Alice was born alongside her sister, also named Alice, within the Abyss after their mother was dragged into the darkness of the Abyss by the Chains of Conviction for her sin of being born with the eyes of Ill Omen. Alice was then embraced by The Core of the Abyss, whom was friends with Lacie, and it held Alice and her sister, 'smiling' at them happily.

Alice's age accelerated within seconds, as did her sister's, skipping over 13 whole years because of the Abyss' time-warping abilities. The Core of the Abyss then accepted Alice's twin as its vessel, and so Alice simply retrieved one of the two black rabbit dolls nearby, who had a consciousness shared between the two 'bodies', exiting the Abyss of her own accord.

Alice came

Alice emerged from the Door to the Abyss.

When she emerged from the Baskervilles' Door to the Abyss with her rabbit, she bit its ear. Levi and Oswald, (who happened to be Alice's father and uncle,) greeted Alice. Alice stated that her rabbit was awake, which Levi hadn't understood, being more baffled by Alice's resemblance to her mother. After telling Levi and Oswald her name, Alice was welcomed with open arms to the Baskerville Clan.

Levi and Oswald kept Alice in Lacie's old tower following this. Levi visited Alice one day and she showed him a drawing she had made of her rabbit, whom she named 'Os'. Levi soon realized that she had named the rabbit after her uncle Oswald, and so Levi corrected the spelling of the rabbit's name, changing it to 'Oz' for Alice. Alice was ecstatic, and for the first time, the black rabbit felt happiness because he had been given a name. Seeing how Levi had used 'ore' when referring to himself, Alice decided that she would do the same after looking it up in a book, despite this being a masculine pronoun.

Alice often visited a junction in existence between Earth and the Abyss, where she met with her sister, now the Intention of the Abyss. The Intention followed Oz's example and went to Earth by switching bodies with Alice temporarily, which Alice allowed. At an unknown point, Oswald also gave Alice a pet cat as companion for when she felt lonely in the tower, and so Alice named the cat Cheshire. However, Cheshire bonded with her sister and not Alice herself, ironically.


Alice is locked up in a tower by Glen.

One day, about a month after her arrival on the Baskerville estate, Oswald visited Alice with a picnic basket, asking if she was herself because Alice's sister was not fond of him. Alice confirmed this and stated that she and the Intention had switched because she had known Oswald was coming to see her. Oswald reminded Alice not to speak in a masculine manner, and in response, Alice told Oswald that she would stop when he decided to. Oswald didn't know what to say to this, so he simply revealed that he had brought food for Alice. Alice was overjoyed to see that Oswald had brought her meat, and so she and Oswald ate together. Following this, Oswald left to sit by a small pond not far from what was now Alice's tower.

Alice was playing with her dolls, Oz and Cheshire when suddenly she heard something from outside. She rushed to the window to find a man with blond hair in a long braid had fallen from the tree beside her tower, with Oswald standing close by. Alice asked who the man was, and so he introduced himself as Jack Vessalius.

Oswald asked what Levi had told Jack about Alice, and Jack explained that Levi hadn't told him much of anything and that he didn't even know Alice's name, although he would have liked to hear it from Oswald himself. Oswald reluctantly told Jack and Jack exclaimed, telling Alice that she had a cute name.

Hearing Jack's voice, the Intention delivered to Oz a piece of Lacie that she had saved from the darkness of the Abyss. She asked Oz to take it into his body and deliver it to Jack as she was sure that Lacie wanted him to see it. Oz did so, absorbing the tainted piece of Lacie in his body within the Abyss, delivering it to his body on Earth, in return for Lacie giving him life by bringing him into the Abyss. Jack had only recently been allowed into Alice's tower, and suddenly he saw Oz crumbling from afar. Jack picked up Oz, and on contact he received all of Lacie's thoughts and feelings for him immediately. Alice saw Oz being destroyed as she entered the room, and so she called out for him, tackling Jack to the ground and asking him what he had done to Oz.

