire. Kevin remembers the Sinclair girl's last words of not wanting to be alone.

Back on Earth, Vincent arrives in the room and addresses Jack, questioning why he was covered in blood. Vincent asks if Oswald was the one who had done that to him, explaining how he had seen Oswald's body downstairs. Vincent then sees Alice's corpse on the floor, questioning if Alice was all right, nervously asking Jack. When Jack doesn't respond, Vincent decides that because Jack was there Alice had to be all right, telling Jack that he was going to go and get some help and that Jack should stay where he was. Vincent runs out of The Tower, and Jack descends to the main level of The Tower, surprised to see Oswald's corpse. Jack then remembers that he had killed Oswald because Oswald was going to try and kill Alice. Jack then embraces Oswald's head, regretful of the way things turned out.

Vincent continues running through the Baskerville mansion, looking for help, when suddenly he sees Gilbert lying unconscious and bloody on the floor in the distance. Vincent runs to his brother, helping him up and walking through the mansion. Suddenly a black explosion echoes through Sablier, and the majority of the city falls into the Abyss, leaving Jack alone in the newly created Hole of Sablier alongside Oswald's corpse, Jack having been rejected by the Abyss.

In the Abyss, the Intention drops to the floor, screaming in agony, yelling that Sablier was coming into the Abyss. Vincent then appears with an unconscious Gilbert on his back greeting The Intention as Alice as they hobbled down a hallway and into the Intention's domain. Greeting 'Alice', Vincent asks why she's all white as he and Gilbert collapse onto the floor. Vincent wonders not only about why Alice seems so different, but also how she can be there, because he was sure he'd seen her dead earlier. The Intention asks why Vincent was there and Cheshire attacks Vincent in response. The Intention of the Abyss' Dolls emerge in greater quantities to mention how Vincent was always such a bully to them, cutting them to pieces without reason and even taking Cheshire's eyes. Vincent is shocked to learn that the "man" before him is the cat which he'd murdered to antagonize Alice sometime before. The Dolls encourage the Intention to take Kevin's other eye while she had the chance, however she appears to have forgotten who Kevin is. 

The Intention notices the time and announces that it's time for tea. The Dolls aid the Intention in assembling a tea party, and both Kevin and Vincent watch in astonishment at the madness around them. The Intention asks a loud when Jack would be coming, which makes Vincent laugh hysterically. Vincent tells the Intention that he'd seen Jack fighting Oswald in Sablier, and that Jack was likely dead, and so Vincent made the Intention feel like Jack's death would be all her fault.


The Intention tells Kevin her wish

The Intention breaks down and her room shatters, the Dolls, Vincent and Gilbert are lifted up into the air and taken elsewhere in the Abyss. Cheshire comforts the Intention. Kevin manages to get the Intention's attention, telling her that he'd allow her to take anything of his as long as she changed the past for him. The Intention was astonished by this, and so she requested that Kevin make her wish come true as well, stating that she no longer wanted to be the Intention of the Abyss and that she wanted Kevin to 'save Alice'. Kevin requested that the Intention grant him a Chain capable of destroying Chains and all forms of Abyssal energy, in order to both aid him in his mission and slowly kill him in the process of using its power. The Intention complies, creating the Chain, Mad Hatter, for Kevin. Kevin is then separated from the three and taken elsewhere in the Abyss.

Elsewhere in the Abyss, Miranda barely clings to life as she has dropped alongside Sablier. Power from the Abyss soon rushes into her body, saturating it and mutating her into the Chain, Demios the Executioner now removed from The Rule of 100 Cycles as Oswald had intended.

Around 106-72 years prior to Plot.

The capital city moves from Sablier to Reveil.

Arthur Barma becomes Duke of the Barma family.

Jack Vessalius spreads rumors about the Baskervilles, stating that they instigated what becomes known as the Tragedy of Sablier. The Nightrays also fall under fire of accusations as Raymond Nightray is accused of leading rebels from Sablier, thanks to further rumors from Jack. Jack writes his memoirs on his life leading up to the Tragedy, including information about Alice and the Intention as well as his regret for having killed Oswald during the Tragedy.

Jack steals four of the five Keys to the Abyss in order to obtain the Doors to the Abyss, although he is unable to locate the fifth Door. Jack forms Pandora, an organization meant to study the Abyss and condemn Illegal Contractors. Jack then invents the Carcere to make Legal Contractors possible.

