There it is, the Sealing Stone!

—Dug before he engages Oz in battle in pursuit of the third Seal.

Dug (ダグ, Dagu) is a member of the Baskerville Clan and is known for his well-rounded combat skills and his appearance as a muscular behemoth with a taciturn personality. Dug has a Illegal Contract with an unknown Chain for more than a century, and is most often paired up with Lottie and Lily (as well as Fang prior to his death). Dug actively played a part in the Tragedy of Sablier by executing humans who had been in the Baskerville mansion for Gilbert's Succession Ceremony in order to prevent their transformation into Chains following Sablier's fall into the Abyss, and has since escaped the Abyss and rejoined the Baskervilles with the goal of freeing Oswald's soul from its prison. Dug had personally destroyed the third Sealing Stone to accomplish this goal, and currently follows under Oswald's leadership now that Oswald has resumed his term as Glen Baskerville.



Dug appears to be the largest member of the Baskerville Clan, acting as a muscular behemoth who towers over regular full-grown men. Dug wears the Baskervilles' signature crimson robe that has a small golden triangle-shaped pendant with detailed etchings pinned to the neck-line of his hood (a personal addition to his attire). Unlike Lottie, Fang, Lily and Noise, Dug has yet to be shown with his hood down, and therefore his hair color, style and length are left unknown for now. Dug has a square jaw line and prominent nose with nearly perfect circular eyes that have snake-like pupils (however the color of his eyes is unknown). As well as having an intimidating profile, Dug also has a tattoo symbolizing The Devil on the right side of his face in crimson that encircles his right eye and covers his cheek, which he had gotten in order to make Lily feel more at home because she has one herself.


Dug is known for his mild-mannered, taciturn personality, which often adds to Dug's overall intimidation, however when Dug does speak, he reveals a caring personality built on intellectual prowess through short-worded sentences. His intelligent and strategical nature also shines through Dug's apparent interest in chess, however Dug was no match for Vincent when they faced one another.

Dug often displays his care and concerns for others, most notably with Lottie, whom Dug actively works to protect whenever possible and whom Dug tended to when she was shot by Leo during their first encounter with the boy. Dug's overall personality is very neutral to say the least, not often showing too much emotion, an example being when Dug was completely unfazed by B-Rabbit's power at Oz's second Coming of Age Ceremony. Despite this, Dug has shown great bravery, loyalty and determination towards the Baskerville Clan and their goal to free Oswald's soul.

Dug does not seem to have a keen interest in fighting and killing, however he is willing to dive into battle if necessary, as shown during the second Coming of Age Ceremony. Prior to this, Dug was not often shown fighting because Fang would commonly volunteer to take Dug's place in a fight, as he did at Lutwidge Academy against Elliot and when Fang took the lead in the first Sealing Stone's destruction. Thus, because Dug is so withdrawn, he has yet to summon his Chain in battle.

Dug's weapon of choice is a mace with a black head that is adorned with deadly spikes. Dug has attempted to use his mace against Break during the second Coming of Age Ceremony, however he missed and created a small crater in the floor due to his phenomenal power. Dug later used his mace once again to fight Oz, managing to shatter the Sealing Stone with it eventually as Oz left his fight with Dug to protect Alice from Lottie and Lily.


Dug's life prior to the Baskerville Clan is unclear, however he formed a Contract with a pig-like Chain named Lars sometime after being accepted by the Abyss' Droplets of Light and was guided to the Baskerville estate in Sablier. Here, Dug became fast friends with fellow Baskervilles Lottie and Fang. At an unknown point after this, Dug was confronted by Jury, who acts as the guardian and adviser to Glen Baskerville. Jury cast a spell on Dug, forcing him to be loyal to the entity of Glen, and follow Glen's orders no matter what the circumstances were.


Sometime later, another new edition to the Baskerville Clan was guided to the estate, and thus Dug met Lily. Lily was accepted by her fellow Baskervilles as one of them, but in order to make Lily feel more at home, Fang and Dug both agreed to get the symbol of The Devil from Ébauche tattooed to their faces as the villagers of Ébauche had done to Lily forcibly. Lily was moved by Fang and Dug's action, and quickly grew attached to them, as well as Lottie, acting as her closest friends among the Baskervilles.

Ep19 - oswald lottie fang dug

Dug, Fang and Lottie are ordered to slaughter any guests in Baskerville mansion.