Jack was in shock from seeing Lacie's memories, thoughts and emotions, crying on the floor with a furious Alice on top of him. Oswald arrived, taking Alice off of Jack and asking what he had seen. Jack explained that he'd seen Lacie before asking Oswald if Lacie was gone and really couldn't ever come back. Oswald confirmed this, before taking Alice away to calm her down.
Ep22 - koneksi alice hitam dan alice putih

Alice reveals to Jack about "another Alice" in Abyss and her connections with that "another Alice"

Over time, as Jack and Alice spent more and more time together, Jack noticed how different her personality was, seemingly mirroring itself on certain days. Alice would have favorite colors and books one day, but then change her mind to exactly the opposite another day, and Cheshire seemed to be as close as he could be to Alice some days, but others he couldn't distance himself enough from her. Jack had finally realized that they were different Alices, and so when Alice controlled her own body and ran to Jack to hug him, Jack asked if she was his Alice or the other Alice. This made Alice laugh, and so she explained to Jack how she wasn't his Alice, yet she too was Alice and that she had a linked soul with her sister, who often used this to come from the depths of the Abyss to Earth.

Jack continued to meet with the Intention of the Abyss, and so he used her in order to open the Door to the Abyss during the Succession Ceremony of Gilbert, who was meant to succeed Oswald. Alice heard the Door open, and noted that it was followed by an explosion and a continuous earthquake, and so she waited for Jack to come, putting on one of the Intention's dresses in order to fool Jack. When Jack finally came, Alice acted innocently, asking why he was covered in blood and why there was an earthquake. Jack immediately grabbed Alice and asked her to use her power to stop Oswald's Black Winged Chains, explaining that Oz did in fact succeed in severing the Chains of the world, however Oswald's 'vile' Chains were interfering and Oz didn't have enough power to sever the Chains once more. Jack continued to plead to Alice before addressing her as the Intention of the Abyss.

Alice bluntly states that she understood now what Jack had Oz do. Alice sneers at Jack's surprise and laughs as she states that Jack must not have expected her to put on one of her sister's white dresses and wait for Jack. Alice pushed away from Jack and stated that since her sister wouldn't answer her, she needed to ask Jack, and so Alice started crying as she asked Jack what he'd done to Oz. Alice asked how Jack could be so unaffected, asking if he couldn't see Oz crying and screaming through his tears. Alice covered her ears as Oz screamed that he didn't want to kill or destroy, asking Alice to save him.

Jack asked who would give a damn, tackling Alice to the floor and ordering her to switch places with the Intention because Alice was no good. Jack continued to call for the Intention through Alice, and Alice felt that the Intention had heard Jack's plea. Alice told her sister not to come, but Jack continues to yell over Alice, saying that he needed Alice's sister to stop the Black Winged Chains or give more power to Oz. Alice called Jack a bastard for thinking about making Oz go through all his pain once again. At their junction, the Intention asked Alice to step aside and let her come over to Earth, but Alice refused, which the Intention questioned, telling Alice that she was just being unfair and that if Alice didn't move aside, the Intention would just force her out of the way.

Alice goes to commit suicide

Alice's suicide

Alice worried as she could feel the danger of the situation sinking in, and so she grabbed a pair of scissors off of the table nearby, using them to stab Jack in the arm so that she could crawl away. Alice asked Jack if he was trying to destroy the world using Oz's power, calling him an idiot for trying it. Alice stated that she'd never let that happen, before realizing that if things continued like this, the Intention would break through and Jack would succeed to destroy the world, further hurting Oz at the same time. Alice looked directly at Oz, thanking him for always being by her side since the very beginning, telling him not to worry because even though she and her sister were both Alice, Oz belonged to her, not the Intention. Alice stated that she wouldn't let anyone take away what's hers and that she would protect Oz with her own hands. Suddenly Alice plunges the scissors into her neck, committing suicide to prevent the Intention from being able to take over her body and give Oz more power to destroy the world.


Alice fuses with Oz the B-Rabbit.

Alice's soul goes to the junction, where the Intention cries and screams over her sister's dying soul. Alice was happy to see her sister, but the Intention stated that they hadn't spoken in a long time because Alice had been ignoring her voice lately. The Intention apologized to Alice, but Alice told her that it would be okay and that she would just disappear from there. The Intention told Alice that she couldn't leave, because even if Jack couldn't get to her through Alice anymore, she'd still have to grant any wish he had. The Intention apologized for losing her composure before requesting that Alice destroy her memories so that she couldn't grant Jack's wishes anymore. Alice went to object, however the Intention takes on an ethereal form, possessing Alice's dead body, making it grab Jack's arm so that she could approach Oz through Jack to destroy her memories. Alice decides against allowing such a thing to pass, as she didn't want to force Oz to destroy anything else. Alice also took on an ethereal form, getting ahead of her sister and entering into Oz's body. Oz transformed into Alice, who then introduced herself as Alice the B-Rabbit.