Using the four Doors to the Abyss he obtained, Jack moves the Vessalius family up in power. Jack also chooses the Nightray family to join the Vessaliuses because of their previously close relationship to the Baskervilles so that he could keep an eye on them. Jack chooses the Barma family as the next family to join the Four Great Dukedoms, because of his closeness with Arthur and Miranda. Jack invites the Rainsworth Dukedom to join him in power, as they're unrelated to the Tragedy of Sablier and would thereby remain impartial to personal matters.
Jack body cycle

The cycle of Jack's body.

Jack's body begins to decelerate in age because of Jack's contact with B-Rabbit, Alice and the Core of the Abyss during the Tragedy. Jack approaches Arthur and tells him the truth of the Tragedy of Sablier, requesting Arthur's help. Arthur agreed because of Miranda's hand in the Tragedy, not wanting to have his family lose its new found power of Miranda's actions.Arthur chronicles fake events of the Tragedy of Sablier, dictated by Jack that painted the Baskervilles as the instigators of the Tragedy. Arthur finishes his memoirs, coming clean about Jack's actions in the final chapter and encoding it.

Arthur gathers four other mages and helps Jack trick them into believing that they were dismembering Jack's wounded body, when in reality they were using Oswald's body to seal away Oswald's soul forever. Arthur orchestrates placement of the newly formed Sealing Stones in shape of a symbol. One in the ruins of Sablier, one in Carillon, one in his home country, a region controlled by the Eyrie nobility and the final one within Pandora Headquarters, each protected by a respective mage.

Arthur falls ill after hiding his memoirs in the Barma library in Reveil, and receiving Jack's own memoirs, developing an extreme fever and dying soon afterwards. (Arthur Barma ). Kevin Legnard is born (September 30th)

Kevin becomes a valet to the Dominion of the Sinclair family at a very young age, serving under Lord Roman Sinclair, as a knight.

Albus confronts Kevin

Albus approaches Kevin

Kevin takes Roman's youngest daughter out for the day. They return to find that Roman and his extended family have all been murdered. "Thieves" are suspected to have been the culprits. Kevin feels responsible for the death of his master and his master's family, and so he goes to mourn at Roman's grave, privately. Albus uses a distortion to create a path from the Abyss to Earth in order to approach Kevin.

Albus massacre

Albus convinces Kevin to form an Illegal Contract with him. Kevin and Albus go out at night to murder people for Albus to consume. Rufus Barma's Grandfather pursues Kevin and Albus, although it's implied that he is murdered along the way. Kevin is dragged into the Abyss after twelve Incuse rotations, having murdered 116 people (Due to Kevin's meeting with the Intention of the Abyss, The Sinclair family's murder is erased from history, existing only as part of another timeline. However, Kevin's massacre still occurred.) and is sent to a part of the Abyss that is taking place prior to the Tragedy of Sablier

57 years prior to Plot. Rufus Barma is born (April 1st)
Around 57-40 years prior to Plot. Sheryl Rainsworth is born (November 26th)
Around 40 years prior to Plot.

Rufus Barma has been attending Lutwidge Academy alongside his valet, Calum Lunettes. Here, Rufus sometimes interacted with fellow Lutwidge atendee, Turner. Rufus would often sneak out of his room at night with Calum Lunettes. Turner warns Rufus that he'll get into a lot of trouble if he's found wandering the campus at night, and asks what Rufus was doing anyway. Rufus explains that he was exposing the mysteries of Lutwidge Academy.

Callum Rufus 4

Calum takes a bullet for Rufus

Calum and Rufus come across a secret room underneath a statue in a dead-end hallway with a tunnel leading from Lutwidge to Pandora and decide to turn it into their secret study, taking furniture from elsewhere in Lutwidge Academy to fill the room. One day, Turner sees Rufus and Calum Lunettes and calls out to them. As Turner turns the corner, he finds a dead end and that Rufus and Calum Lunettes had vanished mysteriously.

Sometime after, an assassin attempts to kill Rufus, but his attempt becomes a failure, as Calum takes the bullet for his master. Pandora arrives and arrests the assassin, but Calum is left critically wounded while a stunned Rufus stares on. Calum retires as Rufus' valet, finding himself unable to stand by Rufus' side any longer, after having saved Rufus.

Around 40-35 years prior to Plot.