Some time later, Dug was obligated to attend the Succession Ceremony of another Baskerville named Gilbert, whom had been chosen as Oswald's successor. Dug was prepared to witness Gilbert's inheritance of Raven and bow down before his future master. However instead, a large explosion resounded throughout Sablier alongside a never-ending earthquake and shattering sound, resulting in Gilbert losing consciousness and Raven being unable to form the Contract with him. Oswald ended the ceremony abruptly, confusion spreading throughout the crowd as Oswald gathered the Baskervilles and ordered them to slaughter everyone in the mansion. While Fang objected to Oswald's wish for a massacre, Oswald impatiently insisted, and so Dug set to work by murdering any one of the Ceremony's guests who were still in the mansion in order to comply with his master's wishes. While still in the process of the massacre, another explosion sounded as black light engulfed the majority of Sablier, dragging Dug and everything in this black light into the Abyss in the process.


Cheshire's Dimension Arc

Dug was released from the Abyss sometime before Oz Vessalius, Gilbert Nightray and Alice's interaction with [[Noise] after returning from Nosambria, joining the Baskervilles in their mission to located and destroy the five Sealing Stones. A few days afterwards, Dug sat before the Door to the Abyss controlled by the Baskerville and waited for fellow Baskervilles to arrive, with Lottie and Fang eventually showing up themselves. Fang questions where Noise was, and Dug explains to his comrades that Noise had been acting on his own sometime before, and by doing so, had almost killed Oz; thus Noise was on probation. Lottie became angered with Noise's reckless behavior, whilst Dug asked how Lottie and Fang's search for the first Sealing Stone was going. Fang told Dug that while they'd had little success as of yet, they had received orders from higher up that stated that the Baskervilles' period of silence had finally come to an end and that they should be prepared to cause chaos. Following Fang's announcement, Lottie approached the Door to the Abyss to touch it and rejoice about how they weren't going to make the same mistakes that they had 100 years ago, and they were going to re-obtain the four Doors which Pandora had stolen. The three Baskervilles then left to continue their search for the first Seal.

Lutwidge Academy Arc

Funpic-debut pertama trio baskerville

Dug, Fang and Lottie greet by Vincent

Dug joined Lottie and Fang as they venture to the Nightray estate after Vincent Nightray contacts them. Vincent returns from Pandora with a smile on his face after he orchestrated the reveal of Oz's existence to all of Pandora as well as forced Xerxes Break to destroy a select few of Alice's memories from the Tragedy of Sablier with Mad Hatter, which Cheshire had been guarding. Although the exact nature of their full meeting is unknown, Vincent is known to have sent Dug, Lottie and Fang to Lutwidge Academy, knowing well that Oz, Alice, Gilbert and Oscar Vessalius were preparing to venture there in order to visit Ada Vessalius.

After traveling to Lutwidge Academy and successfully managing to infiltrate it due to their knowledge of Lutwidge's various secret passageways, Lottie goes undercover as a student whilst leaving Fang and Dug to sit in the basement levels of the Academy and wait for her return with Oz.

After a while, Lottie did return with Oz as her prisoner. Dug welcomes Lottie back and notes the quickness of her mission, whilst Oz is stunned to find that he is in the same room as some of the Baskerville Clan. Lottie

Ep18 - doug mugshot

Dug talking to Oz

cheerfully questions if Oz thought that they were regular kidnappers, and if Oz already knew what they want from him. Lottie grabs Oz's head and shoves his face into her chest, hugging him, as she explains that the purposed of their kidnapping was to get to know each other really well. Fang tells Lottie that she scared Oz and apologizes for Lottie's abruptness. After this, Dug stands by and watches as Lottie sits on Oz's chest and tries to get 'to know him better'.

When Lottie fails to get anything out of Oz, she states that she's bored and wonders why Oz came with her so freely. Oz explains that he didn't do anything to defend himself because Ada was right there with him and he was afraid that Lottie was going to hurt her. Lottie questions how Oz would feel about defending himself now against the three of them so he could attempt an escape, offering Oz a throwing knife to borrow. Oz tells Lottie that the knife is too heavy, which Lottie thinks has something to do with rich people never lifting a finger, but Oz corrects her. Oz tells Lottie that hurting others in the pursuit of his own freedom would be too much of a burden for him to bear. Hearing this Lottie asks Oz if he would really sacrifice his own life in order to save someone else's, laughing hysterically as Oz confirms this. Lottie hears a noise from behind her as she tries to explain the fault within Oz's words, sending a throwing knife barreling at the source. The knife embeds itself in the wall as Elliot Nightray moves his valet, Leo, out of its path.