The Coming of Age Ceremony Arc


When The Baskervilles attack Oz at his Coming of Age Ceremony, she appears in her B-Rabbit form, though Oz sees her as just Alice. She claims that Oz is her property and that no one is to mess around with her property. This starts a fight between Fang, herself and another Baskerville. Though she fights back hard, Oz slashing his way through his best friend Gil after he protects the unknown Baskerville distracts her and so she is defeated and sent back into the Abyss, while the Baskervilles send Oz to the Abyss for existing.

When Oz comes to the Abyss, Alice saves him from being devoured by a Trump Card. Oz recalls the few memories of Alice and calls her the "sexual harassment girl" which Alice responds to by kicking him. Alice and Oz go to the place where Alice spends most of her time, where she explains Chains to Oz and that she is, in fact, a Chain as well.
Alice in the Abyss

Alice in the Abyss before she met Oz.

When he asks her about when he first saw her, when she'd tried to kill him, she has no idea what he's talking about. This is because the Will of the Abyss attacked Oz disguised as Alice earlier that day. Alice explains to Oz that the only way to escape the Abyss is to create a contract with a Chain, as well as how to do so. He reluctantly starts the Ceremony when he disappears. Alice tracks Oz down just as Oz discovers that who saved him wasn't Sharon Rainsworth, whom he met earlier that night, but in fact was another Chain, The Mad Baby. Alice once again saves Oz and allows herself to be swallowed by The Mad Baby, because she knows that Oz will Contract with her to "save her". She destroys The Mad Baby from the inside after Oz completes the first part of the Contract, and sucked some of the blood from the wound Mad Baby had given her earlier.

Alice possessing Oz's body

Then she kisses him in order to force him to swallow her blood and complete the Contract. Alice takes over his body momentarily as she releases her power to get them out of the Abyss, through The Way and into Oz's World.

Oz wakes and discovers that he was saved by Pandora members, Xerxes Break, Sharon Rainsworth and Raven. They sit down and eat briefly, explaining to Oz what Pandora is and all that had occurred, before revealing to Oz that they were going to have to arrest him and bring him to Pandora's head quarters. Alice then takes over Oz's body again and grabs a nearby knife, which she uses to hold Sharon hostage when they reach the lower level of the Rainsworth mansion to protect Oz.

Break had expected that she would do something like that and so he casually uses his powers to throw Alice out of Oz. Break explains that she is different from other chains and has a personality, and then he uses

Break and Alice

Break forces Alice out of Oz's body.

the sheath of his sword to push Alice against a wall and force her to tell them what her goal were now that she's escaped from the Abyss. And she tells them, her goal is to find her lost memories. Alice attacks again, but Break knocks her weapon out of her hand. As he goes to strike Alice, Oz defends her. Break was not expecting Oz to act this way, as then Oz agreed to cooperate with Break if Alice went unharmed, as she'd saved his life on several occasions.

Suddenly, a Trump Card breaks through The Way and into the humans' world. Break then asked Raven to release B-Rabbit's power so that Break could see it in full force. Alice takes the challenge and quickly kills the Trump. When Oz grabs the Pocket Watch, which had been floating upwards as Alice fought, flashed some of Alice's memories. Break sees Alice unable to stop crying, although she doesn't understand why.

Break later offers them a companionship with Sharon, Raven,and himself, stating it they could possibly find Alice's memories on the way. As they are thinking, they are distracted by the setting sun and overcome with nostalgia, and Alice decides that if her wish is granted she'd work with them.

Working With Pandora Arc

Alice vs Chain
Alice, Oz and Raven are sent off on a mission regarding an illegal contractor by Break. Alice falls asleep and so Raven and Oz walk through town searching for the Chain and its Contractor, though unknown to them, The Chain had sensed Alice's powers and so was drawn to her location. Alice is attacked by the Chain at the hotel and as she runs she notices something about the Contractor's Incuse. Alice meets up with Oz and Raven when its revealed that the Illegal Contractor is the Flower Girl that Oz had met earlier that day and almost immediately the Incuse makes another rotation thus completing its cycle and so the Flower Girl and her Chain were dragged into the Abyss.

