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Hello my sister! is the 17th episode of the Pandora Hearts anime. It first aired on July 23, 2009.


Flashback: Break is seen talking to himself about a contract being sealed. A young Sharon and Reim find him lying in front of the Rainsworth door covered in blood.

Present: Oz finds out about Sharon’s kidnapping and how Break resolved the situation.  Flashback: Break is taken to Sharon by Vincent. Sharon and Echo have both been poisoned because he wanted Break to come to a decision
Ep17 - vincent dislikes to break

Vincent dislikes to Break

about his demand quickly. He offers the antidote in exchange for Break destroying the truth about 100 years ago-Cheshire’s bell. Break remembers how he asked Shelly Rainsworth permission to search for th
Ep17 - break in reimemory

Reim tells Oz about his past with Break

e truth as his reason for living. Still, for Sharon’s sake, Break does so, even though Sharon tells him to stop. However, Vincent goes back on his word. He holds the antidote over the edge of his balcony, calling Break a fool, but as it falls, Echo saves it. Reim and Oz leave Break and Sharon alone. Oz finds out more about Break from Reim and how he changed from his past self.

Later, Oscar receives a letter from Ada from Lutwidge, her private academy, indicating that she has a crush on someone. In order to find out who that is, Oscar makes them sneak into the school. Eliot and Leo are seen lounging in their room. Leo mentions that some suspicious characters have snuck into school.

They find her, but their meeting (Oz and Ada’s) was awkward as both didn't know whether the other would remember them or accept how they a
Ep17 - closing

The episode is closed.

re now. Nevertheless, they were able to happily reunite eventually. Oscar then questions her about the letter, which leads Ada to reveal that she gave Gil his hat. Oz chases after Gil, thinking he is her love interest, but soon, he and Ada get lost. They both agree that the fun they’re having is just like old times. Suddenly, Oz runs up the stairs after he hears the melody from his pocket watch being played. 


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