In the now altered timeline (due to Kevin's meddling), the Sinclair family lives another four years. However, political disputes grow more violent because of the new world order, and so another noble family hostile to the Sinclairs organize the assassination of Roman's eldest daughter. In an act of despair, Roman's youngest daughter became an Illegal Contractor, murdering Roman and what remained of the Sinclair family for her Chain. Roman's youngest daughter was finally dragged into the Abyss after her Incuse completed twelve progressions. (Roman Sinclair + family †).

Bernard Nightray is born

Bernice Nightray is born.

The Nightray Uncle is born.

Rufus often encounters Sheryl, finding that the two of them cannot have a conversation with one-another without bickering excessively. Sheryl announces her marriage to unknown noble man, which makes Rufus break down in tears and realize that he loves Sheryl.

Deal RainBar

Rufus and Sheryl forge a friendship and make a deal.

Rufus approaches Sheryl one day with a bouquet of red roses, proposing to her. Sheryl rejects Rufus, resulting in Rufus insisting that Sheryl is always so incredibly blunt. Sheryl questions if Rufus ever listens to anything that anyone tells him, reminding Rufus that she already has a husband. Rufus doesn't see a problem with this, telling Sheryl that he'll make plans for their wedding as soon as she divorces her husband. Sheryl stops Rufus' nonsense and tells him that she can't accept his bouquet of roses because she thinks red roses are vulgar and because it would raise suspicion in her husband. Rufus disposes his roses, and instead drops a pair of earrings in Sheryl's hands; telling Sheryl that they contain a rare flower from his homeland within them and that they used to belong to his mother. Rufus tells Sheryl that the earrings are symbolic of their friendship (as well as acting as a vessel for the Barma Key to the Abyss). In response, Sheryl asks if Rufus really meant everything that he'd written in his letter. Rufus confirms this, and Sheryl explains that she had burned the letter after finishing it as she always did with his letters. Sheryl then tells Rufus that if the earrings are meant to be representative of their friendship, then there's no problem with he accepting them from Rufus. Instead, Sheryl asks Rufus if he'll make her a promise. Sheryl proposes that the two of them work together (as the Barmas and the Rainsworths haven't always seen eye-to-eye) to prevent an event like the Tragedy of Sablier from ever happening again. Sheryl puts on Rufus' mother's earrings and gives Rufus her silver locket (which acts as the vessel for the Rainsworth Key to the Abyss) in return. By possessing eachother's Keys to the Abyss, the two Dukes entrust the safety of one-another's Dukedoms in their hands in order to prevent one from betraying the other.

Xai Vessalius is born.

35 years prior to Plot. Oscar Vessalius is born (May 22nd).
28 years prior to Plot. Isla Yura is born (September 3rd).
About 27 years prior to Plot. Rufus Barma forms a Legal Contract with Dodo
About 35-16 years prior to Plot.

Shelly Rainsworth is born.

Shelly frequently becomes ill because  of her weak constitution, collapsing from exhaustion in front of Sheryl around the age of four, traumatizing Sheryl.

Bernard marries Bernice.

Xai marries Rachel Cecile.

Oscar meets a commoner in the poorer district of Reveil and the two fall in love with one another. Oscar goes to meet the commoner on a frequent basis, until they finally decided to get married. The rest of the Vessaliuses don't wish for Oscar to marry a commoner, and so they don't give him their blessings. Oscar marries Sara Vessalius.

Fred Nightray is born.

Claude Nightray is born.

Ernest Nightray is born.

Vanessa Nightray is born.

16 years prior to Plot. Reim Lunettes is born (July 9th)
15 years prior to Plot. Xai impregnates Rechelle (March)

Unknown suiter impregnates Shelly (July)

78 - 6

Jack meets Xai Vessalius.

Xai and Rachel expect their child (December 26th). Xai is approached by a young eight-year old child, who claims to be Jack Vessalius. Jack tells Xai not to be afraid, and asks for a moment of Xai's time in order to explain himself. Jack explains that he has been living continuously for the past 100 years after having been rejected by the divine providence of the Abyss during the Tragedy of Sablier. Jack then goes on to explain that within his body sleeps the Chain which Pandora has come to know as B-Rabbit, whom had been in the process of destroying the world 100 years before. Jack requests that Xai replace his son, who would be stillborn, with his body as Jack's consciousness would soon disappear completely. Jack told Xai that if he agreed to do as Jack had requested, to take his body in as 'Oz Vessalius'. Xai gave no immediate answer to Jack, being rather sceptical about what he had just been told.