Oz, Raven and Alice are then in a carriage, heading back to the mansion which Oz's Coming of Age Ceremony was held at. Raven explains that for Oz's Incuse to be erased, Alice must either be killed or they must search for an another solution. Soon Alice falls asleep again, only to wake when they arrive at the mansion and Raven goes in to investigate. Oz was explaining his relationship with Gil to Alice when they both head gun fire coming from inside. Alice rushed in with Oz to find that Raven had killed all the Pandora members who were patrolling the mansion. The Baskerville Noise then used her Chain, Doldum, to control Raven and she reveals that he is in fact Gil and that 10 years have passed since Oz was cast into the Abyss.

Alice and white rabbit

Alice and white rabbit.

Alice is held down while Oz and Gil fight and eventually Gil breaks through Doldum's control and shoots Noise. Oz then runs after an ashamed Gilbert, leaving Alice alone in the mansion. Alice is then confronted by the Will of the Abyss, who begins talking down to Alice immediately, though she disappears when Oz reappears and Alice dubs it as a dream. Alice then pushes Oz down a flight of stairs and explains to him that as he is her manservant, he can not leave her alone like that.

When Gil Oz and Alice once again come together, someone tells Oz that the Will of the Abyss had been following them for some time, and suddenly, the three experience one of Alice's lost memories. They then fall into a reality where the Will rules and find Alice bound in chains by the Will. The Will questions as to why Oz would want Alice so much after she's killed all her previous Contractors. Oz still chooses Alice over The Will, and he shoots the form of The Will, breaking her control and sending Alice, Gil and Oz back into reality.

Cheshire's Dimension Arc

Following a scene in which Alice, Gilbert, and Oz get caught up in a arm wrestling match to regain Gilbert's hat, Alice for some reason runs away into an alley after seeing Oz and Gilbert reunited with Oscar. She is confronted by Break, and both are suddenly surrounded by darkness with a wide, eerie smile.

Alice remembers a man from her memories, and how in her memories, she's always chasing him, but can't ever see his face. She screams for him not to leave her, only to be awakened in another dimension. Break explains that the Cheshire Cat kidnapped them and is holding them there because he is interested in Alice.
Ep12 - break merajut

Break beside awake Alice at Cheshire's Dimension

Break wanted to information from the Cheshire Cat on the events of 100 years ago, so he used Alice as bait to meet the Cheshire Cat. Alice is angry about being used. Break says that Cheshire is trying to kill Alice in his own territory because of the Will's hate for Alice. Alice suddenly experiences a strange feeling, and senses that her memories are here. The two go upstairs into a room with wide mirrors on the walls. Alice experiences another strange feeling, but notes

Telepathy between Alice and The Intention in Cheshire's Dimension

that this is different from last time; before, she felt endless love, but now all she feels is fear. She asks herself why she's looking for her memories, and why she forgot in the first place. Alice hallucinates the room being covered with blood and her own copies of herself reaching out to her with twisted smiles on their faces. Alice screams and runs out of the room, to Break's surprise, but Break cannot follow her as he is drawn into a mirror by his past.

Alice wanders for a bit and encounters the memory of a black kitten in a hall. She remembers that the cat is her dear friend. She comes across the figure of the man she was chasing in her memories, but thinks that even though he is so close, she can't see his face. They hug each other, but then the figure of the man becomes twisted and Alice is enveloped into the power of the dimension.

A shard of the soul of the real man from Alice's memories - Jack Vessalius - helps Oz locate Alice
Ep15 - oz thinking

Oz thinking about Alice.

because he says Alice is someone important to him. Oz explains to Jack why Alice is so important to him, and Jack sends him to where Alice is.

After finding Alice's dead body, Oz has a breakdown and once he recovers, he hears Alice's voice in his head, telling him she's scared. Oz asks her what she's afraid of, and tells her that he'll destroy whatever it is so she can smile. Alice tells him she's afraid of herself, so Oz offers to destroy her, so that once her existence has been erased, she'll have no need to suffer anymore. Oz almost kills her, but Gilbert slaps him and brings him back to his senses.

Oz finds Alice wrapped up in chains at the top of a crumbling staircase in the dimension, but Alice is reluctant to wake up and wishes to sleep a little longer. Oz explains to Alice what makes Alice her, and Alice wakes up, surprised but happy to find Oz. She cries
Oz accepts Alice

Oz accepts Alice.

and calls him useless because he's so late. Oz is happy that this Alice is warm and Alice, unlike the cold, dead Alice he found at the top of the tower.