Equipment - fangs blade

Fang volunteers to take Dug's place in battle, and shows his weapon

The Baskervilles question why Elliot and Leo were there, Elliot explaining that he had come to get his violin case before deciding that he needed to do something about Oz's kidnappers. Oz tries to tell Elliot that the kidnappers weren't regular kidnappers, but Elliot had already understood that they were Baskervilles and was taking it upon himself to condemn the Baskervilles despite Oz's objections. The Baskervilles are confused as of what to do, that is up until this point. Dug stands to engage Elliot in a fight, but Fang decides to take Dug's place in the battle, fighting viciously against Elliot's rapier whilst Dug watches from a far and while Lottie tries to force Jack Vessalius to take over Oz and speak with her.

After some time, Dug notices that Leo is no where to be found, and so he feverishly begins looking around for him. Dug realizes that Leo is perched above Lottie and Oz, armed with a gun, too late as Leo shoots Lottie's left arm before Dug can warn her. Immediately Dug runs over to Lottie alongside Fang, allowing Elliot and Leo to escape with Oz. Dug voices his surprise that a student would be carrying a gun with him, with Fang explaining that Leo was a valet of the Nightray Dukedom and likely Elliot's personal bodyguard as well. Dug and Fang ensure Lottie's okay before allowing Lottie to summon Leon to track down Oz, Elliot and Leo. The Baskervilles follow behind Leon as Leon manages to isolate Oz, Elliot and Leo.

Ep19 - b-rabbit doug fang lottie

Dug and Fang protecting Lottie from B-Rabbt

Dug once again does not get to join the fight, allowing Fang and Leon to fight Elliot and Oz while Dug remains by Lottie's side. Eventually, Oz manages to call to Jack, and so Jack takes Oz's body over and summons B-Rabbit's power, partially destroying Leon's front legs before Lottie had Leon retreat to her body whilst Dug helps Fang bring Lottie to a safe distance from the destructive power. As Lottie asks Jack if he would tell her where Oswald's soul was, Jack ends the conversation quickly by threatening

Ep19 - the trio baskerville

Fang urges Lottie.

to use B-Rabbit against Lottie, Fang and Dug should they fail to leave Lutwidge Academy. Seeing the danger of the situation, Dug helps Fang try to pull Lottie away from the situation, but Jack continues to tell Lottie that they could not talk at length because Jack wants to protect his friend's honor. Jack further states that if the Baskervilles want to repeat history, he would do anything in his power to stop them. Lottie is angered by Jack's words, telling him that they would seek out Oswald's soul no matter how many times he's slain before complying with Dug and Fang and leaving Lutwidge Academy.

Sablier Arc

Seal-1 (2)

Dug watches Fang destroy the Seal

Dug left for Sablier a head of Lottie (who had stayed behind because Leon had still not fully recovered from his encounter with Jack and B-Rabbit) and Noise in order to carry on with the Baskervilles' mission alongside Fang. It did not take Dug and Fang long to locate the first Sealing Stone in the basement of a house left in ruin by the Tragedy of Sablier. Dug stands by and watches as Fang uses his sword to shatter the first Seal, finally making progress in their mission to seek out Oswald's soul.

Re-Emergence of the Head Hunter Arc

With the news of the destruction of the second Sealing Stones at the hands of The Head Hunter having arisen, Dug travels to the Nightray estate alongside Lottie, Fang and Lily in order to seek out answers from Vincent.

Upon arrival, Vincent challenges Dug to a game of chess whilst the group talks about the Sealing Stones and the unclear motives of the Head Hunter. Dug accepts Vincent's challenge and lines up his black chess pieces to oppose Vincent's white. Vincent suddenly falls asleep, accidentally summoning Dormouse while in the middle of his conversation with the Baskervilles. Lily wakes Vincent and Vincent, causing Vincent to have Dormouse withdraw back into his body and ask for a reminder as to what they were talking about.