Rachel goes into labor, falling unconscious after delivery. Xai finds that his son was indeed born in death's embrace, and so he takes the corpse of his son from Rachel and storms out into the night. Xai  decides to take Jack up on his offer, in pursuit not only for information, but in order to spare Rachel's heart the ache that would ensue following her discovery of her son's death. Jack brings Jack's infant body back to Rachel, saying that he had wanted to celebrate "Oz's" christening on his own. '(Xai's Unnamed Son' )

14 years prior to Plot. Sharon Rainsworth is born (April 13th).
14-8 years prior to Plot. Sara wants to have a baby of her own. Oscar approves of her decision despite the fact that it may put her life at risk. Oscar impregnates Sara Vessalius.

Oscar buys a new camera. Oz tells Oscar to take a picture of him with it upon seeing it. Oscar tells Oz that he can't until after his child is born because his child was to be the first picture he took with his camera.


Duchess Vessalius on her deathbed

Sara goes into labor. Her weak constitution cannot withstand the process of childbirth, and she dies. Oscar's son dies alongside his mother. The Vessalius valets immediately track Oscar down and break the news to him. Oscar is grief-stricken, Oz grabs his sleeve in hopes of comforting Oscar, however he doesn't realize that he's instead causing more torment for Oscar emotionally. (Sara Vessalius ). (Oscar's Unnamed Son ).

Oscar stores away his camera, having never gotten a chance to use it, and with no intention of using it in the future.

8 years prior to Plot.

Ada Vessalius is born (June 2nd) to Xai Vessalius and Rachel Cecile. Only a few days after Ada's birth, Rachel is caught up in a run-away carriage accident and dies. (Rachel Cecile ). While most of the Vessaliuses blame the Nightrays for Rachel's death because of the way they had been raised, Xai blames the presence of Jack Vessalius in the current Dukedom for the death of his wife. Xai's vendetta against Jack grows, and so Xai plots a way to destroy Jack while dehumanizing Oz at the same time.

Xai becomes one of the first individuals to discover the truth of the Tragedy of Sablier. Xai confronts Jack, and Jack "lets it slip" that the existence of Oz the B-Rabbit would be destroyed if cast into the Abyss. In reality, Jack knows that by the time Xai manages to cast Oz into the Abyss, his soul will be completely eradicated from his body - thus allowing his body entry into the Abyss, and reuniting Oz with his power through contact with Alice.

6 years prior to Plot.

Elliot Nightray is born (August 8th).

Leo is born (October 25th)

8-0 years prior to Plot.

Kevin Legnard, Gilbert and Vincent are all released from the Abyss. Kevin is released before the Rainsworths' Door to the Abyss and is found by Sharon and Reim. Gilbert is found before the Vessalius' Door to the Abyss and becomes Oz Vesalius' valet. Vincent is found before the Nightrays' Door to the Abyss, persuades Bernard Nightray to adopt him because as he has information about the Tragedy of Sablier.

Kevin hears of Roman Sinclair and his family's extinction from Sheryl Rainsworth and spirals into depression. Vincent sees Kevin crying and asks what's wrong. Vincent tells Kevin of Children of Ill Omen and how they were treated 100 years ago. Vincent bids farewell to his "Ill-Omened Big-Brother", asking Kevin to report to the Nightrays if he finds Gilbert, as Vincent was searching for him. Kevin takes note of his encounter with Vincent (becoming an important piece of his plan to obtain Raven in the future)

A young Reim Lunettes spies Kevin sitting alone in the Rainsworth mansion. While Kevin scratches his empty eye-socket, Reim yells at him and attempts to get Kevin to stop before he worsens his wound. Kevin lashes out at Reim, claiming that Reim doesn't understand him and to leave him alone, after pushing Reim to the ground. Shelly Rainsworth enters the room and comforts Reim, giving Reim back his glasses and asking Kevin if it's true that all he wants is for someone to save him and making it her personal mission to help Kevin out of his emotional slump. Sharon then arrives and supplies Shelly with a bouquet of flowers that she picked for Kevin. Shelly eventually manages to make Kevin open up through spending time with while playing with Sharon, and so he requests to become Shelly's valet, using the pseudonym 'Xerxes Break' to keep his past hidden. Break takes on his mission that the Intention had given him, forming a Legal Contract with Mad Hatter.

