13 - Chasseurs 2

--We are Chasseurs. The indestructible blades that hunt the crimson-eyed heretics who warp the principles of the world God has created!

Laurent Fortis, proclaims his Chasseurs identity

The Chasseurs are a human group of religious extremists within Jun Mochizuki's The Case Study of Vanitas. Commissioned by the church, Chasseurs are an anti-Vampire initiative that strives to eliminate the threat of Vampires all while saving as many humans as possible. Within the Chasseurs exists a faction that is eager to wage war against vampires.[1]


Parisian Excursion Arc

In light of the recent attacks by a Curse-Bearer named Thomas Berneux against nine humans in Paris, the human public had begun to acknowledge Vampires once again, after having been lead to believe that Vampires had gone extinct following the war between humans and Vampires. As a result, people got wind of the Chasseurs moving in on the churches, putting their minds somewhat at ease.

Hunters of the Dark Arc

13 - Chasseurs
Two Dhampir information brokers, Dante and Riche, had been looking into Curse-Bearers for Count Parks Orlok; finding that many of the Curse-Bearers coming into Paris were mysteriously going missing. Dante and Riche manage to catch up to their target, only to discover the Curse-Bearer being kidnapped by a hooded figure. Attempting to intervene, Riche confronts the kidnapper - only for Dante to come to Riche's aid following the attacker's retaliation. Both Dante and Riche are left wounded, however Dante successfully manages to rip off one of the assailants buttons before they can escape - which gives him a clue to their identity, as it bears the symbol of the Chasseurs on it. As well, while Johann is out on his own, he is mistaken for a Vampire by another Chasseur attempting to kidnap him - though he abandons this task upon discovering that Johann is a Dhampir; leaving Johann with an injured arm. Later, Dante, Johann and Riche convene at Galerie Vivienne, where they tell Noé and Vanitas of their experiences with the Chasseur for a price.

At the church, a Chasseur Captain, Roland Fortis is praying when the two Chasseurs who had assaulted Johann, Dante and Riche join him, asking if The Captain had heard the rumors about Vanitas. Confirming that he had, The Captain elaborates that, not only had Vanitas been made a kin of the Blue Moon, but he had also been swarmed by Vampires of late who wish to utilize his powers, weeping for Vanitas as he proclaims that the Chasseur must rescue Vanitas in the name of God.

He later encounters Noé and Vanitas while disguised as members of the Chasseurs, and is at first fooled that the two of them are lost. However, he later lures them into a trap - imprisoning Vanitas to protect him while he attempts to eliminate Noé using a flash grenade and his powerful spear, Durandal.

Known Chasseurs


  • Monsieur Spider bears a cross on his chest - perhaps suggesting that the Charlatan also has connections with the Chasseurs in some way.


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