Lottie bitterly reminds Vincent that they were discussing the Sealing Stones, asking if it really was true that the Head Hunter had destroyed the second Sealing Stone. Vincent confirms this and states that the Seal had been in Carillon, with Fang interjecting that because of the destruction of the second Seal, the remaining three Sealing Stones would be easier to find because of the symbol their locations form. Lottie angrily notes how that wasn't important because they had no idea what the Head Hunter's motives are. Vincent agrees with Lottie and says that Pandora has become convinced that the Head Hunter is working with the Baskervilles, studying his game with Dug in order to rejoin it. Dug simply continues to silently focus on the game before him rather than opting to bicker with Vincent and the rest of the Baskervilles.

Lottie questions what Vincent knows about the Head Hunter, prompting Vincent to explain that the Head Hunter is an Illegal Contractor with psychopathic tenancies whom enjoys decapitating her victims, adding finally that she 

was a wretch whom he planned on killing one say. Vincent's revelation surprised Dug and his colleagues due to its rashness, however Vincent justifies that it shouldn't be a surprise because the Head Hunter had tried to kill Gilbert before. Lottie grows tired of Vincent's reasoning and scolds him, exciting Lily in the process, prompting Vincent to  flick one of his white pawns at Lily's head in retaliation.

Lottie then brings up Vincent's task. Since Lily hadn't known about Vincent's task, Vincent explains to her that he's meant to track down the Keys to the Abyss that each of the Four Great Dukes hold, and that he'd started to make advances towards the Vessalius Key because of the danger that pursuing the Barma and Rainsworth Keys could hold, intending to use Ada as his pawn. Vincent ends the meeting with the Baskervilles by putting Dug in check-mate before taking Dug's king soon after, much to Dug's shock and confusion. The Baskervilles left soon after, allowing Vincent to continue his manipulation of Ada.

The Feast Arc

The Baskervilles receive word of Oz's second Coming of Age Ceremony and how the entire thing was a ploy in order to allow Pandora to search the mansion of the foreigner, Isla Yura, for the third Sealing Stone. Lottie, Dug, Fang and Lily make the journey into the neighboring country in order to also try their hand at locating and destroying the third Sealing Stone, splitting up in order to cover more ground.

After having limited success in locating the Sealing Stone, Dug finds Lottie with Break. Fearing Lottie's safety because of Break's Contract with Mad Hatter, Dug advances towards them, drawing his mace and attacking Break whilst carrying Lottie in his arms. Dug asks if Lottie's hurt; Lottie doesn't answer Dug directly, simply telling her comrade not to take Break on because there was no way that Dug could defeat him. Lottie instead informs Dug that there was something going on at the Ceremony, and so she thinks that the Baskervilles need to retreat. Dug agrees and rushes off with Lottie still in his arms.

Dug vs Oz

Oz defends against Dug

Lottie later finds Lily and Fang after scouring the mansion riding Leon, bringing Lily back to Dug and informing Dug of Fang's death at the hands of Break and Mad Hatter. Dug, Lottie and Lily don't allow Fang's death to cloud their judgement, instead continuing to search the mansion for the third Sealing Stone.


Dug destroys the third Sealing Stone

Dug enters an underground temple and finally finds the third Sealing Stone shortly after Isla Yura's death at the hands of Jack, thus putting an end to Yura's Feast. Dug, seeing the Seal, rushes into the chamber towards the Sealing Stone. Oz defends the Sealing Stone by standing his ground before it and attacking Dug with B-Rabbit's chains. Dug evades the attack and is unfazed by the danger of B-Rabbit's power, with Lottie and Lily rushing into the chamber not long after in order to act as reinforcement for Dug.

Seeing that Alice was in danger of being attacked by Lottie and Lily, Oz abandons his post before the Sealing Stone and covers Alice in order to protect her. This allows Dug the opening he needed, drawing his mace and shattering the Sealing Stone with it. The destruction of the Seal releases a surge of Abyssal energy that Yura had intended to use to plunge the world into the Abyss as part of his Feast, everyone's Chains suddenly begin going berserk because of this wave of energy, and so Lottie tells Dug that they need to leave now that their purpose at the Coming of Age Ceremony was complete. Dug then grabs both Lottie and Lily, carrying them as they exit the burning mansion and return home.

Jack's Intention Arc

A week after the second Coming of Age Ceremony had ended, Vincent Nightray contacted the Baskervilles and informed them that he had located the next destined Glen Baskerville. Dug waited alongside all of the Baskerville Clan who's present on Earth in Sablier, Vincent finally arriving alongside Echo and Leo. Vincent orchestrates a mock-Succession Ceremony, where Leo successfully manages to form a Contract with the Black Winged Chain acting as guardian of the Baskerville Clan's Door to the Abyss, Jabberwock. Dug then joins his colleagues in welcoming Leo as their new Glen by bowing before him.