Oscar introduces Oz to Gilbert, claiming that Gilbert was to be Oz's new valet. The two make a connection with one another, but Gilbert falls and knocks over a vase on the table beside him, prompting Oz to jump on top of Gilbert so that the vase wouldn't fall on him. Gilbert is dismayed because he is meant to protect Oz rather than the other way around, but the two settle the discomfort and form a close bond as master and servant.

Someone attempts to kidnap Oz, but fails. The Vessaliuses assume that it was a Nightray run operation.

Oz is depressed by the poor relationship he has with Xai, being convinced that Xai hates him. Gilbert tries to prove him wrong, taking a bouquet of flowers to Xai in Oz's name. Oz follows Gilbert to try and stop him, but is too late. Xai takes the bouquet and tosses it to the ground, saying that a child like Oz should never have been born. Gilbert argues with Xai about this and Xai has Gilbert locked in the basement of the Vessalius mansion. Oz tries to reason with Xai, but Xai orders Oz not to touch him, calling him a vile creature.

Two days later, Oscar and Ada rescue Gilbert from the basement.

Oscar confronts his older brother about the way he treats Oz; despite the fact that Oz tries so hard just to gain Xai's approval. Oscar begs Xai to try harder to treat Oz properly and to go comfort Oz. Xai questions what Oscar's talking about, telling Oscar that he's no better than Xai, as Oscar's simply using Oz's existence to comfort himself because of his dead son. Xai stands and starts to leave his study when he tells Oscar that coming into contact with Oz won't fill the hole that was left behind by the deaths of Sara and Oscar's son, and that Oscar's suggestion to meet with Oz face-to-face is laughable. Xai leaves Oscar alone in Xai's study, Oscar thinking to himself about how sometimes he wonders why Oz is there instead of his own child. Oscar thinks of how Oz is naturally clever and that if he doesn't rid himself of these dark feelings, Oz would notice them soon enough. Oscar decides that  something like that can't be allowed to happen.

Oscar slaps Oz

Oscar slaps Oz

One night, Gilbert has a nightmare that Oz was gone and wakes up; unable to find Oz anywhere. Oz finds the upset Gilbert and tries to calm him down by bringing him to Oscar's room. With the door locked, Oz climbs up a tree outside the window for Oscar's room, gets in and grabs Oscar's camera. Oscar comes in and catches Oz in the act, and Oz jumps out the window with the camera. Oz and the camera land on some bushes, but Oscar slaps Oz because Oz could've killed himself if he hadn't been careful. Oscar then notices the camera and questions why Oz would be trying to take it. Oz clings to his uncle and begs him not to destroy his camera, as he had heard Oscar order one of the valets to dispose of it days before, crying and attempting to justify its importance. Oscar leaves the valets to deal with Oz, unable to take Oz's emotional breakdown. Oscar then cries on a staircase within the Vessalius estate, regretting the fact that he had not comforted Oz as he should have, as well as voicing his disappointment in his own weakness.

Leo's father dies in an accident. (Leo's Unnamed Father †)

When Oz turned 12, Oscar manages to convince Xai to allow Ada to accompany him, Gilbert and Oz to the countryside. While Oscar interrogates a farmer, Gilbert explores his farm with Oz and Ada, only to have Oz and Ada run away from him through the fields of wheat; prompting Gilbert to chase after them. When Gilbert had finally catches up to Oz and Ada, a gust of wind blows across the field, sending wheat grains flying upwards into the air, and as they descend they reflect the light from the sun; creating a mesmerizing image as the golden drops descend. Later that evening, Oz collapses in the wheat fields, scaring Gilbert as he's only a child and can't do anything more than call for help. Later, Gilbert discovers that Oz was actually very sick, but he'd refused to tell anyone because he didn't want to spoil Ada's rare opportunity to have fun.

With Jack's body about to turn fifteen years old once again, Xai takes action against his sworn enemy. Xai asks Bernard Nightray to put him into contact with the Baskervilles. Bernard complies and Xai convinces the Baskervilles that they must rid the world of Oz's existence by formulating a fake prophecy, managing to withold the fact that Oz is B-Rabbit from the Baskervilles. The Baskervilles send Noise and two unnamed Baskervilles to help Xai with his mission, with the Baskervilles accepting Xai as one of their own so they can work together to cast Oz into the Abyss and destroy him once and for all.

Oz Vessalius turns 15 years old, and the Vessalius family moves into an old mansion used only for Coming of Age Ceremonies, to undertake Oz's very own Coming of Age Ceremony.

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