Cheshire then appears in his most grotesque form as the dimension destroys itself. Break appears to kill Cheshire and asks them to use Equus to leave. Before Cheshire is killed, he wretchedly calls out Alice's name, confusing her.

Equus arrives but only takes Oz and Alice, dumping them in the middle of a meeting between the four dukedoms and Pandora. Alice is in her giant rabbit form and they run away. Once surrounded by Pandora members waiting to arrest them, Jack takes over Oz's body, turns Alice back into her human form, and fixes the situation.

Lutwidge School Arc

At Lutwidge, she seems to sense the presence of the Baskerville's that's coming to get Oz as their hostage, and it says that Oz use her power, and breaks their contract without Gil's help for the second time after the first time at the Cheshire's Dimension.

Sablier Arc

At Sablier, she founds out that the tomb that they found at the place of Oz first-coming age of ceremony, belongs to Lacie, and after that, before she finished witnessing what was going on in her memory, she could hear Oz's sorrowful voice calling out to her, and before thinking twice, she left the occurrence of her memory and ran to Oz's place.

Re-Emergence of the Head Hunter Arc

The Feast Arc

Here, with Oz , she was taken to be the hostage of the repeating the Tragedy Of Sablier, and here too, for the third time, Oz used her powers without her permission, while she kept crying from hearing Yura's words about her and her connection to Alice from the Sablier Tragedy that was dying on that day, and because of that, she discovered but can't seem to remember about her sorrowful memories about her "death" 100 years ago. When Oz comforts her and begins to destroy their surroundings to sand, she quickly headbutts him and scolded him for doing everything he wants without her permission. Alice tried to stop Jack who was using Oz's body to attack Yura but failed and in the end, he killed Yura using a sword. She stood still in front of the Sealing Stone when the Baskervilles attacked but she was pulled away by Oz and Dug destroyed the Seal. Oz temporarily fainted and Alice was the one who hold him.

When the group returned, Alice rested on Oz's back and confessed that she sensed Humpty Dumpty's scent oozing out of Elliot's body but failed to realize it sooner, she then asked Oz what he was thinking, he told her that the sky was beautiful even though terrible things have happened. Alice tried to cheer Oz up by biting his cheek, she ignored his advice not to do that to people easily.

Jack's Intention Arc

As she and Echo are fighting, Alice yells at Gil to follow Oz, to which Gil replies that he was going to do that anyway and asks her why she doesn't follow Oz. Alice replies that she needs to send Echo flying with a kick.

Alice becoming transparent.

Afterwards, at Pandora, Alice senses Leo and alerts Oz. Oz tells everyone else to head for the Sealing Stone, and that he will deal with Leo. Alice says that if she approaches the Sealing Stone, she won't be able to move, and decides to stay with Oz. Oz thanks her before apologizing and stealing her powers once again. Alice tries to stop him, but Echo intercepts her before she can. The two begin fighting again.

Alice then feels the hand on Oz's seal move, and pleads with Oz not to make it move again, as it's already turned half-way. As Echo runs towards her, she notices something strange: Alice's body is becoming transparent.

After Jack has taken over Oz's body, Alice, who has apparently managed to defeat Echo, appears and drop-kicks him, angrily telling him to get out of her manservant. She says that she can hear Oz's voice crying out to her, and that she is angry as she is the only one who can make Oz cry. Jack just laughs and tells her that B-Rabbit is his chain, and that Alice should be leaving Oz's body. Jack uses B-Rabbit's powers to launch chains at Alice, as Oz screams Alice's name.

Alice later finds Oz when Jack has relinquished control of his body and tells him not to make such weird faces. She later finds that her body is disappearing as Oz is the one who made her do so as not to hurt her anymore. Alice protests as her body disappears.

After that, Alice finds herself with the Intention of the Abyss, who gives her back her lost memories and Alice realizes why she lost her memories in the first place, because she and the Intention are connected. She then asks the Intention what that makes Oz.

She later returns to the human world crying and embracing Oz, calling him stupid for making her wait for so long. She, Oz, and Gil, hide out at Lutwidge Academy and plot to save Sharon, Break, and Sheryl.

Currently, she is with Oz and the others in Sablier, attempting to stop Glen.

Swan Song Arc

(Coming Soon!)

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