Rufus contacts the Baskervilles not long after this, agreeing to help them infiltrate Pandora and destroy the fourth Sealing Stone; as well as send some Baskervilles to destroy the fifth Sealing Stone in Count Airy's territory, shortly after locating them.

Dug joins the majority of his colleagues as they travel to Reveil and stake out Rufus and Sheryl Rainsworth just outside of Pandora. The Baskervilles grow tired of waiting and surround the two, making it apparent that Rufus had agreed to steal the Rainsworth Dukedom's Key to the Abyss from Sheryl. Dug lays witness to Rufus attacking Sheryl with Dodo's concentrated power, allowing him to steal the Rainsworth Key and proceed to lead the Baskervilles to the fourth Sealing Stone.

Eventually, the Baskervilles reach the hidden temple of the fourth Sealing Stone, but thanks to an ability of Owl's, Break and the rest of Pandora manage to catch up to the Baskervilles before they can enter the temple. Dug takes part in the battle between Pandora and the Baskervilles, although the amount of damage done to Pandora's defense is unknown. Dug stops fighting as soon as Lottie manages to shatter the fourth Sealing Stone and release Oswald's severed head, rather than Jack's. Rufus soon proceeds to explain that Jack had been the true instigator of the Tragedy of Sablier, rather than the Baskervilles.

Soon, a loud explosion is heard from outside of Pandora, and a large pillar of light shoots into the sky, indicating the severing of the Chains that prevent the world from being engulfed by the powers of the Abyss. Gilbert and numerous other Baskerville proceed to leave the temple where the fourth Sealing Stone had been in order to face off against Jack, now that they're aware that Oz's body is really Jack's and that he had used B-Rabbit to sever the Chains 100 years ago to cause the Tragedy.

Dug races outside as well with Lily on his back, alongside Lottie, however he arrives after the action. Dug witnesses Gilbert once again pledging himself to Oswald, after Oswald had taken over Leo's body and ordered Gilbert to shoot Oz; which Gilbert had done. Dug then watches in shock as Oz rejects Alice's existence, thus forcing her to fade into light, as Alice had died during the Tragedy and was simply clinging to Oz's existence ever since.

81 - 3

Dug stops Vincent

Afterwards, Oz lost consciousness and was apprehended alongside Break and confined to the dungeons of Pandora, whilst the Baskervilles take control of Pandora. Dug was present at Oz's ordered execution, witnessing Gilbert's interruption of the event, during which he summons Raven to fend off the Baskervilles in order to allow him the chance to escape with Oz. Oswald is enraged by Gilbert's treachery and commitment to Oz (having severed his left arm, which Jury had cast a spell on to make Gil faithful to Glen Baskerville), Dug being present when Oswald had ordered for the deaths of Oz and Gilbert.

Despite this, Dug is not one of the many Baskervilles pursuing Oz and Gil, instead, Dug went to Pandora's dungeon. Here, Dug finds Break's cell broken into by Vincent and Demios, where Vincent is beating on Break and Lily is trying to stop him. Dug comes up behind Vincent and places his hand on his shoulder, showing his concern and informing Vincent that Oswald wants to see him and that he shouldn't keep Oswald waiting. Dug, Lily and Vincent make their ways to Oswald in time for Oswald to order them to accompany himself and Rufus to Sablier.

Swan Song Arc

Later, Dug is sent into Pandora's dungeons alongside one of his colleagues to retrieve Break for his execution. Dug arrives just in time to witness Break kicking Lily back after he tricked her into coming close enough to him. Dug had just entered Break's cell with his colleague when Lily runs into Dug's arms, crying and explaining that she had gone to the trouble of retrieving Emily for Break from Bandersnatch (as Bandersnatch had found Emily while he and Lily were scouting the chamber of the fourth Sealing Stone); Lily also added that she had even rubbed out most of Bandersnatch's tooth marks from where he chewed on Emily. Lily carries on some more, explaining that she had heard that Emily is important to Break, so she wanted to tear Emily apart in front of him - only to find out that Break's now blind, something which comes as an immense shock to Dug.

