Ébauche was a small village where the youngest member of the Baskerville Clan, Lily, had originated from more than 100 years ago. Lily was unaware whether or not Ébauche was still in existence or not after having been trapped in the Abyss for 100 years.


Lily was born into a family living in Ébauche, where many of the residents appeared to be of rather poor financial standing. Lily's family was rather large, and thus it was hard for everyone in the family to be supported as equals, and thus Lily was often neglected because she was the smallest and weakest member of her family. 

The people of Ébauche were proven to have been very superstitious, noting that whenever Lily was around, bad things tended to happen because of the distortion that Lily was born with around her as a destined Baskerville. As a result, the villagers tattooed the symbol of The Devil to Lily's face to mark her as a bad omen, eventually leading her into Ébauche's forests and leaving her to die. Lily was fortunate however, being found by the Droplets of Light which then fused with Lily's body and guided her to Sablier where she would join the Baskerville Clan. Thus Lily's life was saved, and she abandoned her life in Ébauche, leaving it unknown whether or not the village is presently in existence.



  • "Ébauche" is the French word for outline.