Celia was a member of the Baskerville Dukedom 100 years ago that was contracted to Humpty Dumpty.


At an unknown point, Celia joined the Baskervilles and formed a contract with the Chain Humpty Dumpty, who was the mutated body of the previous Glen Baskerville, Levi. Celia had met Jack Vessalius sometime after Oswald became Glen Baskerville and she showed him Humpty Dumpty's ability to clone itself, mesmerizing Jack and making him believe that Humpty Dumpty was a wonderful Chain. Jack later spoke with Oswald of Humpty Dumpty when he found Oswald asleep in the woods on the Baskerville estate after Jack was running away from Lottie . Oswald explained to Jack that Humpty Dumpty chooses to contract with someone close to the vessel that carries Glen's soul, which is why it contracted with Celia for Glen, as she was a fellow Baskerville, and together Celia and Humpty Dumpty acted as Glen's shield, to protect him at all costs.

Later it is revealed that Elliot had contracted with Humpty Dumpty 100 years after Celia, and that Elliot was controlled by Humpty Dumpty whenever Leo, the vessel of Glen's soul, was threatened.



Celia has yet to appear physically in the series, but in general appearance, Celia wears the traditional red robe of the Baskervilles, and underneath this Celia appeared to wear black clothing. Celia's face, as well as the rest of her body were concealed by the robe in her brief appearance from Jack's memory.



As not much is known about Celia, all that can be said about her relationship with Oswald revolved around her absolute loyalty, as Celia was one of many of Oswald's subordinates as 'Glen'.

Jack Vessalius

Jack tells Oswald about the time that Celia showed him her Chain. In his memory Celia is shown having Humpty Dumpty create numerous duplicates for him to see, though this contrasts Humpty Dumpty's ability 100 years later, as Humpty Dumpty could only do so with other contracts whereas Celia was the only known contractor at the time. In the end, Jack was impressed by Humpty Dumpty, calling it wonderful.


Though no interaction between the two was ever shown to occur, after Levi's transformation into Humpty Dumpty, Celia became his contractor.


(*) - Denotes that the character did not appear physically, but as a part of another character's memories.


  • Celia is an anagram for "Lacie" and "Alice," though her connection to them is unknown.
  • It is unknown what became of Celia, but because Elliot and John had contracts with the core Humpty Dumpty, Celia would have had to sever her bond with Humpty Dumpty, possibly through death.


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