Dug and his colleague release Break from his shackles, Dug telling Break that it'd be in his best interest not to put up a fight; to which Break explains that he's in no shape to do so anyway. Dug tosses Break over his shoulder, noting how unhealthily skinny Break is in the process. Break then asks Dug where he's being taken to, with Dug explaining that he's taking Break to his execution, where he, Sharon Rainsworth and Sheryl will be executed one-by-one, making Break realize that Oz must have escaped Pandora. Dug confirms this and adds that Oscar had been killed in the process of helping Oz, Gilbert and Alice escape - something which stuns Breaks. Break thinks of Shelly Rainsworth while Dug carries him through Pandora, and how Lily reminded him of Shelly with the way she asked if he was dead - Break even mutters Shelly's name, which catches Lily's attention.

Dug brings Break to the grand hall of Pandora, where Sharon and Sheryl are also being held by the Baskervilles. Dug asks his colleagues if everyone is present, which a Baskerville confirms, leading Dug into his explanation of Break, Sharon and Sheryl's situation and how they had all disobeyed the Baskervilles. While Dug's explanation carries on, Sharon breaks free of the Baskerville keeping her captive and runs to Break's side to beg Break to pull himself together. Lily takes the opportunity to kneel beside Sharon and ask who Shelly is, saying that Break had mentioned Shelly a little while ago, asking if Shelly was someone important to Break. Sharon doesn't respond, however Sheryl confirms Lily's assumption instead - explaining that Shelly was her daughter and Sharon's mother, but that she had died long ago.

Then, without warning, one of the Baskerville in attendance punches Break in the head, sending him to the ground. The Baskerville asks Dug why they can't simply kill Break now, rather than waiting until the scheduled time - as Break's too dangerous to be left alive. The Baskerville even reminds Dug of all their friends who Break had murdered with Mad Hatter, the Baskerville then kick Break in the stomach. Despite all of the protest by his colleagues, Dug says nothing - instead wanting to wait for the scheduled time to execute Break as they'd been ordered, although he doesn't object to Break's beatings. This causes Break to breathe uncontrollably heavily, making Sharon unable to standby any longer, Sharon begging the Baskerville to stop beating Break. The Baskerville picks Break up, holding him at eye level as The Baskerville questions why a Chain like Mad Hatter even exists, punching Break once again. Three Baskervilles have now surrounded Break, once again moving in for the kill. Sharon has had enough after all her useless begging, managing to free herself from her confines and jump in front of Break to protect him. In response, however, the Baskerville who lead the beating of Break slaps Sharon and orders her to move, sending her falling to the ground - something which Break can't believe.

Break and Sheryl can feel something change within them, as they gain control of their Chains once more (as Rufus had actually destroyed the Barma's Key to the Abyss, and only cracked the Rainsworth's Key in order to prolong the use of Mad Hatter, Owl and Equus). Sheryl smiles and says that she'd thought as much, directing her statement at Rufus. Break then summons Mad Hatter and uses him to kill the Baskerville who was leading the assault on Break and who'd slapped Sharon. Break picks up Sharon and offers her some support, surprised by Rufus' actions, as he prepares to fight Dug and the other Baskervilles.

Anime Plot

Not long after their very first meeting with Rufus, Oz, Alice and Gil began hunting for Alice's memories once again, tracking down Illegal Contractors in order to find out if they held some of Alice's memories. Eventually, this lead to the Intention of the Abyss crying out from within the heart of the Abyss, opening numerous paths to Earth and resulting in Reveil becoming overrun by Chains as part of a Chain invasion whilst Oz, Alice, Gilbert, Break and Sharon were away from Reveil.

The group soon returned to Reveil, fending off the majority of the Chains for as long as they possibly could. Eventually a snow storm hit Reveil, and Alice and Oz took to hiding in an abandoned house. However, soon they were found once again by a Chain which greatly resembled Grim, putting Oz and Alice in a situation where they were defenseless. Suddenly, Dug arrives and starts fighting this Chain alongside Lottie and Fang, explaining that they were fighting for the same purpose as Oz this time and that the next time they met, they would once again be enemies. Dug, Lottie and Fang then take off into the snow storm to help Pandora fight the Chain invasion. After the Chains had all been taken care off (apart from Jabberwock) it appeared as though the Baskervilles once again returned to Sablier, as their work was done.

Not long after the Chain invasion, Oz was seeking answers concerning his father after coming to the

Ep25 - dug fang lottie last

Dug, Fang and Lottie last appearance in anime

realization that Xai Vessalius was the one who had cast him into the Abyss using his Chain, Gryphon. Oz traveled to Sablier alongside Gilbert, Alice and Break in order to confront Xai, although they found themselves unable to traverse the broken streets because of all the debris. Dug, Lottie and Fang then show themselves, greeting the group and agreeing to deliver Oz what he desired, clearing the path to Xai for Oz and leading to Xai's use of Gryphon against Oz, Alice, Gil and Break. The Baskervilles lay witness as Oz uses B-Rabbit's power to destroy Gryphon, allowing him to speak briefly to his father before departing Sablier.

Powers and Abilities

  • Supernatural speed, strength and endurance.
  • Dug is known to have an Illegal Contract with an Unknown Chain, which he has maintained for more than 100 years. Despite this, Dug's Chain still has yet to appear in the series, and therefor its abilities are unknown.
  • As Dug is a member of the Baskerville Clan, Dug has a Chain-like body and is able to heal from almost any wound depending on what kind of power inflicted said wound, as it appears as though Abyssal power is capable of killing Baskervilles where humans are not.



Dug attacks Break

Dug defends Lottie against Break

Dug's relationship with Lottie has been shown to be very close, with their friendship being more than 100 years old. Dug always does whatever he can in order to ensure Lottie's safety, acting as Lottie's bodyguard when Fang fought Elliot in Lutwidge Academy and rushing to help Lottie when Leo managed to shoot her in the arm. Since then, Dug has remained close to Lottie, often showing concern for Lottie's safety when facing dangerous situations. Lottie acted only as Dug's backup alongside Lily during the second Coming of Age Ceremony, initiating a fight with Alice to help Dug fend off the forces of Pandora, showing that this feeling of concern is mutual.


Ep18 - fang and dug

Fang and Dug standing together.

Although their interactions were not often shown too in-depth, Dug and Fang were on very good terms with one another, treating each other as equals. Dug helped Fang make Lily feel more comfortable with the Baskervilles by agreeing to tattoo Ébauche's symbol of The Devil to the right side of his face, showing a general understanding of one another and Dug's willingness to make his comrades happier, despite not seeming overly happy when he and Dug showed Lily their tattoos. It is unknown how Dug took the news of Fang's death during the second Coming of Age Ceremony.


Lily has worked with Dug closely for more than 100 years, just like Lottie and Fang, and so they have a rather close relationship despite not interacting with one another very often. Dug voiced his care for Lily when he willingly allowed Fang to talk him into getting Ébauche's symbol of The Devil tattooed to his face, just like Lily, in order to make her feel more at home. During the second Coming of Age Ceremony when Dug pursued the third Sealing Stone, Lily joined Lottie in an attack on Alice to help clear the way to the Seal for Dug and acted as his backup to ensure that another one of her friends wasn't killed. Despite being more close with Fang, Lily now doesn't often leave Dug's side, often clinging to him and being piggy-backed by Dug, although this is likely because of Fang's absence, for the most part. When Dug stopped Vincent from most likely killing Break while he was chained to the wall, Lily (who was terrified by Vincent's sudden rage) could be seen taking cover behind Dug.

Vincent Nightray

Vincent is know to consider Dug to be one of his friends, alongside the other Baskervilles. Though Dug doesn't often speak or interact with Vincent too often, the two did face-off in a chess match following the destruction of the second Sealing Stone, which resulted in Vincent's quick defeat of his colleague (much to Dug's chagrin). Later, after Oswald had returned and taken over the body of Leo, Dug showed concern for his friend when he caught Vincent taking out his rage and confusion on Break. Dug put his hand on Vincent's shoulder to bring him back to reality, taking Vincent from Break by sending both Vincent and Lily to see Oswald.


-About Leo-

  • "(Dug's Thoughts: The other one's... gone?) Lottie, above you!"
  • "What a surprise... I never thought that a student would have a gun with him."

-To Lottie and Fang-

  • "You're finally here, huh...? Lottie. Fang."
  • "Noise is on probation. She acted on his own the other day and almost killed Oz Vessalius."



(*) - Denotes that the character did not appear physically, but as a part of another character's memories.


  • Dug's Chain, Lars, likely draws inspiration from the Raths mentioned in the Jabberwocky poem in Lewis Carroll's Through The Looking Glass and What Alice found there.
  • In Pandora Hearts 24 + 1: Last Dance, Jun Mochizuki made a point of saying how she was disappointed that Lars never got to see the light of day in the series.


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